Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Glenn Greenwald Goes “Full Retard”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Salon Calls Me an “Edward Snowden Truther”

UPDATE: The Missing Motive of the Snowden Psyop: CISPA (yes… CISPA)

The other day I wondered if the Guardian set Glenn up for a fall on this one. I figured maybe they told him they vetted this new NSA whistle-blower and sent him off to Hong Kong to meet a high-school drop-out with his Rubic’s Cube in what appeared to be a secret meeting scenario written by the former writing staff of Get Smart. Turn’s out I wasn’t far off…

“Thus far we have revealed four independent programs: the bulk collection of telephone records, the PRISM program, Obama’s implementation of an aggressive foreign and domestic cyber-operations policy, and false claims by NSA officials to Congress. Every one of those articles was vetted by multiple Guardian editors and journalists - not just me. Democratic partisans have raised questions about only one of the stories - the only one that happened to be also published by the Washington Post (and presumably vetted by multiple Post editors and journalists) - in order to claim that an alleged inaccuracy in it means our journalism in general is discredited.” Glenn Greenwald

Yes Mr. Greenwald, when you make an inaccurate statement in your article, your journalism is discredited. If you come out backing some sudden NSA whistle-blower as the next Daniel Elsburg and then it turns out he’s a high school drop-out flake with no real intel to speak of, your really going to be discredited. And unfortunately I fear you don’t really understand that is why you and the filmmaker, the Academy Award-nominated Laura Poitras, were specifically requested by the career NSA employee and manufactured hero… in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.

Poitras has a long history of making films that expose various horrific aspects of our new Global War OF Terror… to a point. Her preoccupation with the “blow back” meme is troubling to me as is her recent payday (more in the quote below) and to my knowledge she doesn’t focus on the fact that we own and support many of the terrorist destabilization campaigns across the globe. How can an investigative journalist have that much access, that many frequent flier miles and not know the most basic fundamental foundation of the manufactured War Of Terror? For that matter, how does she explain being such a thorn in the side of the establishment and keep flying around the world without a care talking to “terrorists”? Oh yeah, they take her aside when she goes through customs sometimes. That’s her credibility story.

Most recently she did a film featuring a real whistle-blower, William Binney. The NSA just couldn’t WAIT to tar and feather her or at least to appear to.

But her role as the first point of contact for disclosures about U.S. surveillance programs has drawn the glare of attention to the independent filmmaker who, abruptly, has pushed documentaries deeper into the realm of journalistic immediacy.

For peers and backers of Poitras, the 2012 recipient of a $500,000 “genius grant” from the MacArthur Foundation, it’s unsurprising that she has seized a story worth telling. However, her crucial involvement with a confidential source and two newspapers on the same big exclusive is extraordinary.” Huffington Post

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is a 5.6 billion dollar slush fund financing NGOs in over 60 countries across the world. MacArthur was a banker owning  Bankers Life and Casualty and other businesses. Their focus is on the media and public affairs.

When you want to silence an outspoken critic, the best and least troublesome way to do it is to buy them off with a foundation grant. Just ask Amy Goodman about that. And Poitras got a half million dollars last year?

Curiously, it was Poitras herself who reportedly brought in the Post reporter and Greenwald on this story after having been anonymously emailed by Snowden back in Jan of this year.

Snowden understands that no email is absolutely untraceable and he sent her and Greenwald emails explaining his desire to snitch out the NSA?

Greenwald has had a target painted on his back for a long time. At least since the Stratfor files leaks and the HBGary scandal. They’ve wanted to  shut Glenn up for years. Now’s their chance.

What seems obvious to most of us out here writing or blogging about this story seems to go right over Glenn Greenwald’s head. He even says it in his latest article where he lets us all know the Guardian is going to milk the 41 amateurish Power Point slides for weeks of ratings…

I mean he hits right at the probable motive behind this manufacture hero story and it still seems to evade him. Has he gone “full retard” or what?

(1) Much of US politics, and most of the pundit reaction to the NSA stories, are summarized by this one single visual from Pew:

The most vocal media critics of our NSA reporting, and the most vehement defenders of NSA surveillance, have been, by far, Democratic (especially Obama-loyal) pundits. As I’ve written many times, one of the most significant aspects of the Obama legacy has been the transformation of Democrats from pretend-opponents of the Bush War on Terror and National Security State into their biggest proponents: exactly what the CIA presciently and excitedly predicted in 2008 would happen with Obama’s election. Glenn Greenwald

With Obamagod talking about “welcoming the discussion” and saying things like “you can’t have 100% security and 100% privacy” it seems pretty clear that what is happening isn’t about exposing the NSA but rather modifying the public opinion toward the Big Brother state we live in.

And for the record, the NSA may have predicted this would be the real CHANGE of the Obama presidency, but so did MANY of us while independent journalists like Greenwald welcomed the ushering in of George W Obama. So that wasn’t too difficult to see even back then… meaning you didn’t need to work for the NSA to figure it out.

The only question surrounding this story at this point, at least for me, as a not-so Obama-loyal democrat, is how much does Greenwald really understand about all of this crap he’s found himself in and how deep is he willing to dig himself into the sludge before he can bring himself to admit he’s been set-up with a Bush gone AWOL document?

Does he have his own MacArthur Foundation paycheck? Is he just too damn proud to admit he’s been had? Is he fighting to push this thing beyond it’s reasonable limits because he fears it will destroy the last remaining opposition to our slide toward Big Brother or has he just gone full retard in his effort to finally land that big ground-breaking world changing story?

The trouble with passion sometimes is that it can be manipulated by people skilled at doing so in ways that leave you blind to reason. The harder you try to defend what you feel passionate about, the looser your grip becomes on the rational. Ask any fundamentalist religious fanatic how that works. Ask any of the remaining Obamaites. Or a Redskins fan (not really fair now that we have RG3… but for two decades it was an apt comparison)

So Mr. Greenwald, you never go full retard. Not as a journalist. And I know I don’t qualify because I don’t get weekly direct deposits from such noble institutions like the Guardian that supported NATO’s merciless bombing of Libya and the ongoing terrorist destabilization campaign in Syria (to say nothing of the WMD claims of yesteryear)

But take the advice of a little lowly blogger who got it right back in 2008 when so many others didn’t… this is not about exposing the NSA. It’s about exposing you Mr. Greenwald and us by association.

In short, the question isn’t is Edward Snowden a legitimate whistle-blower… the question is whether or not Glenn Greenwald is a legitimate journalist or just another tool?


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  1. Well, that certainly was a rhetorical question, if ever I heard one.

  2. brilliant …clever and accurate!! entertaining also(sadly)

  3. I never read much from Greenwald because I always thought he was sort of dumb. Can’t waste time reading stuff like that. Nothing new and of consequence has been revealed anyway. It’s all just another big time-waster to me.

  4. I’d say reasonable people can differ about whether Snowden himself is an honest whistleblower. Some analysts like Sibel Edmonds and Cryptome’s John Young do not think that Snowden is “manufactured”, but they do agree with everything said here about Greenwald, Poitras. the Guardian, the Post and their lawyers. They have an interview on BFP yesterday called “Why is Edward Snowden Censored by Craven Media – Washington Post & Guardian?” They are saying that is what happens to whistleblowers every time they try to reach a wider audience by dealing with the MSM - The story gets defused and turned into a “limited hangout”. Either way, the big issue right now is Syria. Backed by Russia and Iran, the Assad government is winning, and the Empire cannot tolerate such a defeat. If NATO starts a bombing campaign (called a “no fly zone” in Orwellian Newspeak), it could quickly lead to nuclear war.

    • Is that the same Sibel Edmonds who’s “whistle-blowing” amounts to her reporting she heard the evil terrorists chatting over the phone about 9/11 when she translated some recordings?

      that whistle-blower? well, she would know all about “limited hangouts’ wouldn’t she?

      • I would question Sibel Edmonds’ credibility, as well. Something just doesn’t ring true about her.

  5. This shows how much you know about Sibel and her case. My very last words on this subject are as fpllows: What have you offered as a motive for this psyop? As far as I can tell, only the motive of distracting people from what is really happening. Well, at this point I agree, and include this waste of time and attention debating whether it’s a psyop or not. Therefore I will not bother to read or respond to any further statements on the subject.

    • I know a good deal about Sibel Edmonds. I know she runs her own honeypot trap for potential whistleblowers (NSWBC) to come along and tell her their secrets knowing they will be “secure”. I know she’s been doing that working with other former FBI agents(hmmm…) and current government officials. I know she runs a limited hangout site, Boiling Frogs post.

      And I know her big claim to fame as THE 9/11 “whistleblower” is that she says basically… 19 evil Muslim terrorists pulled off 9/11 under the direction of Osama bin Laden:

      “On 1 February 2011, Edmonds published a story on her own website, adding details of events she described as taking place in April 2001. The account centered around her post-9/11 role as translator of a pre-9/11 interview during which an informant had told the FBI agents:

      Bin Laden’s group is planning a massive terrorist attack in the United States. The order has been issued. They are targeting major cities, big metropolitan cities; they think four or five cities; New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, and San Francisco; possibly Los Angeles or Las Vegas. They will use airplanes to carry out the attacks. They said that some of the individuals involved in carrying this out are already in the United States. They are here in the U.S.; living among us, and I believe some in US government already know about all of this.”

      The agents, along with Edmonds, reported this information internally at the FBI but, according to Edmonds, no one at the bureau ever asked for follow-ups or further information prior to 9/11.”

      Of course, even the FBI had to admit year after that they had no evidence that bin Laden was behind the plots, they didn’t even list 9/11 as one of the crimes he was supposed to have committed on his wanted poster and the last confirmed videos (before they had contractors manufacture the phony ones) of bin Laden showed him saying he had nothing to do with 9/11 and we should look to people inside our own government for that. But of course, all that time, Edmonds had the final proof … just no one would listen to her.

      Let me see, what is that called, that Jon Gold theory? Oh yeah, the Let It Happen on Purpose (LIHOP)… that the 19 angry evil Muslims under the direction of Osama bin Laden hijacked 4 planes flying them into 3 buildings and in New York 2 buildings were hit by the Muslims and 3 fell down. No controlled demolition required, no questions about the Pentagon, no talk about Building 7.

      That’s the whistleblower who is endorsing Edward Snowden? The 9/11 “whistleblower” who was rejected by most self-respecting members of the Truth Movement?

      And since I know what and who Sibel Edmonds is, you suddenly don’t want to talk about her, even though you’ve mentioned her about a dozen times in relation to this case and I have withheld mentioning any of this out of politeness.

      • Wow - I dont know Scott. I listen to Peter B pretty regularly, and she gives good outrage, and info there. You say shes a snare for activists. I dont know man. You think Scahill is pulling punches, so maybe he is embedded
        critiques but the report from Yemen seemed good to me. He is kinda tall, I saw him in the studio when the camera zoomed back he could pass for a Blackwater guy. (joking!). OK, Sibels book was cancelled by the govmnt that could be a stage play, you say limited hangout but the fake terror message and defense for Syria, indicting Al Queda still is her reporting
        so she is still truth telling RIGHT?

        • Alex Jones tells the truth.. sometimes. What does that mean he is? Legitimate? Hell,George W Bush and Barack Obama tell the truth sometimes too. What does that mean? is it really groundbreaking to say we back terrorists in Syria? Does she or Jones ever get to the WHY of it? Think about that for a minute.

          • Oh please what a dishonest debate tactic.

            Drag Alex Joiners and Obomber into it. Way to trash the discussion.

            Whats the matter nothing on TV?

            Besides her big “misdirection” on Boston whats your beef with Sibel again?

            Did she say LIHOP too?

            • that’s not a dishonest debate topic, ned. you know how disinformation works, if they don’t say something that is factual and somewhat subversive, then you wouldn’t think they are legitimate.

              that’s the reference to Alex Jones.

              same holds true with politicians. Obama did the exact same thing in the run-up to the first election. Hell, he does it these days to some degree. They tell you a little something like there are too many lobbyists in the White House or we have to stop these illegal wars, then they go right along and continue with the same plan, never explaining to the public that the reason they are there in the first place is because of the people that do these things.

              That’s the Obama reference.

              If you don’t like the fact that controlled opposition and Sunstein agents work that way, I can’t help that.

              But it isn’t trashing the discussion to bring them up. It’s the world we live in. And unfortunately for those who support the likes of Edmonds and Gold, you’ve been duped.

            • I don’t have a TV, by the way. Is there anything good on these days? From what I understand there are some hit shows about various spy agencies doing the “good work” on the “dark side” and some shows about “reality” that are staged trainwrecks we apparently like to watch. So even when there is something good on, it’s a matter of perspective I guess, isn’t it?

              As to Sibel’s work during the Boston Bombing investigations… I don’t know what she said or didn’t say. I was kind of busy doing my own work, coming to my own conclusions. I know she got a lot of face time of RT, flipping her hair around and reading from her notes on the desk. Aside from that, I don’t really know what she contributed or didn’t. Maybe it was useful, maybe not. Honestly, I don’t know.

    • As I can see from your Facebook page, you really buy into the whole “Islamists” angle, don’t you? You even suggest that the Boston Bombing and 9/11 were ultimately perpetrated by them. Yes, you say certain agencies set them up, but in the end the Muslims did it.

      Nice. I guess that’s why you like Sibel so much.

    • I do agree with Scotts previous assertion, and I have thought
      this thru before he stated it …

      That the alternative media, 9/11 Truth need many more independant voices in their ranks (away from former govmnt officials, CIA, FBI) and much less reporting, and commentary from the Ray McGoverns and Robert Fisks of the world. I was well aware of 9/11 Truths former intel guys
      and govnment guys …

      9/ founders Nicholas Levis and David Kubiak were spokesmen for the nuclear power industry for example. What a job, defending nuclear sludge - eegads! But Rob Bowman, for example, while being intel does make good speeches. Same w/ Nic Levi

      Not a great vid, but the facts on 9/11 Truth personas, I checked and is accurate.

  6. Obama has been groomed to carry out the Cheney Energy Policy by the NeoCons and the CFR types (i.e. - Bill Clinton, Hillary, Zbigniew Brzezinski) It was reported that Henry Kissinger was giving orders to Jim Jones, Obamas National Security Adviser during Baracks first term. Kissinger is also CFR.

    Its clears all of Americas led wars were planned as was 9/11. I think the Muslim hijackers was completely fabricated tale. The planes were piloted remotely or were swtched for drones and landed safely in a hanger like Northwoods describes. However, I think its ok for a truther like Jon Gold to be a good activist although I disagree w/ LIHOP and think its entirely wrong. Same with Sibel. I dont have to agree with every report she makes to appreciate her contributions that have advanced the Anti War cause.

    • I feel you’re not skeptical enough to be honest. Do I know for sure Sibel is a plant? No. I know she was on the cover of Time magazine and on 60 Minutes though.

      Gold is another story. You’re talking with people(in both myself and Scott) who have dealt personally wtih Jon Gold. He is a total fraud, not harsh, just true.

    • Well, that’s where we differ and it’s an important point. Yeah, as Chris points out, we’ve had personal dealings with the man and watched him try his best to lay the groundwork for dismantling the Truth Movement from the inside for years… literally years. The guy is an expert at every troll tactic you can imagine. He is a liar and a mudslinger and quite probably on the payroll of the very people the Truth movement was working to expose. He is the worst of the worst.

      Normally, in most cases, I don’t hold it against people who do their best to disrupt movements like the Truth Movement. It’s not about that. I have written and gone on record (recordings) saying that for the most part, these are people who believe the official story and they are paid to infiltrate and disrupt and they at least THINK they are doing something for the right reasons.

      In the case of Jon Gold, what he targets, how he targets, how he spins and lies about good people, tells me he knows EXACTLY what happened on 9/11 and is doing his level best to go after the most crucial evidence, piece by piece, to discredit it or get us to stop looking at it.

      That tells me he is something very different. And yes, he’s a piece of shit. just Google Jon Gold disinfo or Cass Sunstein agent, and you’ll soon understand that real activists in the movement figured him out years ago.

      He’s not just “wrong”.. he’s poison.

      Same with Scahill. Same with Edmonds.

      I don’t attack them because they are wrong… I attack them because they KNOW WHAT THEY SAY IS WRONG

      BIG difference. You need to learn it and how to see it.

  7. Please give me an example of your direct contact w/ Gold which is supportive of this thesis of yours. I’m open minded.

    • I spent years on 911blogger before the big opurge took place(see Scotts archives) interacting with him, he has relentlessly smeared those who push controlled demo, the Israel evidence, the ridiculousness of at least some of the phone calls etc. I would also go to and put him in the search engine for some background.

    • I can give you a great example where Jon Gold led a coalition of other phony Truth members (his old TruthAction group) to attempt to smear David Ray Griffin while he was recovering from his illness. Not only was he attacking one of the best writers, researchers and speakers of the movement, he was doing while he was sick and could not defend himself. Gold is a coward, stabbing people in the back, literally kicking them while they are down.

      • David Ray Griffin sucks there I said it. Barry Zwicker is better.

        • Both have their shortcomings imho. Both add something. Gold is fucking OBVIOUS. Come on.


            YOU SAID SO SCOTT

            • David Ray Griffin doesn’t write about “nanothermite”…. Steven Jones pushes that crap… Steven Jones and Gregg Roberts. (please stop with the all-caps)

              • David Ray Griffin jumped on the nano thermite bandwagon in many interviews and speeches , if not his book, “Pearl Harbor” which was mostly about demolishing theory like many of his lectures. Like A/E 9/11, his work leaves out many of the most important facts about iti in favor of focusing how the buildings fell down - a major flaw. Where is the rest of the story A/E 911 Truth. Thats misdirection and obfuscation to me. Even though Zwicker and some others used Pearl Harbor as a source, I cannot help but notice the pack mentality of theorists who went from mini-nukes, to nanothermite, believe me he used it on Pacifica Radio for years, and was cut/paste, parochial speeches. Its not a religion.

        • Barry Zwicker… he did a video supporting that Cass Sunstein effort, CIT, where two professional internet influence peddlers were given access by the Pentagon to interview Pentagon employees and create the “fly over” theory…

          oh yeah, thanks for bringing that one up. lovely. massive jumbo jet “flys over” the Pentagon, middle of rush hour traffic leading into D.C. on a clear morning right after they set off an explosion making sure all those people bumper to bumper would look over and see this massive jet flying through the smoke cloud… and not one single soul actually saw it…

          and your man Barry Zwicker said that the interviews (edited of course) with Pentagon and Army employees saying the plane was south of the CITGO amounted to “scientific proof” of the flyover theory… and he fully endorsed the “fly over theory”

          and you think Jon Gold is ok?

          yeah. thanks. that’s all I needed to hear.


            BOTH OF THEM

            9/11 THE GREAT DECEPTION

            9/11 THE GREAT CONSPIRACY

            ARE FAR


            CHUCK OF SHIT


            2 AND A HALF HOUR DOG PILE


            YOU SAID SO SCOTT



              LIMITED HANGOUT



              LET GO OF YOUR EGO

            • You’re confusing DRG with Steven Jones. (please stop with the all-caps)

              • I think Zwicker mistakenly allowed CIT to be included in the Consensus Panel as was his vote out of inclusive, big tent viewpoint rather than exclude them. I disagree. CIT is bad. Other than that Barry is so good.

                I was not a party to the squabbles at 911 Blogger although I did hear of the bans and so forth.

                I’m surprised Scott - did you receive such a backlash of your articles critical of A/E 911 that you backed off?

                I thought your disdain was rather on point and ovbvious being a controlled group concerned with image, as your stuff noted the calculated moves of Gage. I have no beef with Gage personally other than his work is incomplete, poor, and leaves out 90% of the 9/11 Truth story. It is intentional censorship to me, and worse intentional blindness going on tours to Canada to Europe to leave out the rest of the story to audiences when he could galvanize the antiwar folks to riot against Syria, Libya than be paralyzed with catatonia after watching the most contrived, boring PBS, spoon fed work of technical jargon and left out facts which comprise his 2 1/2 hour “documentary”

                • Gage an architect, not a historian or a social critic. He knows nothing about politics or neoliberalism or military procedure… he does architecture or he did architecture, for large commercial buildings. That’s why they focused on the “one thing’… because to architects and engineers, it’s what they know. When I first started, it was what I knew as well. That’s why I signed their petition long ago. years ago.

  8. Give another example please. I think the NeoCons did it, not Israel, but America, and you will note Scotts articles A/E 9/11 Truth tearing them up, so another angle besides demolishing THEORY

    • I think Israelis and Americans did it, the evidence is clear. Honestly, its been years, I remember Gold attacking literally anyone worth a damn on 911blogger though, including Scott and I(if I do say so myself).

    • I support the work of Richard Gage. To say that I go after AE 9/11 Truth is not quite accurate.

      You can go and find my name signed on that petition as an architecture professional years and years ago long before someone named Gregg Roberts showed up and started getting them to push “nanothermite” in everything they did.

      So yeah, I strongly supported AE for 9/11 Truth and the work of Richard Gage as did MANY others… prior to Gregg Roberts going over there from Jim Hoffman’s bullshit site to wreck it from the inside.

      I also had direct contact with Roberts and Steven Jones and had them tell me directly they didn’t want to test for residues from high explosives in the dust they held from Ground Zero because they thought it might be a bad “PR move”….

      I don’t support that shit. Roberts was with AE9/11 Truth at that time.

      So, don’t misrepresent my work on that please.

      • no reply to this ned? you picked the wrong topic to talk to chris and I about, didn’t you?

      • I think demolishing theory is a limited hangout to misdirect from

        evidence of FBI fake terror and war games which is the better proof.

        all the demolishing debates are the disinfo ,

        I liked you better when you tore A/E 9/11 truth a new asshole …

        I think they are the COINTELPRO - PBS version of the 9/11 story

        A/E experts speak out video is PBS boredom catatonic device

        to make potential antiwar rioters sleep


          HOW THE TOWERS

          FELL DOWN

          WHAT MATTERS


          OF U.S. TERRORISM

          • It does matter how the towers fell down…. especially after the official government report lied about who and what caused the towers to fall… and they used the towers as an excuse for their terrorizing and neo-con activities in other counties and in America.

            • I wasn’t even going to dignify that statement of his with a comment, Jan. Obviously he’s not exactly what he claims he is. He’s been here under 3 different names over the course of a year and recently tried to imply that I had lied about being a wounded vet… twice. If he thinks evidence of controlled demolition doesn’t matter to his agenda, when 9/11 is the root of the justification for the Global War OF Terrorism, I’m not going to bother trying to explain it to him.

              • I see you have been having a “creeping suspicion” that Ned is not what Ned purports to be… 😉

                Putting aside the content of his messages, his language is certainly not a sincere one to say the least. He does seem to make a lot of effort to poison your well…

                I am not sure if it is due to increased site traffic, but there has been a noticeable increase in 9/11 related posts lately… Some of them sound like they started looking in to it just last year or something, but others seem to have an agenda when they land here at AE… And some, like our friend Ned here, seem to have come here with you in their crosshairs…

                Ned? What do you say? (I hope you’ll say SOMETHING)

                • you have bugbears of the mind Schlomo, I mean Lileo

                  • Ouch, Adolf… You really got me there… You really put me in my place…

                    • yeah, the “schlomo” thing kinda did it for me. He and his personae are toast. I had enough. Sundays are my “that’s it” days. I write on this blog sometimes 31 days a month with no breaks and you know what? I figure life is just too short to put up with bullshit on Sundays.

              • Dear sir, I’ve got logins at multiple sites and forget which ID I use here
                sue me

                • I’ve used the same tag since I was banging heads with the Bushites back in my TP days (till I figured out they were censoring 9/11 Truth info) and signed my name to everything I write on this blog since day one. Never needed to be someone else, especially not on the same site. Don’t really hold it against you till you start using troll tactics then it’s a different story. Curious as too why one would feel the need for different personae, that’s all.

            • You sound desperate.

        • I’m going to say this once more… I did not “tear AE for 9/11 Truth a new asshole”… I did that to Gregg Roberts specifically and his little chorus of interns that he brought over there with him to help misdirect the efforts of Richard Gage. What happened to them was sad, but it was by design.

          “I think demolishing theory is a limited hangout to misdirect from

          evidence of FBI fake terror and war games which is the better proof.”

          everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

          • Thats right , I’m OK you’re OK

          • The foundation funded public media and group think first supported Ray and his nano speeches on Pacifica, Common dreams, the FORD funded Progressive Left then only uses Gage for 9/11 interviews/lectures, who excises 9/10 of the story but excludes all other voices.

            Not only is the groupthink limited, contrived, controlled, but censored out, LEFT OUT the best evidence like war games over NYC on 9/11, evidence of Al Queda and bin laden support before and after 9/11, staged terror events under both presidents, so the AF PAK war could still be termed “Just Wars” leaving not only the global war on terror narrative intact, but the blowback limited hangout untouched as well - by the so called think tank “Progressives” foundation connected Nation mag, Z mag, Common Dreams, Pacifica, NPR, PBS, (Gage was public TV as well) with dollars granted from CIAs Ford Foundation sponsors, Carlyle,, DynaCorp,Raytheon, etc.

            • I’m not going to argue 9/11 truth with you if you don’t know the difference between Jones and Griffin. This thread is about Edward Snowden and if the endorsement of someone like Sibel Edmonds is good enough for you, so be it. You can follow her and Jon Gold over the LIHOP rainbow for all I care. I gave you plenty of latitude but now I would like you to stick to the topic of the thread please, that would be nice. thanks.

              • Griffin used nanothermite on Pacifica Radio so many times its not funny.I’m sorry 9/11 Blogger was something evil and censored all of you

                Sibel goes into the false 9/11 Truthers on Peter B too bad you missed it.

                She also highlights how both presidents funded taliban/al queda, blowback is not her narrative, she denounces escalations Libya lies WMD Syria, obama, Af - pak, etc. She is not a supporter of the GWOT

                Whats wrong with Hoffman did he disagree w. Ray while ill, diss him in evil ways, he does demolishing but seemed humble IMO on Visibility 911 radio Truthout911 radio, did he log in at 911blogger and throw his weight around like Gold?

  9. Great post! I don’t think Greenwald is a retard, or even a useful idiot…far from it. That’s the main reason I think he’s a tool, a pied piper…

    I never trusted Sibel…just something about her and like Greenwald,, she gets too much mainstream media coverage.

  10. Snowden (not his real name) has a prismatic quality for the ongoing chess game by the providers of the board, no doubt. But it is really hard to miss one of his introductory moves to this particular game session, when he states his motivation to play.
    What he says has put him on the chair, was a particular incident while enjoying the vistas of lac leman, involving the blackmailing of a banker into passing information to the CIA. The excitement Snowden must have felt knowing he was treading among the footsteps of Allen Dulles… left behind. US spies are on par with the swiss secret service ¨snd¨ and have been for so long that the swiss public forgets they have a snd.
    The logo on the prism slide that has been traced to an illustrious english fellow, has a curious shaped prism akin to the swiss chocolate toblerone and that toblerone chocolate bar gave its name to the still existing ¨toblerone line¨ a bullwark made up of a series of triangular shaped concrete blocks as a defense against the german panzer brigade.
    Switzerland for the direct democracy that it is, is putting forth a set of public initiatives with an economic scope that borders on the utopian.
    One such initiative, has passed in to law in 2012 already, the ¨Swiss referendum “against rip-off salaries”
    Another initiative, the most explosive one imo, is the 1:12 initiative, where the head of a company would earn no more then 12 times more then the lowest wage earner in the same company. Respective news media in Switzerland is giving this initiative a surprisingly good chance of passing in to law by public vote. But, the public (coaxed) has begun speaking about another initiative, perhaps a more global one and a real frontier initiative the ¨Basic income guarantee¨ initiative.
    These 2 initiatives might well be voted on at once coming fall, but other scenarios are possible, where 1:12 is left behind perhaps to push the basic income scheme(?) for a reason.
    Switzerland in addition is as some of you might know, involved in a complicated move to change its banking secrecy laws by pressure of the US.
    And, with all this, the european non member has seen its mini police state exercises at patently neoliberal venues like the ¨Tanz dich Frei¨ fest, a nihilist techno party turned ugly:
    and a few days ago at the ¨ART Basel¨ the worlds largest Art fair:
    RT has gathered, that (the) swiss president would launch an investigation in to the remarks made by Snowden, doubting their accuracy:

    There would be much more to say on my speculation that Snowden made some remark in the direction of Switzerland intentionally, but for now I think this can stand for what it is and awaiting developments might shed more light.

  11. interesting, my above comment is obviously posted, but does not show in the ¨recent comments¨ section ?
    good night everybody.

  12. “Oh, the humanity……..”

  13. We all know the NSA has been spying for years. I’m glad that Snowden has come out as a whistle blower. This writer is right about the Libyan travesty, and now Syria, and how this incident is an actual distraction to the evil of this and past administrations. However, when you want to attack someone for inaccuracies, make sure you spell correctly. “…your really going to be discredited” It’s “you’re”, not “your”. Does that discredit you? hmm….

    • No, it does not…

      Just like if I call someone a douchbag, the missing “e” does not take much away from the message.

    • I would rather I did take more time to proof-read my work, or have an editor to do so like Mr. Greenwald does, but if the worst thing you can say about me is I am hasty, I guess I can live with that. If that is the kind of thing you look for in order to dismiss someone’s efforts and continue having faith in something that is what I would consider an obvious psyop, you would have found something else anyway (I mean “you” in the general, not specific). Personally I would rather be known as a writer who occasionally mixed up “your” and “you’re” than one who consistently missed crucial points of important stories always in the favor of those who really mean to do us harm. No I don’t get the big money from globalist institutions like the Guardian and I don’t appear on one MSM outlet after the other propping up humanitarian interventions in Libya or Syria, but I do what I can. And thanks for the head’s up. I appreciate you’re mentioning it. ( 😉 )

  14. Your hasty pudding is delicious.

  15. […] by the career NSA employee and manufactured hero… in case you hadn’t figured that out yet.… The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to […]

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