Paypal has just Deleted My Account

by Scott Creighton

So I guess the Youtube purge isn’t the end of it. Now all of a sudden, Paypal has just deleted my account with them that I have had for YEARS.

For what? For NOTHING.

My website and my voice is under attack. Youtube and Paypal (backer of Ukrainian neo-Nazis) have now unleashed a full on attack on free speech. If you can help, my Paypal account is gone but my email address is still the same. Send me an email and I will send you my snailmail address.

Thank you to all who have helped my through Paypal in the past. This is completely unexpected. I am astonished they have gone this far.

23 Responses

  1. I actually shocked, wtf?

  2. Shocked as well. I haven’t heard of this except with Wikileaks. Wow. Who did you piss off? YouTube/Google contacting Paypal?
    WordPress? WTF is right.

    • I don’t know Susan. Could be a coincidence I suppose but it seems highly unlikely. I bet we hear of more folks like me getting dropped by Paypal. Could also be that some of the other channels were dropped just like I was but since they don’t have blogs, we don’t hear about it.

  3. Where do you like to shop, Scott?

    • I hate too say it but the only place I can afford to shop is Walmart. I’ve gotten a few things off Ebay in the past, which is why I set up the Paypal account, but obviously I wont be doing that anymore.

  4. Holy shit. They link their decision directly to your blog. WTF. I am appalled and even a little scared.

  5. Whaaaaa….????
    I guess you know for sure your doing something … RIGHT!

  6. Did they call you a Russian yet?

    • I don’t know why they did it. Like Youtube, they linked me to their guidelines page but failed to inform me of what they claim I did wrong

  7. I am really sorry, you need to get a secure hosting site as soon as possible, Jim Stone lists several on his website. Wikileaks does as well. How does that quote go, first they laugh at you, then….

  8. There are other methods for donations like patreon, gofundme etc. You are definetly under attack.

  9. that’s crazee Scott- I don’t know what to say- The heavy hand of net censorship seems to be all over the place- this can’t be a good sign

  10. Unbelievable!

  11. P Thiel’s little coven of warlocks and wizards casting spells.
    Sorry about this man.
    It’s getting hot in here.

  12. Bastards.

  13. Courage.

  14. So sorry, Scott.

  15. Well it’s silly of you to expect anything less than financial censorship for your truth-telling.

    If you put up a BTC or XMR donation address you’ll probably receive more donations anyway.

    • of course I expected it. I also expected to be black-listed back when I was trying a return to work. Expecting it and receiving it are two different things. It can still piss you off even if you see it coming.

  16. This only infuriates me more. Stay the course, we know what evil and ugly cowards they are.

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