Bataclan massacre: Anti-terror Unit There Whole Time – Ordered to Stand Down

“A group of survivors and families of victims of the 2015 Paris terrorist attack at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris has filed a lawsuit against the French state over its response during the police operation that night.

The group which includes 17 victims and families of victims wants to know why eight soldiers from the “Sentinelle” anti-terror patrols armed with assault rifles, who were outside the concert hall while the massacre was taking place inside, were told by their superiors not to intervene.” The Local France June 8 2018

“The legal complaint was triggered by the testimony of a top military commander who gave evidence during a parliamentary investigation of the actions of police and military on the night of the attacks of November 13, 2015.

General Bruno Le Ray, Military Governor of Paris, defended the order that prevented eight soldiers located near the Bataclan concert hall from intervening in the attack because he thought “it unthinkable to put soldiers at risk just hoping, hypothetically, to save other lives”, Samia Maktouf, a Paris lawyer for the survivors and victims’ families, told FRANCE 24.

She said the soldiers were told not to use their weapons or even administer first aid to the many victims at the music venue during the two-hour siege by jihadists affiliated to the Islamic State (IS) group.France 24 June 12 2018

Soldiers arriving at the scene were not ordered to intervene. Victims and families of victims have lodged a complaint for “non-assistance to persons in danger”. M Societe June 8 2018 (French)

RT video June 15th

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    • its very interesting. In Vegas we know there were at least two people (Jesus and one security officer) in the hall outside where some of the shooting was taking place and we know that at the church in Texas there were two guys outside that building when the attack took place (they supposedly chased him into the field) and of course, the officers (plural) outside the school building in Parkland when that shooting took place. Seems like a trend doesn’t it?

  1. As you should know by now Scott, all of these “terrorist events” are fully staged. Police are an unwanted complication, and thus are always ordered to stand down. Any police that are allowed to take part are actors. Why is this so hard for you to understand?

    • if you think I don’t understand that… why do you figure I posted the article links and the video above? And… why do you think I made the connection between the stand-down order in France and the stand-down orders in Vegas and Parkland? For that matter… one could add the stand-down order on 9/11 if one wanted to. Why do you think I brought all that up Christo?

    • Never – Scott will always think that all events are anything but the most complicated, absurd, and minimally used tactics in history. Scott’s a straight shooter full of skepticism of conspiracy’s and a proud debunker of illogical thought.

  2. Police and soldiers are duty bound to risk their own lives to save the lives of others….
    like Scott says, it seems to be a trend now to ignore their duties.

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