Vegas Shooting: Douglas Haig Arrested - Here’s the Rest of the Story

Douglas Haig, formerly called a “person of interest” in the Las Vegas shooting “investigation” has been arrested and released on his own recognizance. He was charged with the manufacture and sale of armor piercing rounds without a license. It is a federal charge brought to you by the intrepid agents of the FBI.

Seeing as how this happened right after two judges released info pertaining to the “investigation” (because Paddock is named as the “lone nut gunman” and is now dead, there is no reason to usurp the people’s right to see said evidence in the case) it is my contention that the FBI drummed up this arrest because they needed something current to prevent further rulings on more of their “evidence”

Key to this criminal complaint filed on Haig is the part that says some of this type of ammo was stolen from the vehicle of Haig’s business partner on Oct. 21 2017.

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links available after the break

CNN article about arrest of Douglas Haig

criminal complaint filed against Douglas Haig

Blackstone Intelligence Network’s video on Haig’s arrest

my video about how the lie in the request for the subpoena might nullify all evidence from hotel

car rental receipt

coroner refuses to hand over Paddock autopsy

my timeline image of the ever changing story

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