Three Biggest News Stories Expose the Fascist New Order of America

The three biggest stories of the past two weeks expose the fascist core of our One Party system. The US government is a wholly owned subsidiary of America’s Business Party.

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Senate seeks to interview FBI informant in Russian nuclear bribery case…

FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow…

Explosive ’60 Minutes’ investigation finds Congress and drug companies worked to cripple DEA’s ability to fight opioid abuse…

20,000 Nazis March in Kiev. The Western Media Somehow Fails to Notice…

Lombardo Pulls a NEW Lawsuit-proof Timeline Out His A$$…

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One Response

  1. I wonder how much the MSM’s coverage of these stories are just a pre-planned distraction to bury the US’s total failure in Syria for a Kurdish empire never mind its losing probably a trillion or two on the Syrian regime change debacle. We will see these stories fade as soon as the PTB get their Indochina and AFRICOM wars running at full throttle.

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