Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: A Tale of Two Tellers and the Tales they Tell

by Scott Creighton

The list of the “Hero Edward Snowden” detractors is short but growing. I’m talking about real detractors, not the jackasses who are playing the scripted roles set forth for them who call him a traitor and wonder aloud if China is behind it all. Those aren’t detractors anymore than John Cena is a bad guy. Heels are apparently popular these days. Go figure. We live in a lawless society for the elites and a ruthless police state for everyone else. I’m not surprised that WWE fans have taken to rooting for the bad guys. Somewhere Clinton and Cheney are laughing til their scotch spills on the dusty floor.

I wanted to do a quick search just to see something.

Remember, over the past year William Binney, a real whistle-blower, has been getting a bit of attention on various near-mainstream news outlets. He’s been talking about a program called NarusInsight, it’s what the NSA and the spying industry use to collect massive amounts of data and then formulate a profile on pretty much every living human being over the age of 4 months. Pretty interesting stuff when you think about it.

I figured this sudden attention to the spying game would have bled over to him and Narus a little but as you can see, that’s not really happening.

I Googled Edward Snowden News - 3,673 news sources

I Googled William Binney News - 4 news sources

I Googled PRISM News - 195 news sources

I Googled NarusInsight News - 5 articles, 2 in foreign languages (Hebrew)

In the past when writing about this case I figured it was about stirring up resentment and hostility toward the government which would eventually be used as the pretext to some kind of future false flag event and I still stand by that assessment. I also think the point of it all is to “have the discussion” about the trade-off between security and privacy, the Global War Of Terror and our constitutional rights. I stand by that assessment as well. The talks and the bills are already hitting the floor in congress and we will see what the corporate lawyers have come up with soon enough.

But you notice the entire discussion surrounding illegal spying and the growing Big Brother state centers around Snowden and real whistle-blowers are left out in the cold, their revelations lost down the rabbit hole.

Where this ends up going is impossible to tell at this point. Some more ridiculous power-point slides will inevitably bleed out and the Guardian and the Post will count their profits while we sit back watching it all unfold like an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. At some point a congressman will hit Glenn Greenwald on the head with a chair… maybe then he’ll see the light.

I figured the Google searches were rather telling though. Their manufactured hero has us surrounded while the real ones drift quietly into the sunset adrift on a lonely dingy, telling tales no one cares to hear anymore. Old men talking about real programs just isn’t as sexy as the young product spokesman Edward Snowden and his lofty cliches about “speaking truth to power”. Oh the drama, oh the intrigue.

Oh shit.


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13 Responses

  1. keep spreading truth, brother. we’re listening!

  2. Oh… “the intrigue”
    LOL…. love it

  3. It is a quite a feat to get the dumbest third of the pop. in corny uniforms and set them up to impede the rest of us. Then, of course the leaders of this troop of baboons are a capable enough bunch and capable of any and all breaks with a bit more noble past.

  4. I read somewhere, and I do not recall where that Edward Snowden is really Eric Snowden that there was a slight name diversion. is this accurate?

    • I don’t think so. He states on the Guardian video that his name is ‘Ed Snowden’. Mind you, he’s more than a tad shifty-eyed when he says it (I don’t think he would have passed a lie-detector test at that point), but I highly doubt that he’s just simply ‘Eric’ rather than ‘Edward’ Snowden. More like Joel Pinkstein, or something like that.

  5. - The leak came at a critical time, at the height of the IRS scandal
    - The leak doesn’t already tell us what many Americans already knew, that the big tech companies were doing data collection for the NSA
    - The four ‘documents’ leaked to the press are nothing but crappy, goofy-colored charts displaying a partial hierarchy of PRISM
    - The ‘establishment’ media all have it front and center, unlike the Obama birth fiasco.
    - The same 4 slides were shown by both news agencies (Telegraph and Washington Post). If they checked with the NSA first, what is the point of the leak on the NSA?
    - Mainstream media have used the stickers to somehow enforce Snowden’s passion for online privacy (but no mention of the 1/2 million Soros donated). See the Snowden sticker story.
    - Snowden ‘heroism’ has become a major fundraiser for the EFF and the TOR project
    - Snowden is painted as a “Libertarian”
    - It, almost by any circumstance, takes a least one year to get top-secret clearance. Yet, Snowden only worked for contractor Booz Allen for not even quite 3 months.
    - Snowden girlfriend posting lame ‘broken-heart’ poetry on her blog/web. Now, all her stuff has been ‘scrubbed’ from the web and her blog closed. Why?
    - potential litmus test for the public to what some refer to as “The Good German Syndrome”. In other words, do the majority of Americans support this police state.
    - Snowden only got a GED, didn’t even finish at a Maryland College. How does someone like that get a job working for the intelligence community making 200k per year? I worked for a defense contractor and can tell you, a degree is certainly required
    - The PRISM logo is nearly an exact match to one created by a high school student in 1998. See story here.
    - Pictures of Snowden and Girlfriend use the same computer graphics library for manipulation. See story here.
    - Snowden said he got access to the documents using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (you have to have warrent). How did he get a warrant? See story here.
    - Snowden conducted his interview from a lavish Hong Kong hotel, just up the street from CIA headquarters. The rooms start at 1900 US$/night. How many nights did he stay? It would cost thousands of dollars.
    - Snowden called for a March in Washington DC, something other ‘straw men’ have done in recent months. See story here.
    - Snowden’s second set of ‘explosive news’ was that the US was hacking China. As if the Chinese didn’t know this, just as we know China hacks the US.
    - Snowden said he make 200k per year, though he only worked at Booz Allen for less than 3 months. Booz said he made 120k per year, yet we are talking employment in months, not years.
    - Greenwald, the Telegraph reporter that broke the story, attends annual Marxist conferences. See story here.
    - Snowden worked for Booz Allen, which is a owned by the Carlyle Group.

  6. I don’t know if it has been noted here, but anyways. A good question to ask:

    Who is Snowden in the novel ‘Catch-22’ and what secret is learned when he ‘spills his guts’?

    I knew that this story was bullshit as soon as I thought about that. Although nobody should trust any news story about intelligence agencies anyways.

    There haven’t been a lot of people that have noted this character comparison but I have noticed a lot of MSM news articles that use the term ‘Catch-22’ to describe the dilemma of how to keep tabs on a secret program.

    • holy shit… that’s perfect. I’ve been trying to put that into words for a while now. I just wrote something very similar in a comment…

      “…where all these things happen and the sane BELIEVE it is the new normal, yes, I guess by definition, we are insane. I think the only way to cope these days is too adopt the only virtues left us, greed and self interest. The Ayn Rand doctrine is upon us. maybe that’s what the lists are for.”

      I looked up Snowden in Catch 22. I did not know the character.

      It took a minute to understand. If this is a complete fabrication, if his name and life is pulled from a screenwriter’s imagination, it’s … sickeningly beautiful. I have to give them that.

      Thank you so much for that insight.

      “Snowden’s death embodies Yossarian’s desire to evade death; by seeing Snowden’s entrails spilling over the plane, he feels that “Man was matter, that was Snowden’s secret. Drop him out a window and he’ll fall. Set fire to him and he’ll burn. Bury him and he’ll rot, like other kinds of garbage. The spirit gone, man is garbage.”

      The experience on the plane dramatically changes Yossarian’s attitude towards life. He looks only to protect his own life and, to a lesser extent, the lives of his close friends

      Perhaps some of the vitriol that is being slung our way is because in some way others sense that we haven’t learned Snowden’s lesson yet like they have.

      Years ago I wrote about the purpose of the Lewis Powell Memo of ’71 and I said yes, it was a blueprint to create a hidden machine to bend political will and corrupt both parties into one, the Business Party, the same Business Party that failed in the Business Plot. But I also said that it’s real message was that if they wanted to win the battle for the moral rightness in the country amid the turmoil of the peace movement and the civil rights movement, then they would have to change the way we all saw the world, change the moral code itself.

      To have the discussion.

      wow. if they did script everything down to his identity (which I think is probable considering his lack of school records or military records of any kind) the choice of Snowden as his name is quite admirable in a true-believer kind of way.

      thank you for that.

      • Catch-22 is often required reading in US high-schools. I’m amazed that more people haven’t caught this bit. A lot of people note the significance of Snowden in Catch-22 as “Yossarian learns to get over death by recognizing that it is inevitable”. So we’re supposed to get over the death of our privacy or something… but we’re really just seeing a coming-out party for tyranny.

        Thanks for the blog here, I’ve noticed that the NSA thing and also the subject of outright media fakery in recent events are two things that have seperated *real* “conspiracy” websites from controlled opposition. You may have lost a few readers over this but you gained at least one…

      • Brilliant. I had read Catch 22 years ago. Will take it out again.

  7. How ironic:

    In the end, the main character Snowden spills his guts… literally. He dies because he wants to leave the army for reasons of insanity, but they won’t let him leave because wanting to leave the army proves that he is sane. I have not read this book, but James Corbett and James Evan Polati reported on this in their latest video on

    In the book, the antagonists end up saying that “catch-22” means “we can do whatever we want and there is nothing you can do to stop us”.

    I think there is another book that rising in sales very shortly, besides 1984.

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