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You can click on the nifty gif thingy for PayPal or contact me via email ([email protected]) for my home address.

just as a reminder… I don’t see the advertising on my blog unless I log out and I damn sure don’t get any revenue from it. So if you can help, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much.


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  1. Hey Scott, this is Scottish John. I’d love to be able to make a contribution but unfortunately i’m in pretty much the same boat as you. I get a reduced pension from back home which was further depleted as a result of the Brexit nonsense. Added to that i just had my food stamps whacked down from $195 to $20 a month. Once again i’m sorry i can’t help but i greatly appreciate your work. We just need to get Tom and Deborah educated about Alex Jones.

    • Don’t worry bout it John. Debbie is never going to do that buddy. I like her and understand her position. The network is her bread and butter and she is located right there in Alex country like you are. Unfortunately she sees her revenue tied into at least tacit support of that crowd and she wont change. Plus unfortunately, it seems Tom is moving in that same direction himself. Everyone has to do what they feel is right for them I guess. Though I am sorry. I will miss the talks Tom and I used to have. Anyway…You hang in there man. And no worries. I will be OK. Good to hear from you.

  2.   Hello Scott,    I don’t have credit cards, or PayPal,but I want to contribute something.    Scott, if you tell me where to send it, I’ll post you $50 this month, and $50 next month. I’ve sent moneythrough the mail in the past to pay debts, and the $ only went missing a couple of times over years.   Western Union is another option too.    I live in Baiona Spain, the northwestin Galicia. Portugal is an hour away.  I learnt from living here that the whenthe genocidalist Columbus returned toEurope from his 1st voyage (plunder) of the Caribbean the first ship to arrivewas La Pinta. It arrived in Baiona, andin the marina there is a boat made asLa Pinta looked like.    There’s an interesting story to it. What we call (growing up in the US) The Pinta, is actually La Pinta, but even La Pinta was not it’s originalname. No one knows that.    La Niña’s real name was said to beSanta Clara. And, the Santa María’soriginal name was La Gallega. Gallegatranslates to Galician roughly.    But, here’s the interesting point. BothLa Pinta and La Niña were not ocean going or meant for the ocean, but theMediterranean, and probably  coastalwaters.    The Santa María, or La Gallega was a larger ship meant for the ocean, and that’s the one that Columbus was on.Yet, the Santa María was the slowest ship.    “On the return trip, on 24 December (1492), not having slept for two days, Columbus decided at 11:00 p.m. to lie down to sleep. The night being calm, the steersman also decided to sleep, leaving only a cabin boy to steer the ship, a practice which the admiral had always strictly forbidden. With the boy at the helm, the currents carried the ship onto a sandbank, running her aground off the present-day site of Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. It sank the next day.[8][9][10] Realizing that the ship was beyond repair, Columbus ordered his men to strip the timbers from the ship. The timbers were later used to build a fort which Columbus called La Navidad (Christmas) because the wreck occurred on Christmas Day, north from the modern town of Limonade[11][12] (see map, and the photograph).” Wikipedia.

     Please advise about sending payment.Very interesting about the CIA airport near the Vegas massacre site.    All the Best    Paul Meuse

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