Hondurans Hold Mass Protests ‘Until the Corrupt Are Removed’

from TeleSUR

“The people won’t stand for this dictatorship,” said former Opposition Alliance presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla.

Despite heavy rains, an estimated 80,000 Honduran opposition supporters marched in San Pedro Sula on Saturday to protest what they call a “fradulent” presidential election.

Surrounded by his supporters, former presidential candidate for the Opposition Alliance Salvador Nasralla told the crowds, “The people want Salvador Nasralla as the President of Honduras.”

“The people won’t stand for this dictatorship,” he said, adding, “we won’t stop until we’ve removed the corrupt from power.”

Nasralla does not recognize the results of the Nov. 26 Honduran presidential election, which was riddled with accusations of fraud and corruption. He maintains that he won the polls, but would be willing to repeat them…

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