Screw PayPal - I’m Now Set Up on Patreon and MakerSupport

Hey Glenn Greenwald. Look what your SUGAR DADDY made me do:


I had to post this to get a URL so I could post it on Patreon. I now have an account with them as well as one with MakerSupport. Paypal can go F themselves. I have no idea how either of these things work but there you go. Live and learn right?


10 Responses

  1. Keep at it, man. I’ll keep trying to find you somehow.

  2. yay! im your first Patreon supporter! good luck Scott!

  3. Just signed up as a Patreon supporter. Kind of funny- they let you pay via PayPal! (which I didn’t do - not going to use PayPal again if I can avoid it.)

  4. Keep at It, Scott! ✅

  5. Wow! If they continue the censorship too aggressively, getting banned or not getting banned from sites that are rapidly turning into the “Mainstream Internet” could wind up being a litmus test for authenticity.

  6. Patreon has been great to work with! Who knows……maybe you will end up generating even more $ this way! Fingers crossed ❤️

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