Mike Rivero’s Apocalyptic Fear Mongering Continues

by Scott Creighton

Remember back during the Gulf Spill crisis and each and every day Mike Rivero at What Really Happened had some new horrific prediction about how another valve was going to blow out or poison gas leaking from the blown well-head blowing on shore in Florida killing everything that moves? He ended up, before it was all over, going on and on about the oil cavity under the Gulf of Mexico collapsing and the mighty tidal wave of 80 feet or more wiping us poor Floridians off the map like so many fire ants on my front stoop last week. He had my poor 70 year old mother so terrified of being drowned like a rat she wanted to pack up and flee for destinations unknown.

Never happened. Not “what really happened” but “what never happened”.

As bad as the truth about the BP oil spill was and IS… Mike seemed quite happy to make it seem worst than it was or could ever have been.

Mike also has a policy on his “radio show” of cutting people off who happen to talk about “what really happened” at the Pentagon.

It appears Mike’s opinion is that “what really happened” is exactly what the Pentagon says happened and if you even hint at anything else, he’ll hang up on you.

Because,it seems, “what really happened’ can’t stand up to open debate, apparently. Which, oddly, is the same position that Shyam Sunder of NIST takes.

Well, Mike is at it again.

In spite of the plethora of good news trickling out of Japan regarding their nuclear power plant, old Doomsday Mike is literally spouting more end-times prognostications about “Burn Throughs” in Japan. In one frame of his video on the front page of his website today, Mike has the words “Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan” in bold bold white superimposed over a Geiger counter. Then a quick flash of what, I guess, is supposed to be a burning Japanese skyline. It’s comical actually.

Think I’m bullshitting you? Here’s a screenshot of what Mike Rivero produced and is putting up on his site today…

Is this What Really Happened?

I wrote an article a couple days ago proving that the MSM was working as hard as they could to make the situation seem worse than it actually was. I showed how they were using upper end range readings, assigning false threat levels to them, and ignoring 99% of the very low readings around the plant… all so that they could make the situation seem like a major “crisis”, distract you from everything else going on, and find a way to justify asking congress for some cash to offset GE’s 12 billion dollars in losses when they come back from their break.

In that article I showed a collection of MSM headlines screaming that the situation in Japan was getting worse and all the while, the information they were quoting was saying it was actually getting better. Fox News, Huffington Post, CNN, MSNBC… all the usual players were pushing the fear mongering just yesterday… just like Mike Rivero was and IS doing today. Funny how that works ain’t it? Mike’s video claims that American MSM is playing down the crisis. What do you think? These are from the other day and today they are focusing on some irradiated spinach.

Mike’s video claims that foreign media is claiming it’s an “apocalypse”. Well, I found a few that actually are reporting what the IAEA is reporting, that things are getting considerably better at the nuclear plant. The following is from the Australian

Radiation levels at the crippled plant 250km northeast of Tokyo had been falling since Saturday, the operators, Tokyo Electric Power Co, said, as efforts redoubled to connect power to all six reactors’ cooling systems.

TEPCO hoped all the reactors would have continuously powered cooling capability by late today, the biggest step forward since the coastal power plant was immobilised by the earthquake then swept by a 7m tsunami wave.

In all cases, however, the contamination was too insignificant to affect human health, the Ministry of Science and Technology said.

… The Nikkei news website reported yesterday that at least seven emergency workers had suffered radioactivity exposure of more than 100 millisieverts, about seven times the dosage from a stomach X-ray. The maximum annual exposure allowable for TEPCO nuclear plant workers is 250 millisieverts.

Cables were connected to the No 1 and No 2 reactors on Saturday and technicians were testing yesterday before activating them.

Temperatures in the spent fuel rod pools at No 5 and No 6 reactor buildings had been brought back to normal levels and firemen doused the No 4 reactor — the condition of which caused a panic in Washington on Thursday.

TEPCO was hoping technicians would be able to return to the central control room later yesterday.” The Austrailian

What part of that news article justifies Rivero’s claims in his video?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that pressure inside the # 3 reactor is returning to normal and doesn’t need venting as of yesterday and that by today they expect to have the #1 and #2 cooling systems back online. They actually show a photo of REAL TIME ACTION in Japan… aka REAL NEWS… or WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING over there.

Tell me if this is anything like what Mike shows us in his video.

Well hell, that looks more realistic than Mike's burning Japan image. What IS really happening here?

What does the IAEA say about the situation? You know, the guys who were trying to tell us that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and that Iran wasn’t building nuclear bombs?  They have a slightly different spin than Mike does.

“‘I think as the days go by, and as we see now electricity being connected to those (reactor) units, the efforts with the water, that that risk is reducing day by day,’ senior technical officer Graham Andrew reporters.

He specifically mentioned the ongoing injection of seawater into the tsunami-stricken reactors to keep them from overheating.

‘So things are going in the right direction,’ Andrew said.” Monsters and Critics

So, there is the dilemma; who to believe.

Do you believe the guy who terrified you with dire predictions of 80 foot tidal waves who won’t even allow discussion of anything other than the Cheney’s version of “what really happened” at the Pentagon, or do you want to believe the IAEA and actual photos of what is happening at the nuclear facility right now?

Do you believe rational researched discourse, or elaborately cheezy apocalyptic photo-shopped images of a burning Tokyo skyline?

I like Mike Rivero, don’t get me wrong. We need more sites like his and his radio show.

But it seems that Mike has come to the conclusion that dire predictions generate more page views for his website and listeners on his show.

I know the economy is bad and you do what you have to do to keep that roof over your head. But in my opinion, taking the Alex Jones route to financial stability is just a bit below the standard Mike has tried to set.

It’s either that or he just doesn’t do enough research to verify what he thinks is “really happening” in his own head.

Judging from this latest video and a review of his Pentagon research, my guess is, like AJ, it’s a little bit of both.

The reactor situation in Japan is getting better folks. That’s a fact.

The cloud of death is NOT on it’s way. That’s also a fact.

You don’t have to buy shit from advertisers on Mike’s show or AJ’s website to save yourself and your family… just yet.

Why not focus on Michigan or Wisconsin or Libya or Bahrain or the myriad of other problems we are facing as the neoliberals change this nation into Russia under Yeltsin or Chile under Pinochet?

While you’re at it, send Mike a few bucks to help him out if you can afford it. Maybe once he gets past this current fiscal emergency we can get back to discussing what really happened over at WRH. I look forward to that.

20 Responses

  1. You know who else is pimping the idea that death is imminent? Alex Jones, of course. He was even selling potassium iodine on his website for 40 dollars a vial.

  2. no, really? he was actually selling the potassium iodine on his site? I’m not surprised. in fact, I wouldn’t expect anything else to be honest. Thanks for the info.

  3. I notice the other day on Mike’s show he seems to have a contract with Extend-O-Byte or some shit. isn’t that a penis enlargement drug? that’ll help when the death cloud gets here. your family can hide under your big penis.

  4. Good points!

    However the Gulf is a problem and running from it is no solution.

  5. DEAR FRIENDS !! It is not time to blame Michael Rivero or other socialists, but time for a scientific plan, and for action in USA. Because for revolutionary change to take place in the United States, three conditions need to be in place:

    1- The broad masses of people - workers, the oppressed nationalities and others who are held down by the monopoly capitalists - need to arrive at the conclusion that they are unable to live in the old way, and need to be willing to fight to bring the old order to an end.

    2- The ruling class needs to be in real crisis, where it is divided against itself and unable to continue with business as usual.

    3- And, finally, there needs to be a strong revolutionary organization, a new Socialist Workers Party that is capable of navigating complex political situations and that can lead the fight to establish working class political power.

    In the U.S. today, none of these conditions exist. In my view, it is the central task of revolutionaries to create a new workers party - a political party that is serious about revolution in this country.

    Such a party cannot be proclaimed or declared into being. It will be the product of bringing together or fusing Marxism with the workers movement. In a practical sense this means that a substantial section of the activists, organizers, and leaders need to take up the science of revolution, Marxism-Leninism, in order to build a workers party, that is in fact the advanced and organized detachment of the multi-national working class. This process will be the result of an organized effort, and it cannot come about spontaneously.

    Building a new revolutionary party is a long-term project that requires perseverance and determination. It is not something that can be done in isolation from the people’s struggle and movements. The party building work should be placed in the context of our three objectives: To win all that can be won while weakening our enemies; Raise the general level of consciousness, struggle, and organization in our immediate battles; and Win the advanced to Marxism-Leninism, thus building revolutionary organization.

    The tasks of revolutionaries in relationship to building revolutionary organization change based on the development of the objective situation. Right now there are very few Marxists in the U.S. While the job of uniting them is an important one, this is not key to party building. Finding new socialists in the course of the struggle is the thing to do.

    It is possible that an upsurge of the national movements will lead to the creation of Marxist organizations based among a specific nationality, as happened in the late 60’s and early 70’s. If this takes place again, it would mean prioritizing the principled unity of leftist organizations. Likewise if polarization in society due to the decline of U.S imperialism, or radicalization of a section of one or more social movements creates a layer of activists who are revolutionary minded, this in turn will affect the content of party building efforts.

    Expanding the scale and scope of revolutionary organization with the long term goal of building a new socialist workers party is closely linked with the construction of a united front against monopoly capitalism. The organizational capacity and political understanding a Marxist party provides is the vehicle for working class leadership, and the scaffolding for the united front against monopoly capitalism.


  6. TENNESSEE,,,,,,,,,,,i been sittin here for ten min’s trying ti decide the appropriate response to your
    comminist manifesto rhetoric.

    No, i just don’t know what to say to you (nead rolling back n forth)

  7. I write this 3 month after this was posted.
    He was right. The government lied. The 3 reactors did meltdown in the first week like Alex and Mike were reporting.

  8. bullshit. they got the government to amend their story so that the “crisis” is worse than it is. Now watch them move in with all their plans. If three reactors had melted down, thousands would be dead already. don’t be daft.

  9. The basic reality of Fukushima has nothing to do with Alex or Mike.

    I think you are mistaken here, Scott. I have a pretty good technical background, and I have read all that I could get hold of on this disaster. It is 90% likely that at least three reactors have “melted down” (first crumbled when the overheated Zirconium alloy support tubing sucked the oxygen out of water, then melted at the bottom of the pressure vessels). Worse yet, the rods in the fuel-packed “spent” fuel pool went critical when the boric acid containing water in them was replaced with non-borated water. They need non-borated water to chain-react, since they need “slow” (moderated) neutrons, not fast neutrons, in order to do so. Water is a very good moderator, but boron is a neutron absorber, so when the neutron-absorbing borated water was flushed out by the non-borated water, the neutron flux went way up and there was water present to moderate the neutrons. A very weak nuclear detonation resulted in at least one of the pools. The melted fuel on the floors of several reactors is unmoderated, so while it is very hot, it will not chain-react. Reactor #4 is leaning and may fall over.

    More evidence:

    Fukushima Radiation DNA Mutation Now In China : China Rabbit Births Earless Bunnies:

    (I have suggested in emails that powdered tungsten dioxide should be injected by radiation-hardened machinery into the melted fuel to simply dilute it, and thereby cool it down, hopefully enough to make it solidify.)

  10. The recent fear-mongering about the Fukushima was entirely foreseeable, and mentioned by me a while ago.

    Taking the lead is a man by the name of Arnold Gunderson who basically runs a company which testifies in hearings and then helps to decommission nuclear power plants. In fact, Gunderson was the first to make the ridiculous claim that Fukushima was worse than Chernobyl and now he is quite happy to run around trying to bolster his credibility with the new TEPCO info.


    Here is a comment Arnold made recently on the propaganda outlet al Jazeera;

    “Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind,” Arnold Gundersen


    Really? Really?

    How about Bhopal?


    In Chernobyl, 31 people, workers at the reactor, had died 2 months after the incident, no workers from Fukushima have died so far as I know (how many are even hospitalized from radiation poisoning?)


    In the Nigerian village of Otuegwe 100 people burned to death when an oil pipeline burst, the resulting ecological nightmare was catastrophic.


    And that is to say nothing of the Gulf oil spill which killed 11 men and put many others out of work and destroyed the habitats of millions of animals and birds.

    Gunderson and many others are making this out to be worse than it is because they want US TAX PAYER MONEY to decommission many older GE cooling towers and reactors. Gunderson will get PAID to help with the design and GE will get bunches of tax payer dollars to pay for it.

    the worse the “crisis” is, the quicker they can get money during this Great Recession to refit GE’s plants. And frankly that is probably why they are pushing this so hard now; they want that money before the bottom completely drops out of the economy. That’s how the marriage of the corporation and the state works.

  11. wow. A liter of bunnys born with no ears. Well that proves it.

    Oh wait, there was Vincent. He was featured in a 2008 story by the Guardian and he was a bunny born with no ears as well. I would post a link but apparently someone put a virus on that site (XP Antivirus virus) so anyone who dares to look at bunnys with no ears from 3 years ago gets their computer attacked.

    go figure

    Perhaps the “melt down” was so bad it created a tear in the time/space continuum and it took Vincent’s tail retroactively.

    I personally have a set of outdoor kittys with no tails. They look like bunny when they run.

    I guess I could make a lot of money showing videos of them and claiming that the “meltdown” in Japan caused them.

    The point is, it’s kind of a stretch having to justify such grandiose claims with a box of ear less bunnys. Genetic mutations happen all the time, or have you not heard of evolution?

  12. Earless Chinese bunnies are no joke. Wait till your house is surrounded by millions of them! And then there will be two-headed Chinese people. One head could be a doctor and the other a rocket scientist. How are we going to compete with that, Mr. Smartypants?

  13. I already have two heads, and neither one of them does me any good

  14. Well, I have three, so there Mr Smartypants!

  15. I should have kept quiet about this. Now the other two heads will gang up on me when they wake up. Dammit!

  16. Mr. Smartypants says “ha ha”

  17. Rivero’s a far-right, Holocaust denying, anti-semitic liar. He’s a joke.

    • He is not far right. He always critizes people on the right. You should have heard him when bush was president. And he isn’t that the somatic he’s anti-Zionist. Your facts straight

  18. I found this atrticle over 3 years after this blog posting. Hey scott! It doesnt take a stooge living in Hawaii to realize the horror of Fukishima has ALMOST begun. This is a slow motion apocalypse of the entire Pacific Ocean and beyond. Its only been 3 years just wait another 15 and you will not recognize anything as food in the Pacific Ocean. I study all the”conspiracy” (controlled opposition) radio news fools. They give me real information but the elite DJ,s never will believe you will believe the truth because its too disgusting and depraved in the heart. The history of humanity is still playing out the “fall” of man as oppposed to the “reserrection” of man The Truth manifest out from the field of Tares. Its an ugly business thats called LIFE! Its a once in a universe of life to see the planet being destroyed by man,s silly attempt to create an artificial sun which we call nuclear energy. This is the sign o the times my friend. Ill be long dead before i see the horrors of future earth if the Lord tarries. This I cant deny.

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