World News According to an American Everyman – May 20, 2015

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Republicans in the House move to limit debate on Fast Track authority

UPDATE: (H/T Nancy) – US representatives from the House seek an additional billion bucks to back the neo-Nazis in Ukraine. They say Russia invaded. Just making shit up out of whole cloth and asking for a billion dollars to fix it. That’s ‘Merika for you.

“They have been invaded by Russia” “Now Russia has militarily invaded a European country” U.S. Rep Pete Visclosky, D-Merrillville

Nancy also sent me a link to his campaign finance report. Seems Pete gets a lot of money from the military industrial complex.


Previously “Neoliberal News of the Day”

It seems like a slow news day here in the states of unrest but I know there is a vicious undertow out there, lurking just below the calm glass of a misleading surface. I took a day off from posting yesterday, first one since Apr 4th, a month and a half ago.  I needed it. I read an article yesterday morning about journalists who are suffering from something akin to PTSD from writing about all this horror and tragedy we find every day when we dig just a little deeper than Fox News or CNN. So I took a little break and concentrated on laying the groundwork for the rekindling of my drafting and design business.

There is news out there, I mean aside from the standard fare of North Korea fear-mongering, war-mongering against Iran and Saudi Arabia getting a nuke from Pakistan (according to those ever-present “sources”)

For example:

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