The Very Odd Story of Joseph Jakubowski - “Ya’ll have no idea what’s about to happen,” (uh… unfortunately, I think we do)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As Soon as Trump Gets his Mind Right… Authorities “Capture” Joseph Jakubowski Without Incident

So the story goes like this:

On the evening of Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, Joseph Jakubowski broke into the Armageddon Supplies gun shop and made off with at least 16 firearms including “high-end handguns and rifles” in Janesville, Wisconsin. That was the same day as the “Syrian chemical weapons attack”

We know this because local police released security camera footage of Joseph in the store and outside it.

Image result for Joseph Jakubowski

There are supposedly 16 “high end” guns in that bag and possibly even silencers, say the authorities.

Joseph, as you can see, was kind enough to make sure to stand right in front of a security camera an look up without his face covered. I guess he was really interested in those socks on the rack.

Notice something else?

The police responded to an alarm when Joseph busted through the glass front door but apparently he had time to walk around, collect 16 “high end” weapons and the stroll out the front door with his big bag o guns looking about as obvious as anyone could.

“Deputies responded to an audible alarm at Armageddon Gun Shop and found evidence of a break in and burglary. Video surveillance showed a white male suspect smashed the front door glass,” Rock County Sheriff, Robert D. Spoden said in a statement.RT

Half an hour later, so the story goes, authorities find Joseph’s car burning in a lot not far from there. Why would he burn his own car? I mean, it’s not like he was worried about forensic evidence or anything… right? He just strong-armed a plate glass door and shopped in a gun store without even covering up his face practically smiling for the camera… and it’s HIS car, so it’s not like they aren’t going to know “who done it”. So why burn the car?

Now let’s go back for one second. Take a look at that surveillance photo of Joey in the gun store. Notice anything odd?

There is an assault style rifle hanging on the wall. Really? I thought by law gun shop’s had to lock up their stock over night and on the weekends when they are closed. They are forced to do that by law to prevent Joey here from simply breaking a window and strolling in to help himself to “16 high end” weapons, right?

So why is that one hanging on the wall behind him?

Some gunshops use weapons for display that have been modified so they wont fire rounds. When they do that they go beyond simply removing the firing pins. I don’t know how they do it, but essentially the weapons are rendered inert so that someone cant come in, as to see a weapon, slap a magazine in it and shoot the place up.

That might explain why that weapon is hanging there behind Joey-boy. It’s useless.

But if that is the case, unless Joseph is now some kind of master safe-cracker… how the hell did he get “16 high end” weapons “and possibly silencers”?

And how did he do it before the police responded to an alarm at a gun store, which one might assume would be considered a pretty high priority for the cops over there in Janesville.

Police also added that they “think” he got his hands on tactical gear as well, though they don’t say it came from this store.

Lets see… “at least” two “assault rifles”, “high end” handguns, silencers and tactical gear… hmmm… starting to sound like an American Gladio operation to me. All we need now is…

of course.. the obligatory manifesto

… the obligatory manifesto.

And a video leaving no doubt as to his future guilt.

According to that report, someone graciously sent the video of Joey mailing his manifesto to President Trump into their news offices after he stole all those “high end” weapons and burned his vehicle for no apparent reason.

As is often the case, the “confession” video is poorly scripted and acted. Here’s a clip of the actual video in which he and his accomplice try their best to sound menacing. “It’s revolution.. time for change” Joey says in his monotone, full retard voice. “It’s game time”


He gives us the time and the date as he drops his confession in the mailbox. Copies of the video went to the police and the press the next day.

Just so you guys know, when you shoot a video with your cell phone, inside the code of that video are markers put there so authorities can identify who made it. Also, the video was probably uploaded to someone’s cloud with or without their knowledge. So, I don’t know why they haven’t identified his handler who made the thing as of yet.

Oh.. did I say “handler”? oops?

So there you have it. A manifesto and a video of him with said manifesto. No questions. All wrapped up. Neat little bundle. Whatever happens in the near future… Joey done it. Case closed.

And there’s no need to worry about a pesky trial or anything because Joey has that covered as well.

“In communications prior to his disappearance, Jakubowski also allegedly made reference to his dying by the hand of Trump and expressed a desire to save everyone by taking out one politician at a time. ” ABC News

Wants to go out in a blaze of glory, does he?

Is this story starting to sound familiar?

The local police say they intercepted the alleged manifesto and have brought in the FBI for some help. It’s something like 161 pages, according to them, but, like the bag he’s carrying out of the store as he strolls along, what I saw him put in that mail box sure didn’t look like 160 pages to me.

In the manifesto, which I don’t believe they have listed yet, Joey regurgitates some typical “conspiracy theory” dogma and a belief that the government doesn’t work for the people but rather for the mega-wealthy and their corporate sponsors. That’s a “crazy” thought if I ever heard one, right?

“It’s really a long laundry list of injustices that he believes the government and society and the upper class have put forward on to the rest of the citizens,” Spoden said. “It’s just an overview that he feels that the government — and law enforcement in particular — are acting as terrorists and are enslaving the people and creating this environment that he finds unacceptable.” ABC News

In his video Joey says “Ya’ll have no idea what’s about to happen,” … uh, yeah. Unfortunately, I think we do. We’ve seen all the variations of this show before.

Assault rifles, extended clips, silencers, covered tracks, tactical gear like cops wear, incriminating videos, convenient manifestos and ultimately, a dead suspect with no need for a pesky trial.

Well at least this time they took care of the little “no motive” issue.

There is a $10,000 reward for the guy’s capture but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. Old Joey is probably in a safe house eating Dominoes right now. Notice his douche-bag glasses on his head? He should be arrested for that.

I predict one of two things happening:

  1. another gun-grabbing Gladio mass casualty event or maybe a politician who wont shut up about Trump getting congressional approval for a Syrian war gets popped or…
  2. he gets nabbed thanks to our new glorious super surveillance provided by Big Business. Then everyone says “yea. We should let THEM run the surveillance state since they can stop these guys and da ebil Gubmint cant!”

There you have it. A rare prediction from American Everyman. Hopefully the idiot will get drunk and shoot himself in the leg or something playing with his “high end” guns. We’ll see.

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74 Responses

  1. Only $10,000 reward for a guy who is going to try (?) to kill a rich politician or start a revolution?
    That is an insult.
    Yeah…. setting us up…. this county is getting so depressing.

  2. Paul Ryan’s hometown, coincidentally.

  3. With these scams, the FBI can gun people down, and then blame their patsies. The truth never gets out, since the patsies and actors are never interviewed afterward. And after the patsies are sentenced by kangaroo court, they vanish from public attention. In this way the FBI and its associated private companies continually get more federal funding and more power over society.

    • i know the fbi is always involved in these things in one way or another, but i think it’s actually the dhs who’s behind these productions.

      just bringing them up since they rarely get mentioned & are deserving our scrutiny.

    • If I remember correctly, some libertarians like Radley Balko riled up their audiences against the alphabet soup agencies related to domestic security as a Trojan horse for privatization. Scott’s chronicling of the “private companies should spy on us for own good” fad seems to be yet another chapter within that same saga.
      Can we put aside our disagreements on the atom?

      • i would never suggest the dhs be privatized. i think more scrutiny needs to be paid to the dhs because they may present more danger to american liberty than any other alphabet agency. the dhs is essentially an intelligence & paramilitary organization that can federalize state & local police for their operations. so they’re basically a domestic army waiting to be unleased on our citizens. and as i stated before, i personally believe them to have been directly involved in the various mass-casualty psyops we’ve seen in recent years.

        • True, that. I visited towns of southern Texas last year, before that I renovated my passport at the American Embassy of Mexico City in 2012- both places gave off the unsettling “vibe” of a sci-fi story’s dystopian militarized setting.

  4. Note the alleged motive. According to a 160-page manifesto that magically fit into a small envelope, “Joseph Jakubowski” is unhappy with politicians who are puppets of the rich. Therefore, after the FBI guns people down, society will equate “Joseph Jakubowski” with anyone who questions neoliberalism and inequality. I’m saying that if the public wants Single Payer health care (for example) then the FBI will gun people down, and then their patsy will have Single Payer health care as his alleged motive. You’ll recall that the FBI and ATF killed 168 people in the Oklahoma City bombing (19 April 1995) in order to create a pretext to crush the “survivalist” and “separatist” fad that was very popular at the time, and which had been boosted by the FBI’s “Ruby Ridge” debacle three years earlier.

    • I wonder if he’ll end up being like Joseph Kony. Never caught, always the boogieman causing heightened terror alerts everywhere he goes. Like Emmanuel Goldstein or the Mandarin from Iron Man 3. that would be cool. Our very own homegrown, “self radicalized” bin Laden with douche-bag sunglasses on his stupid head.

      • As long as he remains “at large” (i.e. sitting in a shack eating Hot Pockets and playing video games) he will be a “threat.” This means more money and power for the FBI, or for whoever is arranging this silliness.

      • Good to know the sunglasses on the head look is douchy. I’ll have to put my douchebag glasses away with my acid washed jeans and MC hammer pants.

        Perhaps Cheeseheadinski didn’t make the cut for the Bundy militia show, and got this part as a sort of consolation prize?

    • 5 star comment, right there. So true.

  5. A theatrical event to deflect people from focusing on what’s happening in Syria.

    Is is working? Nah.

  6. […] the mood for very paranoid and very poorly thought out conspiracy theories, here’s one moron who thinks the lizard alien shape-shifting jews are behind it, or something. I’m sure there are many more out […]

  7. Sorry Telzilla, I missed the part where SC mentioned the Jewish-lizard- alien-people.

    Not even trying to be subtle, eh?

  8. Armageddon Supplies? … sounds about right for these hacks.

  9. The guy holding the a roofer. And not a very good one.

  10. Oh I’ll bet you’re right and this is a bunch of BS. However, with regards to firearms displays being disabled, I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is not always the case. I can go, and have gone, to a shooting range near me where I point to any display model of any caliber I want to shoot, from pistol to sniper rifle (no automatics though), and they give it to me with as many bags of bullets as I want with no mods required and I can go shoot it. The personal have loaded pistols in holsters ready. There was a suicide there in the last few years where a guy rented a pistol, went into the range, turned it on himself and blew his head off.

  11. Ok, I know this is serious..but if this guy was remotely aware of things, he would know that Trump will NEVER read 165 his life.
    Stay safe. All.

  12. An Hispanic Pole. Real wonderful genetics, America .

  13. I think you are asking the wrong questions. A good question would be what kind of country has gun stores on every corner and sells weapons to ordinary citizens? A pretty messed up one. I`m actually worried about traveling to the Us, becasue everyone and their grandma is armed to the teeth. Maybe I make a small mistake in traffic and accidentally cuts someone off. And then Joe Shitforbrains storms out of the car and points a high power rifle at me. Welcome to the US. I think the Americans are doomed, it`s just an endless stream of shootouts, school shootings and insane people shooting people over nothing. And still they cling on their right to bear arms. Because…I don`t know, they`re Amercians and Americans sure love weapons. I`m happy I live in country where I can`t simply walk into a store and buy a weapon. And last year 0 people was killed by firearms and the police shot 0 people during the entire year. Imagine that, not one singel person was shot. For an American, that must sound impossible. You and your guns…I don`t get.

    • do you have any idea of how many people die each week in this country due to medical malpractice in hospitals? And with tort reform on the agenda, pretty soon family members of those killed wont even be able to sue, which certainly will increase the numbers of deaths exponentially.

      And you are worried about some dude pulling a gun on you for a fender bender… which never happens?

      An endless stream of shootings? Really? I’ve lived here my whole life and never seen one. Never known someone killed in a shooting. Not one.

      Yeah, we got a lot of staged Gladio events like the one being set up now by the gun grabbers who you seem to work for, but aside from them, not a whole lot. Drug dealers whacking each other, gang members killing one another and cucked lovers taking each other out.

      Now you should all about staged events serving as the catalyst for gun grabbers. Remember Anders Breivik? I’m sure you do.

      I find it funny when someone from another nation comes over to my website suggesting we shouldn’t “cling” to our constitutional rights. Funny isn’t it? I wouldn’t dream of presuming to tell people of another country what the fuck rights they should give away. Would I?

      I guess that’s the difference between me and you. Right?

      Frankly, were I someone from your country, I would be a little less quick to bemoan guns. After all, without guns you guys would still be speaking German, wouldn’t you?

      If you are worried about traveling to the US, let me put you at ease. You’re not going to get shot. But if you get into an accident, remember, there’s no socialized medicine over here so you better have cash and you better pay REAL close attention to the service you get because you stand a MUCH better chance of being killed in a hospital in America than you do in a gun fight. Its not even fucking close really.

      And in the end… that pretty much is that. Come back next time you want sound thrashing… hee hee hee… lol… 😉

  14. One funny things about armed Americans, where I live a guy with a gun is considered to be a cowardly weakling. You don`t pull a gun on people because thats the same as saying I`m too much of a pussy to fight you. But the Americans seem to be oposite, a big bad man must have a gun. I find that hilarious. Guns are so weak and stupid. You want to fight? Then roll up your sleaves and be a God damn man!

    • knives are the weapon of choice in countries where gun control is stricter.
      At least Americans have some degree of defense ….. we learned the hard way…..
      I am 77…. never seen anyone shot….
      Americans are not pussies…… you can get shot for saying

    • oh well, you’re gonna call us “pussies” then we got to give up our guns to prove you wrong, right? oh, Jesus. What are you, twelve?

      Wanna know what your country did when the Nazis came a knocking? they laid down. rolled over. exposed their naked anuses and took it up the ass. That’s what you did. You did that and you waited for the Soviets and the Americans to stop the ass raping.

      You laid there taking it like a good little prison bitch screaming “help us Uncle Sam! Hitler is too big!” and we came over with our evil guns and gave you your goddamned country back. right?

      I find that hilarious, since we are sharing jokes right now and dropping the level of our discourse to that of 12-year-olds…

      I hope you get my point.

      Here’s an interesting bit of trivia… why do you think some dude just happens to show up on this thread advocating the gun-grabbing agenda simply because they see JJ’s name in the title? hmmm….

      again, thanks for playin.

      • Oh god… pathetic. us having guns didn’t help us defeat germany you asshat. the war was won because of large industrialized allies with big economies, navies, and manpower. any country in germany’s path got steam rolled, and we would have too if we were next to it. the united states was the only country in the war to fight germany in a battle and lose 2,000 troops while germany lost nothing (in north africa)

        • right. they walked in their with their heartlights turned on and the Nazis felt our pain and packed up and walked away… asshat.

          are you really such a gun-grabbing, firearm hating koolaid drinker that you can’t even bring yourself to admit they are useful… in a fucking WAR? Really? lol

          • you are taking me out of context. we are talking about gun rights for normal civilians. what i was saying is that your example of defeating germany was terrible because it had nothing to do with normal citizens owning guns. it had to do with large industries aligning (soviet union, united states, britain) to defeat a smaller group of allies (germany, italy, japan etc). and no, i’m not against gun rights, i was just calling you out on your terrible argument.

        • During the 13-month North African campaign, most Axis casualties were Italian at first, but the Germans suffered increasingly heavy losses toward the end in (late 1941). How heavy were German losses? That depends in which source you consult. Each source gives a different number, but they all agree that German and Italian losses exceeded American losses. (British losses also exceeded American losses.) Regarding gun violence today, the best way to statistically reduce it is not to outlaw guns (which is useless) but to end neoliberalism, and thereby create more economic opportunities for all. (Notice I did not say eliminate. I said statistically reduce.)

          • you come across as very ignorant of world war two. of course german and british losses exceeded american losses, they did way more fighting. also, german losses exponentially grew toward the end of the african campaign because the british and polish broke the german enigma code, which resulted in the british taking out undefended german supplies at sea, and therefore german troops having a severe lack of supplies. colonel dupuy (who is american by the way) and other historians/mathematicians have shown that the germans had the most skilled troops out of the main countries in europe (soviets, british, french, americans). dupuy did this by measuring combat effectiveness while considering factors such as firepower. most studies also show that the french, british, and americans all had relatively the same infantry combat effectiveness. as for your last argument, i am not against people owning guns. also, your idea of ending “neoliberalism” to solve gun violence is laughable. gun violence is a socioeconomic problem, you are right only about that.

    • It is like with many of the muslims, CIA, FBI, Governments etc. they have to kill people who speak the truth. The one who have really lost it all is the killer, not the one who is killed. Yes, guns are most often for weak people that cant argue with truth, and they choose the easiest solution, kill, kill so he/she/they can live on in the world of hypocrisy, falseness and lies. They forget or choose not to see, that the one who is killed shall one day be a witness, as the killer stands trial in front of the truth him self, Jesus Christ.

      • hocus pocus. only in your fantasies will these people receive justice. in reality they will get away with all their crimes, because people pursue their own gratification or make up fantasies like you do instead of pursuing justice.

  15. Well, 160 pages printed double-sided would only use up 80 sheets of paper, thus he’d save trees and save on postage. Very important when you’re taking a journey from Wisconsin to DC with soooo many assault rifles in tow.

    So, we have an anti-government, anti-politician, environmentally-conscious white male terrorist with a manifesto on the loose, and so far I can’t figure out if he’s pro-Trump or anti-Trump so I don’t know whether to be cheering him on or angry with him.

  16. That’s real nice that you have nothing but bias for Joseph. Sounds like you don’t actually see the reasoning behind his rage. You don’t even know what he has to say, you didn’t read his manifesto, and he hasn’t done anything yet. Man I should shut up because cry_wolf people like you make it so much easier for revolutions and assasinations to take place.

    • you guys are working hard on this project of yours aren’t you? Let me put it simply for you guys so you can understand (not that you will of course) I don’t give a shit what his “rage” is… doesn’t justify breaking into a gun shot and calmly stealing a bunch of weapons and then strolling off like you know no one is on their way to get you. That means, guns aren’t going to fix the ills of society… and neither are staged false flag events.

      and you think it’s my fault because I call out the bullshit? yeah, I guess you and your supervisors would think that, wouldn’t you?

      • You wouldn’t know bullshit if it slopped all up in your mouth and you still have absolutely no idea what this guy is about. You really don’t. The guy hasn’t even been convicted yet let alone found so lay back and shut the hell up till it happens

        • and what pray tell makes you think “it” will “happen”? lol

        • Funny English…”slopped all up in your mouth”? Maybe something got lost in translation there?

          And dude, just because some tweaker broke into the first gun shop in the phonebook doesn’t mean we need to have a hissy fit. I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to reading his manifesto in the next news cycle.

  17. By the sound of his voice I presume the manifesto consists of one page written in finger paint.

    • does sound rather stupid, doesn’t he? not only that, but he starts his “revolution” by exposing himself to security cameras, video cameras and the scrutiny of the Secret Service right off the bat. Not the brightest “revolutionary” I ever saw.

  18. You forget to mention that the local paper interview a girl that went to highschool with him and said he was weird a loner, got bullied and taught “kids how to make bombs”.

    • yeah, and his step dad who says he wouldn’t be surprised if he went off and killed a bunch of people. they are really setting the stage for something

  19. I live here. I know the guy. I shop at that store. He said he was going to do those things and then he did those things. Look, I’m all for a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but not everything that anyone tells you ever is a lie. Sometimes things can be taken exactly for what they are. When the memes came, there was some good ones. These conspiracy theories are just ridiculous and ignorant.

    • Yeah, sometimes you can just close your eyes and pretend you don’t see glaring problems with their official story and dutifully keep whistling past the graveyard like nothing is happening. That is certainly a choice. It’s just not mine.

  20. You don’t have to tell me how to spell conspiracy. Believe me since the story broke, this is spelled conspiracy big time. But not exactly the way it’s playing out in your report. First I would like to clear something up the man who shot the video, has been cooperating with the authorities. He didn’t want his name associated with this so he went straight to the police department. That’s not saying I buy that but it is what it is. When it comes to a conspiracy people will buy the story you sell them. Second the reward is 20,000. No Janesville isn’t exactly a big city, but I don’t think the government is hiding him in jail because I have lived in Janesville my whole life and know that people in general would sell their own brother for 50 bucks and a pack of smokes. If he was in Janesville somebody would’ve turned his ass in by now. the government is hiding him somewhere else.

  21. [As is often the case, the “confession” video is poorly scripted and acted. Here’s a clip of the actual video in which he and his accomplice try their best to sound menacing. “It’s revolution.. time for change” Joey says in his monotone, full retard voice. “It’s game time”] in this paragraph you state Joey says in his monotone, full retard voice. What in the hell gives you the right to use the word retard as a descriptive word for this horrible man. I have a few family members who have special needs and i really dont appreaciate when people use that word in this kind of meaning. Regardless on your views on “whats really happening” This is a bad man doing bad things and now you have associated the word retard with something bad, and people could then look at mentaly challenged people as bad. Try to use some better words next time. Also his handler was already talking to police how else do you think the police got the manifesto.

    • Full retard, I believe, is a reference to a reference to a character of a character, Simple Jack, in the historical film Tropic Thunder. Simple Jack communicates telepathically with farm animals and therefore should not be considered “mentaly challenged”. If you’ve ever tried communicating telepathically with farm animals you would know it’s very challenging. I have a few family members who are full retards. So I’d appreciate it if next time you would refrain from using terms like “special needs” when referring to telepathically-gifted full retards.

    • @ Mike Corwin: I agree with you about the word “retard.” I never use that word myself, for the reasons you mentioned.

      Still, asking for sensitivity is one thing. Demanding it in megalomaniacal fashion is something else, especially when it distracts attention from the context, which is the questionable nature of this Jakubowski joker.

      Next time please try asking. Among intelligent people it works very well. And when it doesn’t work, then you don’t want to be with those people anyway.

    • You say you “have a few family members who have special needs” and as long you don’t call them “retards” , I really can’t see the connection.

      • I’ve worked with the developmentally disabled for a few years. It doesn’t take long to realize they hate, like all of us, to be “othered”. They can hear it in the tone of peoples’ voices, the look in their eyes….and to ever hear that word is brutal. It’s just as bad using it in fun….and this isn’t just some politically correct thing. It’s abusive. Just because they have trouble communicating doesn’t make them any different than you not being able to understand them. “Respect” is the word I’m looking for. It’s the one thing you get by giving it.

        • But you really missed the point. Nobody called Mikes family members retards and your own little story don’t have anything to do with the original article because nobody here called them retards either. Both of you get proxy insulted on behalf of others. Being that sensitive to words then Internet must be a horrible place.

          Humans die every day all around the world and so do developmentally disabled humans and I think they would rather be called retards then to be killed. Words only have the meaning and value you give them, but violence kills indiscriminately. And that is a much greater thing to protest against. Why don’t you and Mike assemble a lot of your fellow countrymen and march against Washington to protest this big injustice. You know. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Even a child knows this.

          • First thing is “my little story” was meant to point out that I do have a personal understading of an unnecessarily large population of people who are branded from the time they are children as being “other,” because they don’t fit the mold of our policy makers. And words don’t only hurt them, they break their spirits. If your talking in private with your friends you say dumb things. But this is a public forum and anyone who is disabled is likely to read this. Yes, they read….and are usually quite intelligent to deal with those who underestimate them.

            The word is all over public forums, the TV….it’s a favorite among comedians and many ape media language and throw it around not caring where it lands. And I don’t have to go along with it….and I point out that it is wrong. Maybe not enough. As for being on the front line of being anti-war, and fighting for human rights….I have been there outspoken and taking my lumps for 50 some years before it was cool. And the sixties (I’m not talking hippies) were a very dangerous time. Sorry to induge you with another “little story,” but yes, I am trying to stop innocent people from being killed, too. That includes abusing and killing peoples’ spirits here and everywhere. Enough.

            • Seriously. Calling an alphabet-soup patsies voice “full retard voice” won’t break their spirit if they are as intelligent as you say. On the other hand talking down to them or calling them retards could break their spirit. This can I understand and respect. And BTW I fully understand your point view all the way to, but people sometimes “make a hen from a feather” and trying to censor Internet is a government project.

    • To everybody harping on this:

      “Going full retard” is a reference to a film ABOUT SOMEONE PRETENDING TO BE DISABLED… in that case, and ACTOR…. my reference isn’t about his IQ…. IT’S ABOUT HIM PRETENDING TO BE SOMETHING HE ISN’T… like what I wrote about the U.S. military intelligence officer Alvin Greene who “went full retard” pretending to be a moron and running for office in South Carolina. JJ is clearly putting on an act… just like Alvin Greene… and THAT is what I was writing about.

      And just for the record… I use the words I choose to use. I pick them for a very specific reason. If you don’t understand what I am saying, that’s fine. Not everyone gets everything. But no… I’m not going to “pick better words” and by “better” I suppose you mean more PC… because something might offend your sensibilities.

      “going full retard” means someone is pretending to be disabled and doing it badly. It has nothing to do with people with disabilities.

      • I ended my post with “Enough.” realizing hardcore meglomania had set in….exactly what Elizabeth had warned someone else about. Political correctness is the greatest oxymoron in America today….

        Anyway, can’t say what it was….Viva’s tone or something, I went off on a high horse. Every day this is my go-to place for news and opinions and I know better than to think anything other than championing the dignity of the innocent is the cornerstone of your writing. And you have little tolerance for anything else in others. That’s why I come here. So, the high horse is in the barn, rid hard and put up wet….and on with new business.

        • Speaking of barns and horses, here’s the Simple Jack trailer for your enjoyment…

          • I guess, more to my point…

          • For an awful second I thought “Simple Jack” was a stand-alone movie, since I never saw “Tropic Thunder.” As I watched the fake trailer, I thought, Oh. God. Please. No.

            • I hear that when “Tropic Thunder” was released, countless morons protested its depiction of mental retardation (e.g. “Simple Jack”). I myself interpret “Simple Jack” to be a satire on Hollywood’s exploitation of people with disabilities (e.g. “Rain Man”).

              I don’t watch movies about people with disabilities (except for “Gattaca” and “A Beautiful Mind”). Not because I don’t care, but because I care so much that those kinds of movies plunge me into deep depression. Therefore I am not interested when someone mounts his soap-box to condemn us for our “insensitivity.”

              • its a satire on the exploitation of the disabled films, but it’s also making fun of bad actors who cant play people with disabilities. which is…kinda what I was talking about…

        • It definitely was my tone and I did it intentionally because I noticed a little soft spot, and I can be a bit childish sometimes. Sorry 🙂 But I did have some good points and so did you.

  22. Cool….and on with new business.

  23. Geez

  24. […] mood for very paranoid and very poorly thought out conspiracy theories, here’s one moron who thinks the lizard alien shape-shifting jews are behind it, or something. I’m sure there are many more out […]

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