Vegas Judge Rules LVMPD MUST Release All Videos from Night of Event

Judge Scotti ruled they had to release all body-cam and security videos from night of Las Vegas shooting plus some documents that have been illegally withheld by LVMPD. Also, it’s now pretty obvious that Stephen Paddock was an arms dealer.

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Judge: Las Vegas Police Must Release Mass Shooting Records

Judge: 1 October police evidence, body cam footage must be released

FBI Knew Las Vegas Mass Shooter Kept Gun Stashes, Records Show

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4 Responses

  1. The hotel room as a showroom for guns sounds like the most plausible fit for all this.

    Then it doesn’t make sense that he breaks out the windows and starts firing on the crowd while huffing some substance from this ridiculous blue hose….I’m just sayin’… maybe he was really pissed that a big sale didn’t go thru… 😀

    Perhaps the hose and all the tools were just plants to put in people’s mind that this Paddock guy was really busy….doing stuff… including shooting all those people…

  2. Scott have you seen the latest cam video that is being offered to the media?

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