Neoliberal News of the Week: Protests Edition

Lots of protests to look at in the first week of 2018. Some legitimate, others… not so much. Some failed and some continue successfully but under the complicit media’s radar. All are noteworthy for one reason or another.

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links available after the break

Live demonstrations of support in Iran

more examples

Fox news guests admit its a color revolution

Iran says color revolution has been squashed

Trump’s CIA head isn’t done with color revolution just yet

anti-government protests continue in Israel

Bibi’s time is running out?

start of anti-Bibi protests 6 weeks ago

NAACP wants protest against Trump tonight

Hondurans protesting stolen election

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3 Responses

  1. The sad thing is that Jerry Springer has more political experience that either Oprah has or Trump did when he ran for president.

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