New Australian “ISIS™” Video Adds to the Long Storied History of Manufactured Terror from the 5-Eyes’ Phony Boogeymen

by Scott Creighton

Someone on Twitter brought to my attention a relatively new video of some white guy dressed up in a boogeyman terrorist costume, holding all the right props and trying to speak in an affected cliche Arab accent calling on all Muslims around the world, and specifically in Philippines and Australia, to launch various attacks with household items like cars and nail guns.

The ridiculous propaganda video was released right around the time of the 50th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (AMM) held in the Philippines starting on Aug. 6th. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with his counterpart in the nation during the meeting.

How convenient of “ISIS™”. Gee, it’s almost as if they work for our glorious intelligence agencies (which, by the way, have their own show on CNN now “Producers collaborate with prominent intelligence, military and government agencies such as CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, DOD, Homeland Security, The State Department, et al., to tell their stories in a non-political, objective way“)

Before I get into the “new” video, I though a little refresher course would be in order:

Partial list of phony “angry Muslim terrorists” from 5-Eyes nations:

  • BritishSamantha Lewthwaite – a.k.a. White Widow – sold story of conversion to British tabloid for $30,000 or so – Boogeyman affiliation: the evil anti-war protesters and then Al-Shabaab
  • AmericanAdam Gadahn – a.k.a. Azzām al-Amrīki – grandfather, Carl Pearlman, on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League. Boogeyman affiliation: al CIAdah
  • British – Muhammad Olayan – a.k.a. Mohammed Emwazi or “Jihadi John” – made a slew of fake beheading videos while President Peace Prize needed justification for Iraq War II – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”
  • Australian – Abdullah Elmir – a.k.a. the “Ginger Jihadi” – married British phony tuuurruuuist Amira Abase – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”
  • AmericanShannon Maureen Conley – a.k.a. “mentally unstable patsy set up by the FBI” – she was a mentally unstable patsy set up by the FBI for arrest – Boogeyman affiliation: FBI’s confidential informant
  • BritishSally Jones – a.k.a. “White Widow” or “Umm Hussain al-Britani” – used to be a punk rock singer – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”
  • Australian – Jake Bilardi – a.k.a. “Jihadi Jake” – looks like he was just kidnapped from a rousing 3 day game of D&D – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”
  • BritishJohn Cantlie (Cant Lie) – a.k.a. “phony hostage turned PR frontman” – one of his early videos featured what he called the “Islamic State Fire Brigade” who then turned into the “White Helmets” – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”

And then there was this:

isis defined

And who can forget this classic of the father of Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski arming and training Osama bin Laden himself:

Related image

Zignew Brzezinski with “freedom fighter” Osama bin Laden

We here in the Westernized and Propagandized Nations of the world (the Privatized Central Bank owned nations of the world) have a long and sordid history of manufacturing our own monsters when we cant find any real ones or cant piss off enough 3rd World nations’ citizens to rise up against our illegal drone strikes which I affectionately call the “Death Squads from Above” program.

And since the complicit corporate media “collaborates with prominent intelligence, military and government agencies” (a.k.a. The Deep State) and will NEVER tell viewers the truth about such things, the Boogeyman Industrial Complex has evolved to near cottage industry status as is evidenced by just how many losers in the game of life end up choosing the Professional Boogeyman in Training program as their way out of the downward spiral that is their pathetic existences.

Yep, all sorts of enterprising individuals have decided that a career in the Manufactured Villain profession is their calling and thus we get what we see above.

And it also seems to have been the Siren song that caught the attention of this latest phony angry Muslim Boogeyman professional who made the latest “ebil Muslim tuuuurrurist” video a couple weeks ago. Have a listen to this Aussie’s horribly phony “angry Mooolism” accent. It’s quite humorous actually.

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