US-Backed Honduras President Defies Constitution And Statistical Reason In Electoral ‘Win’

by Warwick Fry, from New Matilda

The Honduras general elections of November 26 this year were more controversial than the elections of 2013, with a remarkable lead up. Calling the shots was an administration impervious to scandal and the consequences of blatantly questionable if not illegal actions that would normally sink a government.

Not that the political and social environment of Honduras qualifies as ‘normal’. The massive increase in human rights abuses there by the government since the coup of 2009 is (or rather, should be) acknowledged internationally.

Under the post-coup regime over 40 Honduras journalists have been killed, 120 unionists and peasant leaders (the figure keeps changing), 20 lawyers, and assorted human rights workers, activists and opposition politicians.

This is not to mention numerous death threats, illegal arrests, detentions, sackings of teachers, lecturers and lawyers deemed to be over-critical…

[read more here]

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