A Brief Flashback to When Alex Jones Was Honest… for a Moment

A video of Alex’s with him talking about “radical Zionism”? Him saying folks are just “jumping on the Islamaphobia bandwagon”? Really? Yepper… here it is. A glimpse into the AJ of yesteryear. It’s for you the viewer to decide exactly what it was that instigated his transition but MY guess is… it has something to do with “Di$info Jone$” (there is a clue in there if you look REAL hard)

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Alex Jones: The Mindset of Henry Kissinger Towards Jews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-umx9zc_xg

my website coverage of Alex Jones https://willyloman.wordpress.com/category/alex-jones-is-a-fraud/

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10 Responses

  1. I don’t believe Jones has “transitioned.” Other, more plausible, explanations are possible. Like:
    1. He was not until 2010 an ichthyophile casting bread upon the waters to feed the fish. He was a fisherman. You, yourself, Scott, used the appropriate word “hook” at the beginning of the video.
    2. The other explanation is that he was … negotiating for a bigger stipend (“Look what I can tell my audience, and I do have a large following. I can stop doing that. How much is that worth to you?”)

    You refer to the 1967 “green line” as the border between Israel and Palestine. It is not. All it was (and still is) is an ARMISTICE LINE. Nothing has yet legally invalidated the UN-madated partition of 1947, which gave the European Jews 51% of the territory of Palestine and left the Palestinians with the remaining 49% (currently reduced by successive land theft to less than 20%).
    I attended a speech by Finkelstein at a university in the south west several years ago that earned him enthusiastic applause for his support of the “two-state solution.” It was followed by a Q&A portion. I asked him why he keeps calling the “green line” a border when in fact it is an armistice line (ipso facto temporary). He said “terminology ias not important.” I sensed that his evasion had a clear impact upon the audience until then fawning.

    • In 1947, the UN General Assembly voted for the division of Palestine…. the green line or border…. is legal. I call it a border also.
      Israel ‘took’ more land and are still trying to take more…… does not make it right. If they believed in God, they wouldn’t steal other people’s land or homes .. they wouldn’t murder people.

      • @Jan10:
        They believe in “g-d.” It is not just semantics or pious orthography. Unlike God, who loves all His creation, “g-d” spurns almost all of his and reserves his love for a single tribe, his Chosen, whom he enjoins to “steal other people’s land or homes” and even exterminate them. I am sure you don;t need quotes. So, in all fairness, they are just ‘following orders’…

        Call it the Green Line, call it the 1967 armistice line. Of course it is legal, like any mutually agreed upon standoff upon cessation of hostilities, but it is not a border agreed upon. In fact Israel is the only state that still has NO DECLARED BORDERS. Not done stealing land yet.

  2. I remember years ago Alex Jones used to have on leftists, like Ed Asner, Russell Means, and Chris Hedges. Then at some point he got the memo and it became almost all Rand Paul types.

  3. I’d be curious to hear your take on the relationship, if any, between INCA in the 50s/60s and INFOWARS in the 2000s?

  4. Information Council of the Americas (INCA), a sort of JBS-type media outfit primarily oriented towards Latin America. Outside of their involvement in the JFK hit, I don’t know much about them. Not sure how much broadcasting/publishing they did in the US. But INCA VP Ed Butler’s “Brainwars” propaganda model sure sounds a lot like Infowars’ granddaddy.




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