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(If there are professional photographers set up to take pictures of crashing “rebel” planes, why are there no photos of Gadhafi troops advancing on rebel positions? Good question, huh?)


Libya - After Libyan farmers captured the SAS and MI6 agents trying to give explosives to the fake “revolutionaries” in Libya, the “rebels” (read as “mercenaries”) admitted that if the Libyan people came to understand that they were supported by the US and Britain, they would rally behind Gadhafi and route them out. Global Research

“The SAS’s intervention angered Libyan opposition figures who ordered the soldiers to be locked up on a military base. Gadaffi’s opponents fear he could use any evidence of western military interference to rally patriotic support for his regime.” (Reuters, March 6, 2011)

Egypt - Polls opened today for a referendum vote on the constitutional suggestions from the military leaders. High turnout expected. Leaders of the revolution are calling for Egyptians to reject the suggestions because they will keep in place the same TYPE of corrupt system they just ousted.

Bahrain - Protests in Iraq over Saudi involvement in Bahrain.

Bahrain - Government destroys monument as that it has become a symbol of the pro-democracy movement.

Bahrain - Police kill citizens in the street in a drive-by shooting

Yemen - 50 people killed by pro-government snipers at protest, 3 children as well.

Yemen - Tanks and Yemini troops are patrolling the streets after yesterday’s massacre.

Yemen - Opposition forces clash with police

Libya - Gaddafi claims the pending invasion is blatant colonialism. He is fighting a rebellion brought on by outside forces including the U.S., Britain, France, and Italy.

“This is blatant colonialism. It does not have any justification. This will have serious consequences on the Mediterranean and on Europe,”


MSM news ignores real democracy movements and pimps “Libyan Revolution” almost exclusively.

Libya: Libya was mentioned 9,524 times by the major cable news networks.

Bahrain: Bahrain was mentioned 1,587 times by the major cable news networks.

Yemen: Yemen was only mentioned 599 times by the major cable news networks.

Libya - CHECK OUT the stylish and flashy “Libya Feb 17th Revolution” webpage. Very nice, very modern, almost like a well-funded psyop!

Libya - The fake Twitter accounts are a thriving business for American Libyans just waiting to get in there and return the country to it’s old, monarchy days.

Libya - Rampant stories about Gadhafi violating his own promise to stop military action. Of course that is necessary to justify US and British attacks. All based on “reports” from the mercenaries hired by British SAS, Israeli contractors,  and US CIA.

a rebel fighter giving his name as Mohammed [said]…

Libyan rebels said..

rebel fighter Khalid Ahmed told…

a hospital worker and a rebel supporter, told…

Libya - Voice of America, pure globalist propaganda, reports same story based on same “reports” from the mercenaries in Libya. These are the “revolutionaries” in Libya… they look more and more like mercs every minute.

Mercs in Libya

Libya - Psyop Photo Op - A series of photos showing a crashing fighter jet has emerged. Turns out, it is NOT a pro-Gadhafi fighter, but rather a mercenary rebel fighter jet. You can see the pilot ejected “just in time” and there is NO DAMAGE to the plane, just a flame that looks like it is coming from the canopy after the pilot ejected. And they just HAPPENED to have a professional photographer on site to capture this crash?  Looks like they did a dramatic photo op because everyone found out that the attack they claimed happened back in Feb was proven to have been bullshit.

If they can photograph this, why aren’t there any photos of Gadhafi forces attacking the “rebels”?

UK Daily Mail Headlines this video as proof that Gadhafi forces are shot down over rebel held city which was supposedly under attack. Later they had to admit that the images show a REBEL plane crashing (with no apparent damage)… IT WAS A STAGED PSYOP… they crashed one of their own planes into a residential area in order to try to create justification to have the US and Britain invade. (go to the link to see a close-up of the undamaged plane crashing into building)

How handy that a professional photographer was there and set up to capture this yet there are NO PHOTOS of Gadhafi forces attacking like all those "rebels" claim

After the plane crashes they take a photo of the smoke from this one crash and try to claim that it is smoke billowing from all the shelling… yet, there is only smoke coming from the one location, the plane crash, the REBEL plane crash.

How many locations are smoldering? Just one. where the rebel plane crashed.

Clearly this is bullshit. Look at the town. Does that LOOK like a town being shelled? It’s ONE plane crash with the smoke blowing across the town.

With all these cameras and video tapes of rebel planes crashing themselves into the ground, where are the pictures and videos of Gadhafi’s troops advancing on the city!

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  2. The shame of it all is that all this BS propaganda works. I saw video of Hilary skipping joyfully into the arms of Sarkozy on the news following the UN agreement. Absolutely sickening. I also saw Cameron talking about how this is all to save the poor Libyan civilians from being murdered. Who will he send in when the poor civilians are being murdered by the UN forces in the coming missile strikes and aerial bombardments?

    These poor people are fucked and the best we can hope for is to make westerners see that once again innocent people are being screwed over in the name of disaster capitalism.

  3. Urrrrggggghhh!!! Speaking of disinformation, I was ready to throw up at the most recent episode of Real Time With Bill Maher. He basically invited the Israeli Ambassador on so they could both talk about how “Israel’s been trying so hard for peace” and “Every time we try to make peace, they fire rockets at us” and “The Palestinians never tried to talk to us” and other bullshit.

    Right on John! This socio-economic-political paradigm is a cancer! I’m so tired of people blinding supporting it, completely ignorant of how it will lead us to something REALLY horrible…

  4. I was at an anti war rally in Lafayette park yesterday and I was, quite frankly, shocked that the speakers mentioned very little of the (at the time) impending Libyan conflict. They talked about Iraq and Afghanistan, but almost no mention of Pakistan or Libya. Very disappointing to say the least.

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