Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent - a Photo Essay

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE April 24: Boston Bombing: Who Says it Had to be Two Men? Who Says they Had to be Young?

UPDATE April 23rd: Boston Bombing: Newly “Enhanced” Photos of the “Shootout” bring the influence peddlers out on Reddit

You don’t need conspiracy theorists. Just take the Feds at their word and you’ll see it.

If you believe the official story of what happened on April 15th at the finish-line of the Boston Marathon, then you have to know that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent of the charges leveled against him. You cannot avoid it.

According to the new official story (remember the “Bag Men” story that was fed to the New York Post by officials?) Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev went down to the finish-line of the Boston marathon carrying bombs in their backpacks and planted them in two locations about a block apart and then hung around and watched the carnage unfold.

They claimed they had video proof of at least one of them, Dzhokhar, dropping his bomb and an eyewitness who saw Tamerlan drop his at the feet of the witness while making eye contact with him and walking away.

They then, according to the story they have video evidence of this, hung around, watched the carnage only to slowly walk away from the scene.

That is the official story. And that story proves Dzhokhar is innocent. And if Dzhokhar is innocent, more than likely, so is Tamerlan. Let me show you why.

1. Circumstantial but based on hard evidence

First of all, the Feds have produced neither of the two videos they claim to have showing 1. Dzhokhar planting a bomb and 2. them hanging out watching the aftermath then slowly walking away. In fact, the evidence we have suggests a totally different story. The new story about all of this drops any mention of those two videos down the memory hole.

The second thing to remember is the fact that the FBI pretended to need our help to identify the two men while the entire time their own local field offices had been in steady contact with the boys for at least two years. The FBI has come out since and admitted their involvement with the boys and several congressmen are asking how they “dropped the ball” on this one. The FBI is avoiding answering congress’ questions.

I have found evidence to suggest that they were in fact being handled by an FBI confidential informant and I believe that fact is likely to come out very soon. The congressmen are starting to ask for the FBI’s files on these boys. Family members, even the one trying to help the Feds, suggest that they were being manipulated by “mentors” which is standard operating procedure for the FBI’s domestic terrorism task force. In fact, it appears from the official photos of the boys, they were indeed waiting for quite a while in front of a restaurant in the area to meet someone… someone who told them to be there. Someone who deliberately put them in the wrong place at the right time.

As damning as all of this is, the lies, the connections to the boys, the artifice of not knowing who they were, their being brought there by someone… as damning as it is, it’s primarily circumstantial. Though that is not to say it does not qualify as potential evidence in a court of law, it is not hard physical evidence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s innocence.

Not to worry, the official story itself provides that.

2. Hard evidence

The new narrative is that one of the victims, Jeff Bauman, identified the older brother Tamerlan as being the one who placed his bomb down at Jeff’s feet while making eye contact with him and then he walked away. He said he had a dark ball cap and glasses and that is Tamerlan in the photos.

Honestly, that story is ripe with wrong. Were anyone to do that to you would you just stand there next to the backpack waiting to see what happened? I doubt it. But take him at his word (and remember, the FBI has teams trained to illicit the kinds of witness statements they need). And also remember, they claim this information came to them on Wednesday, while Jeff was still heavily drugged.

But let’s take them at their word. After all, it is their official story and thus the one some of the people in this country accept as the gospel.

Jeff was injured in the first explosion, the one closest to the finish line. Of that there is no question. That means the bag that was dropped there was Tamerlan’s bag. Let’s look at the evidence.

First, their bags respectively - Tamerlan has a darker colored bag while his younger brother is carrying a light grey bag. Also notice the color of Tamerlan’s pants. This will be important later trust me.

bag 13

If you take the FBI’s recounting of Jeff’s statement at face value, then that means Tamerlan’s bag is this one, from the official evidence of the crime scene:

bag 16

You can make the argument that this is a lighter color than Tamerlan’s bag and you can also wonder why it is that it seemed to have audio cable in it as if it’s just one of the techie’s bag from the set-up of the finish-line PA system or TV cameras. You can make that argument, but for the sake of suspended disbelief, let’s say it is indeed Tamerlan’s bag and the bag the bomb was in when Jeff lost his legs. We’ll give the official story a mulligan on that one.

If that is the dark bag carried by the two brothers, over next to the site of the first bombing, then the only bag left to be at the scene of the second explosion is the one being carried by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. And indeed, that is the official story.

This is where it gets interesting.

Here is a picture of what is being hailed as an image of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev “dropping” his pack which had the bomb in it.

bag 5

What you see is not a man “dropping” a bag. What you see is a man CARRYING a bag while walking by.  Notice, right above the girl’s shoes you can see the bottom of the bag. It is suspended in the air, not touching the ground. Look at how it’s suspended at an angle. It’s being carried by the strap, the right strap, in his left hand. Look at how he is moving past the people, on his way somewhere. And more importantly, look at where he is in relation to the iron grate and the metal security fencing. These facts will be important in a second.

Also note the light color of the pack as consistent with the image from before.

There is an image that is not circulated that much anymore because it tells a very different story than the official one. The image below shows the moments after the second bomb detonated and the location of several key pieces of evidence including what is claimed to be the bag that was carrying the second bomb.

bag 2

This is an important image because it clearly shows the blast pattern of the explosive which was placed in front of the fence beside the mailbox, as you can  see by the locations of the fence and other debris just after the blast. There is no question where the detonation took place. In fact, a bystander has recently given an interview claiming his life was saved by the mailbox. If the bomb had been place behind the fence and behind the mailbox on the sidewalk, no bystanders could make that claim, only runners.

But leaving that for a minute as it goes to witness statements and this is about hard evidence, let’s get back to the evidence.

Remember this pic?

bag 1

This bag is in the exact location of where the bomb had to be placed. It is a large enough bag to hold a backpack and a pressure cooker, though it is not clear if the second bomb was actually made with a pressure cooker. But look at the location and then look at this.

bag 11

We can see from the blast wave of the explosion that something close to the detonation blocked the blast at a single point and forced more of the energy onto the sidewalk and down the street. That would be the mailbox. Look again at the location of that bag.

I am not saying that bag was the bomb. It may have been, but I am saying that bag is in the location the bomb was detonated. It went off IN FRONT OF THE FENCE and BESIDE THE MAILBOX.

Part of one section of fence is wrapped around the mailbox. The other section is blown back into the crowd and on the sidewalk as you see. Were the bag to be partially under the fence as appears in the photo of the bag in front of the fence, that could easily be the result.

That is NOT the location the Feds claim they show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev “dropping” his pack. Had the bomb gone off where he was and where that image shows him CARRYING his pack, then the fence would have been blown into the street.

Now, let’s look at the evidence of the pack itself.

As the image above shows, part of the pack was found in the street. Shape charges inside the pack would have done that if it was placed on the street side of the fence.This is a close-up view of the bags side by side. Remember, the dark bag owned by Dzhokhar’s older brother has already been accounted for in the official story. So the only bag left is the light grey one carried by him.

bag 19

As you can see, these two things are not the same. Not even close.

The remains of the bag was apparently photographed near it’s original position on the street, laying closer to the large white line you can see above. It is a dark colored bag like many others seen by unofficial investigators on the web being carried by various people (some of whom are there on a official basis)

Here is an official image which puts the bomb’s pieces right there on the grate as shown in the image of the bag in front of the fence but not where they claim Dzhokhar dropped his bag.

bag 7

Again, this is their evidence.

Lastly, this grisly photo of the blast scene.

bag 10

Bodies blown back, fence blown back toward the sidewalk and the restaurant.

So as you can see, the official story clears Dzhokhar.

But let’s continue.

Remember that I told you the official story was they had a video of these brothers standing around watching the carnage before slowly and calmly walking away and that they have not produced that visual evidence as of yet and seem to be walking that story back?

Check this out:

patsy running

This kid was clearly not standing around watching the explosions. He was running away like everyone else. But look closer:

Boston Marathon Explosions

His right arm is down, straight down, while his left arm is bent and his left shoulder is raised as he is running. He is carrying something… he is CARRYING HIS BAG.

The bomb has gone off and he is fleeing like everyone else and apparently he is carrying his bag.

But look closer…

bag 20

Is that Tamerlan trying to catch up with his brother after the explosions? The hat matches, the pants and shoes match. The jacket matches. Is that is Tamerlan running from the scene and not walking away like the officials claimed they had a video of him doing?

This image is less convincing that the others in the sequence but I will put it here for the sake of discussion. It is part of someone else’s photo essay on the subject which I highly recommend taking the time to have a look.

bag 21


UPDATE: Turns out there is a higher resolution version of this photo and that guy is not Tamerlan. A reader pointed that out. Thanks


Here’s my point:

The official story itself does not prove these brothers set off those bombs. You don’t need the “conspiracy theorists” to tell you that. All you have to do is look at the evidence they themselves provide. Consider all the dishonesty they have displayed thus far and their own evidence.


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  1. Quite convincing Scott, great job.

    Looks like they are going to have to declare him an “Enemy Combatant”…because if he gets a real lawyer, he is a free man in a fair court hearing….{yea, in dreamland}…

    MO – Opportunity – Motive – Cui Bono

    A “drill” goes live. Military, Police, Mercenaries, Equipment all on site and ready to roll.

    How many times have we seen this “piggyback” scenario played out?
    Too many times to count.

    The motive is answered by cui bono = who benefits? The Homeland Securitiy State…more funds, more ‘glory’.

    Who looses? First and foremost, the patsy. And of course the stupid duped population looses, although they haven’t a clue.

    Yes…another fucked up day in the belly of the empire.



    • In the picture of Dzhokar running, look over the shoulder of the woman to the far right. On the ground, right behind where Dzhokar was a few steps back from right b4 the pic was taken - you see what looks like a bag matching the description of Dzhokar bag on the ground. The color, the dark patch..and the straight looking black strings.

      • you may just have solved this case!
        There is a high resolution of this pic and I just had a look and it does look like a black and light backpack similar to the accused guys.
        Get this info out there

        • Thanks for the high resolution pic! That’s just what it looked like to me. I posted that thought at another place, …and one person tried to say it was a shoe. Im sorry, but if thats a shoe its the largest shoe ive ever seen. The colour, and very straight black strings look very much like the strings coming off the younger brothers backpack in other photos. I know authorities are saying that Dzhokar is claiming responsibility, even though they reported he was heavily sedated earlier in the day (9saying his brother was the mastermind). I saw where Uncle Ruslan felt it was the older brothers fault, along w many others online thinking along the same lines…..and whaddya know - that turns out to be the story. Im sure that “confirmation” was enough for many ppl, but with how things have been going with this strange case that seems to change slightly daily - I never expected to hear a denial….It’s not like he can speak - which is pretty convenient..
          Also, a caller who was in a house on Dexter Street said she saw Tamerlan run over, then shot by police. Despite what was reported about cops making Tamerlan strip by the MSM - theyre now claiming that wasnt him at all. (even though their aunt identified it as being Tamerlan)
          With the FBIs history in making terrorists in order for a very public arrest - Im afraid they only have themselves to blame for this distrust. Esp after the charade of acting like they needed our help in identifying subjects they were well acquainted with…..

      • I want to know why on the picture where Dzhokar “dropped his bag” 10 seconds before the exploition…the fences dont have that blue netting as shown in the videos. o.O

        • there were 2 explosions; the first by the fence with the blue netting (where cowboy hat guy and legs-blown-off-guy were hanging around) and the second by these metal barricades near the green mailbox (where the little kid and young lady were killed).

      • If u look over the girls shoulder all I see is a white headband. Follow her braid.

    • Blast #1 also came from inside the building (?!). I don’t see anyone dealing with these blown OUT windows at all. It seems important, like the blast direction on 7/7.

      The following video apparently shows what several eyewitnesses had reported – that at least some part of the first blast came from inside the building - a rude anomaly.
      The debris pattern shown here from 1:10 to 1:47

      as well as in these closeups by hahatango showing a roughly 15 ft. spray of blast debris outward from the store
      Boston Marathon Bombing
      seems to confirm that the windows were blown out pretty hard.

      What business is that with the windows blown out? The Marathon Sports store? A hotel? If a bomb was in this store, and it kinda’ looks like it was, that changes the story quite a bit. If it IS the Marathon Sports store they would have a lotta’ ‘splainin’ to do, as they have been interviewed several times and didn’t mention a bomb in their store. Won’t some knowledgeable Bostonian please set us straight on what store this is?

      Yet this clear footage of blast #1 definitely places the fireball over the sidewalk. This is most curious.

      Can that fireball be blowing upward out of the store windows? How do these windows get blown out TOWARD the sidewalk?

      • Here is the Street View of the store with the blown out windows.

      • So we want to know the name of the next store just west of Marathon Sports.

      • In the first video you have posted between 1:10 and 1:47, wasn’t there a man crouched down in that doorway beside the windows that were blown out of that store? I remember seeing a man in that hollow on another picture or video explaining why Craft personnel were there. I think he was from the Craft agency.

    • Great Job? this is a bunch of BS. Did any of you actually look at the pictures in detail? The person that this genius claims is the older brother holding the backpack after the bombing is an Asian guy.

      Also, the Asian guy’s shirt is black, not white like the older brother has on in the other pictures.


      • Can you not read the article? At first I WONDERED if it was him…

        Is that Tamerlan trying to catch up with his brother after the explosions? The hat matches, the pants and shoes match. The jacket matches. Is that is Tamerlan running from the scene and not walking away like the officials claimed they had a video of him doing?

        This image is less convincing that the others in the sequence but I will put it here for the sake of discussion. It is part of someone else’s photo essay on the subject which I highly recommend taking the time to have a look.”

        … and then I concluded it was NOT him, moron. READ the article before you comment

        UPDATE: Turns out there is a higher resolution version of this photo and that guy is not Tamerlan. A reader pointed that out. Thanks

      • You would be a typical mindless fool and if you believe that everything you have been told is the absolute truth, why the hell are you reading this page. If you actually read everything on here you would have seen that there was a suggestion it was the brother, there was never a statement to say he was and in actual fact there is a footnote saying that further evidence proved it wasnt. If I was you I would put my head back in the sand and continue to live the life of the ostrich you are.

    • the dude by the door doesnt seem too concerned

  2. It seems that there must have been enough photos taken by the public (if not by the news media covering the race at the finish line?) which could prove or disprove these theories. All the boys need is one good clear photo of either one of them carrying their packs after the explosions to prove their innocence. That in and of itself makes me wonder why the FBI would take this chance. I agree this whole thing reeks. Thanks for your great coverage and analysis

    • This is the criminal complaint which briefly outlines the state’s evidence against the brothers:

      • uh… are they now saying he didn’t shoot the cop at MIT? And he didn’t rob a 7-11? how did I miss that?

        • Don’t know about the cop, but they have definitely said they didn’t rob the 7-11, that they just happened to be there when it was being robbed. If that part is false about them robbing the7-11, it would not surprise m if the part about shooting the cop is also, as well as anything else that has been said to justify going full tilt for them, and too, to get the cops lust for blood up.

          • the shooting of the cop is not mentioned in the arrest warrant nor is the robbery of the 7-11. Neither are mentioned. is it me or is that odd.

            • It isn’t odd if it never happened.

            • The ‘original’ report stated that the MIT cop was shot when he came to investigat a commotion at the ‘711 robbery’. Later, the MIT cop was ‘just sitting in his car’ when he was “executed in cold blood”. There’s enough here for several TeeVee scripts.

            • It isn’t mentioned because the criminal complaint states the FEDERAL CHARGES against him. The STATE CHARGES will include the MIT death. The state charges have not been released yet.

        • When people commit a crime together, they are usually both charged with all of the crimes, yes? It is very strange that the police officer’s death is not mentioned in this document.

          From my understanding, the 7-11 hold-up information was more erroneous reporting from the mainstream media.

  3. It’s such a pity that the photo above partly hides Dzhokhar from view. One critical comment: after an explosion, the bag could well not be as light in color as before it.

    Btw, how come the spectators were not worried about a large unattended bag next to the fencing? And was that initially said to have been the bag that housed the bomb in the media?

    • that bag was said to be the bomb up until around Thursday I believe.

      • Let me guess: the sudden change, which seems to bend physical facts, didn’t puzzle anyone in the MSM in the least?

        • Well,like I said in the article update yesterday, the Gov. of their fine state seems to have missed the memo and mentioned those videos in an interview, but I am sure his handlers have been duly chastised for their neglect to keep him up to date. aside from that? no one seems to notice.

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who believes they didn’t do this. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. Amazing journalism!

  5. The EYEwitness was “legs blown off guy” Steve Bauman. You know, the guy wheeled down the street by “cowboy hat flag guy” with his head held high and not passed out due to loss of blood that his arteries squirted out

    • I am certain a real bomb went off and lots of innocents were disgustingly maimed. That being said this cowboy hat guy who run back to get the flag and pose for photos seems quite outta place.

      • I do not think it was real bomb. I think it was some king of black powder (thick white smoke) and stun/flash grenade (sonic boom) used by SWAT while releasing hostages.
        It is interesting that there is not damages (photo 7 in link bellow) on the building itself beside the glasses. Presumably “pressure cooker was full of BB and nails”

        It must be some damage, something not like this one but some damage must be there: This is cased by mortar shell 82 mm.

        Also FBI said yesterday that “details of timer are not available”!!?? and they were “able” to find timer of fatal PamAm 103 flight which exploded in the air over Scotland/Lockerbie.

        • There was the battery found at the scene, but now I’m seeing that they had green hobby wicks on em at the shootout. If the ignition was lighting a wick, they should have that on video. They aren’t being very clear on how the bombs were detonated at the marathon.

  6. Guess cowboy hat guy really loved his flag.. he ran all the way back to get it to pose for his photo op.

    • Maybe the eye witness saw someone in a black hat, sunglasses, black jacket tan pant and black shoes drop a bag. I know a few people besides the older brother that were wearing similar attire.

    • And you sure as heel would not wheel him about with his wounds flapping in the wind, unless you wanted a photo op. The first thing they would have done before the ever moved him would have been to bandaged him up or at the very least covered him up, let along wheel him about in a wheel chair.

      • Yea, and wouldn’t he be in shock if not dead by then from bleeding out? If so, he should DEFINITELY have been covered. Stupid cowboy hat guy should have taken off his sweatshirt and put it on him. Some hero he is.

  7. The brothers, it seems, were patsies set-up by their FBI handler to be positioned in place for clear pics . They didn’t place the backpack bombs, but official somebodies did. There were multitudes of bags around it seems, so who would be suspicious? Except the official spotters and bomb sniffing dogs around. But who would suspect the officials themselves? But this was supposed to be a drill, so who was really looking for bombs anyway? A fake event had to have been planned as cue for the drill. Fake victims had to be there to act, but real victims actually happened, it appears. Why did the fake victims go ahead with their act? And did the responders know who were the real ones needing immediate attention? Even the medical tent for runner recovery was staffed by at least one doctor (Jewish?), but that had to part of any bomb drill. Drills are done to replicate ALL aspects of a real event. So many enforcement personnel (N. Guard, too.) and the drill went live anyway (?)

    • I think real victims rule out fake ones. Bombs cannot be relied upon to be that selective. In a video of the first blast, material is ejected high up in the air, landing on the street, and the fence is moved somewhat towards the street. And it is my understanding that Krystle Campbell and two others died.

      • in that first video from the first day, the same one where you see the stuff fly in the air, watch and you will see a runner grab his lower legs and fall to the ground in the wake of the explosion.

        Now, for them to be faking it, that old guy would have had to run the entire marathon and they would have had to wait for him to do it to schedule the explosion. That is just ridiculous. Clearly something hit those people. It wasn’t designed to kill, it was designed to stay low and maim a lot of people. That runner makes it clear something hit them

        • the runner is the only one outta lots ppl on street that fell cant believe the blast singled him out and knocked him down when old guy was interveiwed he showed no emotion and didnt make sense

        • The old guy wasn’t hit and no one has claimed he was. There’s an interview with him saying when the blast went off his legs turned to jelly & he fell. He ultimately finished the race.

  8. Thanks for this, amazing. Just as Sherlock Holmes like to say “it’s elementary my dear watson”

  9. Interesting comment:

    “In fact , if you look closely, you will notice that the blast that severed human legs was not quite strong enough to knock the salt and pepper shakers, nor a drinking glass, off the table.”

    • Yep somebody else that noticed it I see. Though I suppose it could have been refreshments for the investigators and first responders, I doubt they would have been drinking a beer and perhaps other mixed drinks..

  10. So let us assume they still carried their backpacks, they run away and somewhere they meet back up (am not sure where exactly to place them after the bombs) at some point, perhaps the same day as we are seeing the evidence put forth by the FBI, they understand they have been framed.
    But, they are still in possession of their backpacks! Considering their origin and a good deal of instinct, they quickly understand that they have to run, and flee any place where they might be tracked - not forgetting to take along their backpacks, even strapping them perhaps to their bodies! The backpacks would prove their innocence, so they try to contact regular police, one (or two?) of whom in the process goes down.
    You see where I am going on this?
    What happened to their only life saving evidence if it was not dropped at the scene?
    Good post btw.

    • who says they were free to roam around when the Feds released their photos? The school reports the younger brother was in school acting normally on Weds. not Thursday. So, if it were me and these were my patsies running around with their backpacks, I would make damn sure I had them before I released their images. The younger brother was seen at a party Weds. night and from what I understand he hasn’t been seen since he crawled out of the boat looking drugged…. put 2 and 2 together and …

      • … that would explain the ¨shots in the dark¨

      • I simply dont believe that a person who is mortally wounded over and over can stand and climb out of a boat! law enforcements report said they lifted and carried him to the ambulance. the news said he was not put into ambulance standing by but a police car, so would the truth plz stand up !1

  11. I totally believe these boys are innocent and were used. Can someone tell me why they were fleeing when the FBI released their photos instead of claiming innocence?

    • hi. This is a comment I left for someone a few minutes ago on basically the same subject. Who says they were fleeing? We know the story about the robbed 7-11 is bullshit and now they can’t trace the guns back to them. So, aside from the Feds’ statements, what real evidence is there that they were fleeing? Have you ever heard of a big man-hunt car-chase in which the news copters didn’t follow the whole thing? They have police scanners and you know they were fueled and ready to go after the big announcement. So why no footage? no footage because the cops implemented a no-fly zone prior to the announcement. They didn’t want cameras in the air.

      “who says they were free to roam around when the Feds released their photos? The school reports the younger brother was in school acting normally on Weds. not Thursday. So, if it were me and these were my patsies running around with their backpacks, I would make damn sure I had them before I released their images. The younger brother was seen at a party Weds. night and from what I understand he hasn’t been seen since he crawled out of the boat looking drugged…. put 2 and 2 together and …”

      • You say to put two and two together. Do you believe the guy in prison for two years before the trial, and then the guy at the trial, and then the guy who read his statement in a Russian accent isn’t Jahar? Who is sitting in solitary in Colorado?
        I happen to believe that too, but I shudder to think what happened to him.

  12. No Theories, Just Various Evidence:

    Scroll down to:
    “Many of the injured were hit by flying debris as shops and offices had their windows blown out.”

    Why were shop windows blown “out”?
    Picture of some shop windows blown out — not in:

    (Continued in next comment.)

    • This astonishing 18.5 minute video nearly proves that the older of the two SUPPOSED Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was arrested and placed into a police car after having been stripped naked. This was BEFORE he was killed! Check out:

      We might also ask about what U.S. secret agencies might be doing with people in the U.S. with ties to Chechnya in Russia. Would we expect them to simply ignore them?

      (More very odd links in two following comments just below.)

  13. His friends twitter

    Where I saw this photo of his hat going from a 7 to a 3…what do you make of this?

    • On closer inspection may just be motion blur.

      • no look at the noses. i think they must be 2 suspiciously-similar looking guys. 7-hat has a triangular pointier nose, whereas 3-hat has a nose with a rounded bump.

        • maybe it’s just the angle and resolution, so much of everything else is identical, but it is strange.

        • The nose on cap 7 (blur of 3 maybe) is not Dzhokhar’s nose. Even allowing for blur etc. it is way too pointed. That pic doesn’t look like its Dzokhar!

  14. Picture of some more shop windows blown out — not in:

    Scroll down to:
    “ALASDAIR CONN: The one thing that impressed me first looking at the C.T. scans and the X-rays as soon as we had them developed was the number of small, like BBs that were in the wounds, not only the lower extremities, but in some patients elsewhere on the body.”

    The blast pattern was parallel to the street, even though some blasts apparently occurred within shops?

    (Continued in next comment.)

  15. “Most notably: not a trace of any explosive, incendiary or other bomb-preparing equipment or residue, no evidence of terrorist activity, and no weapons. So where did the two put together the numerous bombs they are said to have prepared?”

    Yet the police claim the alleged perpetrators planned even more attacks?


  16. I would like to see the video footage before the second explosion when Jahar is leaving in the same direction he came from. We could see if he still had his bag pack. The footage obviously MUST exist.

  17. here is a good pic/meme to incorporate into your effort.

    • why was the ¨Saudis¨pic PS’d?

      The Saudi who’m the American Right Wingers posted in double entente style and claimed was the ¨lone wolf ¨ on the scene?

      This was posted some hrs ago:

      ¨In his report, Beck disclosed that Al-Harbi was first identified as a person of interest in the Boston bombings and noted that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s National Targeting Center had issued an EVENT FILE recommending his deportation under section 212, 3B INDICATION “PROVEN terrorist activity.”

      some strong legalese… Does an event file define an E-ventuality File - I guess so. And the Section 212, 3B Indication does what?
      does it say that, if, ¨this¨ person is found connected to an event, he automatically becomes a suspect?
      I admit, I found nothing defining an ¨event file¨, in ¨law¨
      But I think the quote would read, that caught up in a event, he would be deported.
      He was caught up in an event! And was so close to it, that he was later termed a casualty - look at the pictures, he is found all over Ground Zero (!) (?) - Additionally, in the second picture Glenn Beck has on his WS an ambassador is shown beside Al Harbi smiling.
      This has to do with specific VISA laws!

      The section:

      ¨You must request a Security Advisory Opinion (SAO) on all visa applications involving possible inadmissibility under INA 212(a)(3)(B) (see 9 FAM 40.32 N3), even if you will refuse the applicant under INA 214(b), if the applicant’s name is a clear match for a security-related hit in the visa lookout system, or regardless of whether the applicant’s name is in the visa lookout system, IF YOU BELIEVE the person is engaged in terrorist activity or poses a threat to the United States. The collection and assessment of information regarding inadmissibility under INA 212(a)(3)(B) is a collaborative process between post, the Department, and other agencies in Washington, DC. Please bring all relevant information to the Department’s attention as early as possible in the process.¨

      feel free, but I have looked in to it and it is snide piece of legislature.
      take 9 FAM 40.32 N3 for instance which comprises not only the generalization of INA 212(a)(3)(B), but also it’s sub section 9 FAM 40.32 PN5 for more detail:

      INA 212(a)(3)(B) generally identifies as grounds for inadmissibility “engaging in terrorist activities” and having certain links to “terrorist organizations.” The STANDARDS APPLY even if the relevant acts or associations preceded enactment of the law and REGARDLESS OF ANY LINK TO AN ACTUAL TERRORIST ATTACK. The section defines “terrorist activities” to include a broad range of violent acts (see INA 212(a)(3)(B)(iii)), while also making inadmissible representatives and members of groups engaging in listed activities; those endorsing, espousing, or promoting terrorism; those who have received military-type training from (…)

      and If you want to take this to the hilt, this legal suggestion by Glenn Beck
      reads like a blue print for The NDAA trap!

      So, let us see about the Saudis.

      • The Saudi story is factually dead in the water, but, it has a lot to do with ¨martial law¨ imposed in Boston and hence.
        due exactly to such legislation… and Glenn Beck is offering him self as a mouthpiece for this.

  18. that link you provided is stunning. I intuitively never believed they did bombing but now with you help definitively do not believe.

    That link is stunning. Unbelievable


  19. Were there not two more bombs discovered that day, who placed those ones?

    • That was the claim to begin with , then like everything else, they said none of the suspected other ones were.

  20. Whenever a tragedy happened in the US and suspects were muslims, you can see thousands of images/videos captured in all angles. well, probably a coincidence but still weird idk.

  21. Wonderful article! Some real journalism for a change!
    I only have one question - how can all this information reach the authorities and prove who’s guilty and who’s not? Because otherwise all of us, the entire world, is becoming a witness of an absolute execution in broad daylight of two men who have NOT been proven guilty and should therefore be considered ”innocent until proven guilty”.

    • Please do share the answer to this one. I struggle with this question constantly, it absolutely kills me to know how much evidence to the contrary of what we are being told exists, not to mention the time and thought people like Scott put into these investigations, and feel there is no actionable way to help. I struggled with it during Holmes case, and now once again. I don’t understand how not one single reporter asks real questions.

      Can you imagine being a 19 year old boy, who possibly did absolutely nothing, and dealing with this? If he was framed, what’s the point of interviewing him? They know he has nothing to tell.

      (I do think a friend saw him at noon on Thursday in his dorm, they talked for 20 minutes, then he drove his friend across campus, and said “he had some things to take care of”)

  22. Was the Saudi national the real bomber? After investigating the JFK Assassination quite a bit, it seems the CIA doesn’t necessarily do the dirty work itself. Perhaps Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was hired to do the deed (like the mob was for JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy, etc), and the two brothers were the patsies, like Lee Oswald. They all probably had the same handler.

    Glenn Beck released a bunch of info about the Saudi national today. He isn’t the most credible media personality, but he seems to have some solid sources.

    TheBlaze Exclusive: Congressional sources confirm Saudi national was to be deported for security related grounds

    • Kiwasabi, I have just commented on this if you care to check it out - see what you think.

    • You should just copy and paste your comment here, I have no idea which one is yours.

    • Glen Beckm is a member of a small group of people, like Alex Jones and Donald Trump, who are utterly (and intentionally) ridiculed by the general public. They all have made a huge effort to be comical while talking about legitimate conspiracies and pointing the finger in every direction, but very selectively. They are all operatives of the establishment, and their job is to take legitimate issues on, put their nama behind it, and by associacion, turn that issue in to shit!!!

      AJ hijacks legitimate causes and movements on a daily basis and sucks the air out of any intelligent and intellectual discussion… Trump used his ridiculousness and turned the birth certificate forgery issue in to a big joke in the people’s eyes… People thought Trump was soooo funny…. They laughed all the way home until the issue was buried….

      So, here comes Glenn, who is essentially just a college educated version of AJ and more appealing to a wealthier anti-guberment congregation… And BOOM!!! He challenges not the FBI, not Craft, whose uniform he was wearing, not Homeland security, but the White House directly, and with great fanfare, about our Saudi man….

      Does it remind you the letter to Obama that Charlie Sheen wrote with AJ? The one just before he went so damn publicly, and humiliatingly coocoo… ??? And set the 9/11 issue years back with the damage.

      If we forget that Glenn is a mockingbird, one might think that being on the “right”, he might be launching an attck against the president, and by association to the democrats… But that is not how this game works… They will not, and would not expose such a sordid reality (if indeed true) because each side is buried neck deep in similar shit… They do fight amongst themselves, but when it comes to public fights, the best they can do is sperm on a blue dress… and, that was to impeach a president who had more skeletons in his closet than Imelda Marcos had shoes.

      I am not smart enough to figure out how exactly they will do it, but, after all is said and done, you can rest assured that the Saudi man issue will turn in to shit, and will be poopscooped in to the dark hole of official history.

      I wish I knew more about government and White House procedures, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the most secretive investigation with exposure to only a few people is a presidential investigation, and our Glenn is being used to pass the ball straight to the White House, so that the White House can open an investigation in to the matter and turn the Saudi man issue in to a black hole that nothing can escape. You know, “I can’t comment on that due to an ongoing investigation” kinda thing for a good few years…. Well, at least past the midterms.

      I’d like to leave you with this thought: they are getting so daring, so in your face, so “wachugonnadoaboitit??” with their blatant lies and crookedness… And more and more people asking questions, or at least smelling something bad… Ultimately, their only way out of this is a war… I mean a BIG motherfuckin WAR!!! I think they have already decided, and they are marching on… These little bombs and false flags of early 21st century will seem so quaint one day…

    • I just remembered what I had said about Glenn Beck and the mysterious Saudi man that he was demanding to know about… So, I decided to go check where that whole thing ended up, since I did not really follow it….

      Well… To absolutely no surprise, the issue seems to have fizzled and died…

      In fact, the whole issue of Boston Bombing is nowhere to be found on his site past May1st… Or anywhere else in the media for that matter…

      We have moved on… I wonder when the next scheduled event is… Some claim there is a roughly 6 week cycle for psyops… Which puts it at the end of May…

  23. You are honestly a bunch of cretins. People have had their limbs blown off. Terrorists are responsible. People that don’t like America. Live with it fucktards, There was a bomb. people died. Horribly, and in agony. Instead of spending your days speculating and congratulating yourselves on your superior intellect for constructing a conspiracy theory, get yourselves down to the local hospital and give a couple of hours of your time helping out. You might just discover a higher purpose. I doubt it though.

    • “People have had their limbs blown off”

      Yes it was horrible that is why we want the truth.

    • wow. “fucktard”. what an original thought that is. Here’s a bit of info for you… We know it was a real bomb. we know people are injured and dead. we know “terrorists” did it, fucktard. OUR QUESTION is… stay with me now, I know this couple of sentences might strain your attention span a bit… our question is “which terrorists did it?” See how that works? Now, try to wrap your head around this one, fucktard… yes, there are people who don’t like America and what it stands for. That’s why they are currently destroying our constitutional protections, teaching you to hate “big guberment” so they can chop it up and privatize it for their profits while you, fuctard, pay through the nose for it. Oh don’t worry, you will come to understand this in a couple of years. I was just hoping that a few hundred thousand would come here and see it for what it is now and low and behold… that is exactly what happened. But of course, there is always the one or the two that are a little slow on the uptake. But that’s alright. You progress at your own speed, ok “fucktard”? Good. bye bye

      • Stop feeding the troll.

        • No no, unfortunately this is necessary.

        • bad day. could not help myself. 😦

          • so, Kiwasabi is right? But, there are really good comments floating around … no need to ¨feed the troll¨.

            • as a matter of policy? sure… he’s right. As a matter of pride and education? you’re right. as you can see from my other comment to him. The guy’s demeanor in the first comment, name calling and such, tends to make him not worth taking the time to answer, but there is something in his comment, made me want to chat a bit with him. The second comment, that’s a little different. One thing I don’t want is an echo chamber of bunches of people sitting around saying the same things to each other. If this guys has questions or presents a different viewpoint in a rational, non-insulting way, then I am more than happy to hear his criticism and discuss it with him. In fact, I like doing that. Makes me take another look at my conclusions and make sure I didn’t cherry pick evidence to support them. So, in that regard you are right. kinda both right. ah fuck it I don’t know. bad day.

      • I can not believe the ignorance of ANYONE thinking they are innocent! Conspiracy theorist! I do not understand the ignorance and blindness. The trying to twist the FACTS to force innocence where none is warranted! There are hundreds of perfectly CLEAR photos showing them leaving with out their bags. The FACT that they are on camera, in a gun fight with police. The car jack victim (Asian, not American) was told by the brothers that they did in fact commit the offence! They brandished a weapon at him and stated if he were American he would be dead. As for the different colors of the bags, one being lighter….Ash and sediment and the FACT that the inside of the bags, the linings are lighter.
        You need to get out of your parents basements and get a dose of reality. The reality is you got it WRONG!
        As for REAL journalism? BS. The cable (if you insist on speculating) obviously fell out of the paper bag laying next to the explosion site that obviously was dropped after (no damage).

        • ignorance is an absence of knowledge. If you don’t have firsthand knowledge then in fact you are just as ignorant as the folks you’re insulting. Just because you’ve chosen to place your faith in whatever sources you’ve relied on, does not give you the high ground of being right or knowing what really happened.

        • If they ever decide to give you a trail in the media, perhaps we should remember you are also presumed guilty..Sad how far most Americans have forgot the principles this country was founded on. An ignorant and free people are not long.

    • If you believe everything you have been told by the CIA,FBI etc, why the hell are you bothering to read this page??? If you have nothing better to do than call people names I suggest that you get down the the local hospital yourself.

  24. Bite.

  25. But ok - a conversation for another time about the political and ‘Gubermental’ issues. Just a thought, and call me a crazy mofo that a few hours giving blood, helping out at a local emergency ward, and doing something practical to help might be a bit of time better spent than analysing pictures of a charred bag. Just saying! Fucktard!

    • You don’t know me. You don’t have the slightest clue as to what I do or don’t do outside of this site. You are making assumptions based on your preconceived ideas about what “conspiracy theorists” are. You don’t know me. Do you understand that? As to what I am doing, there are SERIOUS problems with this story and if there are serious problems with this story, which even you have to admit, that means someone ELSE set those explosives and that someone ELSE may in fact plan to do it again… they might to it to someone I care about… someone any of us cares about. That’s why I and so many people do this. And let me tell you something else… you might think my time would be better spent candy striping, but you know who doesn’t think that? The… F… B…. I. That’s right. They asked people like me and all these others to “help them” this past Thursday, didn’t they? Or do you think they were lying? And if they were lying, why is it you think they asked for the help? Think about it for a second… so. I can’t and won’t make presumptions about who or what you are over and above these comments and I think maybe in the future if you wish to be more effective on threads like these, you might take a moment to reflect on that idea. What I can tell you is this: you know something is wrong with this story as well, don’t you? Deep down, you know it. Don’t want to admit it so you bash the conspiracy theorists. that’s ok. That’s also part of my service… think of it like … I don’t know… candy striping or helping out at the emergency room or something. You keep comin back. ask questions. get answers. name calling is for children. but you know, it’s all part of the service, right?

      • necessary.

        A good bad day Scott, gotta catch some shut eye.

      • You are an IDIOT! And obviously are only reading what other conspiracy theorist write. Try looking at all angles. Not just this one, not just the FBI, but the other people involved. The boy that took the pictures of the shoot out. Was he an FBI plant too? The FACT that he tried to kill himself. WHY RUN? He’s innocent right? He had no idea they were looking at him and his brother. They were innocent. There was detonation cord found in their home. They purchased hundreds of fire works. OHHHH the girl at the register at the store was an FBI plant too right?

        • “The FACT that he tried to kill himself” - right, being completely unarmed as we now know.

          • Yes…he looked un-armed as he was in a shootout with the policy that a CITIZEN (not your framers, the FBI and the government) witnessed and took many pictures of.

  26. I’m a little annoyed by people being buried, and waking up without limbs, and the pain on people’s faces, and the hard work of law enforcement who have suffered their own losses to keep the Country safe, and I think we could all do more immediate things to help, rather than view the perpetrators from different angles and debate whether they were walking or running from the scene, or which shoulder they were carrying their bag over. No doubt this site does a good job, and I never meant to attack you personally. That being said, so long as we speculate, and debate, and discuss, we aren’t practically helping. I believe in action, not words. I find some of your arguments pointless and nonsensical, but no doubt you will at some point come across something very valuable. At least I hope you do. You’re right, I don’t know you. Apologies for my anger. Peace out.

    • you take care of yourself. come back anytime.

      • CNN reported that tsarnaev said there was no terrorist organization and his brother was the mastermind and that “he learned from videos” Also interesting is a story coming up that asks whether all terror suspects should be treated like he was. And this is probably where the general definition of terrorist from the patriot act comes in

  27. I’m going to repost this now that the trolling distraction is finished. /cue next government troll in 3, 2, 1….

    Was the Saudi national the real bomber? After investigating the JFK Assassination quite a bit, it seems the CIA doesn’t necessarily do the dirty work itself. Perhaps Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was hired to do the deed (like the mob was for JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy, etc), and the two brothers were the patsies, like Lee Oswald. They all probably had the same handler.

    Glenn Beck released a bunch of info about the Saudi national today. He isn’t the most credible media personality, but he seems to have some solid sources.

    TheBlaze Exclusive: Congressional sources confirm Saudi national was to be deported for security related grounds

    • It is starting to occur to me, that the Saudi angle and story, has to do with interests the Israeli secret service might have.
      Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi seems to portray ¨loose¨ connections to an al-qaida group deposed against the House Of Saud.

      In which case the NDAA type ¨event file¨ that Beck cites in the ¨Blaze¨,
      makes perfect sense.
      Al-Harbi was then in fact deported according to the ¨event file¨ issued. And this was done according to the wishes of either or both, the House Of Saud and the Zionist State Of Israel.

      I will try to give more evidence of this as time permits, but if anybody knows more, please follow up or challenge this assertion.

      • To be clear, I believe Al-Harbi was not deported in to freedom, but merely out of sight.
        5 members of his clan are indefinitely detained in Gitmo already, but to draw attention to Al Harbi in this Country and at this time, would expose him as a fighter for more democracy in Saudi Arabia eventually - because that is what he is, it looks like to me.
        And so he had to be deported by the wishes of the Obama admin. the House of Saud and Israel.

        • Millions of people are being snookered into believing the ¨Saudi¨ is or is connected to the real culprit in the bombing.
          We see him smiling in every pic. and hear stories of him being visited by M.Obama in the Hospital.
          The right wing media was tasked with this story to produce an angle quickly and thoroughly specifically to make sure that latter investigations in to the ¨Saudi¨ would be drowned out.
          The Saudi has nothing to smile about (perhaps this is the reason why I think his pics may have been PS’d)
          He is being deported, framed by shoddy legislature, to rot in some secret prison somewhere.

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  29. Q&A after the arrest

    • If only the house to house search radius was bigger he says, lol…really.
      12 hours with militarty lock down and nothing, 12 sec after “ok to go outside rule is lifted” he is found….

      Makes me wonder why during the lock down they wouldn’t ask people to search their own homes and look out their own back yards etc. Why not enlist our eyes and ears rather than telling us to go inside shut the doors watch t.v……

      • Because they were mad dogs on the loose, come her to kill, kill, kill, never mind they let people go, it that really happened either.

  30. […] UPDATE April 22nd: Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent – a Photo Essay […]

  31. This was amazing, I am very happy I found it! I also believe they have both been framed, or atleast Dzhakhar has been. It seems almost impossible that a normal 19 year old could even begin to be apart of something this terrible and yet live a completely normal college lifestyle with no one suspecting a thing. I hope that once Dzhakhar gets well he will prove to us all his and his brothers innocents.

  32. Great job!!!
    I want to mention that the girl ( in pic #3 looking straight at the camera wearing the sunglasses) right when the 19 yr old passes by, didnt get hurt in the blast.
    She can be seen running away from the scene in pic #10 on the far right with her hands in her pockets and looking in the very same direction as the fleeing 19 year old suspect.
    Just an observation !?.

  33. […] UPDATE April 22nd: Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent – a Photo Essay […]

  34. I’m not trying to be mean but you had better take a closer look before crying he’s innocent or being set up, he’s not carrying a bag, he’s not holding a strap, he’s holding a can (soda) l can see that, look at the placement of his fingers also plus have you ever tried to run with a drink in hand, you hold your arm bent & up too keep from spilling it all over yourself…………….unbelievable, it’s so obvious too me that it’s a beverage, go grab a soda and try hurrying with it, he doesn’t look shocked by the event, he lingered long enough to make sure it went boom then ran a long……….HE’S NOT CARRYING A BAG ! Theirs questions that need answered but HE DOES NOT HAVE A BAG WITH HIM !!

    • What I thought it actually looked like when I seen it was some sort of clear bottle, but looking at it again, it looks more like a clear bag. Truthfully the photo isn’t good enough to tell what it is, or whether he has or had a backpack. The fact is though our FFs set up a system of justice with the presumption of innocence as they knew first hand how corrupt power becomes, and how the would try to persecute innocent people. That is why we have grand juries (which have pretty much been taken over by the prosecution) and petite juries.

    • Exactly!

  35. Great summary of the inconsistencies in the case as we know it. I also think that the after-photo suggests Dzhokhar may have had his backpack still on, because the colors on the hardly visible right shoulder have a similar light-dark-light color pattern as his backpack strap in other photos. On prior photos, he had been wearing it on the right shoulder, and even in this photo he seems to be leaning slightly to the right.:

    Besides, an exact same backpack was found in his apartment during search:

  36. I recall on Wed or Thurs of last week watching a female doctor being interviewed on CNN, she stated that the 23 patients being treated at the hospital cannot recall the hospitals name however she stated that none of the patients had suffered any shrapnel wounds other than debris thrown around from the area such as some small plastic and which caused a few minor wounds, but the doctor was clear there wasn’t one case from the 23 patients of any injuries from the reported nails or bb’s
    Does anyone recall seeing the interview? Now I can’t find it when I do a search on the internet

    Also as many have already brought up, where is the video footage of the two suspects planting the backpacks? And how many folks probably turned in photos and video footage to the Feds that will never be released

    • Interesting about the doctor saying that, as I earlier said elsewhere that there was no sight of all the shrapnel that we could see at the sites either in any of the photos.

  37. Does anyone have more info on where MIT officer Sean Collier was shot and killed?

    Something fishy about the Tsarnaev Uncle. The uncles tirade almost seemed scripted

  38. I have more for you. Go back the photo they are using to say Dzhokhar is “making a drop”. Look at the fence to the right of the little boy who died from the blast. See the lady in the shorts with her knee through the fence? She is wearing sunglasses. Now look again at the picture with everyone running away. Look in the road and you will see that same lady, unhurt in anyway. She is closer to Dzhokhar’s bag then the boy who died. If it was Dzhokhar’s bag, she should be dead or at the least, terribly injured.

  39. Massachusetts General Hospital spokeswoman Katie Marquedant

    My best recollection about the M G H spokewoman Katie Marquedant
    was very clear that none of the patients suffered any sharpnel wounds
    and the doctors found now BBS or nails imbeded in any patients at MGH
    the interview is missing when conducting a net search.

    Seems strange and another reason to question all the anomolies of the
    Boston Marathon bombing

  40. yes about that girl with sunglasses… as i stated earlier.. when shes running away. she looks pretty casual and she appears to be looking right at the suspect with white hat!

  41. i would like to know the time frame of white hat boy walking by the mailbox. and how many people in that picture were killed or injured?

    • Why wouldn’t these two try to wear disguises, why would they just wear hats and walk around, doesn’t seem very sneaky.

  42. and also the time frame of the beige bag that was definately in the bomb spot. And it is also noted that the blast blew the fence back towards the building not towards the street. indicating it wasnt his bomb that was detinated. Why wont feds give all the photos and video? They would have to provide them to the defense team anyway.

  43. you see the case was designed to be litigated as a military trial, but in the federal court he is a free man

  44. the person that you claim is the older brother holding the backpack after the bombing is an Asian guy. Also, the Asian guy’s shirt is black, not while like the older brother has on in the other pictures. Morons

  45. Quite convincing but not true, these losers did this together we all know this

  46. The thing that interests me the most is that they have these photos in the first place…as if someone is following them.

  47. How about the fact that he ADMITTED it?

    • yea he “admitted” it. I am sure they would have said if you dont admit it your family will die. For example, your father commit suicide *wink, wink because he was overcome by grief and your mother die afterwords.

  48. That gray bag was black INSIDE… you are looking at a bag that exploded- clearly the insides are on the outside…. look more closely and you’ll see the gray.

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  50. I haven’t read much comments so maybe someone already mentioned this. But in the high resolution picture, zoom in and you’ll see your man is clearly Asian standing beside an asian girl in pink. And in the other picture above it, he’s clearly white.

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  53. I see no confession in the court transcript. Why does everyone say there is one?


  54. […] via Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent – a Photo Essay | American Everyman. […]

  55. i noticed in the picture of “blown off legs guy” in the wheelchair that his shin bone seems to have grown longer as a result of the blast.
    Measured from the tip to the knee, it seemed about one and a half times as long as it should be.

  56. “bystander has recently given an interview claiming his life was saved by the mailbox” got a source on this anyone?

    • “bystander has recently given an interview claiming his life was saved by the mailbox” got a source on this anyone?”

      Yes, it’s from a CNN interview that you can read here:

      “Darrel Folkert of Redondo Beach, California, stood next to a mailbox near the finish line of the Boston Marathon to cheer on his wife as she completed the race.


      ‘He was standing right next to the mailbox when it exploded,’his wife, Jac Bost, told CNN in a phone interview.”

      However, of even more interest in the CNN article is the second paragraph:

      “Moments later he was suddenly thrown by a loud explosion that


      The photo accompanying the article does indeed show the tables and chairs of the restaurant behind in a huge state of disarray.
      The photo was obviously taken some time after the explosion as there is a white-suited forensic team there inspecting the area around the mailbox; also, all the casualties have been taken away.

      So now compare that picture with picture no 4 above, which shows how the restaurant looked just after the explosion when the injured were still on the scene.

      If it isn’t too clear you can go to this link that was given by another poster below:

      The tables and chairs on that photo are still NEATLY IN PLACE.
      And that is how they were STRAIGHT AFTER THE EXPLOSION.

      What happened between that picture being taken and the one taken by CNN?

      • IDK, but there sure doesn’t in any of the photos look like there was 180 wounded.

        • next picture is this:
          It is the first pic Hahatango took after the bomb went of. Basically if you click to its succession, you see the crowd quickly dissipating leaving only a core of casualties and perhaps their unscathed relations. A few onlookers are to the side and a bald cameraman is rushing to the scene…
          In this pic Hahatango seems to have been spotted once more by the lady in the far left background pointing her finger. There is a couple sitting on the shattered glass from the broken window, it is impossible to say from the succession of these pics when they moved there, but they do not seem to have been hit by the glass (this might be important later).
          The relations, if you click on through, stand there looking down on the casualties for what seems to be quite some time…the bald photographer meanwhile is not taking pics and seems to be helping instead
          This grouping of people is left alone for about the next 10 pics from Hahatango.

          next comment -

          • In this picture:
            We make out the first helpers trying to get to the casualties from streetside climbing over the fencing - among those few - the cowboy.
            On the street, we spot a few runners still trying to get to the finish line.
            The scene on the street seems to be in some disarray, perhaps because meantime the second bomb has gone of - there is a video out there, showing first responders close to this scene, running from here to there.
            Click to the next photo and find the cowboy putting on his hat now holding the flag. Despite there being a man dressed in yellow who should have climbed over by now, the Cowboy is the first ¨outsider¨ there.
            Further on in succession we see the man in yellow might have been stopped by police from entering the scene.
            Click another number of pics down the line and still nobody new except for the cowboy has managed to get to ground zero (the reason might be, that the cowboy has entered directly above ground zero and police are managing to keep people away coming in from the sides.

            next comment -

          • Boston Marathon Bombing
            Here, the police is finally rushing in.
            The next few pics show police and others pulling down the fencing.
            We all know this one:
            Here besides everything else, the cowboy has been asked to distance himself and is stumbling about in the crashed fencing. Medics arrive mainly from the north of the pic.
            3 or 4 pictures onward it looks like one other photographer (young, long beard), a man in red (perhaps able to identify himself as having extensive med. experience) are the only additions except people in uniform to the focus of the scene.
            the fence is gone the shock might be too, more people, mainly photographers, manage to push through.

            next comment -

          • DSC03166
            Here is perhaps where it gets a little strange, the cowboy is clearly let back to stand around in ground zero, while you see police turning away ¨intruders¨
            The next pictures in succession, have a lot of commotion and are good closeups, there are fireman in full gear, the lady with the (Baumann) wheelchair, military personnel and others entering here:
            The cowboy hat guy is perhaps helping here with Jeff Baumann - and that is awkward after having had him pulled of the scene earlier…

            next and final comment -

          • Here you see, the shattered glass, has debris on it.
            I will leave it to you, to look at the rest of the Hahatango pics, but I really do not see anything completely out of the ordinary judging by response and people on the scene (except for cowboyhat guy).
            There is a shielding of the scene once officials arrive, where it might look like they are making sure nobody has a good look at the ¨faked¨ scene, but I think that can be discounted.
            The shattered glass in my opinion fell towards the sidewalk because the casing of the bomb (whatever that was) hit the bottom frame of the window, managed to get it unhinged and then it fell forward - I have left above pic to show that still I might be wrong, because there is debris on the glass that should in that case perhaps be under it…
            However if I am right, the shattered glass having fallen that way would point to this being a real bomb (which I never doubted)

            PS these successive comments start below and continue 4 or 5 comments above this one.

      • concerning the other bomb, the first one, Christof Lehmann of nsnbc has stated in an article his firm belief, that the bombing was faked.
        He draws this conclusion among other more personal deductions to the pictures found on Flickr by uploader ¨Hahatango¨
        Hahatango, had a birds eye view close to the scene from either his office or living quarters.
        But first here is the nsnbc article, that has a broader subject at its core which besides should also be of interest:

        Curious why Lehmann was so sure, that the bomb(s) were faked, I looked intently at the photos provided by Hahatango.
        Hahatangos photos are certainly interesting, as he seemed to have clicked away at high speed.
        The first two photos that puzzled me, where these:
        Boston Marathon Bombing
        A great many int he crowd (some of them would later become suspect) seem to be looking up and straight in to the lens of Hahatangos camera - what was happening up there? Did Hahatango wave his arms trying to draw attention? There is one other instance like this much later, involving only one person.

        Follow up in next comment…

  57. […] 24, 2013 “Information Clearing House” -”American Everyman” - If you believe the official story of what happened on April 15th at the finish-line […]

  58. I read this whole convo and no one has commented on the fact that in the link suggested for us to read:
    ….it is located right below the pic with the box that says “Pants, shoes, hat all match…Tamerlan” there are a series of pictures, one of which is labeled “Suspect 1 Surrendering”…….this photograph shows a young-appearing man, supposedly Tamerlan, flat on the ground, hands extended….he’s surrounded by no one and is wearing dark jogging pants with stripes down the side…….explain what I’m missing here…….photographs we are being told are Tamerlan show him wearing khaki pants. Check this out and someone write about this here…..what did I miss?????

    • You missed about 5 days. The photo of him in tan pants was taken on the day of the bombing (Monday) and the pic of him on the ground in black track pants was taken on the night of the “shootout” (Friday).

  59. Jct: What a fascinating dilemma to have the frame-up of the patsy fall apart after committing themselves to so many false videos they’ve seen.

  60. This is definately one of the best examinations of the states own evidence and footage with none of the hysterical theories or personal bias. Good and concise, well thought out and easily verified because you use the very things the state says they used to come up with their working hypothesis. Others have made attempts but they fall short, even though their hearts and gut feelings are in the right place and correct, this however raises the bar for discussion. Well done.

  61. Reblogged this on flying cuttlefish picayune and commented:
    Last photo says it all … he ran away with his harmless backpack.
    Same script as 7-7.
    Same attention getting behavior in the mosque (older bro.) as Oswald in Mexico… creating a scene so people will remember time & place.

  62. I bet they have a photo of Mrs Oswald on a rooftop if they need it for Boston!

  63. LOL @ “What you see is a man CARRYING a bag while walking by.”

    You lack common sense buddy. Why on earth would anyone “carry” a bag this low through a crowd, doesn’t make any sense.

    The fact that they were seen with backpacks at exactly the spot of where the bombs went off and had explosives during their chase from the police adds more up than whatever you have posted on here.

  64. Look at the original photo where suspect 2 is running out of the frame. Ok now look at the fat gray haired man in the middle foreground with a plain Boston sweatshirt on. What expression is on his face? Look what he’s doing. He’s moving a street barrier? What?! Not a care in the world…

  65. “Had the bomb gone off where he was and where that image shows him CARRYING his pack, then the fence would have been blown into the street.”

    The fence WAS blown into the street:

    • That is an interesting photo. It doesn’t change my conclusion though. The images that I have provided shows the location of the bag slightly in front of the railing, but partly underneath it. Another photo I put us shows the detonation wave mainly going back onto the sidewalk as the one section of railing shows lying back on some of the victims, but it also shows some of the explosion was directed backwards, into the street. It’s very possible that the package was at least partially under the railing which was blown up and into the street as a result. It’s also possible that the railing got there by another means after the explosion, yet that would seem less likely considering the fact that it seems to have been taken immediately after the blast or at least pretty soon after it.

      I have always been concerned that I could not see where that section of the railing was. I am glad you found this image. One thing is for sure, had the bomb been as far back from the railing as the younger brother was when he walked by, the other section of railing would not be laying on top of victims back on the sidewalk. It too would have been in the street considering how far it was from the bomb location.

      I appreciate you finding this and posting it. It is an important find in identifying exactly where the bomb was located. thank you.

      • Good point about the railing right next to where this one was. We’ll likely never find out exactly where the true epicenter was. One thing I failed to mention is how important that one particular rung is completely detached at one end (of the railing in the street).. especially given its orientation. If you stood that railing back where it was, that particular rung is blown away from the street, although it’s entirely possible the railing could’ve been flipped.

        Man, I wish we could find a larger resolution version of this image!

      • Wow - A little more work paid off. I found three more good ones (all three are somewhat GRUESOME):

        • Any opinion anyone?

          • What is your opinion?
            Thanks for the pics, have not seen these yet - the dailyfreepress one might be showing one of those fake blood bags to the far right and just below the sidewalk…

  66. under the red box at the corner of boylston-fairfield, next to the wheel of the bicycle, is that the kaki pants of Tamerlan?

    • Would be hard to verify if true, right?
      But, for a while, the asian looking guy in the background was mistaken to be tamerlan - I might have just found this guys real Identity, and it connects him to the tsarnaevs anyhow.
      Look at the guy wearing the ¨UMASS 95¨ sweater in this facebook pic:

      • and this would be the girl seen on the right hand side tagging along with the asian looking guy.
        Notice the prominent chin?

        • correction: Right hand side of pic, left hand of asian

        • And here, on the left side, Dzhokar:

          Having these people in the background of the pic supplied by AE and the commenter above, would be more proof for the chechens innocence, not the opposite!
          please, this is completely new info and I think I am the first to notice, so help me out here, this would help to show that the Tsarnaevs knew little of what was going on, and brought their friends along, and that is why we hear rumors through Bloomberg, that these friends of Dzhokars were involved with a possible bombing plot in NY city!

      • There is this picture circulating on the internet where you can see Dzhokhar running on the corner of boylston-fairfieldstr., On that corner, two steps away from Dzhokhar, far left in the middle of the picture, UNDER the RED BOX and BEHIND the WHEEL of the BICYCLE… I think you can see the KAKI PANTS and BLACK BOXING SHOES with WHITE STRIPES of TAMERLAN! Check it out yourself, watch it on the picture I mentioned earlier in this message.

        Again, I’m aware of the guy walking in the middle of this pictures with ALMOST the same outfit, but the shoes and the sweater didn’t match, i’ve already noticed.

        Compare with this picture

          • Definitely a “3” on that hat, no doubt about it. Why does the hat have a “7” in the pic that the FBI claims is evidence of him dropping the pack?

            • if you look really, really closely, it is an 8 and you know what that means

              • no what does it mean?
                After looking at several versions, I guess there is no 7, it’s really the same 3.

            • besides, how the F did your reply to ¨mereth¨ get ahead of mine???

              • i replied to mereth’s reply to mereth’s post, since the reply had the link to the photo I saw. you only replied to mereth’s post.

                • Sorry, I am seeing trees.

                  So you think the photo is shopped?
                  I think the whole photo is staged in fact.
                  Just look at the quality of it, I respect the geometry- if your focused on Dzhokar you see the triangulation.
                  There is also a straight line visible.
                  An agent is watching a door, the door is unlatched.
                  Closest to us in the picture, a bulky old man is turning with his eyes and smiles, satisfied.
                  Tamerlane as the high point in the triangle, has cashed his check and turned in his clothes - see you, around schedule.
                  but, you know , it’s hard to tell.
                  The photo wants us to focus on Dzhokar, so it flushes its energy right past him and back - sound like the Kennedy bullet?
                  There is in essence a number of asians, that form a loose wall, straight through the background of the picture… I acknowledge that.
                  Once your attention is focused on Dzhokar and you are frantically involved in trying to figure out the brand on his hat, your eyes start to follow the triangle.
                  Meanwhile, if your not stuck, after having to go back to different versions of the picture and in turn and additionally now, having to figure out if the hat was in fact the hat you where looking for since you had possibly skipped all the hats with a different number showing up in your search because there are so many hats that are white, but it dawns on you then, that if you see a hat that is supposed to be THE hat, then why are you seeing two just very ¨slight¨ differences in it.
                  It is time to ask that question - right?
                  Meanwhile, the news, impatient, feels obliged to move along the triangle…


                  repost from mereth

                  I figured out that your reply was all in line, so this one is on me.

        • Read exactly what I written and check out the links - great, if you have found a hint of evidence connecting Tamerlane to the pants behind the red box, but I was pointing to the guy erroneously identified as Tamerlane and his perhaps real identity.

    • Not sure it is, but it did cross my mind that one of the hidden might be the brother.

  67. I’ve heard people say the “3” on his hat is an artifact but I can’t see it that way - clearly both curved parts of the “3” are visible, the middle and bottom - no way that’s a “7”; this is a different hat - same guy?

  68. good lord, this is the DUMBEST thing I’ve read in a while….

    You conspiracy wackos need to find something better do. Stop wasting the bandwidth with this garbage.

  69. Oswald was set up. Sirhan Sirhan was set up. James Earl Ray was set up. If you don’t believe this, then do the research! If you are too lazy or just don’t care enough to do the research, then SHUT THE F&*% UP and maybe you might learn something.The USG has set up so many people over the years and yet people STILL are unknowingly locked in a delusional reality concerning the USG. Oswald was silenced. Ray was silenced(in prison). And Sirhan continues to be silenced, even though he now declares his innocence.

    Justice is impossible without the truth, so all I can say is that the actions of USA law enforcement will NEVER lead to justice as long as these ridiculous coverups continue!

  70. I have two questions for the readers, eecialy for,those of you who seem to have spent considerable amount of time researching and puzzle solving:

    So far, we seem to have one interview with a single witness, coach from University of Mobile, who said there were repeated announcements that day, telling the public around the finish line not to be alarmed by the activity, and that there was a bomb drill in progress.

    Q1: has anyone come across any other witness account(s) of these announcements?

    Q2: considering the fact that there were tens of thousands of people in the area, a good number of which must have ceratainly heard the announcements even if they have not actually witnessed or noticed the drill itself… Do you not find it odd that more people have not come out to confirm (or deny) the coach’s story?

    • Q1 No
      Q2 No
      Lilaleo, are you still bothered by doubts that this could have been faked?
      On this same page I have left a lengthy comment today, divided in parts, to show, using pictures as backup why I think the Bomb(s) were real.
      Unfortunately the series starts below the follow ups which are above it and below each other.
      You find those comments somewhere close above the two vids posted scrolling up from here.
      drop a reply if that does nothing to relieve you of doubt.

      • The “fake” part has been more of a curiosity for me, and although I have raised questions about the behavior of these victims, I always added that there was really no need for that level of fakery in front of tens of thousands of people (and almost just as many cameras), and risk everything… Especially since I have found out, through a personal; connection from Boston, of real victims who have lost limbs.

        In short, the fakery factor is almost 100% irrelevant when it comes to whether or not this is a psyop, which, if true, would have required the participation of countless compartmentalized operatives, from many different agencies, groups, companies, etc.

        In that sense, the drill issue is a crucial question, which would have been necessary to put all the elements in place in a controlled manner… and has very little to do with fake/versus real…

        By the way, Brian, I have already devoured your recent comments, observations and analysis about the latest trove of hi-res flickr photos (and many of your older posts). I appreciate them. Thank you.

        • Thank you for showing interest in my comments, unfortunatly I was oft acting to quick in writting them, perhaps overwhelmed by all the info I had gathered and acting on time constraints that made me nervous and left the comments mostly fragmented and flawed.
          I have learned a lot in the last two weeks and that is the most important, after all I have to channel my doubt somehow - right?
          I have deep respect for the host of this blog, whose work I have followed for the last 3 or 4 years and I think there are lots of interesting commenters returning here as well.
          I am still not satisfied as to where this bombing might lead, the greatest concern I have, is on how many countries are potentialy involved either through set up, or actual involvement or just trying to cash in.
          The official story is whatever it is, at whatever time, no matter how true or false.
          The theorists only chance is by waking up the public to think for themselves, make them aware of the potential harm created by following blind and have them deny a monopoly on truth.

  71. I dont see his knapsack in his hand as fleeing, at all. That would be nice for him, if true. But it’s no clear in the photo. The government prosecutors and FBI have no reason to show us their evidence. We can debate it’s merits once it’s been presented at his trial.

    • and if there never is a trial? if he pleads guilty to avoid the death penalty or he finds away to kill himself or be killed while in custody, what then? We just assume we have not been lied to again? sorry, but these guys haven’t earned that kind of trust from me. how ’bout you?

    • There’s a pretty good video of the photoshopping of that picture. The arm was extended back and lifted. There appears to be a patch. There is also a video of the guy who says he happened to catch Dzhokhar in as he took a picture….The guy really seems like he’s talking from a script.

      If the photo was photoshopped then David Green, the guy who says he took the picture originally is working for an agency.

      David Green:


  72. If you notice the pic of him “dropping” the bag and all the other pics of him, look at the # on his hat on that and all the other ones.. I’ll let u decide

  73. I was watching this picture and then this big guy in blue windjacket came to my attention. My english isn’t very good, but I’ll give it a try anyway.
    I’ve marked the gents who looked kinda different than the rest of the crowd, I call them ‘men in the crowd”, they move somehow synchronized. all three with hand under chin while the big guy is doing something with his hands, one other guy with “possible suspicious” backpack stand in front of the four men. Next picture the big guy is watching in the camera and the three hand-to-chin men seem to look around for the other guy with the “possible suspicious” which suddenly disappeared… poof

    Don’t know if it means anything but the five men have some sort of x-factor if you’d ask me.

  74. oops, sorry for the double post…

  75. Maybe I’m just going by intuition but there is no photo of Dzhokhar in which he looks suspicious. He just looks like some high kid going to watch the marathon. I thought that the first time I saw him and I think it still. What if it was just the brother? Look at him, and his demeanor. It is so different.

  76. don’t know where my posts went, I thought I made a double post by mistake but they both disapeared.

  77. Don’t you think the guy in the blue windjacket (B.) has a backpack which resembles the one we were looking for? same goes for E. in the first picture

  78. Regarding the photo of Dzhokhar behind the two women and the 8 year old boy….with the object that people are saying is a backpack:

    I don’t see how that object is a backpack, but maybe it is just my eyes.

    More importantly, though, is that behind the two women next to the railing is another person…you can see their head a little bit. That person is between the two women who are standing next to the railing and Dzhokhar. So the object could not even be Dzhokhars.

    Also, Dzhokhar is smiling and so are some of the other people, including the black guy, etc….so something funny had taken place.

    This is absurd that people are using this picture as proof of the guilt of Dzhokhar.

  79. Day after day more evidences indicate what happened was just a staged.
    Yesterday i saw video in youtube : teacher was in the marathon and explain what happened to the class , and told him that FBI came to his home after and took his camera and deleted all the pics related with the marathon!

    • Did they have a warrant? And she let them? Why SOP should always be to back them off the camera, and get them out and in several locations.

  80. Well , i don’t know , but the good think is the teacher can recover some of the pics with some applications but i hope the old man will do it and share it with the world .

    This is the video :

    at 4:00 he start to talk about deleting his pics

  81. The bag left by the railing is clearly not the bag that Dzokhar was carrying in the video where he is shown following his brother, single file as they enter Boylston steet. This is absolutely clear. The bag by the railing is a black back pack with about 1 or 2% grayish trimming. The bag Dzokhar was carrying was 98 % light gray-white, with about 1 or 2 % black. Even making an allownce for camera angle and lighting variation, this back pack is still a black or dark colored one. Nearby and surrounding light colored objects appear as the color they are: tan, beige pants show up as same, the white and whitish-cream items, even the one to the right and slightly behind the back pack, the table leg type of image shows up as white - ish.

    I looked at this bag with a magnifying glass and from different angles,that enlarged its image somewhat, and realized it is on the ground and slightly leaning on what appears to be the girls leg.

    Unless they are other images of this bag by the railing showing it to be light-gray white, I am certain that this was not the bag that he was carrying .

  82. FBI Investigates Female DNA Found on Explosives Used in Boston Bombing

  83. CNN reported yesterday that not only was a restaurant on Boylston Street the “epicenter” of the attack . . .

    . . .And while many restaurants along Boylston Street were severely damaged by the explosions (Eater has a running list), one restaurant in particular stands out: the second bomb exploded on the patio of Forum, injuring guests and waitstaff as well as runners, and severely damaging the restaurant . . .

  84. The author missed one big point.. there are photos from the raid authorities did on the brothers’ apartment DAYS AFTER the bombing. In these photos you can clearly see Jahar’s bag. ..the bag he supposedly left at the scene. It PROVES that he took it home that day. Jahar is innocent.

  85. […] bag-packs: And here is image of what exploded: All other great evidence is in this link:…a-photo-essay/ I can't really debate this anymore. I think it is 100% clear, these boys are double agents as […]

  86. More conspiracy trolls with imagined “100% proof” of they’re own stupidity.

  87. That PCB which is supposidly part of the bomb uses surface mount components. Anyone with ANY soldering knowledge would be able to tell you that soldering surface mount components onto a PCB would be an absolute nightmare. Nobody would attempt this by hand they are ment to be soldered on by robots, doing it by hand would result in thermal damage to the components and would leave extremely unreliable electronics. Additionally surface mount components are sold in bulk, usually of 100-200 pcs minimum. In summary it would be an extremely expensive and unreliable way to acquire components.

  88. As for the blast starting close to the street and moving back, I think this is the cause, and explains what is being described here imo. btw, thanks for the great analysis here re: the younger kid, especially.

    especially when compared to a sample vid from military dot com…

  89. As I said earlier, though I don’t generally do Jack Blood much.
    “CARA (newest advance in Facial Recognition Tech) Sees ALL, Knows All, In Real time”

  90. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m
    not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

  91. There is something really wrong with America. It is SO obvious that these poor kids had nothing to do with this GOVERNMENT/PENTAGON RUN FALSE FLAG TERROR EVENT. I put it in capitals for the shills/morons so they won’t have to guess at what my conclusions are based upon the mountain of evidence that SUPPORTS MY OBSERVATIONS.

    1. TERROR DRILL of a bombing running parallel to the actual bombing. very well documented in the Boston Globe’s tweets (and for the morons/shills) some of us have noticed this also happened during 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook and Oslo, and for these to be coincidences is beyond impossible.

    2. THE BACKPACKS OF THE BROTHERS DON’T MATCH THE EXPLODED BACKPACK. Exact match? Only the ones worn by the CRAFT MERCENARIES (or “national Guardsmen” whatever their bullshit cover story is) and their cover story IS BULLSHIT because no gov’t agency will PUBLICLY ADMIT THEY HIRED THEM TO POLICE THE MARATHON.

    3. The older Tsarnaev was OBVIOUSLY taken into custody ALIVE, and KILLED.

    4. The Tsarnaev’s friend TODASHEV was ASSASSINATED by the FBI while they were “questioning” him in his own house. HE WAS UNARMED. 5 bullets to the body, one bullet to the head = ASSASSINATION.

    I for one sincerely hope that this kid has a good enough lawyer who won’t cave in to the pressure (probably more like BLACKMAIL) the government will exert upon them to LAY DOWN so they can find this poor kid guilty to further their rotten police state NAZI agenda. I hope this kid will have enough supporters that see the evidence does not match the crime, and more to the point, POINTS TO ANOTHER FALSE FLAG PERPETRATED BY THE PENTAGON.

    I hope this is the time they will finally be seen by ALL for the EVIL they have perpetrated upon America. GOD WILLING LET IT BE SO.

    • Is it even ‘the kid’ that’s in court….it’s doubtful….his friends say it’s not.
      For the public, hard to know, with cameras & phones prohibited in the court. How come??? We were shown the “crazy red-haired kid” from Aurora over & over….

      • Phones are not prohibited in court. Media was constantly live tweeting from the trial. Cameras are not allowed in federal court, that’s how it’s always been, not just with this case.

  92. Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess
    I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly
    enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any helpful hints for rookie blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.

  93. is anybody updated on the case?

  94. I forgot that innocent people bang it out in the streets with weapons and more pressure cooker bombs and then after one’s brother is killed they drive over them and hide in a boat… All because they are interested, right? Lest not forget these innocent people killed a cop as well. Honestly, your a true American embarassment.

  95. Your silly sarcasm is wasted here, Mark… Go try it on Huffington post.

    • Don’t you know, not only has the laws of physics changed, but it is also reverted back to guilty before proving innocent? Oh, and these days also there is no way to prove innocent, at least in a court of “law” or public opinion shaped by a corrupt bought and paid for mouth pieces, err, MSM and such of the PTB.


    So does this put it to bed or do conspiracy theorists have a lame explanation for that as well?

  97. Now that he has admitted doing the bombing, blaming his brother for leading him down the wrong path, I guess you guys feel like real idiots, but wait, tsarnaevs is part of the conspiracy too. He must have only admitted to the bombing to make you look stupid. Op success it appears.

    • when did he confess? the “confession” related by the hijacking victim or the “confession” scribbled on the side of the boat that wasn’t found for a week or so after the CIT’s left the scene having not found it? Or maybe you’re talking about his lawyer who confessed for him in spite of the fact that his plea still reads “not guilty”. Which of those credible “confessions” suits your unquestioning and obviously limited imagination the best? You need to be more specific in your trolling.

    • Please try really hard for a couple of minutes to imagine the obviously unimaginable scenario where some commotion happens during a sporting event that you happened to be near, then a bunch of armored police are running around and then suddenly chasing you, your brother is promptly shot to death and you are shot at, so you run, you hide in a boat, you are shot at some more and injured, hauled away, and informed of your “confession” that mysteriously showed up a week later in the boat you hid in. After a media carnival, you are judged guilty in the court (of public media consumption). Oh wait, nevermind. None of this matters. You don’t matter. You’re not a real person. You’re just a topic for dumbasses to feel like idiots about because they may or may not have been “wrong” about something.

      I think the concern amongst some folks is that the accused may actually not be guilty, in which case two crimes will be committed: 1.) The actual “bombing” incident, and 2.) The murder of one “suspect” and the concocted guilt and conviction of another suspect.

      Perhaps there are people who actually care whether these people committed the alleged crime, who actually committed said crime, and are slightly less concerned about who’s right and who’s wrong on the internet.

      Just suggesting …

  98. Holy smokes Loman, you’re like the Black Knight in Monty Pythons. Don’t know when you’re beat. Just give it up. Your blog is garbage just like the moronic jack asses that went to defend this guy cause he was “cute” or for any other asinine reason. I can’t believe I even posted to this, I am now part of the problem of giving in at reading absolute trash. Go write for the Enquirer, you won’t be perceived as an idiot. Everyone will think you are just doing your job.

    • holy crap. thank you very much. I love the Black Knight. He was awesome.

      “I cut your leg off”

      “did not”

      “did so”

      “tis only a flesh wound”

      that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in years. I’m tearing up over here.

    • I’d tell you to use your brain and consider whether or not police officers are stupid enough to take a week to “discover” a giant confession scrawled on the side of the boat where their prime fugitive was hiding, but I’d guess that’s pointless, because you already know that’s ridiculous and you’re simply doing your job, as tiresome and meaningless as it most likely is. I’d urge you to find a better outlet for any creative talents you may have. The world needs good people. Now more than ever. Be one of the shits if you really feel it’s the only way you can survive, but if you DO have half a brain, try applying your creativity to something positive.

  99. Oops.

  100. INTERESTING!! I jus have a question! Why were they trying to escape?? I mean if they didn’t do anything whydid they run away?

    • I’m not sure they were. Remember, the “hijacking” looks like it was staged. The younger brother gets out of the front passenger door at the gas station, then so did the “victim”. How does that work? He crawled over from the driver’s side or up front from the back seat? Why? It had four doors. No one would do that.

      I wrote a while ago about the fake “shoot out” scene and how it looked to be staged. The one in the street, not in the back yard which looked to me then like they were just all shooting at a boat, then the scene cuts to him sitting on the side of it. I was not the only one who said the street shootout scene looked staged. There were many others.

      After the bombing for a day or so, the younger brother was back in school, carrying on with his life like everyone else in Boston was. Then they were announced as the suspects.

      Who’s to say they didn’t go down to the police and turn themselves in to say they didn’t do it and that everything that followed was simply a set-up… kinda like this other cop planting his taser next to Mr. Scott (if that happened)?

      • The guy from Craft International with the seemingly identical backpack to the one with the bomb in it that everyone circulates doesn’t appear to be the perp. I came across this photo that shows one of the main pieces of evidence people use to exonerate the Tsarnaev brothers was taken after the explosion. Still, their backpacks don’t seem to match. Clearly the guy from Craft International’s backpack looks the most like the exploded backpack. So maybe it was another employee from Craft International or maybe he got another backpack. The latter theory seems unlikely as the guy seems pretty calm after the explosion — not like he had been rushing to cover his tracks. Also, it would be easier to just have someone else do it. Who knows what really happened. Certainly a highly suspicious event, no doubt.

        • I don’t know if it was the guy from Craft or the two women who put something right there next to the mailbox where the explosion seems to have gone off. I don’t know who did it, but I know one thing, those two brothers didn’t. I know that much.

          • I agree that there are enough anomalies, shall we say, that if a lawyer brought them up, there would be enough reasonable doubt to get Dzhokhar off.

            By the way, anti-AIPAC conference is streaming live right now.

    • Being afraid of someone with a gun chasing you is not proof of a crime.

  101. Well if all of this is true, then to me it seems extremely racists, because they looked for the most Muslim looking people there witch just ao happens to be them. They just wanted someone to blame.

  102. I’m assuming you don’t live in Boston, correct? Therefore, it is more than likely that you have not attended the trial. Lucky for you, I live in Boston and know plenty of people who have! They have loads of evidence they have not released to the public- photographs, numerous videos, some disturbing Jihad music audio. Among this evidence are high resolution photos of the younger brother dropping the bag by little Martin (the prosecution’s last bit of their closing argument actually), a note from the younger brother saying he’s jealous his older brother arrived at heaven sooner, and even a video of young Martin’s passing when the bomb went off next to him. I see your want to question, but a lot of this is unfounded and pure speculation.

    • Your living in Boston does not change whether this guy is guilty or innocent, and the fact that you “know many people who have” attended the trial suggests that you did not either. One does not need to live in Boston to know people who attended the trial (just to get that out of the way). That said, I guess there’s nothing useful to add.

  103. this is absolutely reprehensible,whoeber started this I hope someone catches u and slits your throat ,so u can never type this garbage again,the bombing was real,those two dirtbags were and still are the two the commited the crimes,bombing,shooting the m.i.t.cop and the 711 robbery.The evidence is overwhelming,and didn’t his lawyers admit they him and his brother carried this out??yes they did and claimed dzokhar was a little pussy who followed his brother and di what he was told,which that wasn’t true,he ran his own brother over …class act..and the whined my brother was lucky to die before I did….in his writing with his blood in the boat…you morons and your conspiracies should be tried for treason ,killed and buried with these animals..

    • Jackie, are you real? Did you intentionally mistype everything? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You are a wonderful fascist. Heil Jackie! Heil Jackie! Heil Jackie!

      It’s good that you think that anyone who questions what is written be put to death. Wait … written by whom? Whoever writes anything that contradicts what is written by, wait … how do you know when someone is supposed to be killed for wanting to know the truth about something? Hmmm … better ask who has the most money. Yeah, that will work. Maybe they’ll give you a crumb if you’re lucky. Good work Jackie!

  104. sorry for the mistype,i was on my phone and it has a a small keyboard so I apologize,i unlike u who probably lives over 3,000 miles away from boston,grew up with 5 of the bombing victims,and seen first hand the carnage .Thos wasn’t a staged,fake or scheme put together by the government.Lets go over the evidence..backpack..bought at target in Saugus mass,by tamelin..they found the receipt in his wallet,the gun,used to kill mit cop shawn collier,dzokhar borrowed”the burner’from his college friend,who repeaditly asked dzokhar for it back.never gave it back and used it to kill sean collier,videotape evidence of these two scumbags commiting every crime they were accused of is out there,like the video of the Chinese kid running for his life and taamerlin and dzokhar chasing him,as well as robbing the 711, Iif you spent as much time questioning the narathon bombing that is fake setup or taged like thisguy who started this page,youd actually se he is guilty,he even admitted to the bombing,and don’t give me “his lawyers had to do it”cause all u detectives and wanna be lawyers should have been his defense ,cause all your conspiracy theories would have been shot down in seconds by videotape evidence dna and suspects admitting to facts….go fuck yourselves you vile scum

    • did I say the bombing was faked? is that what I wrote. because, I wrote it and I don’t see that anywhere up there. In fact, I never said the bombing was faked. I said it was staged by a group of folks who were not those two brothers. that’s what I said and wrote repeatedly.

      let’s see how many things you can get wrong aside from that…

      a “burner” is not a gun, it’s a cell phone not traceable back to you. just so you know.

      “taamerlin and dzokhar” did not chase the “Chinese kid” when he jumped out of the car. They were seen leaving the 7/11, which, by the way, they did not rob as you said previously.

      he did not admit to the bombing, he pled guilty. his piece of crap lawyer who has made a career “defending” high profile suspects right into prison, said he did it in her opening statement. That’s not him. that’s her. he pled not guilty.

      You keep talking about the video showing that young man planting the bomb, yet, to my knowledge, you have yet to link us to it. Please, be my guest and do so because otherwise, you’re just making shit up. That video does not exist.

      And lastly Jackie, who’s really the “vile scum” here?

      “whoeber started this I hope someone catches u and slits your throat”

      “dzokhar was a little pussy”

      “those two dirtbags”

      “you morons and your conspiracies should be tried for treason ,killed and buried with these animals..”

      “go fuck yourselves”

      hmmm. I wonder who the vile scum really is. Do you think it’s hard for others reading this figure that one out, Jackie?

    • Nope. After that diatribe, I am convinced that you are not real and that you are, indeed, intentionally mistyping everything. Good job Jack. You’re still a fantastic patriotic fascist. I have an extremely strong impression that you are neither a woman named Jackie nor tat you believe a word of your own bullshit.

  105. You have absolutely no fucking idea what you are talking about! I am friends with Jeff him and I grew up together and know for a fact he was not a trained witness. Its people like you that we’re saying they had proof that the photos of him being taken away in the wheelchair were fake and that he had lost his legs years back as if they knew him meanwhile I have a friend fighting for his life and who had to live the rest of his life without legs and by the way that is the same bag it’s just inside out they tend not to look 100% the same when a bomb goes off inside! The people that were hurt or killed that day and also there friends and family have been through enough and don’t need you making up bullshit just to get people interested in your article!

    • AJ….

      Are you able to back your claim of friendship with Jeff in any shape or form. Perhaps you have a photo of him from anytime in 2012 that shows his legs? You can so easily put an end to this conspiracy theory if you did… It’d be so great and relieving to know that justice has been served in the tsarnaev trial… And would certainly shut many people up for good. Be a pal and remove the dark clouds of suspicion hanging over your friend’s head.

  106. “If there is any lingering doubt, I did it, along with my brother,” Tsarnaev said, choking up as he spoke. “I am sorry for the lives I have taken, for the suffering I have caused you, and for the damage I have done, the irreparable damage.” End of story

  107. Wow is this what you really believe!!! Then why did he admit to it and shoot a cop for no reason??! I hope your not still writing pieces this is horrible and what pics are u seeing ?? Your wrong what a waste of an article!!

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