Hugo Chavez College Program Launched by Nicaragua’s Sandinistas

(Could you imagine a course like this being offered here in the states?)

from Tele Sur

Nicaragua’s ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN, party is launching a new program at the country’s National Autonomous University dedicated to former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

The program, named after the founder of the Bolivarian Revolution, will begin on Friday, two days before the fourth anniversary of his death.

“Students will study different aspects of the thought, legacy, practice and above all that path that illuminated the great Commander Hugo Chavez,” Nicaraguan Vice President and FSLN leader Rosario Murillo said, Prensa Latina reports.

Socialism, Bolivarianism, liberation theology, Afro-Indigenous history, and anti-colonial history are among the many topics students of the Chavez program will undertake. They will also collaborate with scholars from the Bolivarian and Central universities of Venezuela on projects related to Latin American integration.

Nicaragua isn’t the only Central American country that’s honoring Chavez’s legacy through education…

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2 Responses

  1. Meanwhile the neoliberal world is anxiously awaiting the final outcome of Ecuador’s runoff election on 2 April 2017. Will the winner be Guillermo Lasso, an ultra-neoliberal banker? Or will it be Lenín Moreno and “neoliberalism light”? Either way, Raphael Correa’s anti-neoliberal era is probably in its twilight because of the decline in foreign currency revenues from the sale of oil and commodities. So it is throughout Latin America. The coup leaders in Brazil have now written neoliberalism privatization, and austerity (for the masses) into Brazil’s constitution.

  2. Hugo was a lion among men. Far too young to die.

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