Pentagon confirms ‘multiple ground ops & 120+ strikes’ in Yemen

(Imagine that… Trump and his GLORIOUS generals killing more folks in Yemen at a faster rate than President Peace Prize. At least he hasn’t killed any American citizens there… yet)

from RT

The Pentagon has disclosed that it carried out “multiple ground operations” in Yemen this year. The confirmation sheds new light on largely covert US military activities in the region.

US forces have conducted “multiple ground operations and more than 120 strikes in 2017,” according to a statement released by US Central Command in Tampa, Florida. The US military hopes to prevent Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) from using Yemen “as a hub for terrorist recruiting, training and base of operations to export terror worldwide,” the statement reads.

The 120 claimed strikes against targets in Yemen would mark a 3-fold increase compared to the number of airstrikes from last year…

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One Response

  1. Our poor Earth is Doomed.
    The Pentagon Monster has poisoned our minds.
    Shameless demons accuse “isis daesh al queda etc” of
    using Yemen to spread terror worldwide!
    Pentagon devils-clintons bushes obamination drumf-
    the five million plus killers of the govt mercenary corporations
    dwelling around DC, Virginia, the thousand bases…
    These are the heirs of the 3rd Reich. The only Terrorist on this planet
    is this Evil land we live in.
    Please china russia! Incapacitate this malignant vicious people.
    Eliminate u.$

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