Why Youtube’s BigBoy Channels MUST Speak Out Against this Recent PURGE

This is a call to all the BigBoy Youtube channels out there (you know who you are):

Youtube is in the middle of a mighty purge. The last time they did something like this, members of the gaming community, led by the largest gaming channels on the platform, rose up and voiced their opposition to the demonetization of smaller channels for content they said was unbecoming of their advertisers. These channels weren’t restricted to gamers as they demonetized all sorts of content but specifically they went after political and geopolitical commentary channels. Yet gamers were affected as well and leading gaming channels spoke out along with countless other creators against Youtube/Google/Alphabet’s censorship via economic sanctions (which is effectively what they were doing)

Today we see the weaponization of their ambiguous “community guidelines” clauses to strike and remove numbers of channels, getting rid of content creators on a massive scale for arbitrary violations of these rules, without allowing the creators any recourse or real ability to appeal these automated actions. Most often these “violations” are spurious at best and sometimes they don’t even bother informing the creators exactly what violation they have committed.

It doesn’t matter what side of the artificial political divide you fall on.

It doesn’t matter if you liked their content or not. If you really defend free speech, you MUST defend all speech, including that which offends you most, or you defend no speech, not even your own.

For years content creators have warned people about the coming totalitarian state as brought about by “Big Gubment” and as it turns out… they were partially correct… only it isn’t Big Gubmint that silenced them… it was Big Business.

Youtube has silenced a number of channels (mine being one (I have two strikes, waiting on the third while my ability to upload videos has been suspended)) most of them were not even monetized so it had nothing to do with advertisers.

They simply removed them because they, as a major corporation in the US, didn’t like what those content creators had too say.

It isn’t about “truth”… it’s about DISCUSSION… it’s about ASKING QUESTIONS… it’s about THINKING FOR OURSELVES about events that we feel are critical and essential to our FREEDOMS.


How soon till BigBoy channels like these run into the same kind of limitations on what they can and cannot discuss?

Right now I am on my way out (AmericanEveryman) and you can read my article from my website about the banning here. Luckily for me I have another avenue for my content (website and BitChute) but many others do not. When their channels were taken down they were left voiceless and powerless. I have a relatively small channel and though it has been around for over a year, I have only been actively working on my content for the past 7 months or so. Ergo the loss for me is tangible but not crippling.

But some of the creators have been devastated by this. Their sites around for much longer than mine, their efforts on their content much more complicated and engaged. For them the loss has been catastrophic. Here is but a small list of a few who have lost their ability to have their voice and their creativity heard on that forum:

  • Richie Allen
  • According to Joe
  • Charles Walton
  • Charlton
  • Urban Moving
  • Syrian Girl Partisan
  • Activist Post

Charles Walton has put together a petition asking Youtube content creators to refrain from posting videos on Youtube until this most recent purge of theirs is stopped and reversed.  If by some miraculous happenstance, Youtube’s Naziesque algorithms don’t get around to giving me my final strike for some old video in the next two weeks and I am allowed to upload videos again, I will post a video calling on Youtube to address these issues and these silenced partners of ours. For we are all partners in this endevour, not competitors.

I understand that it is not financially feasible for many of you BigBoy channels to agree to what amounts to a general creator strike at Youtube over the censorship of a group of smaller, more controversial channels. Bills have to be paid. Employees have to be paid.

But to ignore this purge is a perilous path for, in time, you to will come under the narrowing eye of Youtube’s Thought Policing algorithms. That is not hyperbole… it is historical fact.

Quotation from Martin Niemöller on display in the Permanent Exhibition of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Niemöller was a Lutheran minister and early Nazi supporter who was later imprisoned for opposing Hitler's regime.

You must speak out against this purge. You must speak up for those silenced among us who no longer have a voice to speak for themselves. You must do these things else wait cowering for your turn in the attic. For it will come.

You speak of Syria? You speak of Mueller? You speak of collusion, rigging and perpetual war on a global scale? Today that is allowed. Tomorrow, it will not be. And, again, is not hyperbole.

While you have a voice and an audience you must speak out for those who no longer can speak for themselves. I will join their ranks shortly I am sure but if not, if I return it will be to speak for those who cannot. That is not a promise, it is simply a duty and one that I cannot ignore because it serves my personal interests.

There is such a thing as the common good and we must chose to be part of it… or part of the lessoning of our very culture, of our very species. You BigBoy channels need to speak out against this latest purge by Youtube/Google/Alphabet. You need to do it for them. You need to do it for yourselves. You need to do it for all of us… before all is silence.

scott creighton
American Everyman

9 Responses

  1. [edit: I told you what happens last time you prick and don’t act like that isn’t you… the first time you tried to leave that comment you left it on your last IP address which I had banned along with your 22nd persona. So you just made another one and left it. But it is you you prick and like I said before, you make more IP addresses and com back, I erase that comment and all the others, which I am going to do now you prick.]

    • Hi, I disagree, but your view point is valid. For my part I will sign the petition but I think that bitchute is the way to go; for if Google and Facebook both lose market share so much the better.

      • this is the same troll who has been coming here under at least 23 different personas for years. he followed me to Youtube and did the same shit and was probably one of the ones who flagged me for something I didn’t do (he’s been known to lie about my work on several occasions). and you think his point of view is “valid”? Free speech is only free speech if not on a commercial venue? you do realize of course THE ENTIRE INTERNET IS COMMERCIAL NOW, RIGHT? So is BitChute for that matter.

        If they are the primary source for information sharing IN THE INFORMATION AGE… perhaps we might assume we even hold GLORIOUS BUSINESS to a higher standard, right? Otherwise you will only be allowed to EXPECT freedom of speech on an apple box out in front of your house… if you don’t RENT I guess… because as you know… the landlord would be able to control your speech then… right?

    • that’s great. you show me the deal YOU signed with Youtube for YOUR CHANNEL and I will take what you said into consideration. Until then you are talking out your ass because Youtube makes an agreement with content creators NOT to CENSOR their work. And now specifically, they are claiming I violated their community guidelines WHICH I CLEARLY DID NOT DO.

      and for the record, you ignorant sycophantic dipshit, YOUTUBE MAKES MONEY OFF OF THEIR CREATOR’S WORK… not the other way around, fucking moron. But I guess folks like yourself who are so sycophantic when it comes to Big Business you can’t seem to understand that simple fact can you.

      lastly, this is what… the 23rd persona you have created on my website? You are always here in support of whatever establishment institution I happen to be writing about at the time and your writing style is OBVIOUS at this point. Fact is, YOU DON’T HAVE AN OPINION OF YOUR OWN. You never do. You are always here, paid by someone to post this crap, everytime. Do you even know what you yourself believe in anymore?

      You are so fucking obvious. I am shocked you still have a job. What kind of idiots do you work for anyway.

  2. [edit: I told you what happens last time you prick and don’t act like that isn’t you… the first time you tried to leave that comment you left it on your last IP address which I had banned along with your 22nd persona. So you just made another one and left it. But it is you you prick and like I said before, you make more IP addresses and com back, I erase that comment and all the others, which I am going to do now you prick.]

  3. moron can,t even keep his call name straight must have so many, what douche

  4. Big government versus big business is another artificial divide

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