48 Civilians Killed by NATO Strikes in Libya, Medical Facilities and Bridges Hit - Russia Calls for an End to Aggression

from Al Jazzera


Civilians have been hit in the bombardment of sites in Libya, says Russia - which called for an immediate end to the strikes. A foreign ministry spokesman said:

In that respect we call on countries involved to stop the non-selective use of force.

We believe a mandate given by the UN Security Council resolution- a controversial move in itself - should not be used to achieve goals outside its provisions, which only see measures necessary to protect the civilian population.

He said that 48 civilians had been killed in the overnight shelling, with strikes hitting a medical facility, roads and bridges.

Libyan state TV had also given the same casualty count earlier in the day.”

2 Responses

  1. why don’t they target kadafi directly
    down with the dirty NATO airstrikes killing innocent civilians

  2. Why don’t they leave Libya alone…. down with the false war of the neo-vampires….

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