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The Disturbing Red-baiting and Deep State White-washing of Rachel Maddow

Rachel “Scoop Jackson” Maddow jumped BACK into the “RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!” red-baiting mode last night. Here’s how it really isn’t so much of an attack on Trump as it is support for his new neocon agenda.

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Alexa Caught Spying on Users and Forwarding Recorded Conversations to Third Parties… Amazon says “oops”

by Scott Creighton

Thank you “Edward Snowden” and Glenn Greenwald. Without your help, CISPA would never have passed in congress. Good work.

The other day a man got a call from his employer’s Alexa system. Alexa is Amazon’s privatized home surveillance system which idiots install in their homes to make themselves feel hip and smart.

Alexa sent him a recording of a private conversation between his employer and his wife which proves the system not only listens to all things taking place inside one’s home… but records it, processes the information and then forwards it along to whatever assigned contact Amazon programs into it. In this case, it sent an employee of this family a conversation about hardwood floors.

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The “Crazies” Run Trump as his Apologists Applaud: North Korean Summit Canceled

The establishment forces Trump voters rejected in 2016 now own The Donald and are busy setting his policy when it comes to Big Banking, regime changing Iran and endless war and fear-mongering on the Korean peninsula.

So what do the “brand centered” outlets of Trump apologists do when it becomes obvious neocons are setting the tone for Trump’s “anti-establishment” term in office? They find NEW ways to make excuses and try to bring the dissident Trump voters on board with the neocon line of thought.

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Chris Hedges speech about Gaza

Comey Says SPYING on Trump Was OK Because it Was “Regulated”, Tucker Begs to Differ

Not a big fan of Tucker but he is right on this one. His guest points out that the “left” isn’t the left anymore. That they are like Woodrow Wilson version of the left. More apt I believe would be Scoop Jackson, one of the founders of the neocons. But that’s just my take. Good segment on Tucker’s show last night.

Forging a Counterfeit Reality: News from Skripal, Facebook and Forced NFL Patriotism

While making this video I discovered the Guardian editing Yulia Skripal’s new statement video to cut out the part where she thanks the Russian embassy for their offer of assistance. The task of forging a counterfeit reality just never stops with these people.

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