Israel Exploits International Sentiment Surrounding Death of Shimon Perez to Bomb Gaza, Commit Piracy on International Waters and Start a New Illegal Settlement in West Bank

by Scott Creighton

The policy makers in Israel always know how to take advantage of any situation in order to advance their criminal agenda, don’t they?

In the wake of the death of the brutal war-monger Shimon Perez, when public sentiment in support of Israel was at it’s highest since their illegal bombing of civilians in Gaza… the last time…, Israel has apparently decided to take full advantage of the moment in order to further their agenda by launching a series of international crimes against humanity. It’s like they see any measure of international empathy directed their way as some form of sheckles they can spend on cover for their actions.

But it doesn’t work that way. Or at least, it shouldn’t.

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Twitter Updates on #WomensBoat2Gaza : approaching under Israeli threats (and shelling of Gaza?)


UPDATE: Confirmed. IDF is attacking Gaza as the Women’s boat is approaching.

The following are a series of updates from Twitter on the , the latest attempt to break the illegal blockaid of the Gaza Strip by Israel. Older Tweets after the break.

I am seeing unconfirmed reports that Israel is shelling Gaza.

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