9/11 Shock Opera… Act 4 – Building 7 and Flight 93: The Grand Finale that Wasn’t

 Scott Creighton (reposted from May 25th 2009)

Prologue: The Premise

Take yourself back to that day when you watched or listened to the attack on America; the day that everything changed. Remember where you were, who you were with, and most importantly, how you felt.

cnn_911_screenThink about the last few events of that day; how the news of the Pentagon being hit by something was followed almost immediately by the unexpected complete collapse of the South Tower (WTC 2). Remember how we had barely recovered from that shock, one that we were forced to watch in horror over and over again, when the unspeakable happened; the North Tower (WTC 1) fell in exactly the same way; at an eerie and almost supernatural speed as plumes of smoke and steel columns flung across city blocks.

Now I want you to put yourself in that very moment, once again, and prepare yourself for the missing final act that never took place and yet may be one of the most telling and condemning pieces of evidence in the ongoing unofficial investigation of 9/11.

The 9/11 Shock Opera

–  Flight 93 and Building 7 –  The Grand Finale … that wasn’t.

The North Tower has fallen and people are in absolute disbelief.  The grey faces staring back at us through the live news reports tell the story; they are blank with shock like infants in a war zone.

WTC Dust6In New York, the yelling and the screams have faded into history as the dust settles… a deafening silence fills the air in your office or your home… no one speaks save the babbling talking heads on the news, all vying for their Peabody Award and their personal place in history…

When over the shoulder of a reporter we see, way off in the distance… rising from the horizon, coming in from the south, low and just over the murky blue of the Hudson Bay… Flight 93 on its final approach.

At first the reporter doesn’t notice, but you do; everyone in your office, everyone in your home, watches in silence. There is just no way possible…it must be something else, a military plane scouring the skies, protecting us, protecting America, protecting what’s left of New York…and we all watch as it grows ever larger, just over the reporters shoulder, while a sickening despair builds in each of us silent TV witnesses till our fears become the unavoidable realization.

It’s not over.

A scream somewhere off camera seems to snap the camera-man out of his trance and he shifts ever-so-slightly his focus, your focus, to the play’s approaching last act.

The talking head finally shuts up and turns just in time to see Flight 93 diving from the tip of Lower Manhattan. There is no question, there is nothing to say; Flight 93, in front of hundreds of cameras and thousands of witnesses, and the millions watching live on TV., roars past the remains of the lower New York City skyline, darts through the remaining smoke and dust of the towers, and plows into Building 7 of the World Trade Center somewhere around the 7th floor at over 600 mph. This is the area where the diesel fuel storage tanks are kept in the building, and the resulting explosion is something to behold. Orange-red flames reach all the way up the north face of the building as someone in your office lets out a little raspy scream. Whispered prayers float up from the crowd for those lost souls onboard.

But that is just the beginning.

building 7 collapsesRumbles immediately are heard and felt underfoot by the dust covered survivors and first responders at Ground Zero a second after Flight 93’s tail disappears in the south face of Building 7.

The rumbles continue and before the reporter can utter a word, as the smoke cloud mushrooms past the top floor grey and red with menace, more explosions and more flashes, more grey-faced people running, their faces contorted masks of shear terror, and that terrible white noise of panicked people yelling warnings incoherently to one another, then the horrible reality sets in and we allow ourselves to acknowledge that building 7 …is moving.

In 7 seconds flat, building 7 collapses right before our eyes just at that moment when we thought there was no more; we thought we were safe and the worst of the suffering was behind us. The Towers were hit, they fell. The horror should have been over… but it wasn’t.

This was the final act, the Grand Finale, as scripted for the street theatre opera known as 9/11.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Ground Zero, something that changed everything in the plan to change everything; a fighter pilot met Flight 93 route to New York and he may still yet be the conspirators’ ultimate demise and our last best hope.


It is my intention to show that Flight 93 was not targeting Washington, D.C. as Philip Zelikow (transition team member of the Bush White House and key contributor to the creation of the policy of the “Global War on Terror”) would have you believe, but rather, it was headed for Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex as the final act in the Shock Opera of the Neocon Vulcan’s “New Pearl Harbor” event.

This is an important aspect of the case of 9/11, for I and many others do call it a case now; a criminal investigation, if you will, which has been ongoing for years… unofficially.

For a long time, Building 7 has been considered the weakest link in the official story of what happened that day and with good reason.

Without explanation, for the first time in the history of steel framed buildings, Building 7, a steel framed 47 story tall sky-scrapper collapsed due to office fires and what NIST calls “thermal expansion”.  No “jet fuel” no plane impact, no ruptured diesel fuel storage tanks, just a nearly symmetrical instantaneous failure of the entire core column structure allowing for a near-fall speed collapse of Building 7, neatly into it’s own foot-print… just like a controlled demolition. All because of sporadic office fires burning on a few “key” floors.

At least, that is what NIST says.

Sometimes more can be ascertained from the mistakes of a plan, than can be from its successes.  Flight 93 was not meant to be shot down, but it was.  And what ensued in the aftermath of that action, quite literally, exposes the criminals of 9/11 more so than does any other single aspect of the case, simply because of what the conspirators had to do to cover it up.

Imagine for a moment that the “conspiracy theorists” are correct. Or should I say the “alternative narrative” theorists are correct. All of a sudden, the criminals of 9/11 are staring at radar screens showing their final act in their carefully planned production, lying in ruin in Shanksville Pa. and they still have a 47 story tall building, barely even on fire, completely wired with RDX, TNT, and PETN… ready for demo.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

If you are a follower of the alternative narrative movement, you have to take a bit of enjoyment out of that. There they stood, the real conspirators of 9/11, looking at each other with the obvious proof of their corruption and murder staring right back at them; Building 7 still stands and it’s carefully scripted reason for collapse was knocked clean out of the skies. The gallows surely flashed before the conspirators eyes in that moment before they scrambled to fix their story.

This is the story of Flight 93 and Building 7; the Grand Finale of their 9/11 Shock Opera that never took the stage. This was their biggest mistake and therefore our best chance at exposing the authors for the criminals and terrorists that they are.

To start off with, we are going to put aside all the other volumes of research done by well meaning, dedicated researchers on the subject of proving the feasibility of an alternative narrative of the events of 9/11. An alternative narrative, that is, to the “official story” of 19 (or is it 16 now?) angry Muslims with “box-cutters”. For the most part, there is some really good information out there compiled by skilled researchers, engineers, chemists, architects, intelligence agents, politicians, fire-fighters, pilots, and even simply concerned citizens trying to help make a difference. Not all of the theories out there are valid, not all follow the standardized scientific method of research, but there are enough honest efforts (albeit they are often clouded by the obvious “disinformation” efforts) to prove beyond the point of “reasonable doubt” that the official story is not only not plausible, it is simply not possible.

Part 1: Facts on the Ground


In order to accept that Building 7 was indeed “targeted”, you need to understand, at least in a cursory way, why someone would want to; motive, if you will.  Aside from the obvious theatrical impact of the last act of their “Shock Opera” inspiring “terrorist attack”, the conspirators had very good reasons to want that building reduced to rubble; vast amounts of money and their own freedom.

There are scores of papers done on the subject of the contents of Building 7 and there is no time here and now to readdress all the solid work previously logged by many researchers. Let us just say that, like in the Pentagon (the Office of Navel Intelligence) that were struck that day, what was inside the building is the best clue. In the case of Building 7, it was the New York offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the various investigations that were ongoing at that time.

Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing… all of these investigations, and many others, came to a sudden end as crucial records were lost when Building 7 fell at 5:20pm, Sept. 11th 2001. Politicians and Wall Street tycoons alike must have been quietly celebrating that one.  In short, the collapse of Building 7 saved careers, kept many “insiders” out of jail, saved billions in fines and restitution, and ultimately paid millions in insurance claims to the same guy whose insurance payday for the Twin Towers turned his $15 million dollar investment into a $7 billion dollar windfall. That’s what you might call a “win win win win” situation for some of the most well placed moguls of the financial and political world. I would call that serious motive.

So, motive aside, let’s look at the physical layout of the World Trade Center complex in order that we may obtain a better understanding of just what would have had to have happened and in what sequence they would need to take place, in order to take this one specific building down in true Shock Opera style.

wtc layoutThe World Trade Center complex was located on the southern tip of lower Manhattan. Basically what you had was a main, 4 city block sized complex housing Towers 1 and 2 and Buildings 3-6 all located snuggly together and then you also had a 47 story tall building just north of the complex across the street called Building 7.

Building 7, a trapezoidal shaped structure, was tucked neatly in between two other buildings on that block which suffered almost no damage in the 9/11 attacks comparative to Building 7 that is.  You will notice the proximity of Building 7 to Tower 1 or the North Tower; a bit over 300 feet (just about the length of a football field).

FINAL APPROACH PATHFrom the photographs you can see that Building 7 could not have been accessed by a plane strike from the south side as that the North and South towers completely shielded it from approach from that direction.

You should also notice the north side of Building 7 was also partially shielded by 3 buildings in close proximity. These buildings to the north of Building 7 didn’t completely obscure its north face from a potential air strike, but they did protect over half of its overall target area, making approach from that direction more difficult and therefore, more risky.

FINAL APPROACH PATH 2In a crime of this magnitude, with so much on the line, not just lives and careers and vast sums of wealth, but this was their one shot – the conspirators one chance to justify multiple illegal wars, a new doctrine of “pre-emptive aggression”, the establishment of the “unitary executive” model, the passing of the Patriot Act, the creation of the Trans Afghan Pipeline, wholesale privatization of public assets and wealth, military contracts, and just basically complete and total world domination based really on the successful completion of one act of treasonous terrorism that would galvanize the American people long enough that they would allow all of these things to take place in their name without so much as a whimper – with all that one the line, risk management became of the highest priority.

It would not do to have Flight 93 skip off the top of Building 7 and crash into some other building in lower Manhattan. Though that could still be used to tacitly explain why Building 7 came crashing down, it wouldn’t do to have investigators looking too closely at the instrumentation panels in Flight 93, nor would they want to try explaining what happened to the bodies of the passengers on that flight.

As you can see from the illustrations, once the towers “fell” out of the way, due to the layout of lower Manhattan and the Trade Center, all of a sudden, you have a clear shot right at the heart of Building 7.

As it just so happens, Mayor Giuliani cleared the building earlier, and with the exception of one key witness, who has since died under very suspicious circumstances, Building 7 was completely vacant.  It’s rather odd that the mayor of New York would leave his multi-million dollar emergency command post bunker long before the first tower “collapsed”.  After all, even if he says that he feared a plane attack on Building 7, as we can see, as long as the towers stood, there was little chance of that.

Part 2: Facts in the Air

(H/T – to “Dick Cheney” – Brisbane Times online quotes a prosecutor, Timothy Stone, in the trial of Osama’s driver, Salim Hamdan:

If they hadn’t shot down the fourth plane it would’ve hit the dome,” Stone, a Navy officer, said in his opening remarks.”  Brisbane Times

Though he is still advancing the “headed to Washington” story-line from Zelikow’s 9/11 Commission Report, he is one of a number of official sources from which we can tell in fact Flight 93 was indeed shot down.)

Flight Path 1There is little to no dispute that Flight 93 turned and headed directly toward the southern tip of lower Manhattan in its last few minutes in the air. According to the “official story” this change of heading took place somewhere around 9:58 am.

One thing you should notice when you start doing your own research into this, is that most of the MSM outlets and newspapers, when they report on the flight path of Flight 93 will show you this heading change, but almost every single one of them will NOT show New York City in relation to that change. Almost every map I ran across ends the New Jersey. They all include D.C. but almost none of them show New York in relation to that change in heading, probably because someone doesn’t want the average reader looking at the map and making this connection.

The Official Story of Flight 93

The Official Story of Flight 93

The official story that Flight 93 was heading toward D.C. comes from the work of the 9/11 Commission and from “intel” passed out on the day of the attacks to the news media by various “experts”.

As we have already slightly touched on, the executive director of the 9/11 Commission had a great deal invested in making sure the “angry Muslims” story held up. He himself had just completed a re-write of the national security directive for his friend Condi Rice (who just happened to be the leader of the “Vulcans”, a group of neocons who put together Bush’s “foreign policy objectives” in 1998 and 1999 and who also just happened to be in “the bunker” with Cheney on Sept. 11th 2001 with several other “Vulcans”) which called for a global jihad, if you will, against “the terrorists” where-ever they may be. His name was Philip Zelikow, and he is responsible for the story that Flight 93 was headed toward D.C. rather than New York.

Another rather telling aspect of the flight path of Flight 93 is how long it was in the air. Why did the hijackers wait so long to take over the plane?  Logically that makes no sense.

(note: much of the timeline information comes from 911 Timeline. )

8:42 a.m.: United Airlines Flight 93 a Boeing 757-222 with a maximum capacity of 200 passengers and 11,489 gallons of fuel, lifts off from Newark International Airport in Newark, New Jersey bound for San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California. Take-off was scheduled for 8:01. There are supposed to be 44 victims on board, yet when you add up the official death manifest list that was published on CNN.com, there are only 33 victims.

NORAD used to pride itself on it proven track record of intercept speed. Up until that day it was something close to 7 minutes, I believe, from the time a “problem” occurs on a flight.  Many flights are routinely intercepted all year long and 2001 was no exception to that rule.  The only day that didn’t occur was Sept. 11th 2001. But the “hijackers” wouldn’t have known this (unless of course…) and they would have had to anticipate that after two planes had struck the towers after being hijacked, they would have armed company up there tailing them in a matter of minutes.

So why did they wait so long to take over the flight?

In fact, why did they wait at all? They near D.C. when they took off and the departure time was already delayed to start with. All they would have to have done was take over the plane once they got to cruising altitude, turn the plane south to D.C. and they would have struck there target just minutes after the towers were hit. But for some reason, the “hijackers” waited over 35 minutes before they took over the plane.

9:28 a.m.: United Airlines Flight 93, “there are the first audible signs of problems, in background cockpit noise.” Air traffic controllers hear the sound of screaming and scuffling over an open mike. They then hear hijackers speaking in Arabic to each other. Yet this is at least 8 minutes and probably at least 12 minutes after the hijackers had taken over the cockpit and done something to cause the FAA to notify NORAD of United Airlines Flight 93’s hijacking.

Why would they risk all that time in the air, coming back from Ohio? They must have known they would be shot down… if they were terrorists with box cutters that is.

However, if “the terrorists” knew that multiple national security drills would be taking place that day and that NORAD rules had been changed in June of 2001 that kept NORAD commanders from giving the “intercept and engage” order, perhaps they would have known they had more time.

Perhaps, in that case, they would have known they had just enough time to circle around on a long exposed “hijacked” flight just long enough for both towers to “collapse” just as they made it back to downtown Manhattan.

And that is exactly why they waited so long. They were waiting for a clear path to Building 7.

shanksvillecrater3ilThere are many discrepancies in the story of Flight 93 and to be honest, for a long time I too thought that no 757 could have crashed in Shanksville that day. The photos of the scene don’t look like what a crash site should look like, I will admit that. The coroner said on the scene that he saw no bodies; none. There’s no tail section, no wing sections, and from what I can see, just like at the Pentagon, no luggage or seats to speak of.

But ultimately you have to remember that whatever it was, it was headed to a place (New York or even, if you believe the “official story”, D.C.) that had already been attacked and thousands of news crews were already in place.  Whatever crashed in Shanksville was about to be the most thoroughly documented crash ever; and that includes even Flight 175 that hit the south tower.

How could that been anything other than either Flight 93 itself, or a retrofitted imposter painted to look like Flight 93?  No one in the planning stage would have missed that little caveat.

Whatever was headed to New York and Building 7 had to at least look like Flight 93 because, quite simply, al Qaeda doesn’t have cruise missiles and you have to frame a patsy with the tools they would have possessed.

Part 3: The Unexpected

Flight 93 was shot down. Period.  The debris field 6 miles from the crash site proves it beyond any reasonable doubt.  Also there were several eye witnesses at the scene who testified to hearing loud “booms” and THEN looking up to see Flight 93 still in the air and struggling to stay in the air.

Ernie Stuhl, the mayor of Shanksville: “I know of two people — I will not mention names — that heard a missile. They both live very close, within a couple of hundred yards… This one fellow’s served in Vietnam and he says he’s heard them, and he heard one that day.” He adds that based on what he has learned; F-16’s were “very, very close.”

Laura Temyer of Hooversville: “I didn’t see the plane but I heard the plane’s engine. Then I heard a loud thump that echoed off the hills and then I heard the plane’s engine. I heard two more loud thumps and didn’t hear the plane’s engine anymore after that” (she insists that people she knows in state law enforcement have privately told her the plane was shot down, and that decompression sucked objects from the aircraft, explaining why there was a wide debris field).


Though several of the eyewitness reports conflict on certain aspects of the crash, one thing they seem to agree on is that the plane was shot down, or that it was behaving in such a way as to indicate it had been shot. Even Cheney and Rumsfeld have inadvertently admitted several times over the past 7 years that Flight 93 was shot down.

Shortly after 911, a flight controller in New Hampshire ignores a ban on controllers speaking to the media, and it is reported he claims “that an F-16 fighter closely pursued Flight 93… the F-16 made 360-degree turns to remain close to the commercial jet, the employee said. ‘He must’ve seen the whole thing,’ the employee said of the F-16 pilot’s view of Flight 93’s crash.”

I remember there was also a service member stationed somewhere nearby who admitted that he himself fitted an air-to-air missile on a fighter that had gone up that day after it retuned to the base.

One key piece of evidence that the flight was shot down unexpectedly was the phone calls supposedly placed that day that created the story that the flight had been taken over by the passengers. The whole “Let’s roll!” story was fabricated after the fact to explain the unexpected crash of Flight 93.

You see, as several other investigators have pointed out, with voice morphing technology already proven to have been available at the time, the real perpetrators of the attacks of 9/11 were able to fake phone calls to various family members of passengers in order to support the “hijacking” story-line in real time… as the events of the day were unfolding.

That is a key element in the believability factor for the “official story” of 9/11; the fact that these calls took place to “witnesses” on the ground who could end up verifying who called and at what time. These calls were planned and scripted before hand as part of an elaborate cover story.

However, all of the calls that support the “taking over the plane” story never got through to family members or even to specific people on the ground that day. Ever single one of the 3 calls that support this story were between a member of the hijacked passengers and either an operator or a 9/11 operator.  This is a very important fact in that these calls could easily have been recorded and inserted into “the records after the fact.  There is no real tangible witness to testify as to the time of the call.

9:45 a.m. to 9:58 a.m.: United Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer tries to call his family but gets patched through to a Verizon supervisor. He said that the pilot and copilot were apparently dead, 2 hijackers were in the cockpit, one was guarding first class and another was guarding 27 passengers at the rear of the plane. He said that they have voted to storm the hijackers and the supervisor hears before he hangs up “Are you guys ready? Let’s roll.”


9:58 a.m.: Confrontation with the hijackers and the passengers begins aboard United Airlines Flight 93. Emergency dispatcher in Pennsylvania receives a call from a passenger on Flight 93. The passenger says: “We are being hijacked!”


The time of these phone calls is also very important; 9:58 am… the same time Flight 93 made a course correction directly toward New York City.  The “official story” uses the manufactured heroics to explain this all important heading change as well as the crash of Flight 93.  Apparently during the struggle, whom ever was piloting the plane inadvertently changed course and then for some reason maintained that same heading, straight towards New York for the next 5-6 minutes until the plane finally veered off course and crashed in Shanksville.

That’s not very likely.  More believable is the idea that after waiting just long enough for the buildings to have been hit and partially evacuated, Flight 93 was turned and header straight back to it’s real target, while still far enough away to give enough time for the buildings to “collapse” out of the way.

Just one minute after Flight 93 made its turn toward New York at 9:58am, the South Tower collapsed.

9:59:04 a.m.: The south tower of the WorldTradeCenter suddenly collapses, plummeting into the streets below. A massive cloud of dust and debris quickly fills lower Manhattan.

10:06:05 a.m.: According to seismic data, United Airlines Flight 93 crashes near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in Somerset county, about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Thirty minutes after the south tower fell, Tower 1, the North Tower, met the same fate. Interestingly, it is reported in several places that someone from the police helicopter gave a warning before it fell stating it looked like the tower was “leaning” and was about to collapse.  That warning gave the people 10 minutes to clear out and the North Tower fell almost exactly 10 minutes later.

10:28:31 a.m.: The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

If you plot out the position, heading, and the airspeed of Flight 93 you will see that it, had it continued on its adjusted path after 9:58, it would arrive in the air space of lower Manhattan just about the same time the North Tower collapsed or just thereafter. Of course arrival time could be manipulated by varying air speed.

So who was flying Flight 93?

Flight Termination System/Remote Piloting

Flight Termination System/Remote Piloting

One of the members of the Vulcans (Condi Rice’s “foreign policy advisers” on Bush’s transition team from 1998 to 2000) was a man by the name of Dov Zakheim.  He is a neocon member of the Project for the New American Century and at the time that he was a member of the Vulcans, he also ran a company called SPS International, which makes among other things, remote control flight systems for jumbo jets.

That is, in 2001 Dov was CEO of SPS International, part of System Planning Corporation, a defense contractor majoring in electronic warfare technologies, including remote-controlled aircraft systems, and the notorious Flight Termination System (FTS) technology that could hijack even a hijacked plane and land or crash it wherever.


Six witnesses in Shanksville reported seeing a small white business type jet with no markings flying low and following Flight 93. They all report it having been there seconds or a minute after Flight 93 crashed. The fact that it was there is interesting but the fact that it was reported as having no markings is even stranger.

10:06 a.m.: and after “Lee Purbaugh is one of at least half a dozen named individuals who have reported seeing a second plane flying low and in erratic patterns, not much above treetop level, over the crash site within minutes of United Airlines Flight 93 crashing. They describe the plane as a small, white jet with rear engines and no discernible markings.”


Lee Purbaugh, Susan Mcelwain, Dennis Decker, Rick Chaney, Jim Brandt and Tom Spinello all report seeing a small plane with no markings stay about one or two minutes over the crash site before leaving. The FBI later says this was a Fairchild Falcon 20 business jet, directed after the crash to fly from 37,000 feet to 5,000 feet and obtain the coordinates for the crash site to help rescuers.


The story that emerged later from the FBI is that this plane was directed to the site by an air traffic controller who asked it to “check out” the area of the crash.  This is odd because the secretary of transportation had already given the order for all planes to be grounded with no exception. The notion that an air traffic controller would counteract that command does not make sense. Also, as has been reported, there was an F-16 in the area already, so there would be no reason for this unmarked plane to have to “check it out”.

This plane would appear to have been tailing Flight 93 and probably flying it by remote.



The inescapable conclusion drawn from this is that a lot of very odd things had to happen to put Flight 93 on a direct collision course with Building 7 at just the right time after the two towers were cleared out of the way. Odd that is, if one believes they all happened by chance.

But, if you take a look at these events in the context of a deliberate schedule then you see that these “odd occurrences” took place in exactly the right sequence to put that plane in the north face of Building 7 at just the precise moment to not only justify the complete collapse of the building (and destruction of volumes of evidence) but also to serve as the final terrifying act of the “New Pearl Harbor” event the neocon Vulcans sitting in the command bunker had written about just 1 year earlier.

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    Oh how I love you conspiracy theory nuts. You give me a laugh each day, without fail.

    Thanks guys.

    • You know what makes me laugh? Someone who thinks 19 (or was it 16?) cave-dwellers with box-cutters could get past the most elaborate, trillion dollar defense system in the world and hit the Pentagon, the most well protected building on the planet with a big ass 757 and a guy flying it who couldn’t fly a Piper Cub.

      You know what else makes me laugh? People who think that 2 planes can knock down 3 buildings.

      You know what else makes me laugh? People who don’t know enough about the laws of physics to know they don’t just stop because a “terrorist” hit a building with a plane.

      • yes, and why there are no videos of the “whatever” that scooped its way thru the pentagon….?

        • Also, I have always thought, if this had been a real bonified “terrorist attack” , it would never have materialized. As you stated, a trillion dollar defense system that America brags about? Laugh about that……

          • You can be 100% certain that if it had been a bona fide terrorist attack then the towers would not have collapsed (because it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!! Why can so many people not see this?!?!?!?!?), the firefighters would have saved just about everyone who was not killed in the airplane impact, and there would be virtually no damage to building 7. Also, there would not now be large numbers of firefighters still dying off from cancer. Larry Silverstein, however would be stuck paying for asbestos removal in all three buildings, rather than making a >$4 billion profit! Pretty amazing, huh, that Silverstein already owned Building 7 when he acquired the twin towers six weeks prior to their collapse? What a fucking coincidence that Building 7 managed to just collapse when it wasn’t even hit and just happened to be covered under the same insurance policy that he took out against destruction by terrorism. How that guy has not been investigated for fraud and mass murder is so far beyond me that I can’t even see it. How the official story for the collapse of those buildings can be presented with a straight face is also beyond me. It’s like the ability to think has gone out the window. The fact that the collapse of building 7 was presented an hour before it happened does not even seem to phase people. “They must ave realized it was fatally damaged and were accurately speculating …” What bullshit. It should be EXTREMELY telling that after three steel skyscrapers collapsed “due to fire” that no codes or recommendations for building new steel skyscrapers have been updated to defend against future collapses due to fires. That’s a new one. When new vulnerabilities become apparent in buildings, codes are generally updated to mitigate them.

            • He would have had to have torn down those buildings since the damage caused to them and the fact that no one wanted to lease the space would have forced him to. Since there is no way they could have gotten permission to demo them via controlled demolition in that location, it would have taken two years or better for them to have removed them at a cost of billions and that’s after they fought the conservation folks who would have surely fought to keep them as a symbol of the city. Hell, they might still be fighting over it while Lucky Larry went broke year after year with those albatrosses hanging around his neck.

              • I wish I could take out a special insurance policy on my house and then accidentally crash a toy remote control airplane into it, start a fire, blow up the house (toy airplanes CAN do that you know), and collect more than the house was worth from my insurance so that I could go on and buy a better house.

                • let’s see… Larry put down 19 million and received 7 billion or so. I guess with math like that, you could buy a MUCH better house. Also remember, it was the first time the TWIN Towers had been privatized… they were owned by the Port Authority and Jersey up until the sale.

              • Still … ya gotta give ’em credit for ingenuity. A lot of people with their own personal incentives must have had to converge on that event for it to be pulled off the way it was. I like your suggestion about flight 93. Probably difficult to prove, but it makes a lot of sense. I’ve always wondered about direct cooperation from the airlines. It’s hard to imagine that there would not be willing involvement by American and United airlines (simply because the risk of some naive person from one of the airlines actually following protocol could potentially derail the plot). What would they stand to gain from it though? On the other hand, Lucky Larry is trying to bilk them too. He’s apparently trying to see if he get the airlines to pay him another $4 billion in damages:


                Don’t know if anything’s come of that one. The guy is truly amazing.

                • Oops – I mean $3.5 billion. Didn’t mean to deceptively suggest that Silverstein is a greedy snake – he’s just going after the amount he deserves and no more.

            • THANK YOU Mr. Smith. so well put! everything you say is positively perfect! I happened to be aquainted with a “see eye aye” man (retired) thru some other friends of ours.He sent us an email re: flight 93 and said 2 fighter planes were supposed to “ram” flight 93 and eject themselves after they aimed for it..? so I asked him “you do know that bldg. WTC 7 fell right into its own footprint, don’t you?” Now here is something to laugh about if it wasn’t so weird. He said, “I know nothing about WTC 7.” ( >buttoned himself up). Our other “friend” “D” who knows him well, said the same thing! These are 67 yr. old men. The one “D”doesn’t want to know….so he can get back to his beautiful life”.
              They think I am full of sh*t and stick to the OS.

              • I have also known and worked with many more than one of the gentlemen (and women) of such acronym as you imply (and other acronyms). I have no further comment on this however, other than those I have known have been normal and fine individuals as far as I can tell and in no way involved in any of the crimes discussed in this forum.

        • There are 80-plus videos…we just aren’t allowed to see them.

          A better question would be, “Why, right after the impact at the Pentagon, was it decided that the first thing that needed to be done was to GRAB EVERY VIDEOTAPE FIXATED UPON THE PENTAGON”?

          • first guess? standard operating procedure since Oklahoma City April 19, 1995?

            • I just gave this a second read…I think you nailed it, brother.

              The building collapses were timed for the arrival of Flight 93.

              Have you heard about the 10:45 AM explosion?

              • Hi Vincent, thanks. Yeah, I think this was one of my best articles on the subject of 9/11 and as far as I know, I was the first (only?) researcher to make the connection back then. I’ve seen others talking about it since then and don’t know if my work set that in motion, but I like to think it did. No, I did not hear about that explosion, but that would fit the timeline wouldn’t it?

      • It happened DUM ASS willy loman!

    • Oh look, a munchkin. Get your sheckels today, loser? Or did your “Megaphone” app pop up an alert that you should come here and start spreading shit..it’s what you’re good at after all.

  2. Ignore Kevo, he/she is high on weed.

    Now it all makes sense…. A hero took down 93… but building 7 still had to fall. It was stuffed like a turkey ..with demolition material.
    It is just as Willyloman says; “All dressed up with no where to go.”
    Well thought out …. and finely written, Willyloman.


    Did you put this all together yourself? It all fits together perfectly.
    With respect to BLD-7’s unexplaination demise, It makes perfect sense that a path had to be cleared first into BLD-7. that the “official” rational fell apart that would have explained BLD-7’s colapse, down it goes none the less, and with it, the evidence you point out.

    OK Mr Willyloman, I’de like one more thing from you, if you would, please.
    Was the distruction of this evidence the prime objective of the attacks, or was it all multi-objective. Im going with the pipeline, and the Iraqi attack AND a quest for total dominance of the vast oil reserves in the mideast region due to the “peak oil” situation. After all, the dummies publiclly proclaimed all their goals there in the PNAC documentation.

  4. One more thing I’de like to bring up. “COMMON SENSE”. All the names mentioned above, plus the additional names of the signitories of the PNAC,
    These people spend all their time,in these offices, isolated from reality,
    putting together these theories, they conspire among themselves based on classroom theories of certain human nature’s (reactions, in this case)
    They see the world entirely differently, than how it is for the majority.
    They cannot ever relate to the realities the rest of us are aware of. they see certain things working out a particular way based on some wild notion of human nature. (if we do x, y will occure, and z will result, because w is to x as red is to flower) So, the all important element involving FLT-93 plan failled. So they then theorized that the contention that a class-a fire would be just as good an excuse. THEY DON’T SEE THE REALITY VIOLATIONS THEY violate. They must not have had ample time functioning out here in the real world, and had a sufficient number of human interactions before they went into that, Twightlite Zone world, they now live in. And im not implying these are not intellengent people. They are probably of very high IQ’s. But look at Chaney. He shot that guy. No self respecting gun owner would normally be that lacking in common sense. (perhaps that shooting was intentional)

  5. NOTE:This post may appear twice as there was trouble in sending when i hit submit comment


    Did you put this all together yourself? It all fits together perfectly.
    With respect to BLD-7’s unexplaination demise, It makes perfect sense that a path had to be cleared first into BLD-7. that the “official” rational fell apart that would have explained BLD-7’s colapse, down it goes none the less, and with it, the evidence you point out.

    OK Mr Willyloman, I’de like one more thing from you, if you would, please.
    Was the distruction of this evidence the prime objective of the attacks, or was it all multi-objective. Im going with the pipeline, and the Iraqi attack AND a quest for total dominance of the vast oil reserves in the mideast region due to the “peak oil” situation. After all, the dummies publiclly proclaimed all their goals there in the PNAC documentation.

  6. Good job. This is exactly what happened.

  7. Very well done presentation. Always bothered me that the perps would “pull” building seven and leave how it fell a tantalizing mystery for the masses to label conspiracy. Seemed like a loose end, now (thanks to you) I figure I know why.

    A couple minor points:

    “no ruptured diesel fuel storage tanks” -Is this fact? Even though I don’t believe diesel fuel took the building down, wouldn’t it make sense the tanks that were in WTC #7, ruptured eventually?

    “Building 7, a trapezoidal shaped structure, was tucked neatly in between two other buildings on that block which suffered almost no damage in the 9/11 attacks comparative to Building 7 that is. You will notice the proximity of Building 7 to Tower 1 or the North Tower; a bit over 300 feet (just about the length of a football field).”

    I do believe that “almost no damage” is not the best description. It def had part of the face scooped out by falling debris. As well as some core
    columns from WTC #1 that somehow flew (not fell) over WTC #6 and punctured WTC #7. Not a major point I know, but “almost no damage” sounds a little light.

    Just a note Norman Mintina did call for grounding all the planes, but the FAA operations chief was actually the one who grounded the planes first.

    I hope this investigation leads to the underscum being exposed.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Oh ya, Kevo you’re a silly no clue noob. Keep your comments in you’re ass.

  8. To all you veterans…. hope you had a peaceful Veteran Day !
    and a outside cooked hot dog and hamburger…. or OK…. dinner served at your favorite chair in front of the TV…
    or doing something you really enjoy….

  9. Chris;

    Thank you for your comment. I wondered for years why they would plan something like this, then have building 7, evacuated so early, then just sit there and not “collapse” for so long. It didn’t make any sense to me. It would seem pretty obvious that it was a demo if it just fell down.

    I guess I didn’t make it clear enough; yes the tanks did rupture but according to NIST’s report on the collapse of Building 7, that played little to no role in the buildings demise. Nor did the “scooping out” of part of the south face from the debris from WTC 1. They really put all their emphasis on the fact that water couldn’t reach the fire suppression system and that regular office fires caused a “thermal expansion” in a key area and that is what brought the building down just like a controlled demo.

    “Just a note Norman Mintina did call for grounding all the planes, but the FAA operations chief was actually the one who grounded the planes first”

    I didn’t know that. That means a different order took place even sooner than I thought? That is good to know. Thanks.

  10. Scott;

    I don’t think that they figured at that time that they could justify dropping the building and saying a fire did it.

    There is a guy named Micheal Ruppert who’s investigations came up with some interesting information.

    He wrote “Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil” in 2004.

    Ruppert is an ex-detective from LA who exposed CIA drug trafficking in the United States some years ago.

    He also exposed a little known (at the time) fact that threats were made against the presidents plane once they got airborn, a fact that is still not covered much.

    But one thing he said is rather interesting aside from all that; he suggests that someone communicated to the president by way of using code words known only to insiders, that whomever was behind all of this had “the football”… meaning, they had the launch codes for our nukes.

    You will notice that after being secured in an airforce base, for some unknown reason, after being in contact with the bunker where Cheney and Rice were, the president and his people suddenly left for Offutt Air Force base.

    There is only one interesting thing about Offutt… it is the only place where the president of the U.S. can countermand a launch order.

    Rupperts theory, and one that I may be coming to agree with, was that Bush really didn’t know about what was going to happen (would you tell him?) and that when it did, and when Flight 93 was shot down, someone in that Vulcan group may have figured that in order to cover their treason and still be able to recreate America in the fashion they wanted, they may have considered launching a full scale nuclear strike. Figuring they could pick up the pieces afterward and that they would still get to change America into their fascist state in the end.

    That would explain the trip to Offutt. That would also explain why the shadow government under the continuity of government plan conviened at Offutt during that same time.

    It is quite possible, that as dumb as Bush was, he may just have actually been the one person to call a halt to a full scale nuclear war.

    That may also explain how whenever he or his aids talk about how “history will view him” he says history will be favorable.

    I didn’t include all of this because it is still speculation. But it is interesting…

    • Five years old now, but still a fascinating possibility. Interesting to consider the shadow government blackmailing and coercing the president (and congress?) while the public face(s) take blame for the criminal force our government+corporate/fascist advancement organization has become.

  11. Make sense. it would be interesting to watch your point on a video explaining the time frame. And on top of a bigger map.

    I am under the impression that all of the FOUR planes for the “Final Act” were in fact drones and they moved far at the begginning to lose the Radar Tracking and make the switching from Plane to drone. Where are those original passengers?

    You should watch this video of JESSE VENTURA (not aired ,after the show interview) by the FASCIST CHANNEL talking about 9-11.

    I love it!

    • Jlennon08;

      I would love to do a video of this theory I think it would be very helpful. I just don’t have the software to do it. (I know… filesharing).

      As far as the drone idea. That is the interesting thing about the FTS and the remote flying systems from SPC, once these panels are installed, you don’t need a drone… any plane that has them can be taken over midflight. Rig the oxygen tanks with a tasteless gas that puts people out, and flood the plane with the same gas so that if someone were to grab the oxygen masks when they see people passing out, they get a dose as well… that also takes out the pilots. Then switch on the remote piloting system, and whammo, instant “drone”. And all it takes is a small panel add on while the plane is in for routine maintenance, and a couple non-descript tanks located somewhere in the belly of the plane.

      Just a theory anyway… but it answers the question of what happened to the passengers.

  12. So which are you Kevo? CIA, Mossad, Republican Party, Likud, or are you just yet another dumb, mindless American with no critical thinking capacity?

  13. Also, don’t forget that during the trial of Bin Laden’s driver Salim Hamdan last year in Guantanamo Bay, the military prosecutor stated on the record that Flight 93 was shot down. This story has since been scrubbed from all US and UK web news articles but you can still read it in the Brisbane Times online. Better read it quickly because this probably won’t stay up for much longer. Someone should archive it…

    • Thanks Mr. Vice President. I have updated the article to include a link and quote from that. I had heard a comment was made in the trial to that effect, but couldn’t find a link and I had never seen it. Thanks again…

      • It makes me sick that Obama want’s to let all prisoner’s at Guantanamo Bay because it is to expensive to put the rest through trial or keep them locked up there & he want’s to send those prisoner’s home. Like the thousand’s of people that died & all the damage that was caused & other people that died from the after math are not worth it. But it is worth allowing even more Muslim Refugee’s in for U.S. tax payer’s to support. Like those lives don’t matter & are not worth paying to prosecute their murder’s of which should have been done year’s ago! It is like a huge slap in the face! And Obama talks about a lack of compassion for the U.S. He is the one that is uncompassionate for all lost on 911 even though he is seeing remembering them on the anniversary date! Obama says that he well make sure that those prisoner’s have no more ties to terriorist or he won’t let them out! They are in prison how can they have contact with them on the inside???????? BUT THEY SURE AS HELL WILL & WILL RECONNECT WITH THE TERRIORIST WHEN THEY GET OUT! WHAT A FUCKING JOKE WE CAN’T AFFORD TO PROSECUTE NOR HOLD THE PEOPLE THAT KILLED THOUSAND’S OF U.S. CITIZEN’S, BUT BE CAN AFFORD TO FEED, CLOTH, HOUSE, BUILD THEIR MOSQUE’S & SUPPORT THOUSAND’S OF MORE MUSLIM’S THAT HAVE NO RIGHT’S HERE, DEMAND RIGHT’S & REFUSE TO FIGHT FOR THOSE SAME RIGHTS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE, OUR GOVERNMENT & OUR OWN CITIZEN’S?????????????

        Somebody told me the other day about building 7 & how a Bush brother & family were involved & owned the security. Wouldn’t you think that they just wouldn’t be in town & take a chance on being anywhere near building 7 or any of the buildings instead of Melvin Bush being in the subway & the cousin being across the street??????? IF THEY WERE IN CONSPIRACY OF THESE INSTANCES! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY STILL COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED.

  14. Thanks Willyloman,

    Interesting read. The basics of this theory (93 was meant for wtc7) has occurred to me too although having not dug around for any material that supports it I’ve always just self-dismissed it. Your research fills the idea out a bit, ties up some loose ends and casts things in a slightly different light.

    Following through a bit further though, if the plan was for wtc7 to be hit at 10:30 or so and fall some time after, what conclusion or hypothesis has your research lead you to regarding the eventual collapse timing? Why didn’t they drop it as planned soon after 10:30 or even as soon as they knew 93 had been taken out around 10:00? They knew it had to go down, and waiting would only make it that much more of an oddity. Obviously without the plane there was no good time, but what accounts for the almost 7 hour delay?

    What does your research suggest went on in the conspirator camp for those agonizing (from their point of view) 7 hours.

    • Hi David;

      That is really the 64thousand dollar question isn’t it? The way it looks is that they had about 25 minutes at best to decide what to do. The only options were: 1. (like you suggest) drop building 7 just after the North Tower fell so that it looks like one thing caused the other, 2. get another plane in the air and hit Building 7 with it, 3. wait until the press and everyone stopped filming right there and quietly drop Building 7 later (5:20pm) and then make up some reason it fell and get the MSM to show it, but then forget all about it, 4. create something bigger that would make the whole thing a moot point anyway.

      As we know, they picked option 3.

      option 2. – They may not have been able to explain how another plane took off after the grounding order was given, then just skips by all the fighters in the air and hits Building 7. So that wouldn’t work.

      option 1. – now this would make the most sense, but remember how much time they had to completely rethink a plan they had been working on for 2 years. Also remember that other people who were not in on the scheme were also in the Bunker, so their ability to hash this all out might have been very limited.

      But I think the main reason you couldn’t just go with this option is that the North tower would have to be all the way down, and the dust sufficiently out of the way. The remote detonators work on a RF type signal, and any interference could cause a skip in the demo sequence that could end up resulting in the entire building laying on it’s side on top of the Ground zero rubble, rather than in it’s own foot print destroyed.

      Meaning, it would still just “fall down” right after the North Tower collapsed after standing for a while on it’s own. This would undoubtedly garner more attention to it than even what happened.

      option 4 is something that I really don’t want to go into too much. Micheal Ruppert wrote about it and the idea is basically that there was a time during that morning, after 93 was shot down, that word got back to Bush that “the terrorist” may have had access to “the football” (launch codes). I don’t know, but he did leave the security of the base he was already at to go to Offutt Air Force Base, a place where only he could have countered the launch command.

      You asked a really good question one that I have to look into.

  15. Nothing like a shill to bring a smile to my face. I just wonder what all the KEVOs will do when the truth comes out? Be like a chameleon, I guess. Whoever pays the best gets KEVOs vote.

    Disgusting, really.

  16. Willylo:

    For creating the movie you can use WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER (it is included in windows) which is pretty good and easy. You save the file in .wmv format.

    Then you use this wonderful file converter: Any video converter:


    To convert it to flash (.flv) which is the you tube standard.

    That’s it!

  17. Way to Go. You have answered major questions about the great magic act that were left dangling. It explains the Cleveland Airport transfer. There’s some man or woman fighter pilot out there who wasn’t in on the plan and deserves credit for “Monkey Wrenching!” the PNAC piece de resistance. Bless that person. Someday a movie will be made of you.

    The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
    Gang aft agley,

    • absolutely Roy. This is in fact my tribute to that pilot and all those who serve with honor and distinction.

      Happy Memorial Day, vets.

      Know there are still unsung heroes out there and even we “conspiracy theorists” honor all they do for us.

  18. Somehow the Flt. 93 pilots did figure out how to get back control of the aircraft and overide the remote control. At that point they couldn’t be allowed to land with the evidence and tell their story could they.

  19. Interesting. After seeing the video of the demo explosions in WTC 7, I figured out that Flight 93 was supposed to hit it. What isn’t clear here is: why was Flight 93 shot down if it was supposed to hit WTC 7? Was that just an accident that the government is covering up like TWA 800?

    • Shadowwarrior;

      It is my understanding (someone correct me if I am wrong) that once the order to intercept is given, the decision to fire upon a civilian aircraft that has been hijacked ultimately comes down to the pilot (or at least at that point, they are given discretion till they are ordered one way or the other). It would appear that a pilot either got off the ground early or made the decision himself… either way, I think what may have happened is that a fighter pilot, for one reason or another, in spite of Cheney’s attempts to delay contact, was able to make contact with Flight 93 and decided to engage.

  20. Willy, Im eager to hear more on this football thing, and Bush going to offutt (I remember he went there)but I was not ever aware that that place was that important. Whats at offutt? “Awful Air Patch” is how I have heard it refered to.

    These theories you put forth about a nuclear threat, I’ve not ever heard before. You know, I grew up living with the threat of nuclear war being a likly possibillity, so im a little touchy about the subject. Please, tell me more about this. what you know, what you think. Beleive me, I’ve never had any reason to ever suspect there was a nuclear angle played in all that occured that day. There is no justifiable rational to casually dismiss such a possibillity, not at this stage.

    Just so you know, this is a major revelation for me. The nuclear angle.

  21. Don’t forget about the dancing Israelis, filming the event, lighting BIC lighters and laughing and high fiving each other from “Urban Moving Systems”. That company “moved an urban system” on 9/11. Dominik Suter took off to Israel, and left his warehouse, with goods and all. Dominik Suter was on Italy’s most wanted list for 3 months afterwards, and today, is back in the USA. Bernie Madoff may have financed this, as he had a habit of transfering billions to Bank Lemini in Tel Aviv. Sharon had his tanks in position and rolling while the Towers fell. Bibi Netzenyaho said, “It is good, very good”. Sharon said to Perez, “You talk about the Americans, this, and the Americans that, but I tell you, we control the Americans, and the Americans know it.”
    Who else attacks innocent civilians, invented hooding and torture techniques and sent around “private contractors” paid by us to Abu Graube, and Camp Xray? Who else rapes teens in front of their mothers??? Not Americans, my friend. Even the name “Homeland Security” is foreign to us Americans, we don’t call it “Homeland” that is a fascist word, or communist word, not an American word. We don’t call this “homeland” we call it HOME.
    There were traitors at the top, but this whole deal was a blackmail device by the LIKUDniks on our government. To this day, Congress and the other branches of government are afraid of Israel. They tortured people that they can’t charge with any crime, to cover up and find patsies. They love patsies like Oswald………….

  22. Katz, I think about those Israelies almost every day. And also, those white vans. We know who and what, they really were. Don’t we?

  23. Just thought that I’d mention that Flight 93 was probably the only one of the planes that had real live passengers on it,the others were drones that were substituted,something that you’d have to do to ensure that there were no slip-ups,the passengers on the unscheduled 93 were transferred from a Flight 91 that had a cracked screen and someone noticed the spare plane that was ready to go and swapped them over,these were the only passengers on 93 so it was a set up to bring down WTC7,as the other flights were being remotely flown there was no need to have anyone on board anyway,the real planes were likely taken somewhere and destroyed and weren’t used in the assault,the passengers and crew on 93 realised that the plane was being hijacked remotely and the crew were in the throes of regaining control when it was shot down because had they landed intact the whole plot would have been revealed so they had to go,this info came from the obituaries of the passengers hometown papers where the lament was that they weren’t even booked on that flight anyway.

    • I don’t think any body parts, blood or anything else was recovered from the crash site. Shouldn’t something have been there? A finger, a ring, burnt fabric?

  24. Thank you Willy for taking the time to put everything “together”. God bless you! By the way, have any of you seen this link? Check this link when you get a chance. It’s just mind blowing!http://nomoredisinformation.com/plane_fraud.htm


  25. Brilliant article and probably motivated by Obama concern at Cheney rubbing Obama’s face in the powerlessness of Obama to deal with Bush and Cheney.

    Why did the world not hear Saddam Hussein at his trial, Willy? We saw a lookalike. A bodyguard who was paid for his performance but who could never sound like Saddam. Why did W go into Iraq? Cos Saddam had died before the conflict had ever started. His son-in-law fled to the west as it was insecure to inform other than face to face: he died and US control of Iraq was unwinding. Why did HW not go in? So he could destroy the non-Ba’ath conscripts in Iraq’s army outside Iraq, and allow Saddam to finish off opposition inside Iraq. HW even caused uprisings in the south to make it easier for Saddam. And before that? Iran killed off conscripts for Saddam. Iran is an american ally and has been ever since Kermit did his job destroying democracy in Iran.
    What happened in Aceh?
    Why did Rangoon cease to be the capital of Burma/Myanmar?
    Who gave Pakistan their “bomb”?
    Why is Pak giving the Swat to america?
    The nwo had better be worth all of this! It is terribly tainted.

  26. ShadowWarrior
    The identity of the pilot of the plane is known. He acted on his own initiative, according to the reports I read. A good man.

    The “plane” shot down was hidden after destruction. What happened to it?

    • Pat;

      There has been a lot of speculation about the plane parts, mainly because of the secrecy surrounding what happened to them. I know that one guy who frequents 9/11 Blogger has been running an ongoing campaign of FOIA requests to get the serial numbers off the individual parts of the planes recovered from the various crash sites. So far he has met with little success (which in and of itself may tell you a lot). They definitely handled the processing of the debris much differently than they do other planes crashes.


    • I think they had to pay 7 billion in the insurance rip off… and the judge in that case? None other than Micheal Mukasey, soon to be the U.S. Attorney Gen. who also refused to call waterboarding torture. and whose son works for Bracewell and Guiliani (yeah, that Guiliani) Yeah, that guy. Nice rant. Pretty much sums it up. I like it.

  28. Let’s not forget about Israel’s role:
    9/11 and Israel (link)

  29. Просто замечательно – очень интересные мысли

  30. well i must say your theory that flight 93 was heading towards wtc7 is the kind of conspiracy crap that gets all researchers bad names.

    it is a theory. please stop theorizing. there is no evidence to support your claims.

    there is little evidence to support your claims that flight 93 was shot down.

    no plane crashed in shanksville. i have been there interviewing eyewitnesses extensively for the past 2.5 years.

    i highly suggest you view my work and familiarize yourself with what is known about the shanksville attack in 2009.


    Flight 93 Shanksville : 9/11 Truth

    9/11 : The Shanksville Files Vol I : Susan McElwain

    9/11 : The Shanksville Files Vol III : Viola Saylor [preview]

    9/11 : The Shanksville Files Vol II : Wally Miller [preview]

    all the full length interviews for the above can be found on google video.

    • domenick;

      for the longest time, I held the rather popular belief of most 9/11 Truth advocates, in that I too believed what crashed in Shanksville was not actually a 757. But to be honest, that story never added up with the overall story-line of Sept 11th. Doesn’t add up. First, to say there is no wreckage does not hold to the facts; there was wreckage, you can see it in every photo; it just doesn’t “look” like what we would “think” the wreckage should look like. And I will grant you that. I would expect to see fuselage parts, wing parts, maybe even the entire tail section… but you don’t. Also, as I mentioned in the article, there is little luggage or seats that I can make out in the photos. And of course, there is the coroners comment about no bodies at the crash site as well… none that you can see at least.

      But lets face it; with every camera on the planet seemingly operating in Lower Manhattan that day, or in D.C. it would be rather stupid for someone to attempt to fly a Global Hawk missile into the Dome or into Building 7 right in front of all of them. That would be dumb, and these people aren’t dumb.

      What also stands out as odd in the assertion that “nothing” crashed in Shanksville is the question of what happened to the passengers. Had they simply installed the FTS rack somewhere on the plane, as well as some tasteless odorless gas in place of the oxygen tanks, they could have easily put every person to sleep on that flight (or worse) in a manner of seconds at any point in time. Then flown it anywhere.

      And even your own videos support the remote piloting hypothesis by talking about the unmarked white jet. What the hell was that doing there if there were no flight to pilot?

      No, I think I am correct. But thanks for the videos.

  31. DOMENICK, are you saying your research is the only accurate research that has been conducted? On the FLT-93 episode? That everyone else is inaccurate, that only yours is the one true accurate theory? That everyone else that submits any theory is mentally unbalanced? That only you are the one true gifted researcher? That you stand above everyone else? That your work is superior to all others on the entire planet? That you stand in the light while everyone else is in total darkness? That the path to righteousness lies where you stand, everyone else is totally lost?

  32. You have to admire people like this Kevo. They are such good little slaves. Do exactly as they are told, believe everything the government tells them… without question.

    BTW, one point not mentioned in this article is that flight 93 was shot down PRECISELY because the passengers had regained control. Can’t have the plane landing with the fake MOSSAD arabs now can we.


    • Reaper;

      Possible. I tend to think that putting the control outside the craft would be more advantageous for the conspirators, less chance of someone “chickening out” or the passengers taking control of the flight, but, basically the same story, different “props”. Just as a side note, there is a story out today over at WhatReallyHappened about the Mossad training “al Qaeda” ops for attacks this summer. Check it out.

  33. Fantastic hypothesis! It goes far to explain why Building 7 was demolished, a fact that remains unsatisfactorily explained by the “official” mouthpieces. I’ve long wondered what went “wrong” with Flight 93 that necessitated shooting it down – I have always believed it was shot down. You successfully tied together two mysterious events: the shooting down of Flight 93 and the collapse of Building 7. (By the way, I don’t believe ordinary cell phones can work from moving airplanes.) But you stopped short of offering a hypothesis for why Flight 93 was shot down. Was it a mistake by a fighter pilot? Did they lose remote control of the plane?

    I find it telling that two slickly produced mainstream propaganda movies titled, “Flight 93” and “World Trade Center,” were swiftly and soundly rejected by the populace. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two movies shoot to the bargain DVD bins as rapidly as these two movies. I am keenly interested in collective psychology, so what does it tell us that these two propaganda movies were rejected by society’s collective mind? That the events of that day are too painful to ponder? Rather, I think these movies were seen as neither pure entertaining fiction, nor pure documentary fact, which rendered them without appeal of either sort.

    Curiously, both movies were released in 2006. Was that for the five year “anniversary”? Oh, yeah, the five year anniversary is commemorated with silvery plastic. One has to admire the bravado of these people, releasing two propaganda films to recall and reinforce the official fable, when I would think that in the face of mounting evidence of the preposterousness of the official fable, the most prudent thing would have been to let the whole thing slip quietly into the pages of history. After all, by 2006 they had secured much of what they wanted. Of course, maybe they wanted more still, such as a war with Iran. I certainly felt that war with Iran was imminent in 2006.

    Dave – Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

    • Hi Dave;

      As far as the films go, now that you mention it, they did go to the $3 bin pretty damn fast, didn’t they? Timing wise, I think you have to look at what was going on when they chose to make them rather than when they were released. The 9/11 Commission was getting a lot of static for their crappy work, and I think the “Truth” movement was really gaining some steam at that time. So along comes a couple of propaganda pieces in 2006, but they were conceived and written undoubtedly by CIA shills in late 2004 and 2005. Coincidentally enough, that is around the same time Prof Jones “woke up” – Prof Jones of the “submarine cold fusion for the Energy Department” and former employee of Los Alamos fame…
      Frankly I think that some pilot took it on himself to intercept Flight 93, and then he took the shot. It’s a mistake on the part of the conspirators, but not on the part of the pilot, obviously. I remember Cheney like the day after on a interview and he wouldn’t answer the question as to whether it was shot down or not. Also he wouldn’t answer the question of whether or not the passengers actually got into the cock-pit before the crash. He just didn’t have the “official” story hammered out yet I suppose.

  34. If there was no plane 93, then where are the passengers that were transferred to flight 93? And why did the government go to all that trouble to set up the messages sent out by passengers?
    It Flight 93 was changed to a remote controlled flying bomber, where is 93?
    The flight pattern of 93 (or what was known as 93) was documented…. it turned and headed for the coast and at almost the precise time the 2nd tower fell, it turned again toward New York…. a definite threat coming toward a ‘battle field’ and someone (a hero) decided that was not going to happen … he took 93 down. That is documented … the 93 blimp went out..
    Yeah… I think Wilyloman is right…. and someone was remote controling 93…. maybe no one was aboard… they had already been murdered.

  35. Welcome to the Grand Illusion
    Come on in and see what’s happening
    Pay the price get your tickets for the show
    The stage is set the band starts playing
    Suddenly your heart is pounding
    Wishing secretly you were a star

    Federal Reserve

  36. The problem that I have with all these theories is that they always point to the Bush Administration. Al Gore and Bill Clinton spent the prior 8 years contracting out government functiona and hosing up the government computer systems by redesigning them wholesale working to redesign life in America for socialist plan of “sustainable development”.

    Following 9/11 the entire social contract with government has changed. American citizens have become the “terrorists” and un-American legislation like the Patriot Act, Military Commission, legislation to create Homescam Security were all implement – BUT – the legislation for all of it was written before 9/11 and was all ready to go.

    On September 8, 2001, Bill Clinton sold out the American people by signing on to the Millennium Declaration calling for global “governance”.

    Sandy “Burgler” Berger had arranged for the Summits of the Americas where “Plans of Action” were discussed and approved to merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a hemispheric “common market” as a predecessor to a political union – “North American Union” – call it what you want. On September 11, 2001 Colin Powell was in Lima Peru to sign the Inter-American Democratic Charter. His story of that morning differs from the NGO’s that were there to witness the events.

    9/11 was a very elaborate plan that included not only the airplane ballet, there was the on-the-ground component of photographers in place (Naudet Brothers); the FEMA exercise going on – on the ground; the witnesses in place (Harley guy), the people interviewed on television (Richard Holbrooke, Jerome Hauer, etc.) – all ready to go with the Al Qaeda story.

    All of the above are just snippets of the treason of the Clinton Administration. There is a lot more behind all of it.

    There is no question that 9/11 was an inside job – but I think it was planned and arranged during the Clinton Administration and it is my belief that the purpose was to establish the conditions (blackmail) necessary for the global agenda of a return to feudalism combined with the global police state (information and surveillance systems) to continue unabated.

    • Vicky;

      It was planned during the Clinton Administration and it wasn’t just the “neocons” (who were actually first called “neoliberals”). Yes, the Clinton administration had to set a lot of things in place in order to get this thing done, which is probably one reason we will never see a real investigation into the events of that day and what led up to it.

      One thing you didn’t mention is the Grahm Leech Bliley Act of 1998, which I think is one of the most important factors in all of this. They had to free up these financial giants to rake in billions of dollars before all of this took place. I just think the two things are connected.

      Also, it may comfort you to know, that I don’t think most of the Bush administration had the slightest idea this was going to take place before it happened…

      … and that includes George W. Bush.

      thank you for your comment

  37. Willyloman,

    You know your theory will change everything in the truth community. Remember in the 911 Commission Report Norman Mineta (a known Rockefeller friend) states that as an F16 approached Flight 93 an officer asked Cheney multiple times “if the orders still stand”; Cheney’s reaction being…”of course they still stand; have you heard anything to the contrary”. That F16 pilot did not follow orders as we must assume the orders were do not shoot the plane down since Cheney had already removed those orders from NORAD in June of 2001. I agree that all the passengers that died on 911 were on Flight 93 and that the Pentagon / WTC 1 & 2 attacks were all missiles. The grand finale was to be as you suggested. The VULCANS did not anticipate that an order to not engage would be disobeyed but since the pilot already knew of the other attacks he took matters into his own hands. An alternate explanation for these actions does exist and assumes that Dick Cheney was not a willing participant but perhaps only a useful patsy. Walk with me on this for a second…let’s assume Cheney is innocent of the major details of the plot. He must realize at some point that he could be implicated for the sabotage of NORAD and allows the F16 to engage Flight 93 since any actions to discourage engagement would rightfully be construed as treason. Now the military officer asking Cheney if the orders still stand is referring to engagement. He wants to know from Cheney if the orders still stand to shoot down Flight 93. Cheney must’ve realized at this point that he was being set up or perhaps he really was duped like all of us into believing the hijacker story. You see for all the torture stories & assassin squad stories to be true Dick Cheney must’ve believed that we really were in great danger of terrorists. I mean really how can we expect Cheney, a man who shot his friend with a shotgun, to be the ringleader of this entire episode? It’s probably true that he is guilty of removing the “shoot down” command from NORAD in June of 2001 but this may have been done under the auspice that he was given information of an impending terrorist attack but nothing compared to the atrocities that occurred that morning. There is no doubt that as a member of PNAC he hoped for an attack that would galvanize the population but once he saw what was really happening and the destruction caused he rescinded the “no engagement” order. This alternate suggestion of Cheney’s role is more plausible after all why would Norman Mineta’s testimony beincluded n teh 911 report if it were not to place blame directly in Cheney’s lap? Do you really think there would be all this torture trial discussion now if Cheney knew the real particulars of the events of that day? If the torture trials do move forward then one must assume that Cheney is only the patsy and not the willing participant that he has been played out to be in the Truth Movement. It looks to me that Cheney was used by the Rockefeller interests to insure the construction of the Unocal pipelines and now that those are well underway, Cheney can thus be eliminated. Once Cheney is convicted the US will be stripped of her sovereignty and international laws against torture will be proven to supersede the US Constitution. This is the old two birds one stone scenario that the perpetrators have built in to justify International Law as the law of all the lands. You see by convicting US Officials of torture you now have an international body that is truly above the US and the entire world will be of witness to it. I’m not sure if you can make the same leap as I have on this but I am with you 100% on your Flight 93 WTC 7 hypothesis. The best evidence substantiating your conclusion is the statement made on the record by the government prosecutor in the OBL taxi driver case in which he states Flight 93 was shot down before it hit the “dome”. This is really big news that even people who have not been following the truth movement can get their heads around. At least I’m hoping that’s the case. Keep up the good work and just keep pulling on this thread to see where it goes.

  38. Sorry… that was September 8, 2000 not 2001.

  39. kevo ? bushie? jews?
    this wonderfully logical and as stated makes the case clearly undeniable,how the hell can they keep it covered up there must have been hundreds involved here?They can not kill or silence them all or did they?

  40. Thank you for laying it out so nicely that Flight 93 was meant to take out WTC7, which has always been my belief.The pilot who shot down Flight 93 is Lt Colonel Rick Gibney.


    Two of the planes were still flying until 2005

  41. I’m part-way through this excellent article, pausing where it says: “Imagine for a moment that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are correct. Or should I say the ‘alternative narrative’ theorists are correct.”

    What if it said something like . . .

    “Imagine for a moment that the ‘real narrative’ theorists are corerct.”

    Or . . .

    “Imagine for a moment that the ‘true narrative’ theorists are correct.”

    When even the best writing on 911 (for example: this very article) is or appears to be still defining the actual facts as being some kind of “alternative” to something, that always has me wanting to respond in writing.

    IMO: In a situation where only 0.0001% of the information in circulation is communicating or intending to communicate factual truth, and the remaining .9999% is false and largely consists of deliberate lies, the 0.0001% is not an “alternative” viewpoint. Rather, that 0.0001% IS the PRIMARY information, on the subject in question.

    To every(any)one reading this comment:

    If you really are aware of a piece of the actual truth about anything, whether it’s 911 or the real nature of the Federal Reserve, or the history of zionism, or the fact that the HIV virus has never been proved to be an existing organism, or the rather astonishing roots and background of rock music (a-la Mr. McGowan and his “Laurel Canyon”), or the real biography of the artist known as ‘Shakespeare’ (see “The Mysterious William Shakespeare” by Charlton Ogburn), then please notice if you are self-defining your knowledge as being something that’s “alternative” to something else, and if you are, ask yourself: Is that self-definition furthering you in your life and your conversations, or restricting you?

    Now I’m going back to reading.

    • GRRRR;

      You have a point. In a way, I am still determining the value of my work in relation to the conventional wisdom of the “official conspiracy theory” (which in this case, is valueless) when I insinuated that my theory of events is merely an “alternative” to the accepted, rather than the most probable of the two given the empirical evidence at hand.

      It is a weak position born of some inherent need, I suppose, to not be outside looking in. I don’t know.

      what I have described isn’t the alternative narrative, it is the narrative.

      Point taken. Thank you.

  42. 9/11 was a hoax. There were no commercial airliners, and no Arab hijackers; in fact, there were no hijackers at all.

    Why is there no video of anybody boarding any of the planes? Why are a number of these “suicide pilots” still alive? Why has the government been unable to produce any wreckage from these planes, or any of the thousands of parts from them stamped with serial numbers? Why have neither of the two airlines filed any loss claims over those flights? Why did a woman who still lives in New York spend five years searching for relatives of 64 people on one of the phony passenger lists, and find nobody at all? Where are the credit card company records for the claims of Arabs renting cars and buying plane tickets using their real names? Where are the phone company records for the phony cell phone calls?

    It’s only been seven and a half years, people. I wouldn’t want any of you believers in the “official” conspiracy theory to rush into anything like thinking for yourself, instead of enabling these murderers in DC and Tel Aviv by your collective belief in this idiotic fairy tale. People who still this crap are f***ing idiots, and they undoubtedly still believe the bulls*** about the U.S. landing men on the moon six times.

    Bush fought tooth and nail for over a year to keep 9/11 from being investigated. Any blockhead could tell you that when somebody tries to prevent a crime from being investigated, especially THE HEAD OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, you can bet the kid’s college fund they were involved.

    What a damning indictment of the public “education” system.

    One more thing. Osama bin Bogeyman has been dead for years. Like Casey Stengel said, you could look it up. Just don’t try to look it up in the Zionist-controlled “mainstream” media.

  43. TO GRRRRRR, I would like to take a shot at answering the last question.

    When those of us who try to tell of the alternative to the official story line of 9-11, it essentially restricts us because we are going against the main stream, yet, still we persist in pushing foward, our theories, or theories of others we hold to.

  44. To Big M

    You know that 9-11 was a video production injected into the News stream and yet – you can’t think of a single reason why the Bush Administration might not want to have an open and public investigation of 9-11?

    Let me help you. How about an open and public investigation would reveal to the world the vulnerabilities in U.S. national security – that something like this could be pulled off – using their very own emergency management control systems – making the military and the government look ridiculous.

    Ever heard of blackmail?

    Do you have any idea of what else might be going on in this country that “people” might not want exposed? And who those “people” might be?

    In the report, Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy, Philip Zelikow, Ashton Carter and John Deutch said that people in this country lack imagination. I think they were partially correct – but I think it would have been more correct to say that people lack the ability to think things through to their logical conclusions and they lack the ability to look at alternative explanations, ideas and possibilities.

    If you don’t step out of the left/right mindboxes you’ll never have the full picture. Left/right is a fraud in this country anyway. There is only one party and that party controls the message for the two false fronts of left and right.

  45. Hi, Vicky:

    Uh, I answered the question in your first paragraph in my first post. Bush and his administration knew what was going down. That’s why Bush tried to block an investigation.

    The whole point I am making is that Arabs didn’t do this. The “official” conspiracy theory is a lie. And the only reason, or at least the primary reason, that Bush and others would make up such a ridiculous story would be to cover their asses. As to blackmail, I think that the plans were finalized at Camp David during El Fascista Maximo’s long vacation in August, 2001. He was probably told his lines, and told not to do anything to f*** things up. And I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Israelis showed him a copy of the tape showing him being briefed, and suggested he follow the script, or else.

    By the way, I must say that I’m really tired of people using this phony “national security” dodge every time that somebody wants answers or proof of claims. Would somebody explain to me why it would compromise “national security” for the feds to PROVE their claims? (In fact, would somebody precisely define “national security” for me?) After all, if they’re going to use these charges to justify bombing the shit out of people on the other side of the globe, trash the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, spy on Americans illegally, bankrupt the country, and inaugurate endless pre-emptive wars of genocide, then they sure as g**-damned hell have an obligation to prove their claims.

    I don’t think I’d have a very long career in practicing law if, prior to every trial, I informed the jury that I had a mountain of evidence against the defendant, but I couldn’t show them any of it — do you?

  46. domenick;

    for the longest time, I held the rather popular belief of most 9/11 Truth advocates, in that I too believed what crashed in Shanksville was not actually a 757. But to be honest, that story never added up with the overall story-line of Sept 11th. Doesn’t add up. First, to say there is no wreckage does not hold to the facts; there was wreckage, you can see it in every photo; it just doesn’t “look” like what we would “think” the wreckage should look like. And I will grant you that.

    ***Thats because a 757 didn’t crash there. Look at all the debris pictures and find me some debris that isn’t silver. Find some that is grey or blue considering thats the colors the plane was supposed to be***

    I would expect to see fuselage parts, wing parts, maybe even the entire tail section… but you don’t. Also, as I mentioned in the article, there is little luggage or seats that I can make out in the photos. And of course, there is the coroners comment about no bodies at the crash site as well… none that you can see at least.

    ***Thats because airplanes and people don’t vaporize. You can’t stuff 100 tons of airliner in a 10 foot deep hole. You can see the bottom of the crater which shows us the furthest point of penetration. There isn’t 90 tons of airplane under it.***

    But lets face it; with every camera on the planet seemingly operating in Lower Manhattan that day, or in D.C. it would be rather stupid for someone to attempt to fly a Global Hawk missile into the Dome or into Building 7 right in front of all of them. That would be dumb, and these people aren’t dumb.

    ***Well I agree with that. That doesn’t prove anything though. That doesn’t mean this plane was heading there. You’re being a conspiracy theorist. Please stop theorizing and deal with facts. You have no facts to support your claim. Do you realize this? I am not a conspiracy theorist and I despise the term. ***

    What also stands out as odd in the assertion that “nothing” crashed in Shanksville is the question of what happened to the passengers. Had they simply installed the FTS rack somewhere on the plane, as well as some tasteless odorless gas in place of the oxygen tanks, they could have easily put every person to sleep on that flight (or worse) in a manner of seconds at any point in time. Then flown it anywhere.

    ***Again you are being a conspiracy theorist. When I read this I know you’re influenced by disinformation artists like Alex “Y2K we’re all gonna die!!!” Jones. Please dont allow conspiracy theorists to take you down false roads and turn into a conspiracy theorist yourself.***

    And even your own videos support the remote piloting hypothesis by talking about the unmarked white jet. What the hell was that doing there if there were no flight to pilot?

    ***It was bombing a drainage ditch in the field is what it was doing. The drainage ditch not even 100 yards from the scrap yard. Connect the dots.***

    No, I think I am correct. But thanks for the videos.

    ***You’re not correct. You’re a conspiracy theorist. I have spoken to the coroner, I have spoken to over a dozen eyewitnesses. I am a realist. Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville. It continued flying the same direction it was heading and passed over Indian Lake. Was it shot down? Perhaps. There is circumstantial evidence to support that claim. Did it crash in that field? Absolutely not. The Indian Lake witnesses prove this.

    And as for “where are the passengers?”. Go read operation northwoods and get back to me on who they were gonna use for college students……***

    • Domenick:

      “That doesn’t mean this plane was heading there. You’re being a conspiracy theorist. Please stop theorizing and deal with facts. You have no facts to support your claim. Do you realize this?”

      You mean, aside from the published flight path that I have shown in the article… aside from that fact as to show where the plane was headed?

      As far as the working theory of how the plane was flown; Dov Zakheim is what he is. He did head SPC at that time and they did make remote flight systems for commercial airliners like 757s. In fact, they even had defense department contracts to provide them with these systems. And I am not a real big fan of Alex Jones, by the way.

      I have already read the released Operation Northwoods document, I even wrote about it year or so ago. Archived somewhere on the site here.

      So let me get this straight; you call me a “conspiracy theorist” and you hate the term “conspiracy theorist”? Is that right?

      I am speculating too much for your tastes, yet you tell me, with no evidence, that the “white business type jet” fired rockets into the ditch in the field in Shanksville… and since it was near a scrap-yard… I need to “connect the dots”? Is that about the sum total of it all?

  47. There were a lot of other people who knew what was going down also – obviously who ever arranged that shindig for CEO’s in Omaha. And what is the name of that Mayor in California? Willie something – he knew too. And at somepoint on the morning of – or prior to the morning of 9-11, Donald Rumsfeld knew something was going to happen because he called a meeting of Congressmen and told them so – on that morning – revealed by John Mica (R-FL).

    There are two kinds of national security – the bullsh*t you see from the Homescam Security Department – and then there is real national security that I suspect you wouldn’t understand even if it was explained it to you. Our problem is that we don’t know who really has the reigns of the nation. From where I sit, I don’t see any “friendlies” in government and that includes Obama’s government.

    Your little example is cute – but it doesn’t apply. And for the record, the Constitution has already been trashed and that was before the Bush Administration. Your boy Clinton did that.. just shredded it. In fact, I have to wonder if Kenneth Starr wasn’t working for Clinton Gang – keeping everybody titilated with blue dresses and cigars.

  48. Domenick:

    “That doesn’t mean this plane was heading there. You’re being a conspiracy theorist. Please stop theorizing and deal with facts. You have no facts to support your claim. Do you realize this?”

    You mean, aside from the published flight path that I have shown in the article… aside from that fact as to show where the plane was headed?

    ***You mean the map you drew on? The one you made and then afterwards claim the reason nothing of the sort exists from any other source is because they’re trying to hide it?

    You inventing this conspiracy theory takes away from the real exposiveness of this event which is the following :

    According to the 9/11 Commission, less than a minute after Flight 93 acknowledged a routine radio transmission from the FAA’s Cleveland Center (see 9:27 a.m. September 11, 2001), John Werth—the controller handling the flight—and pilots of other aircraft in the vicinity of Flight 93 hear “a radio transmission of unintelligible sounds of possible screaming or a struggle from an unknown origin.” [Federal Aviation Administration, 9/11/2001; 9/11 Commission, 6/17/2004; CBS News, 9/10/2006] Someone, presumably Flight 93’s pilot Jason Dahl, is overheard by controllers as he shouts, “Mayday!” [New York Times, 7/22/2004] Seconds later, the controller responds, “Somebody call Cleveland?” Then there are more sounds of screaming and someone yelling, “Get out of here, get out of here.” [Toronto Sun, 9/16/2001; Newsweek, 9/22/2001; Observer, 12/2/2001; MSNBC, 7/30/2002; 9/11 Commission, 6/17/2004] Then the voices of the hijackers can be heard talking in Arabic. The words are later translated to show they are talking to each other, saying, “Everything is fine.” [Newsweek, 12/3/2001]

    Shortly before Flight 93 reverses direction and heads east, someone in its cockpit radios in and asks the FAA for a new flight plan, with a final destination of Washington, DC. [ABC News, 9/11/2001; ABC News, 9/14/2001] Jeff Krawczyk, the chief operating officer of a company that tracks aircraft movements, later comments, “We hardly ever get a flight plan change. Very unusual.” [Washington Business Journal, 9/11/2001] Who it is that makes this request is unclear. The hijacker takeover of Flight 93 occurred around 9:28 a.m. (see (9:28 a.m.) September 11, 2001) [9/11 Commission, 7/24/2004, pp. 11] , so it is presumably made by one of the hijackers. Twenty-five minutes later the pilot hijacker will also program a new destination into the plane’s navigational system (see 9:55 a.m. September 11, 2001).

    Take that whole thing in again real slow.***

    As far as the working theory of how the plane was flown; Dov Zakheim is what he is. He did head SPC at that time and they did make remote flight systems for commercial airliners like 757s. In fact, they even had defense department contracts to provide them with these systems. And I am not a real big fan of Alex Jones, by the way.

    *** Well I’m glad your not a Jones fan, that implies that you are reasonable and open to evidence. Jones fans are not. Whether an electronic hijacking took place or not is little relevance. It is something that can only be exposed by a new transparent investigation. But the evidence I uncovered exposes the whole event and warrants a new investigation. The plane did not crash in that field. Airplane seats and fuselage and tail sections and human beings dont vaporize.***

    I have already read the released Operation Northwoods document, I even wrote about it year or so ago. Archived somewhere on the site here.

    ***Who were the college students?***

    So let me get this straight; you call me a “conspiracy theorist” and you hate the term “conspiracy theorist”? Is that right?

    I am speculating too much for your tastes, yet you tell me, with no evidence, that the “white business type jet” fired rockets into the ditch in the field in Shanksville… and since it was near a scrap-yard… I need to “connect the dots”? Is that about the sum total of it all?

    ***Well the eyewitness accounts I have gathered prove one thing. The plane did not crash in Shanksville. After it passed the alleged crash site a small white unmarked military plane approached. Eyewitnesses place it at the crash site before, at, & after the time of the explosion. People in Indian Lake saw/heard a large plane pass over them. Eyewitnesses northwest of the crash site watched a large plane head southeast towards the crash site. If the plane does not crash it will pass directly over Indian Lake. The 757 was gone when the explosion happened. At least 3-5 miles past the crash site and the little white plane was there when it happened. Do you not see the difference in the conclusions I’ve drawn based on the 2.5 years I spent going back and forth to the area and hundreds of hours logged in interviewing people at their home, at the crash site, at their office, over the phone, through email, etc and what you have done with your theory that this plane was going to crash into WTC7?***

  49. Big M, no, you wouldn’t be a lawyer very long… about 20 minutes. And yeah, they need to prove to us!

    Hey Domenick! OK… lets say 93 did not crash or fall after being shot down into the hole at Shanksville…. you say 93 flew over the lake… and just disappeared? What happened to it? Oh… it might have been shot down… OK… so where is that crash site?

  50. Willylo:

    You can find some INTERESTING Data for your Theory at wikipedia:


    “The United Airlines Flight 93 aircraft was a Boeing 757-200, registration number N591UA.[18] The airplane had a capacity of 182 passengers, but the September 11 flight carried only 37 passengers and seven crew members. This represented a load factor of 20 percent, considerably below the 52 percent average Tuesday load factor for Flight 93.”

  51. Hey Domenick! OK… lets say 93 did not crash or fall after being shot down into the hole at Shanksville…. you say 93 flew over the lake… and just disappeared? What happened to it? Oh… it might have been shot down… OK… so where is that crash site?

    *** OK Jan, fair enough. There are 2 possibilities :
    1) According to ATC transcripts and Secret Service and First Media reports the shoot down version would have it ended up somewhere between Hyndeman, PA & Camp David.

    2) Since the plane wasn’t shot down but flew over the site and a preset explosive was detonated shortly after or a small white military plane carried out some bombing run the plane which many to believe to be a hijacked flight 93 landed at ____________ airport. You fill in the blank. I don’t know what happened to it.

    I know what didn’t and that is the plane did not end up in that field. Pure and Simple.

    I personally don’t believe it was shot down. I think this is disinfo because so many locals witnessed military planes.

    According to EPA, there also was no jet fuel contamination in the soil or well water. If you do not know what kind of contamination jet fuel causes for soil & water you should look it up you’ll find it quite interesting.***

    • Lets see if I got this straight;

      You suggest I am just a “conspiracy theorist” putting forward these baseless ideas of mine.

      Yet, this suggestion I have laid out works with the recorded flight path, eyewitness testimony, the testimony of a prosecutor in court trying bin Laden’s driver of all things, the recorded timeline of the events of 9/11 including the unexplained collapse of the towers. It explains two unanswered questions – what happened to flight 93 and why would they plan for Building 7 to just fall down with no rhyme or reason. Even your own witnesses corroborate my conclusion in that they saw the trailing plane (flying Flight 93 by remote) and they also saw the “military” jets that, by all other accounts except your own, shot down Flight 93. Several people reported hearing explosions in the air and seeing the plane struggling to stay aloft and then crashing.

      That is my “unsupported” theory according to you.

      While you suggest your conclusion which is – you don’t know what happened to Flight 93. There are no flight path recordings of it leaving the area. It could have gone to Camp David. It could have gone somewhere else. An explosive “could” have blown it up… or not. And the collapse of Building 7 was … what? a coincidence? Thermal expansion?

      And this is all based on talking to people in PA?

      That is basically your point?

  52. I’de like to address all the posters here today. I’ts been a damm fine debate that has taken place here at Willylomans American Everyman.. It’s good to see so many and hear all the stinulating oppinions on the subject of FLT-93. I myself have focused on FLT-77. Lets face it, 9-11 is simply too massive an incident for one mind to absorb all the circumstances of the entire 9-11 eventand keep it all straight. We have just as manny unusual circumstances, and unanswered questions pertainning to the Pentagon strike. I’ve not been able to devote any study time in the Flt-93 situation. So therefore, my knowledge of the Flt-93 story is very limited. So, as a result, I find this Flt-93 debate very personally stimulating.
    Thanks to everybody who submitted to this stimulating debate.

  53. Lets see if I got this straight;

    ***OK, lets…..***

    You suggest I am just a “conspiracy theorist” putting forward these baseless ideas of mine.

    Yet, this suggestion I have laid out works with the recorded flight path,

    ***What recorded flight path? I already showed you that the plane giving the transponder signal of United 93 sent a “very strange” request for a flight path change to DC. This “very strange” request coming from a plane suspected/known to be hijacked was approved by the FAA. The course was set for DCA [Reagan International]. Not Boston. Where do you get this Boston claim at? You even claim that everyone is suppressing this information so where did you see it at?***

    eyewitness testimony,

    ***What eyewitness testimony??? I have spoken with those eyewitnesses. The plane flew over the crash site and on towards Indian Lake and past that. How could someone on the ground in PA determine it was changing direction and heading for NY????***

    the testimony of a prosecutor in court trying bin Laden’s driver of all things,

    ***He says it would have hit the Dome. Do you know what the Dome is???? I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t in NYC.***

    the recorded timeline of the events of 9/11 including the unexplained collapse of the towers.

    ***The Shanksville Flight 93 event is a seperate entity from this***

    It explains two unanswered questions – what happened to flight 93 and why would they plan for Building 7 to just fall down with no rhyme or reason.

    ***It doesn’t explain what happened to Flight 93. Flight 93 was a great little fairy tale about Americans under attack and rising up to fight the fearless enemy and sacrificing their own lives in order to preserve the lives of other innocent Americans now lets roll into Iraq! Thats what Flight 93 was.

    Maybe the detonators of the towers thought WTC7 would get hit with a little more debris. Who knows? The only people who do sure aren’t going to talk about it. Your speculating wildly. It goes like this :

    2 buildings are hit with planes and collapse.
    1 building isn’t hit by a plane and collapses.
    1 plane didn’t hit a building and was most likely intended to.
    therefor the building that collapsed must be its target.

    That’s a logical conclussion but that doesn’t make it reality.***

    Even your own witnesses corroborate my conclusion in that they saw the trailing plane (flying Flight 93 by remote) and they also saw the “military” jets that, by all other accounts except your own, shot down Flight 93.

    *** The trailing plane wasn’t trailing. It was approaching the site from a completely different direction. Again you show you have not researched my work.

    “all other accounts” except mine say a military jet shot it down? Name 1 person who witnessed this plane being shot down and everyone here can mark my words that I will track them down and interview them on film. You think if someone saw that I would suppress it? If someone told me that you think I would censor it??? You’re insane. All I want is a new transparent open investigation into the attacks. I dont care if the tv fakery guys make it happen. I just want to see it happen.

    So don’t accuse me of such rubbish. I am not Alex Jones, I get no paycheck. I serve no editor or publisher. I have not a producer or writer. And in 2.5 years I have not made a dime and have spent thousands of my own dollars researching this. The notion that I would uncover a plane being shot down and suppress it is absurd. You need to review my work. I release my interviews in their complete entirety. I am not the corporate media.***


    Several people reported hearing explosions in the air and seeing the plane struggling to stay aloft and then crashing.

    ***Laura Temyer, Linda Shepley, Michael Merringer, Lisa Merringer all do report this. None of them report seeing smoke coming from the plane or debris coming from the plane though. Do you think it’s possible that some of them saw the plane after the explosion in the field since we know a plane didn’t crash there?

    You think it’s odd that Michael & Lisa’s account both state that they heard a loud bang and then saw Flight 93 but no accounts of debris falling from it? ***

    That is my “unsupported” theory according to you.

    ***So far you’ve shown their is some evidence that supports the possibility Flight 93 was shot down. That is all. I wait for your sources on the Flight Path change to Boston. Please provide them for us all to review. When you do and I am shown to be in error I will apologize for my previous comments. I don’t think this is gonna happen though.***

    While you suggest your conclusion which is – you don’t know what happened to Flight 93. There are no flight path recordings of it leaving the area. It could have gone to Camp David. It could have gone somewhere else. An explosive “could” have blown it up… or not.

    ***Wrong. I said I know Flight 93 did not crash in that field. I know a lot more too that I haven’t typed out. If you’re genuininely interested in learning more about the 9/11 Shanksvile attack I recommend listening to my recent appearance on Think or Be Eaten radio show. It’s 2 hours long :


    and here is a 9/10/8 appearance I did on New World Order Disorder which is an hour long and I go a little more in depth about Wally Miller :


    I have stated my conclussion. Flight 93 DID NOT CRASH IN SHANKSVILLE. There is your story. Not some wild conspiracy theory that it was intended for WTC7.

    And the collapse of Building 7 was … what? a coincidence? Thermal expansion?

    ***It was a controlled demolition. Most likely Flight 93 if real was going to the capitol to take out Congress so the devils could implement Martial Law. Then it wouldn’t have mattered if they blew up Flight 93. Your own referenced witness said it would have hit the dome if it hadn’t been shot down. Again, is the dome WTC7?***

    And this is all based on talking to people in PA?

    ***Yes. All my work based on Flight 93 and Shanksville centers around the crash site and the witnesses. This is how I proved Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville. Since I can’t find anyone who saw it being shot down or losing debris I also believe it wasn’t shot down and the whole event was a staged military psychological operation intended to rally people into supporting bullshit wars.***

    That is basically your point?

    ***No, my point is it hurts our cause when you speculate wildly and form conspiracy theories which are not supported with evidence that is my point. I’ll be waiting for the Boston Flight path change proof in the meantime.***

    • Just to finish up here,

      The recordings of the struggle in the cockpit that you mention earlier, as well as the report that Flight 93 requested a new path to D.C. both stem from the 9/11 Commission investigation which was conducted by a man, as I point out in the article, that had a vested interest in making sure people didn’t make the Flight 93/Building 7 connection.

      That is where the story comes from. The flight itself shows that they made a final turn toward New York in the last few minutes of the flight.

      The recordings, like the phone calls, were faked after the fact to support the storyline. That is why none of the phone calls supporting the “passengers are taking over the flight” made it to actual people on the ground. Rather, they were all to “operators”… meaning they were all created after the fact. Again, to support the story the 9/11 Commission and Philip Zelikow had to create to keep people from making this very connection.

      The prosecutor was repeating that information, the target destination of Flight 93 as being “the dome” or D.C. I mentioned his comments, because a reader here pointed it out to me, and because he inadvertently let it slip that the plane was indeed shot down. One statement is the “official storyline of 9/11 as dictated by Philip Zelikow” and the other statement, the truer statement, was actually a slip-up.

      I have shown you evidence to support this conclusion. you can either read it and honestly look at the conclusion for what it is, or you can keep resisting the notion simply because it differs from yours…

      and just for the record, you are suggesting that they planned this whole thing and rigged Building 7 with explosives, but they didn’t think of a excuse for it falling that day? They just planned to blow it up without any cover story at all? And you think that Flight 93 was actually going to hit the capital instead? even though Cheney and Rumsfeld had just ordered planes that were headed to New York to return to D.C.?

  54. typo correction :

    above i said :

    “Then it wouldn’t have mattered if they blew up Flight 93. ”

    It should have been :

    “Then it wouldn’t have mattered if they blew up WTC7.”

  55. The flight itself shows that they made a final turn toward New York in the last few minutes of the flight.

    ***Where? What is your source for this claim? This is the claim I dispute. Right here. This is what I’m asking for proof of.***

    • you mean aside from the ones in the article?

      that’s just a few. Check with Pilots for 9/11 Truth. They have looked at all 4 flight paths and evaluated them all…

  56. well for starters you don’t have to introduce me to pilots for 911 truth as I am a member and good friend of Rob Balsamo. If you don’t believe me feel free to contact him or check the Shanksville Forum at the site and you’ll see I’m the moderator there.

    Now as for your links 3 of them do nothing to support your claim. The only one which remotely does is Woody’s link. I know Woody and I’m sure if I contact him he would come here and tell you that doesn’t mean the plane was heading for NYC or changed its flight path destination to Boston.

    I don’t know why you don’t just admit that you proposed a theory based on your interpretation of evidence and drew your own conclussions to find what you believe is a ‘more logical’ explanation for the controlled demolition of WTC7 and it really isn’t supported by any evidence…..

    Regardless, you want to continue on spewing this like its gospel you’re free to do so. I tried to provide you information. I tried to show you evidence. I’ve examined yours and trust me there isn’t nothing about Flight 93 you’re going to find on the internet that I don’t know about.

    However, I have a lot of information about Flight 93 you don’t know about. Its there is you ever care to take a look at it.

    If you honestly do I think you’ll abandon this whole speculation and embrace something more reality based supported by evidence and that is that this plane did not crash in Shanksville.

    Now can we have a new transparent investigation?


    • “Now as for your links 3 of them do nothing to support your claim.”

      Every single one of those maps of the flight path shows the heading change of Flight 93. That heading change took place at 9:58am in the morning, and according to the seismic data cited above, the plane crashed at 10:06. That’s 8 minutes of flight time on a new heading, away from D.C. and toward New York.

      Anyone can see that.

      Someone isn’t getting their money’s worth out of you. Go obfuscate someplace else.

      You say you have shown evidence, but you have provided none except that you have talked to some people in Shanksville. Well, so did the FBI. What does that prove? You don’t know what happened to the plane after it flew off, you don’t have the slightest idea what took it out. In short, you have nothing except a determination to keep posting here that the plane wasn’t downed in Shanksville and that it wasn’t headed toward New York.

      Anyone can clearly see the flight heading change on every single flight path map of Flight 93, yet for some reason you pretend not to see it?

      That tells me all I need to know.

  57. Hey good morning. I see it is still goin on. Damm, don’t some of you ever sleep? OOOOh, this coffee is soooo good.

  58. Willyloman,

    You’re still right on with your analysis. All the “hater shills” can piss off. Now that this piece of the puzzle is in place can we please move on to what caused the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) near ground zero that caused nearly 1,400+ cars to become toasted. This is truly the smoking gun that can explain the who and why if only the puzzle piece of what caused the EMP can be determined. Or do you really believe conventional explosives can answer for the toasted cars?

  59. Excellent piece. I have often wondered how in the world they expected to get away with WTC7. It is reasonable that they had a cover story but that things went wrong. That they pulled it anyway is a testimony to their total confidence in controlling the govt., the media and the American sheeple. These people are occultists which gives them a deviousness not readily picked up on by normal people. Funny isn’t it, GH Walker Bush calls for a NWO on 9/11/91 and ten years to the day a world changing event takes place. There is a huge run on the banks that changes the entire economy that is announced on 9/15/08. Someone(s) start draing the American banking system and the date that that draining takes place is the morning of 9/11.

  60. Cam,

    Where did you get the info that someone started draining the American banking system on 9/11? Did you mean 9/11 2008 or 9/11 2001?

  61. Willy,

    You bet it factors in – big time. In fact, I’ve been restraining myself from injecting information on other areas of my research. Once I figured out for myself that the World Trade Center buildings were demolished in controlled demolition, I moved on with my research to try and figure out who and why. All roads lead back to the CIA and the shadow government – State Department, National Security apparatus. They have a vested interest in the breakup of the U.S. government which stands in the way of their objectives of internationalism and the global “governance”.

    There is a lot of research behind the above statement so please don’t ask me to explain it in 25 words or less. It’s all on my website:

    • Yes, the global vision is certainly part of this. And those really are the people behind it. I while ago I wrote about the comparisons between what is happening here and what happened in Chile when Pinochet took over with the assistance of the CIA and Rumsfeld and Kissinger and all of them. Of course the day that “brick” landed on Chile was Sept. 11th 1973. So yes, dates do mean something to these creeps. They seem to take some perverted pleasure in dropping little hints, then calling people “conspiracy nuts” when they point them out. I wrote about it before “Shock Doctrine” came out, but she did a great job in detailing what they are doing and have been doing for 60 years or so.

    • I realize i am 3 yrs. after u wrote this, but thank you Vicky. how shall I reach your website? this is so informative and very important to me! It is refreshing to hear sensible people explain a lot of things I always wondered about!- jancie

  62. Odd… didn’t come through again – 3rd attempt:

  63. One more time…

    channelingreality dot com

  64. I decided immediately the government version would be a lie, because that’s what governments do best and always–they lie, about everything. That, I came to believe a long time ago.

    And, that’s allowed. I read it somewhere that that’s allowed, and I decided to believe it–that I can just decide what to believe all by myself, that I don’t have to be led, that I can trust my own experience.

    Feels good.
    R Ap

  65. I was on the same path when Shock Doctrine came out. She saved us a lot of work right?

    Look at the Morganthau Plan for Post WWII. That’s what is being implemented in our country. And it has been implemented incrementally for the last 50 years. The year 2000 was their marker for going for broke.

    I’m working on a project to show – point by point how the Morganthau Plan was/is being implemented in our country.

    You can find a copy of the summary points of the Morganthau Plan on the FDR Library website.

    Killing the economy and controlling resources to prevent the re-emergence of an industrial economy are the key points of the Morganthau Plan. And if people starve… all the better from their point of view.

  66. I got my information on the 9/11 bank run from a couple of sources. Just google 9/11/2008 bank run. An angry caller on C Span elicited this information from a congressman in Feb. 2009. Does it look like some kind of fascist-occult 4th Reich is unfolding? Well consider Prescott Bush and his ties to Hitler…consider the story that the BBC recently carried on the planned coup against Roosevelt…Prescott and other leading Anglo Eastern Corporatists were implicated, as revealed by the General they recruited to lead it. The Federal Reserve which isn’t federal? How bout Federal Express, which is quietly taking over the mail system. Fred Smith…Skull and Bones…classmate of Dubya. Have you watched the takeover of small business by WalMart? That operation was begun by good old Sam who worked for US Intelligence and was a good friend of the Bush family…in fact George Herbert awarded him with the Medal of Honor. Google articles by Steve Kangas on the CIA. Very good pieces. Unfortunately Steve committed suicide. Did you know GH Bush introduced and had passed the Noachide laws in I believe 1992? Read them. And we thought congress could make no laws in regards to the establishment of a religion.

  67. Cam,

    Thanks for the info. I knew about the Nohide laws but I didn’t know that Bush was behind it. Doesn’t surprise me. I thought Lockheed had the contract for postal services but it’s probably one of those blanket contracts that is then “shared” among select contractors.

    Also in 1992, GHWB signed Executive Order 12803 calling for the sell off of U.S. national assets including infrastructure.

    And best for last – because you mentioned Walmart, I will tell you that they plan on putting “health clinics” in their stores. This is connected with Project Destiny. Project Destiny is a concept to make pharmacists part of the health care team – cutting out physicians so you can go right straight to the Pusher Man at your local pharmacy.

    This stuff gets deep.

  68. Yeah, Vicky,
    they already have Health Clinics at many drugstores now with the ability to bypass doctors on smaller degrees of an illness…. soon walmart will be your grocer, doctor, eye care, clothes, shoes, car parts, car repair, booze, cigs…. anything the working class needs ; and it will all be imported… the products, the doctors, medicine, most of the walmart associates, and food products; and it will all be less regulated and of lessor quality than Americans have been accustomed to.
    Now…. the question: where will the customers (us?) work? where will the customers get money?

  69. Thanks Jan. It’s heartening to know that there are other people who see the entire picture of the future. So many in the 9/11 truth movement are stuck in the loop of how it was done. What’s really important is that we cut open this wound of 9/11 to drain the poison because if we don’t, it will be the end of this country. It might even be too late already – I don’t know but I choose not to believe that it is.

  70. This stuff gets deep indeed. The son of a close friend of the Bush family shoots Reagan. GH Bush never gave an adequate explanation of where he was the day Kennedy was shot. The only man ever pardoned by Dubya in Texas was a “born again christian” who is said to have killed several hundred people. Note the term Bush used for his regimentation of the education system….No Child Left Behind. A strange grammatical phrase that just happens to dovetail with the extremely popular evangelical series by Tim LaHaye called the Left Behind series which figures in with a coming world conflagration. The info on “Project Destiny” is another indication that they are implementing things with occult signs and code words. The elite know them…and we are always trying to play catch up.

  71. Thanks to Vicky and Dominic for giving more websites to information.
    Yes Vicky, your website did make it through eventually.

    I am glad that there are many who are still investigating this attrocity. Will we ever find the truth? As more time passes, the odds diminish.

  72. The great thing about the conspiracy is that it was inept. WTC7 falls after it was ordered to be pulled and after the BBC there was script….. something went wrong with the script.

    One “plane” is shot down. Another, in Washington DC, is videoed by two or more security cameras, yet no video is ever shown.

    Two planes, crash into the twin towers, but too far apart in time. There would have been a desire to arrange it all in a short time period. To minimize coverage by amateurs and security cameras. But that did not happen.

    Why not?

    • Pat;

      Whatever hit the Pentagon hit it exactly the right office to shut down the investigation into the missing trillions. Of course there were cameras at the Pentagon, they couldn’t do anything about that… except collect all the images… and they succeeded at that.

      The delay between the tower strikes was exactly what they wanted… they wanted cameras to show up and broadcast live, the “shock’ of the second plane hitting the tower…. that’s the point of “shock and awe”…

      The only thing that seems to have gone wrong, is the shooting down of flight 93. (I mean, there are other things that went wrong obviously, but as far as the overall “script” was concerned, 93 was the only real glitch.).

      After 93, they had no real choice with Building 7. They couldn’t leave it and risk the explosives being found and the court cases against Enron and the others continuing…

  73. HGIJoe has an interesting take!

    Bill Clinton and the Bushes have been connected through the CIA. They both belong. So it is easy to believe that this has been in the pipeline (sorry) since Nixon was toppled in the coup.
    I hope these conspirators are trustworthy, else when they die and their memoirs are published…..
    When the truth movement gains traction what will the response be?
    How long do they think that they can keep this up? What is their exit strategy? Let us analyze what they are likely to do in the future?

  74. The best laid out plans will always have the possibility for unknown elements to emerge and effect some important aspect of the plan in ways not previously anticipated.

    • “The best laid out plans will always have the possibility for unknown elements to emerge and effect some important aspect of the plan in ways not previously anticipated.”

      Scott is absolutely correct. And typically, that is what you look for in a criminal investigation; what happened that wasn’t planned. It’s in these moments that mistakes are made, usually because of greed, someone makes a bad call, like Building 7.

      They should have just left the building standing, let it burn as much as possible so as to justify the destruction of the Enron court records and the rest, and then cordoned it off due to “structural concerns” and sent the same contractors in to remove the demo charges that put them there in the first place.

      But someone got greedy, someone like Silverstein who admits himself that he was in on the decision to “pull it”. He could have easily had it condemned, but then he would have had to pay for the demolition. and they couldn’t demo it down there, so that would have meant years doing it piece by piece.

      He wanted the insurance money. He wanted the new building money. and his greed ultimately was responsible for millions of “truthers” because it was the circumstances of Building 7’s “collapse” that brought many of us here in the first place.

      • I’ve often said that greed and corruption are destroying our nation from the inside out .
        I also believe that greed breeds two things : Corruption and Stupidity.
        Corruption because greed is so strong that when legal means are no longer enough to provide what greed demands, then the greedy turn to illegal and corrupt means to get what they need to satisfy their greed….even though greed can never be satisfied, they continue to try.
        And stupidity because even when corruption goes wrong, even when the police are hot on your trail, even when you are about to be busted, greed is so strong that the greedy cannot stop.They cannot control their needs and desires, and so they do stupid things, even in the face of discovery, to continue to try to satisfy that which can never be satisfied….Greed.

  75. Willy,

    They also had to destroy Building 7 because it would have had evidence in New York City’s emergency management system of the 9-11 event.

    I watched your videos of the short selling and delayed clearing of securities. Do you remember when George Bush made a comment something to the effect that the people who did this aimed the plane so that nobody above where it hit could escape? That was in reference to Cantor as I recall – but even if he didn’t say Cantor, I’m sure he was referring to Canter.

    In 2004, Treasury Secretary John Snow gave a speech to the National Press Club in which he said that between the dot.compost stock fraud and 9-11, it had taken $7 trillion out of the U.S. economy. Canter-Fitzgerald was the largest dealer of Treasuries. The thought occurred to me that it might have been that the short-sellers were shorting U.S. Treasuries and not clearing – in the same way that they were doing with other stocks. Otherwise, I don’t know how they would have taken out $7 trillion out of the economy and the market.

    This is a link to the page I did that includes an audio clip of Treasury Secretary Snow:

    And just in case the coding for the link doesn’t work AGAIN:

    channelingreality dot com /The Coup/ Crimes_Against_reality dot htm

  76. Vicky, really good info. It just makes me so mad every time I read about the selling of America…. and our congress allowed it…

  77. Hey!!! I get to be the 100dth poster again. Unfortunatly, I have nothing intellengent to say, further. Sorry. Just wanted to be number 100. Again.

  78. LOL…. darn, I just missed it… do you win a prize, Scott?

  79. ‘TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER runs parallel to the main storyline, and exists mainly to indicate the presence of the third,
    hidden narrative that takes place just below the surface of WATCHMEN.

    In our world today we are allowed to see the surface events, but are kept oblivious to the huge depths and currents which surge beneath.
    We are presented with a picture of water striders buzzing busily to and fro without disturbing the surface, deliberately obscuring the monstrous leviathan creatures lurking below.

    The story and performance concerning ‘World Peace’ that Veidt presents to his peers is just a cover story,
    to obscure his real intent and allow his plans to proceed unhindered.
    The real story of what Veidt has done is far more monstrous.’

    For more, click on my site or google WATCHMEN UNMASKED.

  80. http://www.deepcapture.com/the-story-of-deep-capture-by-mark-mitchell/

    Very long post but it includes a gentleman who knows that the NYSE is going to fall the next day, 9/11. He is later arrested, using false id. Amr Elgindy aka Manny Velasco. A mobster?

  81. Thanks Pat. I just read it. One thing that really stands out to me is that they keep referring to “phantom stock”. It isn’t stock at all. It is counterfeit currency in the form of digits in a computer. There is no stock by definition.

    It’s easily demonstrable that digits in a computer are in fact currency and that the government recognizes them as such because it does nearly all of it’s financial dealings in digits.

    So what is happening with the stock market – and the SEC aiding and abetting the hedge fund operators in naked short selling and phantom stock is that they are committing the felony – at the level of treason for counterfeiting U.S. currency.

    And nobody can tell me that all of those very smart people who deal in the financials industry don’t know it.

  82. Here is the commentary I just posted on my website to tell the story and explain what I mean by digital counterfeiting.

    If that link doesn’t work, go to my website – the link is on the front page first in the list on the right.

    channelingreality dot com

  83. LMAO… it’s a good thing I’m a better thinker than I am an html coder.

  84. Yeah Vicky, you have a knack for ‘thinking’… like willyloman does…. I read (some of it) the article Pat gave the link to… (BTW… that is not a long article, it is a book.
    Very interesting…. and ‘bunny?’ and here I was thinking that if the Mafia gets mad …. maybe that group would help the real truth of 9/11 to explode…. so I can’t wish on that. Should have known…

  85. Hi Willyloman,

    Regarding location of UA93 plane parts and debris.

    You’ve probably seen this news report out of KOMO TV in Seattle from May 25, 07.

    It’s a fluffy tabloid style presentation regarding items and files protected under “national security” at the private, highest-security facility at Iron Mountain PA. Subjects like UA93 debris and COG (not even referred to by name but rather glossed over) are neatly tucked in the middle, or candy coated.

    No Willyloman, we’ll never get to see the UA93 evidence that might support or prove your UA93-WTC7 assertion. But it’s for our own protection. hmmmmmm.

    Here’s the link.

  86. Hey willy!

    Canada here.

    This theory regarding flight 93 is very believable.
    I haven’t finished your site yet, but what about what I read about 2 planes landing in Chicago, a Delta and a 757. Some 200 passengers from the 757 were taken away very quickly to an empty NASA facility.

    Another place suggests Flight 93 was replaced… therefore no bodies or luggage.

    Missing 911 planes

    Are you suspecting missiles in all cases?

    I am, and doctored videos for the public, and all passengers and crew have be taken somewhere and killed.

    Flight 77 and April Gallop-Pentagon–a plane was spotted but it flew over the building and there was a C-130 flying above (for an excuse?)

    I enjoy your site!

  87. OOPs
    saw email address error after I clicked submit

  88. Hi Anniemae;

    Glad you stopped by. I have heard about the 2 planes landing outside Chicago, but I haven’t done much research on it. It’s possible, I just don’t know enough about it.

    I don’t think it’s likely with Flight 93. As far as I can tell, they intended to have 93 fly right into downtown Manhattan with every news camera in the state already focused on Ground Zero so they needed Flight 93 to be Flight 93. It would have the most watched and rewatched piece of film since the Kennedy assasination.

    Now whether or not they had lander and taken people off… I don’t know.

    I don’t think missiles were used in New York for that very same reason. Much like I don’t think a “fly over” at the Pentagon happened. Too many people would have had to have seen it after the explosion got everyones attention. Pluse, there is now way they could have predicted if someone would have had a cell phone camera in their car waiting in trafic….

    too much left to chance.

    Same with the “no plane” at the WTC theories.

    I think the plane flying over the Pentagon has been pretty much shown to be one of those E4 (is that what it’s called?)… the flying communication plane or the Doomsday Planes. They flying command centers. They are rigged out with hi-tec communication equipment and they are perfect for setting up a “fly by remote” system.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that they used a drone on the Pentagon, probably a Global Hawk modified and painted to look like Flight 77. That’s why they had to knock down those poles… so they wouldn’t mess up the carbon fiber wings on the drone and cause it to crash in the lawn.

    I think April Gallop is a credible witness. Unfortunately the controlled opposition that is running the “Truth movement” these days pissed all over her story and her lawsuit so that people would ignore her. Very sad. She is a credible witness.

    Please look around and if you have any comments or suggestions, be my guest. Thanks for stopping by.

  89. Double thumbs up Willy. I was blogging at my place Friday about the Minot nukes and touched on this very subject briefly. Yes where was the bird for 7? Was it 93?

    One thing I do know about the whole affair is that it was a massive criminal enterprise to erase evidence and make lots of money at the same time, amongst other objectives.

    To that end 7 might have been left to stand “until” a cover story that would at least flow, if not scrutinised too closely, with the collapse legend of the whole day. Insurers would pay out if the damage was attributable to damage caused by the attacks on 1 and 2, no?

    Don’t forget all the dead “expert” witnesses that day who could not gainsay the later claim.

    One thing that informs my Friday blog is that USofA has not yet experianced its New Pearl Harbour in my opinion, where are the Missing Minot nukes?

    Keep up the good work.

  90. Hi. I’ve recently become re-interested in what happened on 9/11. I’ve spent the last couple of months reading the official report and others opinions. I just typed into my search engine ‘was united 93 meant to hit building 7’ and it brought me here. We don’t know exactly what happened but I will endeavour to do my part to find out. Anyway just wanted to lend voice my support. Regards. Gerald.

  91. Thank you for your sharing.It is very nice post.

  92. whats the latest on this?

    any one else to second this?

    if this is all correct. ….. such a huge security lapse !!

    surely there are certain “highly classified” secrets undisclosed

  93. !!

  94. The complete lack of ANY serial numbered debris from any of the “4 flights” should be taken into the consideration.

    No physical proof of commercial airliners = no commercial airliners.

    Aircraft Parts and the Precautionary Principle

    Impossible to Prove a Falsehood True:
    Aircraft Parts as a Clue to their Identity

    by George Nelson
    Colonel, USAF (ret.)


  95. just as the videos of the towers pulverizing and building 7 symmetrical free fall clearly show proof of “alternative” method of destruction other than “fire, gravity fall” the videos showing the planes enter the twin towers clearly show proof of video manipulation – and clear evidence of media complicity in the “9/11 hollywood production”…

    while some haven’t admitted this to themselves, recall everyone is clear about the bbc early announcement of building 7 collapse, and the odd “official story” spewing out of news anchors mouths so early that day… from the “how” to the “who” — the media fed us what would become the official story within the first 15 minutes…and days later they had better “visual aids” to get the “hijacked airliners into buildings” part of story.

    But again, videos showing the plane impacts are clearly frauds and much easier to see now with near 10 years behind us and better recognition of computer generated effects… like an early CG hollywood flick, it looks dated… Jurassic Park isn’t so jawdropping anymore is it?

    Remember, none of us were in NY that day – I make no claim to what naked eyes saw – the statement here is that the videos the media showed (relentlessly) of the planes entering the towers were manipulated images. Simply put: they added a plane to a video of the WTC exploding and seemingly revealing an impact zone. Every shot we now see “clearly” showing a plane was shown days after – NOT live. The live shots shown were the “nose out” computer insertion — and — the long shot (VERY poor visual of plane) of the plane conveniently entering the tower from the rear (in actuality, there is footage not showing the plane -shown first — and then later, showing the plane…all suspect as it’s the exact same shot).

    One should really view September Clues to get a glimpse of the footage and form your own conclusion — but it’s clear 9/11 was a military/media job.

    hopefully, we’ve all realized the “truth movement” is being steered/controlled by the same perps right?

    The reason mainstream “truth leaders” don’t go there is that it would completely eviscerate the power the media plays in our 21st century “Plato’s Cave”. We can’t have the revelation that the media is controlled and used by the “powers that be” for events like this because, well, they’re going to keep on using it… it’s a tool that’s only getting more powerful…

    And what we would all agree on is that yes, the media has been caught before using phony footage of events, mislabeling footage and falsely conveying the truth of other events aside from 9/11.

    The 9/11 story is a script. The saga of flight 93 is a part of it. Nothing went “wrong”. The flight 93 saga is there for the hollywood “american heroes” — read between the lines when people try to “imagine” the truth “mission” of flight 93 — hit the capitol! hit building 7! No wait, the Whitehouse! — what’s the common denominator here??? Why, reinforcing the “plane myths” yet again (albeit from the “conspiracy” angle)

    9/11 truth doesn’t deny planes – SOME just deny that it was true commerical aircraft —but that still skates the HUGE issue of media showing doctored videos of planes impacting the twin towers – which are CLEARLY just exploding with an impact hole and then, of course, the part we ALL agree on here — the buildings were brought down by some “alternative” method (controlled demo of some type or whatever – fill in the blank)

    That’s why there’s no plane parts ID’d – and there never will be– that guy waiting on a FOIA?? – good luck buddy!!! — also, the plane crashes were all handled (covered up) by the FBI — the NTSB did not have a role at all – and therefore, their VERY STANDARD protocol of investigating plane crashes was not done.

    As an ongoing exercise, when you read mainstream stories (obama flyover in NY with jet) and other “truthers” pontificating on what the planes were or where they were headed — consider the common inclusion of planes ALWAYS being a part of it… Always reinforcing the myth that planes crashes/impacts occured and thus, indirectly protecting the official story (which is in shorthand: Plane Crashes) and also shielding blame away from the media and their clear guilt and pure treason at manipulating the public mind with CGI doctored video and serving the clearly corrupt true power structure that’s running the show here…

    If you enjoy talking about important subjects or areas like this – or moreover – just like to have a friendly discussion/conversation/debate where nothing is off limits –
    I encourage everyone at some point to catch a talkshoe call with Truthin7Minutes.com – it really is refreshing talk — no subject is taboo – everyone gets to finish their sentences — quite simply, as described: it’s real people talking about real truth:

    By far, as a guy who’d been looking and doing things on this issue since 2004 — I find it a very refreshing way to discuss the issue that many of us just can’t seem to move too far from…


  96. Good stuff! I think you are right about what 93 was supposed to accomplish. Kenny had a recent post of clips from reporters on the scene in PA that day, and those eyewitness accounts leave two possibilities. 1) it was not a plane, as the crash crater was too small, or 2) the plane was blown up in the air as there was nothing “larger than a telephone book” at the scene of the alleged crash. I think your theory makes good sense to explain #2 as the most likely explanation.

    Here it is, 2010 coming to a close, and this is still being read. Seems that the folks don’t want to obey orders and just move on, forget all that has been done in what appears to be treason of epic proportions. Not going to happen. And I agree with you and commenters that the financial crimes covered up by 9-11 are definitely connected to the current financial crimes.

    I no longer look at 9-11 as an isolated event, but see it as the most terrifying of a series of crimes being committed against our country. Still wondering why there is so little official fight back – at least what can be discerned by the wee folk. That bit about Bush and nukes is horrifying.

  97. […] seems to be precisely what happened to WTC-7. Flight 93 was destined for this structure, but it was shot down over Shanksville before it could reach its target. As a result they had to […]

  98. […] seems to be precisely what happened to WTC-7. Flight 93 was destined for this structure, but it was shot down over Shanksville before it could reach its target. As a result they had to […]

  99. […] no basis on which to demolish the structures.This seems to be precisely what happened to WTC-7. Flight 93 was destined for this structure,but it was shot down over Shanksville before it could reach its target. As a result they had to […]

  100. Military-grade thermite & high-temp steel spheres are in the WTC dust. So technical & building professionals are calling for a new 2012 investigation into the events of 9/11. These people are not conspiracy theorists, they are scientists and physicists, engineers, politicians, and above all, Americans.

  101. Stellar work. Well done.

  102. […] seems to be precisely what happened to WTC-7. Flight 93 was destined for this structure, but it was shot down over Shanksville before it could reach its target. As a result they had to […]

  103. Just out of curiosity willyloman, did you ever hear the rumor about the rockaway airplane crash (It happened in NYC a month or so after 911) having the exact amount of passengers that all 4 of the 9/11 planes supposedly carried? I don’t remember where I read it…….If true, I think they may be worth looking into.

  104. This is a real ‘memorial’ for 9/11…. to remember the truth….
    great posting, Willy…

  105. Certainly, this is a more elegant explanation than the “They hates us for our freedom” fairytale.

  106. Take a look at this if you will…


    This is a Gulfstream “biz jet” owned by the USAF with underwing hard points! It can carry telemetry pods or air to air missiles.

    Could this be the plane that shot down Flight 93?

  107. Obviously Flight 93 was the spare plane. If you are planning a covert operation to take out the Twin Towers, then the plan MUST succeed with no margin for error. Otherwise you are in diabolical shit since at the end of the operation you will have at least one tower still standing there packed full of thermite ready and waiting to be discovered by the firemen….

    The planners would need to have a spare plane to hit the towers if one of the designated original two planes (Flights 11 & 175) failed to make it to their destinations. In that case Flight 93 would come in and finish off the remaining tower. If both towers were down and Flight 93 still available, it would come in and destroy WTC7. As it turned out, Flight 93 was the only plane not to make it, so they had to get rid of WTC7 by itself to hide the fact that it was stuffed with thermite.

    The only problem with this theory is that in that case they would not need to plant thermite in WTC7 at all. Flight 93 would come in and hit the building, which would catch fire but, unaided by thermite, not collapse. Perhaps the planners decided that from a psychological point of view it would be better if the building did collapse in order to reinforce the notion that the collapse of the Twin Towers was ‘normal’.

  108. […] seems to be precisely what happened to WTC-7. Flight 93 was destined for this structure, but it was shot down over Shanksville before it could reach its target. As a result they had to […]

  109. Interesting hypothesis…how does the likelihood of a drone aircraft being the cause of the Shanksville hole in the ground. I viewed an interesting video interview with a local woman who happened to be driving near the crash site just before impact. She describes a drone or cruise missile streaking low over her van, going over a ridge and creating a huge explosion.

    Can’t see how this is compatible with your theory.

  110. […] via 9/11 Shock Opera… Act 4 – Building 7 and Flight 93: The Grand Finale that Wasn’t | American Ev…. […]

  111. I’m sorry…but this story is even stranger than the official version. There are many problems with it. If this is what was meant to happen, that 9/11 was a false-flag event would be even more obvious.

    Why would a plane hit Building 7? It’s nowhere near as significant, in the popular mind, as the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were. White House or Capitol is more sensible. WTC7 had a ho-hum, conventional demolition, because its only purpose was to destroy those Enron and Worldcom files. It wasn’t meant as part of the main two hour spectacle. It was long evacuated when Barry Jennings arrived.

    You claim the Towers needed to collapse for a wide enough approach to Bldg 7 — nobody expected the towers to collapse. How would this possibly fit into the official story?

    How would the hijackers (in the official story) know to turn toward New York at 9:59 at the same moment the South Tower collapsed?

    Who told them the towers would collapse within thirty minutes? You can’t use cell phones at 30k feet in the air.

    Did they have one of Mark Loizeaux’s “special engineers” on board?

    You admit yourself that Ground Zero would have many cameras trained on it by ten thirty. It would look VERY suspicious for a plane (where are the jet fighters at this point? are you kidding me?) to dart right through where the Towers were standing just minutes before, the dust still settling, only to hit a building no one’s ever heard of…in front of hundreds of cameras.

    People say 9/11 was a very co-ordinated plot, but this level of co-ordination strains credulity.

    Here’s an idea for why Flight 93 took so long to be “hijacked”: it took too long to take off, so it was purposely steered into the path of a fighter returning to D.C to provoke a shoot down response. I would shoot it down too, if it took two long hours to reach its target. That’s a waste of time to a critical operation.

    Plane can’t be shot down “unexpectedly”. Any remote piloting system would take into account nearby traffic — its altitude, speed, heading — just as manual piloting does. You can’t catch it off guard. It’s no coincidence that 4 minutes after the 9:59 heading change, it was shot down — because it was meant to.

    Why was it shot down? Maybe that electronic warfare plane was relaying info to the PEOC, noticed the plane would take too long, and PEOC had an F-16 shoot it down.

    Or, the pilots somehow regained control, and it was shot down (maybe it was deviating from a pre-programmed course). Don’t want live witnesses to a remote hijacking to blab to the media.

    Maybe the decision to shoot down FL93 was around the time fighters were called back to D.C. That would make sense, since it would never reach its target at that point.

    Any remote piloting system would take into account nearby traffic, just as manual piloting does. You can’t catch it off guard.

    Why did Building 7 collapse, according to the official story? Primarily due to fires, and North Tower collapse. Perhaps a building collapsing on its own so quickly would be suspicious, so the demolition was delayed for seven hours. The explanation was always meant to be primarily fires, in my opinion.

    One thing you have to remember is that ALL the hijacked planes on 9/11 suffered delays, which is a routine occurence. No flights took off at scheduled departure. Flight 93 taking off from Newark — known for its delays — had the longest delay of 40 minutes. If it took off at 8:10 instead, and was meant for Bldg 7, it would have arrived at New York when, 9:50? Both towers were still standing then. Would they demolish the Twin towers earlier (say, 9:20 at the latest)? I doubt it, since an earlier collapse would ALSO be suspicious.

    Okay, so maybe keep the same demo time, but have the plane fly around for longer? Unlikely, because that raises the questions of where the jet fighters are (even more strongly).

    The above assumes the plane was hijacked forty minutes into flight, as per the actual time line.

    Okay then…have the plane “hijacked” earlier? Then the Twin Towers would have to collapse even EARLIER. 9:00 for the North Tower, and the second would have to be demoed before the second plane even struck! Certainly neither tower would be destroyed at the same time.

    To quote Phillip Marshall (RIP):

    “Long taxi outs from busy airports are hard to predict. The UA93 attack was in jeopardy before liftoff because of the long taxi time. Getting an early pushback away from the gate by the ground crew can make a huge difference in the placement for takeoff. There are many scheduled departures around 8:00 a.m. from all major airports.

    If you’re first in pushing back, your taxi time will be minimal. But if you don’t call for pushback until, perhaps, 8:02, there might be 15 airplanes getting into position ahead of you. Each takeoff takes an average of three minutes, so 15 airplanes equals around 45 minutes. So it appears that UA93 was somewhere around number 12 in line for takeoff — completely normal, but not good for the tactical plan.

    This long taxi nearly busted one of the tactical plan’s critical windows. The goal was to have all four airplanes in the air and in attack position before ATC or NORAD knew what was happening.

    Preserving the element of surprise requires calculating the amount of time it will take for the system to switch from a normal operating day … to a day in which there is one odd occurrence … to a day with one emergency … to the realization that the country is under attack.

    A further delay for UA93 of just four minutes would have blown their critical time window, because the controllers and even United 93’s pilots would have seen the World Trade Center on fire with their own eyes, from the ground at Newark Airport.”

    You can’t time unpredictable traffic delays to the Tower collapses. There’s no way the conspirators could have known beforehand that Flight 93 would be 12th in line at Newark. That depends on when the pilot asks for clearance and traffic volume — something you can’t control.

    /That’s/ the surprise, not that FL93 was shot down unexpectedly. So the conspirators hastily adapted to this new fact, and shot it down. They had to invent a story, but they got it done.

    Flight 93 was doomed from the start. It took too long to take off. So…it had to be taken out of the plan (to strike the Capitol).

    • You have at least one fair enough question, so I will try to answer it:

      Why would a plane hit Building 7? It’s nowhere near as significant, in the popular mind, as the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were. White House or Capitol is more sensible. WTC7 had a ho-hum, conventional demolition, because its only purpose was to destroy those Enron and Worldcom files. It wasn’t meant as part of the main two hour spectacle. It was long evacuated when Barry Jennings arrived.

      You claim the Towers needed to collapse for a wide enough approach to Bldg 7 — nobody expected the towers to collapse. How would this possibly fit into the official story?

      How would the hijackers (in the official story) know to turn toward New York at 9:59 at the same moment the South Tower collapsed?

      Who told them the towers would collapse within thirty minutes? You can’t use cell phones at 30k feet in the air.

      First: The significance of WTC 7 was the same as any of the others on the property to Larry Silverstein: insurance. The complex was privatized and insured for 3.5 billion dollars.. not just WTC 1 and 2. Also, it had to come down due to the Enron and Worldcom (and Tyco and others) files that were stored in it. In fact, what was the first building rebuilt? WTC 7, right? So it had to come down and it’s significance was just as high as any of the other 6 buildings.

      Second: When you ask about no one “expecting” the buildings to collapse, who says that? In fact, the official story is that the “terrorists'” plan was to bring them down, right? And some “special engineer” predicted the “collapse” of Building 7, correct? So, according to the official version, yes, indeed they expected the buildings to come down.

      Third: How would they have known to turn toward New York when the Twin Towers dropped? Well, how did we know that box cutters were used in the hijacking? There were several calls that supposedly went through from the planes to the ground that morning, right? That’s part, a key part, of the official story. So why couldn’t the hijackers make a call and be informed on the situation in New York? Goes right along with the official story, doesn’t it? You and I know you can’t use cell phones at that altitude back then, but the official story depends on that bit of disinformation, so yes, the hijackers (should be in quotes) could easily have used a cell phone or a seat backed phone to get an update and learn the path to building 7 was clear.

      Ultimately your argument hinges on the delay of the flight. I disagree. I think they deliberately held the flight on the ground and delayed it long enough for it to be in the air at that position when the towers went down so it could make the turn up toward New York and be the last, dramatic act in the 9/11 Shock Opera.

      Thanks for your questions.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        You make fair points. The air-to-ground cell phone calls, and how buildings were expected to collapse. I concede that the official story could incorporate that for Bldg 7. Yes — my argument does hinge on flight delay.

        Thinking about official story of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon, I guess your theory isn’t so bad. After your reply, I’m warming up to it. It does explain the 9:58 heading to NY and why 7’s demo was delayed for so long.

        IMO, if I were planning the 9/11 plot, I would have four planes with a clear path to four targets, that is, the Twin Towers (two targets), Pentagon, and Capitol (let’s keep Capitol as a target for sake of argument).

        Then, there would be a 5th target — less obvious — that’s brushed off as “collateral damage”, AKA Building 7…but was in fact a real “target” all along, just not in the conventional sense of a direct attack. This is what happened in the official story we have. It could have turned out differently, as you propose.

        Remember that Bldgs 3, 4, 5 and 6 were damaged by Tower collapses too (they were closer to the Towers than 7) but did not collapse in any manner like 7 did. Partial collapses (which is what a natural collapse SHOULD look like).

        Because Bldg 7 still has operational significance equal to Twin Towers or Pentagon, as you point out, (but maybe not public, AKA symbolism or meaning), I wouldn’t draw too much attention via a direct attack. Its collapse draws attention either way.

        I guess the conspirators would have to pick their poison…collapse on its own, or plane strike?

        It sounds like the type of psy-op these people would concoct. What’s that saying about magicians? He only shows what he wants you to see? Focusing attention to one area and so on.

        That’s how I would explain the events around Bldg 7.

        • I didn’t know where to post this comment. I couldn’t be presented with another piece of evidence on 9/11 with out making me sick.

          I’m 100% a fan of your work and I’m going to make a contribution to you for your outstanding work.
          I’d like to know what you think about this woman killing these people with her car on a supposed dui. I think I read the words driving under the influence or dui 13 times in an article on yahoo. I don’t know the facts yet but now I think we have come to grips with the fact that are own government commits psyops and mlk ultra victims are used when training exercises go live. I know it’s early in this case and this woman very will could have been wasted and crashed through a parade. But how hard is it to think that this could be the new government agenda. If guns are a privilege how far off is driving?

          • I can see them wanted to prohibit driving for a large number of citizens. Force them to rely on public transportation. If you don’t really have a right to protect yourself with firearms, why not also strip people’s right to move freely about the country? I mean, it’s already a privilege though, not a right and you can lose your license for a number of nondriving related activities. I think in some places, you can lose your license for not paying child support or missing probation payments as well. So it’s not far off to think they could be doing something like that. It would piss off the auto manufacturers but they are going to transition into building mass transit systems anyway, so…

        • Now this is something I just thought of.. what if we’re both kind of right?

          What if they delayed the take off of that flight so it would be in the air and in the area between D.C. and New York, ready to go either way when the towers came down?

          What if 93 was a failsafe?

          Let’s say they hoped the collapse of the north tower would provide enough damage to 7 to justify it coming down. Remember in the video of North’s collapse, a large section moved away from the footprint of the tower toward Building 7. It didn’t get all the way there, but it was oddly very different than any other side of the two demolitions, wasn’t it? Looks to me like someone planned to send enough debris over Building 7’s way to crush a good part of it and that could be used as the reason it came down later, but that didn’t happen.

          So, they had a contingency plan. If that happened, maybe in the design of the operation, they knew they would need a reason for Building 7 to fall. After all, it was rigged with high explosives. There’s no way they could have simply left it standing and if the debris from the North tower missed it altogether, there would be no way for them to say it collapsed due to damage…

          … so… they have 93 waiting in a holding pattern so to speak, ready to either head up to New York or back down to D.C. depending on how the demo of the north tower turned out.

          Unfortunately for them, a pilot from North Dakota took matters into his own hands and shot down 93 without being cleared to do so. That really fucked them hence the long wait.

          Just a thought.

          • Flight 93 as a fail-safe sounds plausible!

            I read an article from Shoestring (IMO a good researcher in the Truth community — always cites reputable sources) that explored whether Bldg 7 was meant to come down earlier, at 10:45am rather than 5:20pm. There were reports of explosions coming from Ground Zero by multiple news outlets airing at 10:45, but no one could accurately identify the source, and he links to a video of a CNN report.

            Here’s the interesting part. A reporter stated that a “fifty story tall building” had collapsed…who was the source of this information?

            This reminds me of your comment from a while back here:

            [T]he North tower would have to be all the way down, and the dust sufficiently out of the way. The remote detonators work on a RF type signal, and any interference could cause a skip in the demo sequence that could end up resulting in the entire building laying on it’s side on top of the Ground zero rubble, rather than in it’s own foot print destroyed.”

            Let’s suppose the conspirators attempted a demo at 10:45. If the dust from North Tower hadn’t cleared sufficiently by that time, it’s possible there was signal interference from the dust that caused the demo to misfire. Or perhaps a slight error in the demo plan. This would account for the reports of explosions at this time. Could also explain the “special engineer” who gave an estimate of when Building 7 would collapse…it was cover for the time it would take to correct the misfire error and demo (final) at 5:20.

            I do remember watching a FOIA release of video from Building 7 on YouTube, it was recorded at 11:20, thereabouts. The cameraman went inside and interviewed a man, donning some biohazard gear, who identified himself with the Office of Security and Transportation, I think. The man gave his last name and title, but I can’t remember the last name. I’ll find the video and post it here…it was a few months back.

            But importantly…the man did not want people going into the basement levels of the building. He said something like, “We’re keeping people away from that area.” He was casual and chatty, but also had an air of professionalism. Just a strange character.

            So…we know (according to Barry Jennings and this video) that there were people in the Bldg 7, in a RESTRICTED ACCESS area, working in some sort of capacity. What if, at that moment, there were people re-wiring the portion of the demo that misfired…

            You know a fair bit about controlled demo. I don’t know if a portion can be re-wired in say, five hours. It seems to fit the evidence, based on what I understand.

            Oh, and Shoestring suggests in his article that a reason early collapse reports were put out (that is, 4pm and later — certainly not 10:45), was to lessen suspicions about why a building seemingly collapsed out of nowhere. But if people come to EXPECT a collapse, for reasons people can invent themselves (and it was reported, after 7’s collapse, that it was “weakened from the morning’s attack”), it “softens the blow”, so to speak.

            Here’s Shoestring’s article:


            I’ll look for FOIA video and post it here ASAP.

            Thanks for your reply!

            • I checked the video and I was wrong…took place after South Tower collapsed, but before North. 10:16- 10:19 am.

              The guy goes inside and does a little interview there.

              I guess he was just regular personnel.

  112. I have always agreed this was a plot by the US. Stupid Bush’s face a clear giveaway when told while reading to children. Look like someone said your breakfast is getting cold…he of course knew! Americans are sheep being slaughtered…stupid trusting fools

  113. amazing work . .thank you

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