VA Pick Turmoil, “ISIS™” ReBranding and We Go All In with Wedding Bombers in Saudi Arabia

While Trump wines and dines war criminals and MIC oligarchs in the White House and Macron is getting standing ovations from swamp critters in congress, our friends in Saudi Arabia are getting away with blowing up children at wedding parties in Yemen and wealthy insiders are trying their best to privatize the VA in spite of the harm it will cause our veterans.

Making America great again, huh?

Moon of Alabama article

CNN article

Atlantic article

RT article

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2 Responses

  1. Yeah, good catch on the privatization wrecking ball of the VA. This is a HUGE issue + needless to say, neolib Dems support this, even if they can’t say this in public, not to mention the Koch Bros. faction of the Repubs.

    • wasn’t Clinton’s “New Dems” group initially funded by the Koch brothers? I think it was. They got their little Ayn Randian fingers all over a lot of folks on the left and the right.

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