Letter Reportedly from President Trump Promises Congress More Action Against Syria on Behalf of Our “important national interests”

“The United States will take additional action, as necessary and appropriate, to further its important national interests,” Donald Trump

I guess this means he doesn’t expect anymore convenient “chemical weapons attacks” in the future

Jan10 says: “We are going to war. That man is worse than stupid

Yeah, Nikki Haley is stupid. Donald Trump has gone full retard.

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  1. lol
    love the carton!

  2. The U.S. clams to be fighting “ISIS” in Iraq and Syria. The Russian and Syrian governments are also fighting “ISIS.” Therefore the U.S. must destroy the Syrian government, and maintain sanctions against the Russian government. This contradiction is absurd, but average people are fine with it as long as we are bombing someone…anyone. It doesn’t matter who or where or why we bomb. We must continually exterminate entire populations because “BABIES!” (And “holocaust!”)

    • what if they were to combine the power of those two and come up with “holocaust BABIES!” holy shit. just think of the power… it’s too much for one man, I’m telling you. I can feel it coursing through my veins right now.

  3. Weird. It’s almost like an employee of the Clinton campaign won the election.

    I guess Trex was using Clausewitz’s definition of foreign relations after all? Just add corn syrup (or blood flavored corn syrup),latex, and a fire hose… and we can go make the best war movie ever!

  4. If Hillary were Commander in Chief we would be doing the exact same thing and NO one would be raising a peep in protest about the illegality of the counter attack. As bad as Trump is, every morning I wake and kiss the earth in joyous thanksgiving that Hillary is NOT president.

    Still I am amazed that no one dares suggest the possibility of a false flag or misplaced responsibility, as was proven to be the case in 2013. People are still citing that gas attack as if Assad was responsible for that one too.(In spite of Hersh’s report) Everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

    Jimmy Dore seems to be the only one with the brains to be skeptical of this whole story.

    Youtube just ‘demonetized’ his videos and RT for this story. (the virtual kiss of death)

    Be warned, Crazy Trump is playing with fire on this one. It is impossible to believe his actions and accusations will not force some response from Putin. We have a three-year-old playing with a loaded revolver here. Of course with Hillary I have no doubt a shooting, nuclear war would have already been well underway!

  5. Maybe it was El Presidente Kushner that ordered the cruise missiles!


    Exclusive - Situation in Syria constitutes international armed conflict - Red Cross

    GENEVA (Reuters) - The situation in Syria now “amounts to an international armed conflict” after U.S. missile strikes on a Syrian air base, the International Committee of the Red Cross said, expanding both sides’ humanitarian obligations to cover any prisoners of war.

    Under international humanitarian law, civilians must be spared and medical facilities protected, regardless of whether a conflict is internal or international.

    Warring parties must observe key principles of precaution and proportionality and distinguish between combatants and civilians, and between military and civilian infrastructure.


    Oops, looks like the USAF will have to stop bombing power stations, water treatment plants, hospitals and refugees in Syria… or just tell the ICRC to Fuck Off, we don’t need no badges to kill.

    • Explains why they held off on this until we’d wrecked the civilian infrastructure I guess.

      Wonder if Trump’s sons get to fly the drones and/or cruise missiles from their Xboxes at home? Better than video games…

  6. this nazi re-incarnation Kapital must by its very essence Destroy The Earth.
    Sooner/ Better!
    In the MeanTime, DESTROY EVERY WEALTHY!!!

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