Autopsy Report is NOT Inconsistent With Mike Brown Being Shot From Behind While Running Away

by Scott Creighton

“Before the results of the private autopsy were released, witnesses on social media… and even during questioning by law enforcement… others claim Officer Wilson shot Mr. Brown in the back as he was running away. However, once the autopsy findings were released showing Michael Brown had not sustained any wounds to the back of his body, no additional witnesses made such a claim and several witnesses (not all of them) adjusted their story” St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch

I covered this when it first came out but seeing as how the prosecutor  Robert McCulloch (who I just caught LYING in his statement about the witnesses who support Wilson’s version of events being all African Americans) last night claimed, falsely, that the autopsy report proved Mike Brown couldn’t have been shot from behind, I thought I would put it out there again as a reminder.

As you can see from this image, it very possible due to the location of the wounds on Mike Brown’s right arm, that he could easily have been shot from behind as he was fleeing the scene.

I put this image together myself and stand by it. Click on image for larger view.


The wounds on the inside of Mike Brown’s arm indicate one of two things: he was running when hit by at least one of those shots, and, after being struck at least once, he turned to surrender with his arms were raised above his head when struck by the rest.

That ladies and gentlemen, is the EXACT testimony given by all the witnesses in the area at the time (with the exception of at least one who is an admitted racist and there in the area that morning for the purpose of learning to stop calling black people “niggers” (his/her own words))

Put your arms over your head and see what part of them are exposed to someone standing in front of you.

For that matter, stand up and get in a position like you are running and you will see what part of your arms are exposed to someone behind you. It’s not hard to figure out.

So clearly, that is another lie from Robert McCulloch. That’s two so far and it’s only 9am.


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