Alex Jones Now Pushing Official Story of Vegas Shooting Based on Absolutely Nothing

Russian Presidential Election Results – What Did the Russians Just Tell Us?

by Scott Creighton

According to Russian officials the election was completely transparent, monitored by international agencies from around the world.

The 2018 presidential election also featured enhanced transparency procedures being put in place to ensure the fairness and competitiveness of the vote.

According to the CEC data, over 1,500 international observers took part in overseeing the election.

Some 115 countries, including the US, Ukraine and Austria, dispatched their representatives to supervise the legality of the voting process.

Voter turnout was higher than it was in 2012.

According to the exit polls, the 2018 presidential election featured a massive turnout of voters with over 67.4 percent of the country’s electorate casting their ballot…

This year’s electoral participation rates considerably surpassed those from the previous presidential election…

The turnout results seem to contradict certain estimates made by some western outlets, which suggested that Russians will be largely inactive during this presidential race.

Vlad won in a landslide. He will be a thorn in the side of our “national interests” til 2024.

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Russian Election Updates and the Sally Albright Story from Paul Blumenthal

Jimmy Dore and company need to figure out who Paul Blumenthal really is before promoting that neoliberal centrist’s propaganda.

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A Closer Look At Paul Blumenthal’s Article on Sally Albright’s Attack Bots: He’s Still Serving Hillary… Like Father Like Son

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday, Jimmy Dore did a video talking about, what everybody else seems to be talking about, which is this new article on the Huffington Post which purports to expose one Sally Albright as a Bernie-hating hack who uses social media megaphoning techniques to attack left-leaning progressives who dare voice an opinion about things that is in conflict with the establishment line of thinking. Albright was an Obama lover and supporter of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. She also worked for Clinton at one time.

It’s a trendy topic right now and it seems lots of folks are sharing links to the HuffPuff piece. They shouldn’t because its propaganda. Instead, they should go straight to the original source of the information, here. Much better reference without the “Russian attacked us” disinfo that you will find at the other one.

“Unsurprisingly, Sally Albright was the most retweeted account overall. She retweeted herself 30939 times from 63 unique sockpuppet accounts. This amounted to 15.6% of the 190k total tweets collected. In the first six weeks of 2018, she managed to retweet herself an average of 559 times per dayTrevor on ShareBlue Astroturfing Sockpuppets

This is how Jimmy Dore and Ron Placone ended their video segment discussing the article:

Jimmy: Thats a fun story and good work over to that guy Trevor and uh… and who is the gentleman over at Hufffington Post who put this together. Let me give him a shout out.

Ron P: Yeah, cus this one has been spreading like wildfire. A lot of people have been sharing this article.

(spreading like maybe… bots were sharing it perhaps?)

Jimmy:  His name is uh.. Paul Blumenthal. Nice work by Paul Blumenthal.

Jimmy, Steph and Ron just promoted a limited hangout article written by one of Sidney Blumenthal’s sons. Sidney, a long-time Clinton asset and hatchet-man, still serves the Clinton dynasty, as does his sons… both of them… Paul and Max.

Sidney Blumenthal lives today in a four-bedroom house on a leafy block in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C. His wife, Jacqueline, the former director of the White House Fellows program during the Clinton years, is a member of an advisory neighborhood commission and a direct-mail fund-raising consultant. They have two sons: Max, 38, a writer for AlterNet, a progressive online news outlet, and Paul, 34, a reporter for the Huffington Post.Vanity Fair, 2016

The 51-year-old former journalist has two sons, Max and Paul, with wife Jacqueline Beth Jordan.” New York Daily News, 2000

Paul has written several articles recently promoting the false narrative that Russia interfered with our democracy here in the states. In fact the one he wrote just before this one was titled “Russian Trolls Used This One Weird Trick To Infiltrate Our Democracy. You’ll Never Believe Where They Learned It.” .

In this latest article which Dore and company seem very eager to promote for Sidney Blumenthal’s son, Paul comes right out of the gate with this Hillary-backing propaganda (which Jimmy and Ron completely ignore):

When Russians at the Internet Research Agency interfered in U.S. politics…” Paul Blumenthal, Mar. 14 2018

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With 25% of the Vote Counted in Russia it Looks Like Putin in a Landslide

by Scott Creighton

(I’m working on something else right now dealing with Paul Blumenthal, so this will just be a quick update)

In probably the least shocking election update since “Obama WINS” c. 2008, its being reported by a variety of sources inside Russia that Vladamir Putin has a commanding lead over the rest of the pack in their presidential election taking place right now.

Lawmakers expect turnout to surpass results from 2012 which were historically high. BTW Putin won 63.6% of the votes that year. Russian presidents serve a 6-year term.

Right now Putin has obtained something close to 72% of the votes that have been counted (around 25% of them) and exit polls from voting locations where the votes have yet to be tallied show Putin will win handily.


“Current President Vladimir Putin Leading in Election With 73.1% After 30% of Votes Counted – Preliminary Data From Election Commission” Sputnik International


“Incumbent President Vladimir Putin receives 71.97 percent of the vote at Russian presidential election after 21.33 percent of ballots processed, according to the preliminary data of the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC).

Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin gets 15.9 percent of the vote after 21.33 percent of ballots processed, head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky receives 6.95 percent, Civil Initiative party candidate Ksenia Sobchak secures 1.39 percent, according to CEC.” Sputnik International

If you recall it was right after Putin won in 2012 when Hillary Clinton launched a color revolution of sorts in Russia trying to sow discord in their country and trying her best to… interfere in their democracy (hmmmmm)

Unlike us here in the states, Russia uses a paper ballot system. They aren’t advanced enough in their neoliberal ways to use easily rigged electronic voting machines like we do.

So it seems our best efforts to sway the Russian elections went for nought. Vladamir Putin isn’t going anywhere for a very long time… 2024 to be precise.

Glen Ford – Going Down With the Bad Ship U.S.A.

by Glen Ford, BAR

There is no mystery to the ideological collapse of U.S. ruling class politics under late stage capitalism and imperial decline. Simply put, the corporate duopoly parties have nothing to offer the masses of people except unrelenting austerity at home and endless wars abroad. A shrunken and privatized Detroit serves as the model for U.S. urban policy; Libya and Syria are the scorched-earth footprints of a demented and dying empire. The lengthening shadow of economic eclipse by the East leaves the U.S. Lords of Capital with no cards left to play but the threat of Armageddon.

As China reclaims its historic place at the center of the earth, alongside the huge and heavily armed landmass of Russia, Washington flails about in a frenzy of firewall-building, buying time with the blood of millions, hoping to somehow preserve its doomed hegemony. But the “exceptional” superpower has no Marshall Plan to rescue itself from the throes of systemic decay, and all that it can offer to the emerging nations of the world is a bad example and the threat of annihilation. Its own people tire of the “Great Game,” finally realizing that they are the ones who have been played.

George Bush drawled the “last hurrah” of empire with his declaration of “Mission Accomplished,” 15 years ago — and was quickly contradicted. With the failure in Iraq, the pretense of “spreading democracy” came ingloriously undone. A refurbishing of the imperial brand was attempted, with a bright and shiny new face – a Black-ish one — plus a new logo to justify invasion and regime-change: “humanitarian” intervention. But Obama’s assault on Syria revealed that the U.S. and its junior partners could only project power in the region through an alliance with Islamic jihadist terror. The architects of the War on Terror were, in fact, the godfathers of al Qaida.

“Do you realize now what you’ve done?” Vladimir Putin demanded of the Americans, at the United Nations, in 2015. “It is hypocritical and irresponsible to make loud declarations about the threat of international terrorism while turning a blind eye to the channels of financing and supporting terrorists, including the process of trafficking and illicit trade in oil and arms. It would be equally irresponsible to try to manipulate extremist groups and place them at one’s service in order to achieve one’s own political goals in the hope of later dealing with them or, in other words, liquidating them.”

Washington’s jihadist strategy has rapidly unraveled ever since. The empire was unmasked in the world’s most public forum, revealing the utter depravity of U.S. policy and, more importantly, the weakness of Washington’s position in the region. The mighty fortress of global capital, the self-appointed defender of the world economic “order,” was revealed as, not just in collusion with head-chopping, women-enslaving, sectarian mass-murdering terrorists, but militarily dependent on the very forces it claims to wage a twilight, “generational” battle to destroy. The U.S. has been spouting The Mother of All Lies, and most of humanity knows it. Deep down, most Americans suspect as much, too…

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Zimbabwe Open for Business, Code for International Finance Capitalism

by Netfa Freeman from BAR

“Zimbabwe’s new president offered an open invitation to international capital investment and latecomers for Zimbabwe’s trek down the neoliberal development road.”

Over the last four months, peddling the mantra “Zimbabwe is open for business,” the country’s new president in cahoots with the Western press has been whitewashing a military coup into a popular, peaceful revolution that brought from exile a benevolent leader and placed him in power on an interim basis until elections. Omitted from the portrayal of the March 11, 2018 op-ed, “We Are Bringing About the New Zimbabwe ,” published in the New York Times and by-lined to Zimbabwe’s sitting president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, are all the maneuvers selling out the country’s political independence. Given reports of what happened to some of ZANU-PF’s G40 faction, including the killing of a bodyguard, and jailing with allegations of torture from November 14, 2017, until at least Robert Mugabe resigned as president a week later, the accounts in Mnangagwa’s op-ed are a pretty audacious rewriting of history.

Censored from mainstream headlines was the major news less than three weeks ago that former president Robert Mugabe was reported to have come out during his first ever briefing to outsiders since his ousting, saying his successor’s rule is “unconstitutional.” It shouldn’t be unreasonable to think such information would qualify as breaking world news. Addressing African Union Commission (AU) chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat, among many others, Mugabe is reported to have declared that the Mnangagwa government was illegal and the AU should help to “restore normalcy and democracy in Zimbabwe.” Rescinding assurances he made at the time of his resignation, Mugabe said he was forced to resign under military pressure and that, “It’s tragic and sad that in Zimbabwe since November 15 government and state institutions have been taken over by the military which is now part of the current unconstitutional administration.”…

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