Rainmaker Wolfgang Halbig – A Pure Fraud in the Classic Sense

by Scott Creighton

“Gimmie a hundred thousand thousand to protect the children from bullies” Halbig 2012

“Gimmie a hundred thousand thousand to submarine the Sandy Hook truthers” Halbig 2014

A little while ago I wrote about Mr. Halbig’s effort to scam money from those of us who question the official story of the Sandy Hook massacre. I wrote that he makes a few good points but then blows it all by acting like a scam artist constantly trying to raise money for his “investigation”

Well, today I have decided the guy is nothing more than the next CIT (Citizens Investigation Team) which was supported by the Pentagon in their little “investigation” which brought us the now infamous “flyover theory” which did nothing but divide the Truth movement for a bit and make us look absolutely stupid to people outside the movement. He’s already on record on the Popeye show saying “Stay focused on those questions. If you can ask those questions and get a response, then yes, there was a shooting

Oh, you answered my silly 16 questions? Well, I guess there was a shooting carried out by that autistic kid with no motive. Thanks for the 100 grand. See ya next time. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Mr. Halbig is doing the exact same thing with those interested in uncovering the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook elementary school back in December of 2012. The only difference is, he’s trying to crowd source his disinfo campaign.

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