So What Was the “Woman’s March” Really About? Catharsis

by Scott Creighton

Are you kidding?

Across the country yesterday millions of people got together and marched in solidarity to oppose the new president, Donald Trump, who hadn’t even been their new president for a full day by time they started out on the streets.

Trump had done a few noteworthy things which could have motivated them… but that wasn’t why they were there.

His reactionary cabinet of billionaires and Ayn Rand fanatics should have been enough  to motivate anyone to get out on the streets and demand a recall, I’ll give em that much. But truth be told, after listening to endless hours of “woman on the street” testimony filmed at the rallies, I doubt if half of those attending could name 5 Trump appointees much less explain what the word “reactionary” means.

The two executive orders he signed the day before right after taking office could have motivated them. One deregulated ObamaCare so Big Insurance could make even more money off it while the other will make it harder for poor, working class families to buy homes. But I didn’t hear a single protester list those actions as a reason they were there. And in fact, these marches were planned LONG before The Donald was allowed to sign anything in the Oval Office.

So why were they there? Why were they protesting the actions of a president who hadn’t done a single thing they opposed as of yet (at least not one they were aware of)?

Some say it was more about Hillary Clinton losing the election than anything else. Madonna said in her appearance at one of the marches that “good didn’t win” the election and that is a theme we see over and over again in the reporting on these events.

It’s also extremely weak in terms of a motive considering the history of Hillary’s criminal behavior and corruption.

There were many signs that seemed to suggest at least part of the protesters were there because they felt their identity politician had been cheated out of the election (by the FBI or the Russians or whomever). This is exemplified by Madonna’s statement that “good” didn’t win meaning the Hillary supporters are “good” and the Trump voters are… something else? Identity politics.

Adding to that conclusion is the fact that many of the groups who sponsored the protest are actually financed in part by George Soros who was a huge supporter of Clinton’s candidacy throughout her campaign.

The protest was also a global event, with many nations hosting some sort of “solidarity” marches. Interestingly, the largest of which were held in the 5 Eyes nations, westernized countries who share intelligence on their own citizens with each other. Many of these countries will be facing their own elections soon enough and the threat of populism running amuck may have been enough for their own deep state actors to run some color revolution protest rehearsals.

Frankly I find it hard to believe that some women in Australia were moved to protest because Donald Trump said he could screw anyone he wanted to 12 years ago or because he got into a spat with a “Gold Star” family here in the states. They got their own problems in Australia.

Interestingly, CNN was running with a story this morning about Iranians chanting “death to America” as Trump took office. I found that kind of odd, so I looked it up. No, no “death to America women’s march” in Tehran. CNN is just dusting off the same old Iranian regime change propaganda they’ve been spouting for years.

However, I did find these:

CNN doing Hasbara’s bidding here in the US. At least some things never change.

When I think about the size of the protests here in the states I have to wonder about what really drove folks out in the streets. By all accounts (even on Fox News) the protests were large. Extremely large when you consider they were protesting a president who had been in office a total of 20 hours when they got started.

Some say they were there for Hillary others say it is to support reproductive right while still others say they want a more inclusive country and don’t want walls blocking off Mexicans or Muslims being banned from entering the country. Some were there supporting the LGBT community, some condemning the rise of the US prison state.

This hog-podge of causes could lend support to the notion that the invisible hand of Soros had more to do with the turnout than anything else. Since he has influence on so many activist groups, it makes sense he could push their leadership to mobilize their members to get out on the streets with their own agendas motivating them to do so.

That makes sense.

But I think there is something fundamentally uniting each of these so-called “opposition groups” that goes much deeper than even George Soros’ bottomless pockets of cash for identity politics organizations or the deep state of the CIA and all their influence peddlers they pay to stir up trouble across the globe.

Something deeper than any of that drove that myriad of folks out onto the streets yesterday. Something primal perhaps rooted in their way down deep in their collective DNA.


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