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  1. Scott I am so pleased to see you moving past your initial reactions to Corbett and publishing more of his work. Good for you, good for us and let’s embrace genuine open source work where ever we find it.

    • I have always said he does some good work. His 5 minute video on the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is one of the best, short videos out there to give to folks who are just starting to have serious questions about 9/11. he does some good work and that stuff I will feature when I see it.

  2. Hey Willy: Did you notice one blog featured in the video?
    A reader at my place brought it to my attention..
    And yes, it was mine!

    • yes I did notice that. he spoke highly of your reporting on the disclosure and with good reason. You’re one of the good ones and you deserve getting credit for it.

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