The Craven Left Bemoans the “Caving” of the unDemocratic Party on DACA (they… still…don’t…get it)

by Scott Creighton

From CNN to the Humanist Report to TYT Nation to Jimmy Dore to Sam Seder, among what passes as “progressive” voices these days, the word is… the Democratic Party CAVED on the DACA debate allowing the Republicans to hold a vote the other day to get government back up and running.

To a man these “progressive” voices say that the Dems “had leverage” and could have held out longer to force the Republicans to agree to a clean DACA bill before giving in and getting the government back to work.

That is the most craven, un-Democratic Party thing I have heard from them in a while.

While many of them have claimed RECENTLY that the Democratic Party didn’t learn a single lesson from the 2016 election (HR, TYT, Seder and Dore have ALL screeched about that since Nov. 2016) EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they DON’T HAVE A CLUE THEMSELVES when it comes to learning the lessons from the working class.

Every single one of them has tried to remind folks in the recent past that the Democratic Party was founded as the party for the working people of this country and it is SUPPOSED to stand for us in opposition to BIG BUSINESS…

Every one of them has RANTED about how the unDemocratic Party is nothing more than an off-shoot of the Republican Party as they have sold out to Big Business just like their brothers and sisters on the Right have.

Yet here we are watching them bemoan the fact that the Dems didn’t shut down Big Gubmint long enough to get a deal worked out at gun-point that would save Big Business’ 800,000 cheap laborers.

It is a truly remarkable moment in time, is it not?

Lest we forget what this is all about… I mean REALLY all about… lets review, shall we?

As this debate was shaping up, Sen. Warren became a sort of unofficial spokesperson for “the DREAMers”. She went around giving interviews to varying new outlets always making sure to hit the hot topic talking points:

Elizabeth Warren CNN interview - “These young Dreamers are in peril only because President Trump broke America’s promise. Years ago, America promised that if these young people would come out of the shadows and they would be fully vetted, then they would have the opportunity to go to school here in America, they would have the opportunity to get jobs, to join the military, to become a full part of the American fabric,” she continued” The Hill, Jan. 10 2018

Elizabeth Warren Fox News interview - “Let’s start with the heart of what it’s about. America made a promise to these young people, and that is that they would come out of the shadows, they would be vetted, that they would then have a chance to work in the United States, to go to school in the United States, to join our military. And that’s what about 97 percent of them have done. And then Donald Trump said that promise is no good anymore” Real Clear Politics, Jan. 11 2018

“America” did not make a promise to these 800,000 DACA recipients. Barack Obama did back in 2012 and he did it all on his own without the consent of congress and it is arguable that what he did was unconstitutional. But, Republicans had a hard time selling the DREAM Act to their working class base and so Obama took action, knowing they wouldn’t challenge him on it because Republicans are financially supported by Big Business just like the unDems are.

But the truth is… had “America” made that promise to “DREAMers” then congress would have passed legislation and Obama would have signed it into law. But that never happened in spite of the fact that dishonest Lizzy Warren seems to think she has to work that lie into every answer she gives on the subject.

The truth is… President Obama did what he did via an executive order IN SPITE of congress’ inability to pass legislation offering amnesty to nearly a million cheap laborers.

After six years of often bitter back-and-forth with congressional Republicans over the issue of immigration, President Obama announced he has decided to go it alone by temporarily shielding up to 5 million immigrants from being deported.

In a prime-time speech to the country on Thursday, Obama said he would defer the deportation of the parents of children who are either U.S. citizens or legal residents, and that he also would expand that protection to more “DREAMers,” or children who entered the country illegally with their parents. Those two groups also will be allowed to work in the United States legally, after passing a background check and paying a fee. Nov. 20 2014

The above quote from from 2014 after Obama, by himself, announced he would EXPAND DACA to include a million more cheap laborers for Big Business but the states sued and it was overturned.

Furthermore… this “promise” made by one man (not “America”) doesn’t do anything that Sen. Warren professes it does. It certainly doesn’t promise to make them “a full part of the American fabric” that’s just a flat-out lie. All it really does is allow American Big Business the opportunity to hire the “DREAMers” for next to nothing with little to no benefits they would have to provide a citizen.

“This deal does not apply to anyone who has come to this country recently,” Obama says. “It does not apply to anyone who might come to America illegally in the future. It does not grant citizenship, or the right to stay here permanently, or offer the same benefits that citizens receive — only Congress can do that. All we’re saying is we’re not going to deport you.” Nov. 20 2014

Another bit of disinformation spouted by fake progressives like Warren is the numbers they cite about the contributions being made by “DREAMers”

Fact is.. there are less than 900 of them serving in the military and only about 10,000 graduate from college every year (their graduation rate is significantly lower than that of U.S. citizens). The vast majority of DACA recipients work for Big Business and that is a fact. They work for Big Business legally and yet, they aren’t allowed to enjoy benefits American citizens are entitled to.

When people think about DACA recipients, they imagine some kid being forced to leave the country to wander around in the streets of some foreign land. But here are some facts about them:

4. The Migration Policy Institute said in 2016 that about 1.9 million people were eligible for DACA.

5. About 788,000 have had their requests for DACA status accepted, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

6. In order to apply for DACA, immigrants had to be younger than 31 on June 15, 2012.

7. They must have come to the U.S. before turning 16. They must have lived in the U.S. since June 15, 2007.

You can do the math. Some of these “young people” are 36-years-old. And keep in mind, the minute legislation is signed into law, the 800,000 amnesty applicants turns into 2 million.

But like I said, while “progressives” like Mike Figueredo, Jimmy Dore and Cenk Uyger bemoan the caving of the Dems on this issue… surely for “humanitarian” reasons mind you.. the reality is, the unDemocratic Party is owned and operated by Big Business and if you look closely at what they say… they’ll tell you that themselves:

Elizabeth Warren Fox News interview - “What I want to see is America honoring its promises. And I recognize we are sitting down right now in negotiations trying to figure out who can get a little here, who can give a little there. But at the end of the day, the way I see this is we cannot say to 800,000 young people who right now are contributing to America, who right now we are hearing for their employers saying don’t to get rid of these people. These are people we need in our economyReal Clear Politics, Jan. 11 2018

We need these people in our economy. That’s what progressive Warren says. Of course, the real unemployment numbers are off the charts if you factor in all those folks who have been kicked off the count. And if you look at the number of people now outside the employment participation rate (which is about as low as it was during the Great Depression) I wonder if folks like Warren and Figueredo and Dore and Uyger every really made a connection between numbers like those and “the DREAMers”… because they should.

Big Business recently sent a letter to congress demanding their cheap labor be allowed to remain in the country legally.


Dear Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell, Leader Schumer, and Leader Pelosi:

We write to urge Congress to act immediately and pass a permanent bipartisan legislative solution to enable Dreamers who are currently living, working, and contributing to our communities to continue doing so. The imminent termination of the DACA program is creating an impending crisis for workforces across the country.

It is critical that Congress act to pass legislation before January 19th. This window of action leaves only 45 days for implementation prior to March 5th. As a bipartisan group of former DHS secretaries recently wrote, it will take time for the agency to implement any program outlined by Congress, underscoring the absolute urgency of the January 19th deadline.

In addition to causing a tremendous upheaval in the lives of DACA employees, failure to act in time will lead to businesses losing valuable talent, cause disruptions in the workforce, and will result in significant costs.

Studies by economists across the ideological spectrum have also determined that if Congress fails to act our economy could lose $215 billion in GDP.

We have seen time and again that the overwhelming majority of the American public of all political backgrounds agrees that we should protect Dreamers from deportation.While delay or inaction will cause significant negative impact to businesses, hundreds of thousands of deserving young people across the country are counting on you to work in a bipartisan way to pass permanent legislative protection for Dreamers without further delay.


The letter was signed by 100 CEOs from Fortune 500 companies here in the states. The list includes Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the Blackstone Group and various heads of major hotel chains just too name a few.

And oh yeah… the head of the Roofers Association.

Look… I know it feels good to think there is ONE ISSUE the unDemocratic Party stands for that might be based on some slight glimmer of humanity they still have hiding back the dark recesses of their sold out souls.

I understand that. I get it.

But folks… we are way past living in fantasy land anymore and we can’t afford to keep whistling past the graveyard AS IF we don’t see what’s coming.

Liberals and progressives would like to “BELIEVE” they stand a chance at winning something in 2018 while they whole time they claim they want to learn something from 2016 about turning their backs on America’s working class.

And yet… here we are.

They’ve learned nothing. Not even the so-called “alternative” far-lefters. They’ve learned nothing and we can easily see that is true while they cravenly weep for a failed shut-down of government on behalf of Big Business’ cheap labor force.

Either they don’t understand the economics of neoliberal “flexible workforces” or they’re deliberate controlled opposition assets doing their part to help push the same ideology that the Times, CNN and Fox News pushes when the chips are down.

Frankly I can’t tell which it is nor do I care enough about them to try to figure it out. But I do know this: the old Democratic Party stood with the working class and if they continue to fail to do that in spite of the lesson Trump taught them in 2016, then they are going to fail again. Period.

UPDATE: Take a look at what the “compromise” is going to look like. Trump is already talking about it. It’s another 10-12 years for these workers to serve as second-class citizens without full protections or benefits of citizenship, beholden to one company which basically owns them. If they displease their masters, they get shipped out. If they try to unionize, they get shipped out. If they want to find a better job and approach another company, they get shipped out. It basically a way to take 11 million illegals and turn them into a kind of slave caste where at the end of their indentured servitude they have their emancipation papers waiting for them… supposedly. But you know Big Business screws employees all the time… even legal ones… so you KNOW they will screw these folks… because Big Gubmint, working exclusively for Big Business, wont do a thing to stop them.

That’s the “compromise” and just like the ObamaCare “compromise” it isn’t humanitarian or in anyone’s best interests other than Big Business. Period.

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Thank you very much.


8 Responses

  1. so depressing. There will be less and less jobs for legal Americans in the USA….. what will happen to all of them?

  2. Scott - what you are saying makes sense but if the “Dreamers� (I hate that term!) are good for big business, why are the Republicans opposed to keeping them here? They have their head up the ass of big business even more than the Democrats (if that’s possible). Is it just part of the good cop/bad cop act?

    • Republicans are in a bad position. Though they get backed by Big Business just the same as the unDems, fact is, they now cater to the working class much more than the unDems do so being seen to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform or anything like it (DREAMers Act was part of 2006 Comprehensive Immigration Reform) is pretty much a death sentence for them in terms of elections. Senators like McCain and Graham are more secure because they have earned support through our rigged election system and because they are pretty much untouchable in terms of someone primarying them… but others, especially Republicans in the House of Representatives, aren’t as secure and therefore they are having to at least pay lip service to the wishes of their voting constituency. Yes, electronic voting is rigged and will help them… but… take President Trump for example… sometimes they can’t rig it enough to ensure the outcome… so the Republicans have to give their voters what they want in this case because Republican voters strongly oppose it.

      • That being the case (and I think you are right) I don’t think the so-called progressives that you refer to are “deliberate controlled opposition assets”. Rather, like many Democrats, they define their position to be the opposite of what the Republicans want/stand for without taking the time to really understand the issue and its history. That and they are afraid of being branded as racist if they don’t defend immigrants (illegal or not).

  3. Obama was operating with a republican Congress that wasn’t going to say yes to anything the Dems wanted. The alt-right members couldn’t sell it to their constituents because they didn’t want to and they didnt even try. Now it’s evil that the Dems are playing the same game? Difference is, as usual, the Dems are digging in to save people vs the alt-rights digging in to destroy people.

    • digging in to save people? quit drinking the Koolaid man. they are digging in to give Big Business what they want like they always do. if it makes you feel better to think your team is fighting for “good” be my guest but don’t leave comments as ridiculous as that one on my site and not expect a reply.

  4. I’m not convinced Big Business really gives a sheet one way or another about ‘illeegulls’ any more than I’m convinced that Donald Trump weighs only 239 lbs. They don’t need illeegull immuhgrints to keep wages down because they’ve already got truckloads of desperate Okies from our own sacrifice zones to provide cheap labor (at least in my little corner of the empire). And no worries if there’s dirty work that’s beneath even Kentuckian standards; Big Business can just order up indentured hirelings from abroad via the good old Bracero program.

    Needless to say, it’s easy for Big Business to come out on top when their political wing, the Business Party, controls most of the government. The same government that looks the other way when corporations collude to fix ag worker wages (i.e., WAFLA), or run Pied Piper elections where there’s no way to vote against their crooked Fascism First policies (TPP comeback, baby!).

    Even if we assume that building a Great Wall and rounding up all the most recent illegal immigrants and their children will have measurable economic benefits for us ‘natives’, Big Business still wins with juicy construction and intelligence contracts. And imagine the alt-reich disappointment if our wages still suck even after going through all the trouble of implementing these strictly-profit-motivated-and-totally-not-racist-or-even-mildly-xenophobic immigration policies. This bullsheet immigration ‘debate’ is just another way for the Business Party to score a few points with the lowliest Gangs o’ New York-type voters.

    It’s also a pretty useful distraction from the epic imperial failure in Messopotamia. They don’t want folks seeing our bearded JSOC hipsters trying to find reverse on their Toyota Hilux’s before they get run over by fancy German tanks.

    • so why did 100 CEOs take the time to write and sign a letter to congress begging them to keep the “DREAMers” in country saying it would hurt their profit margins if they allowed them to be deported? Why would Warren mention Big Business telling her specifically they wanted to keep their illegals if they don’t care about them?

      You don’t seem to understand that flexible workforces and cheap labor always competing for jobs by being willing to do them for less and less is a PILLAR of neoliberalism. And that’s not just me saying that… that’s neoliberalism experts, people who peddle in it.

      not only does Big Business pay them less per hour but they get zero benefits and zero protections. do you have any idea how many times these workers get screwed out of a weeks pay here or there? if they get hurt on the job, you think their employers take care of them? pay workman’s comp on illegal labor? can they file complaints with the better business bureau or OSHA? their hourly pay, first of all, in many cases is a lot less than the average scrubs you seem compelled to demean with your comment would accept. in fact there are a lot of guys working on big hotel/development projects running around with tools and hard-hats making less than minimum wage and they’ve been doing it for a while and have skills now and been trained by these companies. You really think a citizen is going to do that? you really think Big Business wants to pay someone MORE who knows LESS about their operations?

      And of course, you are thinking short term. fact is, what they want is a “path to citizenship” which is basically 10-12 years of indentured servitude to a “host” company that will pretty much OWN them. so they can lock in LEGAL SLAVES basically for a long long time.

      and you think they don’t care about illegal immigrant labor?

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