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Interesting video showing NYPD chopper close on South Tower then pull out just as collapse begins. Notice they are upwind giving remote detonation sequence equipment clear unobstructed view of tower. Remember, it was the people on that chopper that gave the first responders a warning that the tower was coming down 10 minutes before the collapse.



Kevin Ryan: The NIST WTC 7 Report is False

“Human Resources” Full Length HQ Film

Psywar – The Real Battlefield is in the Mind (Full Length)

  The Lies and Crimes of 9/11: A Canadian View of the War on Terror’s Origins

9/11 and Nationalist Faith

Fabled Enemies

Zero:An Investigation into 9/11

9/11 Contradictions David Ray Griffin

Zelikow: Part One

Zelikow: Part Two

NEW – Professor Graeme MacQueen talks about the serious need for a new investigation.

Part One:

Part Two:

NEW – Gore Vidal talks about ‘A New Pearl harbor” by David Ray Griffin

1. From 911Blogger : A side by side comparison of WTC 1 Collapse and Controlled Demo. Thank you 911Blogger.

2. This is also from 911Blogger : An Italian film that shows WTC 7 in split screen with a more typical controled demo where the demo is from the “bottom up”.

3. Up close view of roof of WTC 7. Notice the East Penthouse drops first (on left of screen) then followed by the West Penthouse or equipment room. What this shows is that the core structure of the building was removed first… just like classic controlled demolition.

4. From BBC : North Tower Collapse, excellent footage. 3 speeds and zoomed in to show what was happening to each floor prior to the debris hitting it.

5. This is the Picture from the woman in Tower Two (South Tower). I think. there is a man laying next to her on her right side. Look behind her. This is obviously where the plane entered the building. How much fire do you see? If this is Tower Two, it fell after only 50 minutes. where is the fire that “melted the steel”? and if the steel was so hot it became deformed, why can she lean against it?


6. This is an earlier David Ray Griffin lecture that was covered on CSpan.

good earlier work. Physics still the same.

7. Part Two of David ray Griffin’s 2005 speech



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  1. Thank you, Willy. 🙂

  2. Willy,

    I was finally able to watch these videos. Thank you for keeping them here for me.

    Needless to say, I’m reeling.

  3. I’m glad you checked here again, ZZ. These shorter ones I only recently put up. I meant to tell you, but I got wrapped up in the petition stuff.
    I am glad you saw them. It’s helpful to see the side by side comparisons like this.

  4. I appreciate you putting them up, Willy. Thank you.

  5. Hello I fully agree with what David is saying about this criminal organization that has occupied the white house. These criminals that have misled our nation must be punished publicly and made an example of in a timely manner. Both Republicans and Democrats that are complicit with the Bush organization must be prosecuted to the full power of the law. Only then will the country be able to start restoring our national image and standing in the world. They have stolen the play book from the Nazis, regarding this whole mess–911 inside job-Dresser Industries and asbestos lawsuit for the bush family, the “War”-occupation for oil and global dominance, enslaving people of color to their prisons which have now been legalized to make goods for public companies, and forcing the people of the United States to struggle intensely for work because of corporate facism that outsources American jobs causing an increase in hate crimes and lawlessness. God, please bless America and give us the strength to do what is necessary to bring justice and healing to this country. God bless David Ray Griffin for having the courage to stand up for the people of this Once Great Country.
    Leonard Garcia.

    • “God bless David Ray Griffin for having the courage to stand up for the people of this Once Great Country”

      LOL, David Ray Griffin is making money off the backs of such gullible people like yourself.

      Consider yourself too naive to know that he has sold you a laundry list of lies and makes a living of of of it.

      Hint: What is his background?

      • shooter 486, in my opinion you are a shill,and don’ t deserve a comment. the money he makes he earns from his well written book and should be paid for his hard work.

  6. Well said, Leonard. Well said.


    (Edit – just you know, that comment you left on the other thread about people of a certain religion and the Nazis… got you banned. I don’t play that shit here.)

  8. it’s me willy, looking the two posts over this morning that you sent me the links too. It’s subversion.

  9. Whew,U have a excellent range of 9/11 material for folks
    to wade through.ive been a 9/11 researcher…going on 7 years
    now!Most of your material,i have deeply looked into already.
    But the ONE most Glaring and Blatant omissions from ALL this
    material is the Awesome work of Dr. Judy Woods!!Where is it??!!
    She,more than “Steven Jones”,who everyone seems to adore
    these days,and a host of others,has opened my eyes…to areas
    FEW Dare to touch!No one but Dr. Woods has talked about what went on BENEATH the WTC before during and after the “So-called
    Collapse”. Her site is HUGE,TONS of Photos to back up her findings. I feel the Tremendous work of Dr. Judy Woods is being
    DELIBERATLY put on the back burner..because she is getting,
    more than ANYBODY else….Closer to the RAW Truth.I take what happened on that day…Very Seriously….and i will never Give up.

    • I am glad to hear that you are motivated to continue your research. Jones and his “unexploded, active thermetic material” paper is a fraud. I don’t know about Woods; I tend to lean toward conventional explosive materials myself. I wish you luck as you do your work and I will be publishing something else on the subject here in the next few days. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s always good to hear from people.

      • I tend to lean toward conventional explosive materials myself.”

        With ZERO explosive residue, what basis do you use to determine anything that has to do with explosives?

        Please tell me you understand the difference between explosions and explosives.

        • Um, take a look at the volumes of my writing on the subject and you will have an answer to your insulting question. As to your question about “explosions vs explosives”… give me a break.

          And no, they have not found explosive residue in the dust from Ground Zero because the have expressly REFUSED to test for them. The USGS, NIST, The 9/11 Commission Report, the first congressional investigation, and even the fake truth group evaluation of the material done by Steven Jones for BYU… they ALL refused to run those tests… I wonder why

      • What, Steven Jones is a fraud? I don’t think so. It helps if you know science, which you obviously don’t. I do. Jones is the real thing, a real physicist, as are Richard Gage, AIA, Kevin Ryan and the rest of the scientists, architects and engineers at ae911truth.org. Ask David Ray Griffin or Richard Gage. I know them personally.

  10. Willy,

    thanks for keeping this resource. I’ll be dropping by to watch and listen from time to time.


  11. Thanks.

    I need to do some updating… if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    I will be adding some stuff in the next few days.

    thanks again

  12. Willy,

    have just watched 9/11 Contradictions David Ray Griffin. Not seen it before. V Good. I consider him to be a touchstone.

    Thanks again.


  13. Yep, Obama is just another globalist shill.

  14. Hi

    I am new to this blog …..Can you give me your reasons for claiming that thermat was not used? I am always wanting to update my pieces of credible 9/11 data.

  15. The Jewish people(KHAZAR JEWS,FAKE JEWS,SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN,,REVELATION 2:9,,3:9) SATAN AND HIS CHILDREN AR LOSE IN THE WORLD) as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

  16. Our race(KHAZAR RACE-SATAN RACE,,REVELATION 2:9,,3:9) is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

    — Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977–1983

  17. First of all, please stay on topic, Mihail. Not every article written is fair game for bashing Jewish people. Though I certainly don’t support zionism and I am adamantly opposed to what is fast becoming an apartheid state there, I also don’t support those who would assume that every Jewish person is somehow guilty of the crimes of the state. No more than I think every Christian is guilty for the crimes of Manifest Destiny here in our nation.

    Second, and lets be clear on this, if you’re determined to post something on this site that you think is relevent to the article, at least make damn sure it isn’t a fraud like the letter you have quoted.

    “Baruch Levy” only exists in the context of that article and nowhere else save for references too the article. That magazine published many anti-semetic articles back in those days as well as anti-Marxist stuff. No researcher save for those who make a living egging on certain types of individuals believes this letter ever existed except for the publication itself. No Carl Marx biographer has verified it’s existance.

    There are legitimate issues with the current actions taken by right wing elements within Israel’s ruling class. We don’t need to dredge up antiquated lies and proven frauds in order to get the message across that Israel must change it’s current policy on the Palestinian conflict. It is a legitimate concern for everyone.

    Using material like this undermines credibility. You need to research the quote, the article, and the author. And I don’t mean you should do that on hate sites like Stormfront.

    “Professional anti-Semites are continually discovering secret Jewish “conspiracies” with which to inflame the passions of their ignorant followers. Simple-minded people avidly accept simple-minded explanation that all of the world’s troubles caused by the Jews. There is a regular business of producing forged Jewish documents, and it is very plain to any serious student that hate peddlers have scoured the earth in search of “documents” which are then placed in files, for use at appropriate times. Thus we find that a reactionary magazine, Revue De Paris, in its issue of June 1, 1928, carried a long and Prime article in French, whose translated title is “The Secret Origins of Bolshevism: Henry Heine and Karl Marx.” It is a vicious, anti-Semitic article, which tells of a Jewish “conspiracy” to conquer the world and then ties this imaginary conspiracy to Communism. As part of its “proof,” it quotes from an alleged letter from one, Baruch Levy, to Karl Marx, the co-founder of the modern Communist movement. Nowhere in the article is there any inkling of who Baruch Levy could possibly be, excepting that he is referred to as a Neo-Messianist (whatever that is supposed to denote). The Baruch Levy “letter” outlines a Jewish plan to take over the world. Nowhere in the writings of Karl Marx is there any mention of Baruch Levy and/or his alleged letter. In fact, one can be reasonably certain Marx would have consigned it to the incinerator, if such a letter had reached him. Revue De Paris does not state where it obtained the alleged letter. The obvious reason -that it is a fraud- can easily be deduced from the internal evidence. Its leitmotif is almost identical with the central theme of the Rabbi Rabinovich fabrication (which we have already discussed) and the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion (which we will soon examine). In other words, any sane person, who has a knowledge of history, can readily recognize the Baruch Levy letter as a palpable fraud.

    Thirty-seven years later, Hal Hunt quoted the Baruch Levy letter on the front page of his hate sheet, National Chronicle of March 11, 1965, along with the Kol Nidre hoax and other fraudulent items. How did the editor of a small-circulation sheet obtain an article from a Parisian magazine and how did he obtain an English translation of this essay? The answers are obvious to anyone who does research into the propaganda techniques of the hate publications: it is a stock item, which travels from -one hate publication to another, because the members of this fraternity read and dote on each other’s fulminations. The Baruch Levy hoax has appeared periodically, and will probably continue to be used until there is no longer a market for this kind of merchandise.

    We asked Dr. Herbert Aptheker, Director of the American Institute for Marxist Studies, to do some additional research about the alleged letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx. In a letter, dated September 5, 1967, Dr. Aptheker stated:

    I have examined five of the biographies of Marx . . . including those by Mehring, Ruhle, Postgate, Eastman, Lewis . . . and find no mention of anything in any way resembling the material you quote from Baruch Levy. In all my reading in Marxism … considerable for about 33 years . . . I have never seen anything remotely like that. Let me add that I have examined the indexes of all 6 volumes . . . Volumes 27 through 32 . . . of the Marx-Engels Werke (Dietz Verlag, Berlin, 1963-1965) and find no mention of a Baruch Levy or any indication of any letter in any way similar to that you mention. These are the volumes which contain the letters . . . Briefe . . . of Marx and Engels, commencing in 1842 and going through 1870 (all so far published). I think one may therefore say great confidence that the letter is a hoax, as one would believe in any case from its contents.”

    SOURCE QUOTED: “The Hoaxers – Plain Liars, Fancy Liars and Damned Liars” by Morris Kominsky, Branden Press, Boston, 1970.

  18. You see, when you post half-truths in order to keep your narrative alive, you’re no better than Glenn Beck. You just are pushing a different narrative. So you shouldn’t be surprised if your readers also post nonsense that fulfills their bias, in this case pushing anti-Jewish propaganda.

    It’s amazing that you can see that as fraud, yet you’re blind to anything that foils your narrative…that Bush was an evil loon, Muslims do no harm and Israel is an evil terrorist state. You don’t question anything that pushes that narrative – you even say to this nut, “Though I certainly don’t support zionism and I am adamantly opposed to what is fast becoming an apartheid state there, I also don’t support those who would assume that every Jewish person is somehow guilty of the crimes of the state. ” You probably don’t even understand why I am even pointing out this statement as indicative of a bias. And, truth be told, you have better quotes elsewhere on your site that point out the bias.

    So we’re clear, I was no great fan of Bush, I don’t think most Muslims are violent and I don’t think Israel is perfect. However, I make my mind up on each story as I gather the facts, which I’m pretty sure you don’t after reading some of your articles. I wish you could look at all news with the same unclouded view as you did that last fraudulent post. I should correct myself, though,…I speculate that you already expected the quote to be fraudulent (because you don’t support those that blame all Jews for Israel and needed to feel that all Jews weren’t at fault just Israelis) and thus found the answers you wanted. In this case, your bias pointed you to the truth…but it is not always the case. Bias in favor of any narrative will always cause blindness to the truth eventually.

    I doubt this comment will change your views at all, but it could at least wake you up to the fact that you’re part of the problem. In the case of Mihail, his zealousness just went too far for you…his bias too extreme. You keep your bias to just being against everything Israel not everything Jewish.

  19. actually, as I have stated many times before, I don’t have a problem with Israel as defined by the June ’67 borders, and I think the mass of world opinion agrees with me there.

    I also don’t claim that “Israel” did anything. I feel an ultra-nationalist rightwing movement is underway in Israel and again, I think a good portion of Israelis would agree with me again.

    So no, I am not “against everything Israel” any more than I was “against everything America” when I condemned the previous administration’s behavior…

    … nor am I “against everything America” as I continue to condemn the efforts of the Obama administration.

    I for one am capable of separating the actions of the regime from the totality of the state.

    perhaps that is a lesson you might take from this.

    • Hi Scott,

      The mass of world opinion is utterly irrelevant in this case. Only the opinion of the indigenous residents of Palestine matters. This is the very definition of self-determination. It’s not for anybody but the Palestinians to decide.

      But there’s no harm in us discussing it…and I have a question – why do you accept Israel ‘as defined by the June ’67 borders’? Why not accept Greater Israel? Why not accept that the West Bank for example, belongs to Israel?

      Well of course, many oppose Israel’s claim to the West Bank because it has no right whatsoever to that land. Well guess what, ‘Israel’ stole Palestine in 1948 using the same terror tactics it has used in the West Bank since 67. ’48 was no different. In fact it was worse.

      But you recognise this state, you ‘don’t have a problem with it’.

      Are you going to deny the Nakba? 750,000 forcibly uprooted from their homes. 30,000 murdered. Hundreds of villages razed to the ground and new ones built in their place with Hebrew names. A people slowly being wiped out and erased from history. A six decade-long campaign of racism, terrorism, war and occupation as ‘Israel’ expands upon the land it already stole in 48. You know these facts as well as I do.

      It is not enough to decry the ethnic cleansing, land theft, and occupation that afflicts the ‘West Bank’ and Gaza since ’67, whilst recognising ‘Israel’.

      What is happening to the West Bank and Gaza is simply a continuation of the very crimes that forged Israel’s existence: terrorism, massacres, extra-judicial murder, torture, ethnic cleansing, and land theft.

      The violent, racist, usurping Zionist entity occupies the entirety of Historic Palestine.

      Recognition of ‘Israel’ is tantamount to approval of these crimes against humanity, and such recognition is absolutely inexcusable on any level, moral, legal, or otherwise.

      All I’d ask is that you have a consistent position. Either reject these crimes against humanity and therefore reject the legitimacy of ‘Israel’, or accept these crimes against humanity and recognise ‘Israel’.


      • Martin

        Do you have any idea how many nations you would reject if these are the only criteria that you consider? Every nation is born in blood. Even Canada, peaceful Canada, stole their lands from indigenous Indian populations. Even the peace Native Americans fought, murdered, and stole lands from other tribes. And if you really want to go hop in the way-back machine… let’s talk about how Palestine was formed… do you recall anything about the Philistines and the Israelites?

        I do not condone what happened in Palestine in the early 1940s up to 1967. I certainly do not forget the NAKBA, thank you very much. But I understand (as do most Palestinians by the way) that were the 1967 borders to be recognized and the right of return to be upheld for the displaced Palestinians, then co-existence is certainly a distinct possibility.

        Most of the world does accept the borders as defined by the June 1967 accord, which is the only legal document that I know of which enjoys that acceptance as well as the acceptance of the majority of Palestinians.

        When you say that recognition of Israel on any level and to any set of borders is tantamount to approval of their crimes, you seem a bit inflexible and intolerant of just one nation’s atrocities while failing to hold anyone else accountable. do you refuse to recognize the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Egypt, South Africa, and Germany as well? Surely if committing crimes against humanity in the formation of the nation state is your sole criteria, then all of these nations and about a hundred more must be rejected in your eyes and you must begin a campaign against all of their legitimacy, just as you do against Israel.

        I am sure though you do not condone the crimes committed by other nations to create their current borders, you understand that this is the world as it is and that we must all live within it, trying to find a way to co-exist with one another. For example, would it be prudent for us to take up the cause of the Mexican war and fight to recognize most of California and Texas as Mexico simply because atrocities were committed when they were converted to the United States?

        You also tend to forget that the majority of Palestinians accept this definition of the borders of Israel and Palestine. Since that is the case, do you really think that most Palestinians approve of the crimes of the Israeli state? Of course not.

        Israel and Palestine must find a way to co-exist. There is a legal road-map for which that beginning is already set in stone and that is the June 1967 accord.

        Set those borders, remove ALL settlements from the West Bank… open the entrances to the Gaza Strip, remove the Israeli cities that have been built on Palestinian lands inside the June 1967 borders, open up Gaza’s territorial waters to the Palestinians and keep Israel from drilling for natural gas in them, allow displaced Palestinians to return to their family homes stolen by Israeli zealots… and begin prosecution of those responsible for the myriad of crimes against humanity committed against the Palestinian people for the past sever decades with a special emphasis on Operation Cast Lead.

        These are the things that I would do were it within my ability to do so.

        Nowhere in that do I condone the crimes of the Israeli state. I have written to these ends for years now. And yes, I find this a rather consistent position.

        I don’t think your “all or nothing” approach serves the people of Palestine nor the people of Israel for that matter. Israel is not going to go away… that’s just a realistic view of the conflict… I write and I blog in the hopes that Palestine will not either.

  20. I don’t think I’m being intolerant of only one nation’s atrocities, nor is this my ‘sole criteria’. What has been done and is being done by ‘Israel’ is not only unique in many ways, but it has implications for world peace. Further, there is a whole population of refugees that are languising right now, in occupation, exile, and oppression.

    Israel is a racist supremacist state which culturally and legally excludes and discriminates against any of its ‘citizens’ who are not Jewish. It has expansionist ambitions which do not end at its current (undeclared) borders. It ritually murders non-Jews with absolute impunity whether inside our outside the land it occupies.

    This cannot be said for any other nation on the planet, their relatively distant bloody histories notwithstanding. Well perhaps you could argue that the US kills with impunity all over the world, but who exerts absolute control over US foreign policy and by veto-wielding extension the UN? Who effectively selects all US Congressmen and Presidents? Israel. This is a fact that no rational person will deny. But I digress…

    The Palestinians are the largest refugee population in the world. They live either in exile, under occupation, or under racist oppression in ‘Israel’. This does not apply to other groups, other victims of the ‘bloody’ histories of the other nations you mentioned. Self-determination for Palestine is vitally pressing.

    So, no, it wouldn’t be ‘prudent to take up the cause of the Mexican war’, or any other comparable war, unless the Mexican people wanted it en masse. And again, the Mexican people aren’t being occupied, slaughtered, and ruled by a foreign invader.

    A two state solution will allow this illegitimate system of racism and oppression to continue to exist in ‘Israel’. You think Israel will ever let the Palestinians return to their rightful homes in ‘Israel’? You think that, even if it did, they would be given equal rights?

    When you say what ‘most of the world’ accepts, to whom are you referring? The nations of the UN who are now decimating Libya under their grand illegitimate consensus? Again, it doesn’t matter what ‘the world’ thinks, only what the Palestinians think.

    “You also tend to forget that the majority of Palestinians accept this definition of the borders of Israel and Palestine”

    The majority of Palestinians accept the ’67 borders? I highly doubt that, do you have any sources to back this up? Besides, any such acceptance would be bound with other conditions such as right of return and real sovereignty for Palestine (ie not demilitarisation). This is impossible as part of a two state solution because of geographical constraints (location of Gaza and West Bank), and because Israel would never let it happen.

    I don’t have an ‘all or nothing’ approach. I’m not calling for Israel to be wiped out. I’m calling for one state in Historic Palestine where all peoples have equal rights regardless of race, colour or creed. Obviously right of return and compensation would be necessary, as would the destruction of the entire occupation infrastructure, and the Knesset.

    • For someone who runs a website like yourself, how do you say something like “This cannot be said for any other nation on the planet”?

      Is what the United States is doing at this time having “implications for world peace”? Do you know how we are making people live in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan right now? Are you aware of what just happened to Libya and what is about to happen to Syria?

      And just for the record, the Security Council would have taken action to preserve Palestinian lives decades ago were it not for the endless vetos the US backs Israel’s crimes with. Those are our weapons being used against the Palestinians and notice how they timed Operation Cast Lead to land cleverly between Bush’s last few days and Obama’s first? That was so no US president could be held accountable really. Who do you think planned that or at least asked for it?

      Do they discriminate in DC? Do they have expansionist ambitions? Washington? London? Paris? Milan? You’re missing a point here.

      the point is, most Palestinians support a two state solution as long as 1. it is based on the June 1967 borders and 2. the right of return is granted those Palestinians displaced during the NAKBA. Most of the world already recognizes this as a viable solution which will define the borders of Palestine and end the settlements and the siege which Gaza lives under. It is the solution that the Palestinians themselves are asking the United Nations to recognize, so to that end, I support it.

      As to a reference showing that the majority of Palestinians support the two state solution, just read the request by the Palestinian Authority requesting recognition by the United Nations or if you prefer, check Norman Finklestein’s website, there’s plenty of references he has made over the years to that effect, again, the right of return is an important factor. They do not support a bantustan or a reservation type of broken up state as has been suggested by several fake negotiators over the years (like Clinton for one).

      • Let’s just agree to disagree on this, Scott. We’re on the same side here but we obviously just have differences in our opinions which is fine…but I’d just like to make a couple of final comments on this wider topic.

        The PA does not represent Palestine whatsoever. It’s unelected and is nothing more than an occupation government. Any deal that is brokered by the PA will serve the interests of the occupation and Israel. Especially any deal brokered via the UN, which is a truly illegitimate nexus of powerful gangster nations and is basically the start of the trappings of world government.

        Hamas is the only group even close to representing Palestine. It is democratically elected. It resists the violent occupation with armed struggle, and as a result, it is blacklisted as a ‘terrorist’ group and so the UN/Israel will never negotiate with Hamas. It will never negotiate with Palestine. Palestine will never cease to resist Israel’s murderous existence. Because of this, Palestine’s representation will always be blacklisted and will never be negotiated with by these self-appointed rulers of the world.

        On the other hand, Israel commits far greater violence and terrorism than Hamas (yes, Hamas has committed terrorism, albeit to a far lesser degree than Israel), but Israel is recognised by the illegitimate axis of evil that we know as the UN and the ‘international community’. Palestine will never see justice through the UN.

        PS. When I said “This cannot be said for any other nation on the planet”, I was referring to Israel’s status as a racist, expansionist state for one people, and all of the policies and actions that emanate from that, to preserve its existence. And yes, as we have both now said, the US is murdering and occupying all over the globe…and for whom? Israel, which exerts total control over US foreign policy.

  21. The tail wags the dog. Israel owns US.

    • I have to kinda agree with Steve Lendman on this one… it’s hard to define where the US ends and Israel begins and that being the case, it’s hard to say who “owns” whom. Considering the fact that the United States has conducted operations like these over a century before Israel was even formed and the fact that more and more all of this looks like British imperialism and a new form of mercantilism, which existed LONG before Israel was formed (or even zionism for that matter)… I would tend to say that one is just an extension of the other. Of course you can go back to Christ throwing the money changers out of the Temple and see how that ended up… perhaps it goes back even further than that myth… I don’t know. But for me, what we are seeing in an integration of NATO aligned nations and the various crony businesses and banks they represent and the nation of Israel… none of these countries will be indistinguishable from each other in 20 years… there will be no border between Mexico, the US, and Canada… and there will be no clear definition between the state and the corrupt companies and banks they serve…

      all of this taken into consideration, it’s almost pointless to try to assign blame to one nation or the other… one company or the other… one bank or the other… it is a prevalent ideology that we are up against. Israel’s Likud and other corrupt parties are part of it but so are the Libertarians, the Greens, the Dems, the Republicans and pretty much any other “party” who takes donations and dreams of being a real player in the political sphere.

      • I dont think its pointless at all. Its completely abnormal how much power Israel has not just over our politicians but our media as well. We didnt go to war for the Green party or the Libertarians. We went for Israel after the heavily Israeli involved 9/11 false flag made it possible and a seriously pro-Israel media did its part. Wolfowitz,Perle,Feith etc. did not stoke the flames of war for the benefit of the Republican party, they did it for Israel.

        The US has been the leading “bad actor” in the world for some time, as you point out. I’m not letting our leaders off the hook but its clear to me that for at least the past few decades Israel has been controlling US more than any other single entity. Its not just that they get more extortion money from US tax payers than any other country(though that is telling) but that they have free reign overall. Nobody is as untouchable in our media and Congress(and the UN thanks to our constant veto) as Israel. Nobody.

        Just an aside-I dont know exactly who killed JFK. I do know that he didnt want Israel to have nukes though, and that they got them after his death. And I know that we as a planet have been dealing with their veiled threats of nuclear annihilation ever since.

  22. I totally agree about 911 and what REALLY happened. Everyone just believes the media blindly, its pretty sad really. They cant think for themselves anymore.

  23. your comment has been removed. We don’t consider Dimitry an actual Truth advocate. No one in their right mind would think that there were 3 150 kiloton nuclear weapons built into the Twin Towers in the late 60s and that they were used to bring the towers down on Sept. 11th. That’s just plain stupid. So, your comment is gone and you are banned. You should have taken the hint last time when you tried posting the other comment.

  24. 9/11 was an inside job, or in this case an inside out job! It is plain and simple for those who have eyes to see and the discernment of the EVIL that is upon this NATION! Dont let them talk you down Willy!

    • i am amazed that there is still questions as to if it was an inside job. i’m not that smart but could probably give you 20 names that were directly involved just from the whitehouse. there were hundreds of people involved in this false flag ritual slaughter. many with duel citizenships. how these people are permitted to have say in the business of our country is beyond me. any illusion of freedom and liberty were demolished with those buildings. i have never ever seen a crime scene on that grand a scale cleaned up so fast in my life.

  25. […] via 911 and Truth Videos | American Everyman. […]

  26. WWIII began on the morning my mother began her lukemia “treatment”, and she was gone in 6 weeks. This was the morning my life changed, since it was also the morning of 9/11. It took years for her spiritual prayer in tongues to reach my spirit, because I had the hardened & callous heart of a soldier in rebellion by my loss. Once I was on my face in prayer crying out for the truth, it came to me more recognizable, like a blast door opening slowly. Incredibly simplified yet also extremely detailed in depth and width, for our people die for lack of knowledge. The catch is, one must be prepared to hear it and act on it. The twin towers collapse was a sacrifice to transdimensionals who even now return us to the time just before the flood of Noah…the mixing of clay and iron in the indigo starseeds.

    The asbestos lined walls were strategically orchestrated for collapse like the mona lisa of pulled structures. More to follow…

  27. The E-10 military aircraft were prepared and refurbished at fort Collins Colorado with global hawk guidance systems and delivery was by remote control pilots.( Not likely still alive). Superthermite with nutron insertion was used. This is only made in Israel & stored on one US base. These were placed by black ops & mossad specialists under the eye of Jeb Bush, an executive of the building security co. Cozy since grandpa collapses the west for the synagog of satan.
    This means that upon detonation, everything in the buildings with water, or anything paramagnetic, was instantly hit with low radiation and such extreme heat,that it was all instantly vapourised, if they didn’t jump. Now you know what the dust consnsted of…aluminum, steel, people ! Along with being trained in military intelligence, I am a qualified pilot for “fly-by-wire” missile systems, also trained in photographic interpretation and recognition. The pentagon was hit with a cruise type missile as suspected by a retired military commander, better qualified than me. Answers of truth have a wide range. Like the location of the ark of the covenant and the tested blood of Christ on the western side. What’s that got to do with the twin towers? Everything. It’s what you see, when your looking ! See; http://www.authorthat.wordpress.com The Blogathon Philabuster.

  28. actors as victim’s families? yeah, ok….

  29. nothing new from this commie crypto jewish site just asking for money for nothing

    • Lol. I think CIONTELPRO has hired like 20 percent of Americans to become 9-11 trolls. That is why Obama is able to “fudge” the unemployment numbers.

  30. I keep asking this question that no Non Truther ever can answer : How come demolition companies still spend months rigging buildings with explosives when all they need is some jet fuel and a match?

    • ‘Non Truthers” are called, 911 Truth deniers, or just, deniers.
      Just send them to this page: http://smu.gs/19q1JlM
      It lays out only the most damning and easily verifiable evidence. A good chuck of it anyway. It’s all anyone needs to see to realize the truth.

  31. You guys should check out the new video I just added to the top of this list. It shows the NYPD police chopper, the same one that warned the first responders that the South Tower was going to collapse “in 10 minutes”, swooping in close to the tower just before the demo sequence started. It’s proximity to the tower at that moment is rather suspicious.

  32. Thanks for your work posting all of this. Love your blog — and glad I just discovered it.

    My ex-fiance worked two blocks from the WTC complex at the time. I had many other friends who worked in the twin towers and very nearby on 9-11.

    One friend was on his way to work, heading to the WTC on the subway that morning. He said the subway had filled with smoke and was evacuated — before the collapses. How does smoke from over 70 floors above get into a subway?

    It is barely even worth repeating at this point because everyone who can think has already realized this — no planes can do what was done on Sept. 11. I will not betray my core values for a pretend world view in order to protect myself from profound feelings.

    You do not need a degree in engineering to see that planes could not have created what happened on Sept. 11.

    Lower Manhattan, where I lived for years, and some of my closest friends have lived for over 25 years — was a sea of talc-like toxic dust after 9-11. I had close friends on Grand Street. Their apartment was entirely across town from the WTC — and the balcony was coated with this powder. This fine dust hung in the air EVERYWHERE downtown. Planes would not completely pulverize three separate buildings so they crumble to powder and dust.

  33. […] You can find the original collection here. […]

  34. […] 911 and Truth Videos […]

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