David Swanson; Pimping Propaganda for the Fake Left… Again

by Scott Creighton

God I hate spending my time writing about sellout jackasses like David Swanson. How much you getting for speaking engagements these days, David?  You call yourself a “peace activist”? You’re a sellout, nothing more.

Occasionally I still trip over to his site… check up on what the other contributors have posted over there. Some of them put up some good stuff. David, on the other hand, can always be counted on to argue for the status-quo solution in whatever fake left vernacular is popular at the time. 

This time, David is pimping 3 main issues…

1. “The scariest thing ever” is if Iran and “the terrorists” get a nuclear bomb… (so says “Pervez Musharraf, Tony Blair“, and the guys that made “Inglourious Basterds” and “An Inconvenient Truth”)

2.The  “Won’t Somebody Think of the Troops?!” meme in the classic mold of current propaganda movies like The Hurt Locker

3. “Use the Gulf Spill to Help Pass “Clean Energy/CARBON TAX AND TRADE Legislation

Good old David Swanson… he’s been towing the line for the fake left globalists for years. I guess he still wonders why he hasn’t got his own show like Rachel Maddow yet.  Keep at it, David. One day all your cowardice and subservience will pay off and you will get yourself a shot at the big table. Just hang in there till then buddy.

Now, in order to be completely fair, while David is clearly attempting to pimp his way back into the mainstream of the “allowable left dissent”, OTHER on his site, formerly known as After Downing Street, seem to be trying to balance-out David’s current sycophant-left act by posting REAL videos with REAL issues that AREN’T just more propaganda for the globalists.

For instance, “Chip” posted several articles that deal with Palestinian rights and the bankers taking over the nation in spite of the phony Wall Street Reform act like this video from Norman Finkelstein…

ADS looks like it’s a website suffering from an identity crisis or a split personality. On one hand you have several bloggers trying to get real information out to their steadily dropping readership, and on the other hand you have David Swanson (a guy who had the audacity to write a book about how to fix all this country’s problems which was so naive it didn’t even mention False Flag terrorism) doing everything he can to make sure he A. supports the Israeli call to attack Iran (based on more lies) and B. helps the Gore/Clinton agenda of pushing for a carbon trading derivatives scam (which is the real reason Team Obama Brand has done nothing to stop the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico).

It’s pretty sad what ADS has turned into. It’s pretty much a microcosm of what is happening in this country overall: one well placed sell-out can spoil years of actual work. Guess David gets to sleep at night convincing himself he is doing it for his kids. Who knows.

3 Responses

  1. Interesting and scathing. David has ties to many questionable groups and people. I have witnessed several unusual deceptive things when it comes to David. He is a prolific writer and very smart person however he is paid, connected and I see him pimping for nonsense.

  2. Jane Hampshire of FireDogLake is the same way now. Now that she is getting MSNBC and CNN facetime, she shys away from topics like Gaza and the attack on the flotilla. She recently even verbally attacked several of her “Seminal” contributers because several of them, me included, wanted to see more of that topic on FireDogLake’s front page.

    The very LAST thing gatekeepers want to have exposed is their tendency to cowtow to a certain section of their readership.

    It’s difficult anywhere on the political divide these days, especially on the left because let’s face it, money is tight, donations are down, and that makes the money from the AIPAC types who support the “left blogosphere” even more important.

    The other thing I think that is happening is something is just around the corner, perhaps another false flag involving that Israeli ship out there in the Gulf with the USS Truman fleet…. I get the feeling that something will happen to that ship and Israel will get their war against Iran and they will ease back into the perpetual victim role they seem to like so much. Once that happens, politicians and writers and even bloggers don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of that emotional propaganda train, so they are especially careful right now to say just the right things about Israel and Iran.

  3. I tried watching “hurt locker” from netfrisk and had to send it back without finishing it. Another propaganda flic was “frontline: obama’s war.” It was absolute trash. Not any mention of WHY we are in afghanistan, except winning the “hearts & minds of the people” while we bomb them to death and send in drones to kill “al queda” and the taliban - both inventions of the CIA.

    Btw willy, it’s kowtow. We gotta do a lot of it here to the japs. They’re the most hated race in hawaii. Extremely bigoted, racist, and even more ethno-centric than the jews. While we are very racially mixed here, it doesn’t mean we’re not prejudiced! Even the young hawaiians (yeh, they’re hypocritical too) go for the rasta crap, on the other hand they hate papollos - black people 🙂

    Everyone hates each other equally here… that’s why we get along so well!

    Oh yeh, david swanson… nothing but a newage pimp. He’s got the balls of a rooster - lots of crow and nothing to show 🙂 Except strut around for his flamers, flap his wings, and cockadoodle do. What a dandy!

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