Israeli Rag Jerusalem Post Gleefully Reports on an “Open War with Iran” Over their Presence in “the New Syria”

by Scott Creighton

For years I and bloggers like Penny (for Your Thoughts) have been reporting on the “New Middle East” plan talked about by Condi Rice in Tel Aviv back in 2006, a.k.a. the Greater Kurdistan project. We have been telling you it was a neocon construct championed by your favorite neocons and corporate Dems on behalf of the masters of the universe and their “special Likud party friends” in Israel.

And as I have stated for years, busting off pieces of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran are the key stages Israel and her appologists here in the States and in London need to achieve in order to see this project through to it’s completion.

Today the Jerusalem Post published an op-ed that makes that Greater Kurdistan project crystal clear, at least as it relates to the “Rojava” (or Western Kurdistan) part of the equation (remember: Israel was one of a few nations that backed the Iraqi Kurdistan independence effort along with the U.S.):

“What happened in northern Israel on Saturday is the beginning of the overt and direct war between Israel and Iran. The infiltration and interception of an Iranian drone over Israel, the downing of an Israeli F-16 and Israel’s retaliatory strikes against Syrian and Iranian targets that followed, are apparently just the opening scenes of a potentially wider conflict that could erupt if Iran continues trying to fortify its presence in the new Syria.” Jerusalem Post Feb. 11 2018

Sounds like they wanted to write these are the “birth pangs of a new Middle East” doesn’t it?

Turkey opposes this project. Syria opposes it. So does Iraq, Hezbollah and Iran. And apparently, at least to some degree, so does Russia. That’s why in that article the writer makes sure to mention what follows now in Syria is very much up to the Russians who have made it very clear already that Syrian airspace needs to be honored… even though they have done nothing to stop Israel from repeatedly violating it against international law.

The op-ed reads like someone licking their wounds on behalf of a demoralized public. They fabricated some BS story about shooting down an Iranian drone and then lobbed over a few rockets in retaliation for their downed jet. This op-ed seems determined to turn a loss into some kind of grand victory for the IAF.

While the downing of a fighter jet is a heavy blow to Israeli morale, it was not totally unexpected and needs to be viewed through the wider context of what has been going on for the last five years. Israel has carried out more than 100 strikes in Syria, and in war there are always wins and losses. The fact that a plane hasn’t been shot down until now is the real story and speaks volumes of the IAF’s superior capabilities.” Jerusalem Post Feb. 11 2018

It’s kind of sad when you think about it. Like the little bully on the block who gets punched in the nose by the nerd who’s finally tired enough of his bullshit to stand up for himself, Israel seems to be sniveling in the alley, licking his wounds, making up a new, better memory of the event that just unfolded before his bewildered, cowardly eyes.

You almost feel sorry for the little weasel but you don’t because you know, in the end, all he’s gonna do is go find his big brother and tell him some lies and try to get him to beat up the nerd in retaliation.

Because that’s how cowardly bullies operate whether they are some punk you knew in grade school… or our “special friends” in Israel.

Typically you wouldn’t pay much attention to this kind of crap coming out of Israel but the Trumpster and his GLORIOUS GENERALS (parade day to be determined) have their faces so far up Bibi’s ass all you can see is The Donald’s comb-over waving around in the breeze between Netanyahu’s flabby ass cheeks.

And when you consider what Israel did back on June 8th 1967 in order to get us to help them fight Egypt,… or maybe the Dancing Israelis (ABC News , 21st Century Wire and Corbett Report “there to document the event”)… then it has to make you wonder how far some folks will go to see their “New Syria” enshrined on the global atlas like Palestine minus the West Bank.


13 Responses

  1. What do you think of Q Anon? You can find vids about him on yt also. I would like to hear your opinion since you are not that fond of trump. Thnks

    • I don’t know much about Qanon. My guess is they are a Deep State asset. The thing about Anonymous and the thing about 4chan and 8chan is they are completely anonymous and influence peddlers and the intelligence industry has figured out a while ago that they could use them to spread disinfo. I look occasionally at stuff they “leak” but for the most part, I wouldn’t trust em as far as I could throw John Brennan… and I make that reference on purpose.

    • re: Q Anon- I’d heard some talk about what ever that is from Joseph Farrell (Giza death star)

      He seemed quite certain it was some sort of ‘deep state’ psyop/ narrative control operation- Same as what Scott suggests.
      “I don’t know much about Qanon. My guess is they are a Deep State asset. “

      That was the first I’d heard of it at all.
      However… it made me think of anonymous- and I’ve no use for what ever that is at all. Actually wondered if it was a rebrand?

      • some of Anonymous is actually good. Useful. But they will tell you themselves, the real Anonymous is decentralized and they are anonymous even to themselves… the implication being they know they have been infiltrated and it happened pretty early on.

        • Yeah… I can see how narrow Q Anons view is. Not at first but he is tooo alt-right and politicized in the things he says. Corruption goes beyond the party politics or ideology. He or they are probably nsa… Question is he deep state nsa or trump nsa.


  2. Wasn’t the regular Israeli protesting Bibi? They wanted him to resign and stop the war. Looks like they were not successful.

  3. And the AA missile was a S-200, a 1960 gen missile. What about those S-300’s Syria has? Don’t worry, Israel, I’m sure YOUR Congress is working OT this weekend to get you another BIG $$$$ package.

    They can just add another welfare check to the 52 others ones ready to be approved.

    Yes, Nutty’s up to his sleazy eyebrows in corruption scandals, with an impending arrest in April, just in time to start another glorious war for Stolenland!

  4. No, no, no, no, Scott! You read JPost with a jaundiced eye because you don’t double check your info about Syria (as I do) with the most trustworthy source: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights -SOHR for short- pronounced “sore.” It’s a highly reputable media organization run by a Sore Syrian whose reports are cited by CNN, BBC and our own State Dept. Although living in London he can be considered “our man in Syria” (to paraphrase Graham Green whose novel some people mistakenly consider a satire).

  5. Hey Scott!

    No surprise that Israel is giddy..
    The opportunity they’ve awaited has finally presented itself.

    I think they’re spinning this as an attack by Iran because IDF is embarrassed or should be (considering how great they present themselves to be) that half destroyed Syria took a plane out.
    I’m thinking Russia may have provided advance intel- especially because the official comment was like don’t endanger Russian soldiers …. it made me wonder?

    The drone they allege was in their territorial airspace was of course in annexed Golan’s airspace- If there was a drone at all? I have doubts.

    You may have missed the news that the Russian UN Ambassador, at the UN, talked about the collusion between ISIS and the Kurds.

    Got it from the UN site and it was reported in Turkish & German media.

    “A new statement from the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, has revealed that the boundaries between Daesh and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) are once again fading away in northern Syria as former Daesh terrorists have allegedly joined the ranks of the PKK-affiliated YPG.”

    I ended my post with this comment:

    “Time and time again the PKK/YPG Kurds & ISIS/L have been best buddies, cooperating/colluding with the US in the planned remake of the region. Finally the scam has been outed by someone beside myself, here at Pennyforyourthoughts2 and at Willy Loman’s blog! ”

    Now it’s you, me and Vassily at the UN!

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