After Losing One of Their Jets, Israel Attacks SAA this Morning to Save al Qaeda

Israel stepped up illegal attacks against Syria after SAA downed Israeli F-16 last night. Again, they are attacking SAA in defense of al Qaeda. Kinda puts that whole “Dancing Israelis” into perspective now doesn’t it?

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live conflict map

SANA article

RT article

Press TV article

Mattis admits Syria did not use chemical weapons

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2 Responses

  1. Israel wants to be the victim…. if they force WW3, Israel will be the first to be wiped out…. so they will not be able to be victimized again (by their own hand)… they just will not be around anymore. So they should be careful of what they wish for.

  2. maybe it’s WWorth it!
    In about a bill-yun year, the radiant cockroaches oughta be quite evolved, vastimprovement over bezos, -rump, nuttyyahoo’s ilk.
    Humans Die away pleez

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