“ISIS” Video With John Cantlie (“John can’t lie”) Shows White Helmets and Describes them as “Islamic State Fire Brigade”

by Scott Creighton

Let’s just start off where we will finish. The White Helmets, everyone’s new darlings, are actually the Islamic State Fire Brigade a.k.a. “ISIS”. It’s not 6 degrees of separation. It’s not a video of some guys hanging out with al Qaeda cutting off a kid’s head in the back of a truck. They are literally “ISIS” and don’t take my word for it, that’s what their official spokesman described them as before the “White Helmets” propaganda was even created…

So the White Helmets won an Academy Award huh? And their latest video showing them bravely assisting the victims of the “chemical weapons attack” in Syria are what motivated President Trump to bomb a SAA air strip in order to assist al-Qaeda in their efforts in northern Hama, huh?

Image result for white helmets syrian chemical weapons attack

And everyone says we have to continue to fight “ISIS” and then start our regime change plan in earnest again, right?


Below is an “ISIS” propaganda video from 2014 which features John Cantlie, British citizen, “reporting” from somewhere talking about how everything is better living under “ISIS” control and he even stops at a bullshit ragtag booth they set up to supposedly hand out the day’s official “ISIS” group think propaganda. In case you forgot who John was, he was one of MANY Brits who by happenstance of course, ended up being the spokespeople for “ISIS”

Supposedly kidnapped and made into a hostage, he made a total of eight propaganda pieces for “ISIS” over his regime change propaganda career.

An eighth propaganda video of British hostage John Cantlie giving a tour of the Iraqi city of Mosul has been released by the Islamic State (Isis). The photojournalist presents the documentary-style clip in English, claiming that “life in Mosul is business as usual” and that media reports suggesting the city is “depressed” and “living in fear” are “misleading”. Guardian

In this video someone on Youtube found, John walks around talking about a drone strike he claims the US did and he talks about how evil America is and all that before a couple guys in rescue gear walk behind him. You see a number of them in the background prior to this point, but these two walk so close by, he feels he has to mention them.

John “Can’t Lie” says “the fire brigade, the Islamic State Fire Brigade are here trying to clean up the mess” and behind him when he says that are these guys:

Those guys are the only responders you see in the video. They are the only ones wearing rescue gear. They are the only ones there to “clean up the mess” ergo, they are the ‘Islamic State Fire Brigade’ as in the “ISIS” rescuers of “ISIS” terrorists.

And now who are they?

They are the British funded, George Soros backed , Academy award winning White Helmets. “ISIS” in other words.

Here is the video:

Supposedly we are there to fight “ISIS” but we aren’t. We give them money (and lots of it), give them spokesmen (and lots of them), help them make fake beheading videos (I’m looking at you Rita Katz), give em academy awards and bomb Assad’s forces when they make a video and say he dropped some chemical weapons on innocent little “BABIES!”

So, if you want to keep backing these bullshit claims about Assad being a dictator killing “BABIES!” for the fun of it (I’m looking at you Bernie Sanders you POS) you go right ahead and do so. Just remember though, everything you are talking about comes directly from a White Helmets propaganda video made by the Islamic State Fire Brigade otherwise known as “ISIS” and now operating under the new name…

the White Helmets.

Because the White Helmets are “ISIS” and don’t take my word for it. That’s what John Cantlie said his damn self and we all know he can’t lie.

UPDATE: John Cantlie was “captured” by “ISIS” when working for USAID which is a front group for the CIA… how they get their grubby little hands into countries that don’t want them.

Then consider another well known fact which is:

And it all starts to make perfect sense, doesn’t it? Bet you wish you took the blue pill.

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24 Responses

  1. The Empire’s lies rotate on a daily basis.

    DAY ONE: We must help Syria’s “moderates” destroy Assad.
    DAY TWO: We must attack Syria to destroy “ISIS.”
    DAY THREE: We must resist Russia’s attempt to destroy “ISIS.”
    DAY FOUR: We must help the Kurds destroy “ISIS.”
    DAY FIVE: We must help “ISIS” (i.e. “moderates”) destroy Assad.

    This cycle endlessly repeats.

  2. It’s astounding how AQ, in the course of a decade, has been promoted from “the no. 1 threat to the free world” to brave paramedics in an Oscar-winning “documentary”. The Ministry of Truth is the American way, as long as it’s in the private sector.
    John Cantlie’s stupid pro-Takfiri video looks a little too professional and high-budget for a ragtag guerilla production. It has to be from the same studio that staged the beheadings and parades.

    • Before the Empire called al-Qaeda “the number one threat,” the Empire called al-Qaeda heroic “freedom fighters.”

      Reagan even held meetings with al-Qaeda in the White House

      • To this day, most pundits across the political spectrum still swear that the Soviet-aligned People’s republic of Afghanistan was such a terrible tyranny, therefore, “we had to support the Mujahideen in overthrowing it”. Then all its offshoots replaced communism as the enemy in the 1990s and 200s.

        • *2000s I must type more carefully.

        • Post-WWII Afghanistan was ruled by drug lords and warlords (i.e. by gangsters) who caused extreme poverty and inequality. The Afghan people desperately sought aid from their (then) neighbor, the USSR, which helped them to create an egalitarian government. The gangsters fought back with such violence that in 1979 the Soviets invaded to keep the gangsters in check. The gangsters responded by turning to the Empire, which created al-Qaeda. Average Americans don’t know this, and don’t want to know. In their self-righteousness they claim that the Soviets invaded “to prop up a Communist dictatorship.”

          • Rambo III and other 80s media lionized the Taliban/drug lords as “freedom fighters like George Washington”. Freedom fighters who just happen to destroy the viability of the territory they liberate.

            • Similar to Ronnie Reagan calling the Contras “freedom fighters” and comparing them to the Founding Fathers. He claimed that supporting their war against the Sandinista government was the only hope for democracy in Nicaragua.

              You couldn’t make this shi&*^ up

  3. The psychopaths are angry because their B.S. stories aren’t working as well as they used to. Too many people are asking questions and there are too many eyes on what’s really going on. They’re making lots of “mistakes.”

    I don’t know if people died or not, but it’s absolutely clear that the globalists are the only ones to potentially “gain” from such an incident and its after-effects. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t waking up more people than ever and hastening the end of the real “reign of terror” on this planet.

    • yeah, folks are communicating via the internet and social media and their bullshit psyops don’t have the lasting power they used to. that’s what they call being “radicalized by the internet” so they gotta fix that as well.

    • The problem is whether you are waking people up or making them sleep, as many do not want to know what’s going on in Syria, or the white helmets or the stories mixed up and invented by the White House. For example, here in Portugal, I see more and more young people entertained with their mobile phones, computers and poorly informed. However, I am also aware that my country lives a decaying capitalist system that makes people sleep for important facts and wake up with other uninteresting ones (like football). Perhaps in Venezuela and in Ecuador, where the climate is more revolutionary, people are more enlightened for everything that is happening in the world.

      • Yes, sadly, there are a lot of people who are oblivious. I almost wish I didn’t have to know about these terrible things either. If things go badly, there will be consequences for probably everyone on the planet and they will take notice of the greater world outside of their devices.

      • Good news! Even some young US adults are catching on to what a generally PITA phones are. Others need little reminders so feel free to point out when phones crap up their lives. It happens a lot if you’re paying attention to how disruptive they are. Much like cable is being cut, expect to see less phone use and more phone-sharing. Seriously, no one needs a phone to drive out to the store for groceries.

        • It seems to be a society of remotely controlled people, more towards the individual than the collective. For some young people, it is almost all wonderful what they touch and what they see. Therefore, it is very difficult to make them realize the terrible suffering and pain experienced in a war.

  4. The next False Flag against Syria is already being filmed, al Jazeera crews on the ground, it will be White Phosphorous blamed on Assad this time.

    Now we can lay to rest all that speculation about what the first Trump attack was about, he was just laying the ground work for the Big One, mostly likely a massive attack, busting up what’s left of Syria.


    • ah. I see. Erdogan did it? And that comes from a “Turkish” intel officer, drunk, and Veterans Today, who’s owner and writer of that article, admits 40% of the stuff they post on their site is bullshit?

      AND … they use the White Helmets Mannequin Challenge video as if it’s them staging one of their fake rescues?

      AND they say this: “This is what we know, where we can support using credible testimony. We can’t tie what happened on the ground with the CIA or anyone else, just what we have”

      so the chemical attack plan and weapon came from Ankara and the CIA had nothing to do with it?

      and they conclude with this:

      “VT keeps penetration agents around like house pets, as many are aware. As VT editor, Colonel Jim Hanke, former intelligence chief of NATO’s 3rd Army likes to say: “We get bored.”

      oh yeah, that’s… credible…

  5. Hey Scott- I did add a clarification to that post.
    Also wanted to let you know I spent a ton of time searching and putting together and informational post on the Turkish referendum- the change from Parliamentary to Presidential government and the 18 amendments being voted on and some history stuff

    Tried to keep in fact based and non emotive


    I’d appreciate your input- thanks 🙂

    • Penny includes an audio interview which explains that, contrary to the Empire’s propaganda, Erdogan has reduced (not increased) the Turkish government’s oppression of Kurds. Kurds can now freely speak their language in public, and freely broadcast Kurdish radio and TV programs (unless they call for violent rebellion). Some Kurds don’t like Erdogan. Some love him. Most fall somewhere in between, as do all Turks. Some Kurds support the PKK. Others oppose the PKK, and blame it for making their lives harder. In short, the Empire’s propaganda is overly simplistic. The April 16 referendum is about making the Turkish government more like the U.S. government in structure. The Empire fears that if the referendum passes, it will reduce the parliamentary deadlock the keeps Turkey crippled and controllable.

      • Incidentally Penny writes, “In case of a war, ‘belligerent powers’ will be banned from the Bosporus Straits. That’s what happened during World War II, when Turkey remained neutral and neither Germany nor the USSR could use the Bosporus and the Dardanelles.”

        That’s only because the Straights were not important at that time. Meanwhile, even though Iraq and Iran were officially neutral, the British brutally invaded and occupied Iraq (2 May 1941) and (along with the Soviets) Iran (25 Aug 1941) to seize the oil. My point is that during wartime, treaties and international law are often ignored.

        • Hi Elizabeth that is the Montreaux agreement I’m quoting from with regard to traversing the Turkish Straits- the real point is the straits are very significant.
          And yes the little audio was interesting- I’ve come across that before and have posted information like that at the blog- but the common perception management- the simplistic perception management still stands
          Turkey bad to Kurds
          Kurds only victim of Turkey
          PKK just wants freedom
          really simplistic thoughts pervail- as if anything in the real world is every that black vs white
          too much hollywood, imo

  6. Reblogged this on icareviews.

  7. You’ve just about summed up the White Helmets perfectly (another good source is Vanessa Beeley). Your update interested me too:

    UPDATE: John Cantlie was “captured” by “ISIS” when working for USAID which is a front group for the CIA… how they get their grubby little hands into countries that don’t want them.

    I wasn’t aware of USAID’s reputation with regards US intelligence but it all fits nicely into place when we look at his involvement with Shajul Islam, the former doctor who was struck off by UK medical authorities. Shajul was the main ‘rebel’ spokesman for the recent alleged CW attack in Khan Sheikhoun. Finding time to tweet and video conference in the middle of such an enormous crisis was a measure of the mans capabilities. However, before his latest heroic adventure, he wasn’t quite so keen to be a poster boy. He was charged with terrorism offences by UK authorities and one of the two witnesses was a certain Mr Cantlie.
    The case was dropped after Cantlie had already returned to Syria and been taken hostage for a second time (and we are supposed to have sympathy for this fool?). The other witness wouldn’t testify for fear of damaging chances of being released. So Mr Shajul Islam was allowed to go free with British intelligence assuring us that they would keep an eye on him.
    The next time he shows up (I wonder if an MI6 operative was cameraman?) is in the propaganda that Mr Trump was more than eager to swallow and respond to. Shame he wasn’t as concerned with the kids rounded up at Foua, before the suicide bomber pressed the button. I think it’s safe to say both Cantlie and Shajul are intelligence assets along with their ‘Sarin defying’ pals in the white hats.

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