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  1. Like viruses and cancer cells, the Empire can never stop being evil even if it wants to.

    Today at the U.N. “Security” Council, the U.S. government, having been defeated in Syria, demanded that the Syrian government be punished for the U.S. government’s own mercenaries using chlorine-filled “hell cannon” canisters.

    Russia, China, and Bolivia vetoed the Empire.

    In response, frustrated American ambassador Nikki Haley threw a self-righteous tantrum of infinite hypocrisy, claiming that the Russians are war criminals.

    CIA-funded Human Rights Watch continues to lie that “hell canons” fired by the U.S. government’s terrorist mercenaries in Aleppo were “barrel bombs” used by the Syrian government.

  2. Comment eaten by WordPress. 105 words.

  3. Yes, it’s called re-branding. Things will get truly interesting if Eric Prince starts training them.

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