Former race-baiting “journalist” from The Intercept gets 5yrs for fake Jewish center bomb threats

(He was making up stories at The Intercept and then helping the Israeli Michael Kaydar gin up a false feeling of antisemitism here in the states as Donald Trump was about to take office. You guys remember that shit? I covered Juan Thompson starting back in Feb. of 2016. I called him a “race-baiting agent provocateur Mockingbird” back then and wrote about him when he was busted for doing the same shit a year later with antisemitism.)

from RT

A former journalist has been sentenced to 60 months in prison after admitting to terrorizing Jewish groups with bomb threats in a campaign to intimidate his ex-girlfriend. She says the NYPD ignored her calls for help.

Judge P. Kevin Castel sentenced former Intercept journalist Juan Thompson, 32, of St. Louis, Missouri Wednesday, and labeled the man’s actions as domestic terrorism. Thompson was also sentenced to three years supervised release after he serves his sentence, according to a press release sent out by the US Department of Justice.

The former journalist’s sentence is a year longer than the federal sentencing guidelines recommended by law.

Over a period of several months in 2016 and 2017, Thompson “communicated at least 12 threats to Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) and other Victim Organizations” in ex-girlfriend Francesca Rossi’s and his name. He also “made false allegations” about Rossi to her employer, according to the DOJ press release…

[read more here]

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