I’m Alright

Caught a little something which took me out for a couple of days but I’m alright. Will be back tomorrow.

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‘Our patience is not unlimited’: US slams ‘biased’ UN rights body over Israel resolutions

from RT

The US has threatened to re-evaluate its membership of the UN Human Rights Council, after it adopted five ‘biased’ anti-Israeli resolutions condemning its policies and calling on the world community to halt arms sales to Tel Aviv.

Following a month-long 37th session in Geneva, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) approved five ‘anti-Israel’ resolutions. One of the resolutions, titled ‘Ensuring accountability and justice for all violations of international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem’, condemned “all violations of human rights and of international humanitarian law” against Palestinians.

Acknowledging the “widespread and unprecedented levels of destruction, death and human suffering” in the occupied territories, the UNHRC urged member states to stop selling arms to Tel Aviv.

The resolution specifically “calls upon all States to promote compliance with international law” to ensure that “authorities and private entities do not become involved in internationally unlawful conduct, inter alia the provision of arms to end users” which engage in “serious violations of international humanitarian and/or human rights law.”..

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Col. Ralph Peters of “Blood Borders” & the Greater Kurdistan Project, Resigns Fox in a Huff Over Trump and Putin

The fake left is going crazy over Col. Ralph Peters leaving Fox News in a huff over Donald Trump congratulating Vladamir Putin for his election victory (like ObamaGod did in 2012)

Peters is going to become a darling of the neocon left like Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow but before that happens I just wanted to give you a little background into this man and show you what a complete war-mongering neocon he really is.

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Kyle Kulinski Pushing Baseless “Putin Stole Election” Propaganda Like Hillary Did in 2012

Kyle Kulinski is busy selling Hillary Clinton’s old “Putin stole the election” propaganda from 2011-2012 in an effort to continue to demonize the elected leader of another country on behalf of the unDemocratic Party establishment. To do this he makes up some ridiculous law of averages fiction and of course, cites the CIA’s “Edward Snowden” as his proof.

What a tool Kulinski is. Who the hell follows this guy anyway?

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Cambridge Analytica and #DeleteFacebook – Why Establishment Wants the Left to Cut Social Connections

The 2018 mid-term elections are on the horizon and all of a sudden the NYT and MANY “alternative” leftie websites suddenly want “progressives” to #DeleteFacebook. Why? Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that back in 2016 “lefties” shared info about how criminal Hillary really was and THAT helped cause her downfall could it? It couldn’t have anything to do with the HUUUGE number of State Department/CIA-linked candidates the establishment Left is offering up in November could it? It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they are about to launch all sorts of FF attacks in order to justify the invasion of Syria could it? Or maybe it’s cover for Facebook deleting a bunch of accounts they don’t like.

All sorts of bad possibilities.

One thing is for sure… this isn’t some anti-establishment campaign being run here. It’s part of a campaign of theirs and the only question left is… why?

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Jeremy Corbyn Doubles-Down on Skripal Propaganda – Boy Got His Mind Right with the QUICKNESS

by Scott Creighton

A few days ago I made a video in which I pointed out that Jeremy Corbyn penned an op-ed in the Guardian in which he not only backed Theresa May’s unsupported claims about Russia “attacking” England with this “n00b agent” (“novichok” or “newbie”) but he took her ridiculous propaganda one step further. He did this in spite of being praised for initially having a rational approach to the Segeri Skripal poisoning case.

Theresa May was right on Monday to identify two possibilities for the source of the attack in Salisbury, given that the nerve agent used has been identified as of original Russian manufacture. Either this was a crime authored by the Russian state; or that state has allowed these deadly toxins to slip out of the control it has an obligation to exercise.” Jeremy Corbyn March 15

This statement is completely false. First of all, May never said it was it was identified “as of original Russian manufacture” What she was it was  “… a military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia, …“… her U.S. and French counterparts were quick to use the same carefully worded language “…a military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia...”

There are serious doubts as to whether or not this “novichok” agent ever even existed. The word means “new ones” or “newbies” and it supposed to reflect something told to breathless U.S. intelligence services back in the late 80s when a Russian agent defected and told them what they wanted to hear regarding Russia cheating on an upcoming chemical weapons ban treaty (1992)

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‘Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama’ – John Pilger