OPCW Interim Report on Douma Attack: Here are the FACTS

by Scott Creighton

(video found at end of article)

As good as most of the researchers doing REAL work on this story are… MOST of them are MISSING THE POINT of what the new report actually says and more importantly, how it differs from the June 13, 2018 OPCW FFM report covering three incidents that took place in 2017.

Yes. The report states that they found no evidence of the use of Sarin gas at any of the locations they checked. That is true. But what most focus on now is the fact that the MSM is reporting the report clearly states that chlorine gas WAS DEFINITELY used at a number of the sites, which they mistakenly claim gives proof that Assad did in fact use chlorine gas as a weapon on those civilians and by extension the White Helmets were right to do that little scene in the hospital washing off kids and terrorizing them.

Though the MSM is clearly misrepresenting the study’s findings to a large degree, the average alternative “news” presenters are doing something very similar. They aren’t telling you the full story and instead are focusing on how chlorinated organic chemicals are commonplace and could have been the result of many other sources OTHER THAN a chemical attack by the Syrian government forces.

Take a look at what the report actually says:

“The results of the analysis of the prioritised samples submitted to OPCW designated laboratories were received by the FFM team on 22 May 2018. No organophosphorus nerve agents or their degradation products were detected, either in the environmental samples or in plasma samples from the alleged casualties.”

Various chlorinated organic chemicals were found in samples from Locations 2 and 4, along with residues of explosive. These results are reported in Annex 3. Work by the team to establish the significance of these results is ongoing.”

As you can see, they found no evidence Sarin gas was used. For all intents and purposes, that is important, but even the BS statement issued by the White House days after the attack downplayed the possibility of the use of Sarin gas. It was always about chlorine primarily.

But then notice that second part where they claim they found the chlorinated organic chemicals in JUST locations 2 and 4. On RT and places like Moon of Alabama and The Last American Vagabond and others (Vanessa Beeley for one) you will find folks trying to explain the presence of those compounds away in a variety of ways:

“The OPCW did not conclude at all that “chlorine was indeed used”. It found some chemical compounds which have chlorine, carbon and hydrogen in various configurations as their main elements. There are hundreds if not thousands of “chlorinated organic chemicals”. A plastic pipe made from polyvenylchlorid (PVC = (C2H3Cl)n) is made of the same elements. One could call it a “chlorinated organic chemical”. Burning something made of PVC will releases various compounds many of which will themselves be “chlorinated organic chemicals”. But finding residues of a burned plastic pipe or isolation in a home does not mean that chlorine gas was used in that place. Several of the compounds the OPCW found result from using chlorine to disinfect water. They can be found within the chlorinated water and about anywhere where chlorinated water was used. ” Moon of Alabama

Though technically true… the fact that these compounds were NOT found in ALL the other locations undermines this argument. If this stuff was so readily available in occupied places like Douma, would you not expect to find them everywhere you looked? If you can create a positive test result from the burning of PVC plumbing from buildings, wouldn’t it turn up in all of the locations? Of course it would.

Their argument undermines itself.

So what does that mean?

All you have to do is read the actual report and it’s accompanying statements and you will find the answer to that question.

The very next paragraph from my quote above EXPLAINS LOCATIONS 2 AND 4 to the point where you don’t even have to SPECULATE or try to assume PVC burning or chlorinated water tablets or ANY of that stuff… the OPCW tells you everything you need too know:

The FFM team visited Locations 2 and 4, where it observed the presence of an industrial gas cylinder on a top floor patio at Location 2, and the presence of a similar cylinder lying on the bed of a top floor apartment at Location 4. Close to the location of each cylinder there were crater-like openings in the respective reinforced concrete roofs. Work is ongoing to assess the association of these cylinders with the incident, the relative damage to the cylinders and the roofs, and how the cylinders arrived at their respective locations.”

The ONLY locations where they found chlorinated organic chemical traces were at the locations where they found those HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS-LOOKING yellow cylinders lying on an unbroken bed and sitting neatly on a balcony.

That’s it.

But notice what they said in that SAME paragraph:

“Work is ongoing to assess the association of these cylinders with the incident, the relative damage to the cylinders and the roofs, and how the cylinders arrived at their respective locations.

No PVC or water treatment pills speculation needed. They ONLY found these compounds in the locations where these STAGED-LOOKING cylinders were found and they themselves seem to suggest they might suspect they were PUT THERE for dramatic effect.

Ergo… nope. It wasn’t Assad and even OPCW seems to suspect this line of “evidence”

Two important aspects of the newly released OPCW FFM report on Douma are being overlooked. 1. They state they cannot determine how canisters arrived at location where chlorinated organic chemicals were found and 2. they were attacked by “sleeper cells” in Douma while trying to conduct their investigation.

OPCW FFM report https://www.opcw.org/fileadmin/OPCW/S_series/2018/en/s-1645-2018_e_.pdf

OPCW FFM press statement https://www.opcw.org/news/article/opcw-issues-fact-finding-mission-reports-on-chemical-weapons-use-allegations-in-douma-syria-in-2018-and-in-al-hamadaniya-and-karm-al-tarrab-in-2016/

Last American Vagabond video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FG2OwotmlI

Moon of Alabama article http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/07/syria-many-media-lie-about-watchdog-report-on-the-chemical-attack-in-douma.html

my article on the June 13 2018 report https://americaneveryman.com/2018/06/15/seems-like-the-white-helmets-were-paid-6-6-million-to-help-fabricate-bogus-june-13-2018-opcw-ffm-study/

my video on that report https://americaneveryman.com/2018/06/16/exposing-the-fraud-of-the-new-opcw-chemical-weapons-report/

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3 Responses

  1. I was wondering why everyone, including alt-media, was so readily accepting this story about chlorine. Seemed strange to me.

  2. Wouldn’t that round cylinder have bounced off that bed?

    • or broken it. it’s also not directly under the hole in the roof which is highly suspect as well. but of course, the answer could be that someone moved it before the video was shot.

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