Tucker Carlson Does Segment on MGM Using Jesus Campos to “cross promote” with Ellen Degeneres

A couple hours after I posted my video yesterday titled “MGM and Ellen Degeneres Cross Promoting Each Other with Jesus Campos “Interview”” the Tucker Carlson show was aired which included a segment where he said two things that I highlighted in that video which were:

1  .  when you give out prizes, it isn’t an “interview”

2  . MGM Resorts International was using “interview” to cross promote the Ellen show because of her involvement with their slot machine business

I am not arrogant enough to think one of his producers subscribes to either my YT channel or this website but I do think it’s important to note when the “conspiracy theories” are so compelling (and obvious) they start to encroach on the corporatist MSM like Fox News for example.

4 Responses

  1. You must be honest and you must be modest or else you are bound to suffer.

  2. The only eyewitness to the largest mass shooting in usa history, Jesus Campos doesn’t want to talk about it … the memory is too painful and Ellen completely understands that……………

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