“Decision” 2016! Proves the Adage: If Voting Mattered, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It

by Scott Creighton

The freak show that is “Decision” 2016! just got a little more surreal (or a little more revealing. However you look at it). Check these out:

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What if We Had Some Democracy and No One Noticed? MSM Completely Ignoring Wyoming Caucus

by Scott Creighton

If you only watch the MSM outlets you would think the next event in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination process is the New York primary two weeks from today. However, there is another little state stuck in there along the way: Wyoming. They are having a caucus in two days, this Saturday, the 9th.

CNN, Fox and MSNBC are steadily telling us it’s all about building some Big Apple momentum right now for the two remaining candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. They are telling us that while wearing their “don’t look west” blinders.

Regardless of the silent treatment from the MSM, the people of Wyoming are busy getting ready for their day in the sun.

There are 18 delegates up for grabs over there and the latest polling shows Sanders holding a slim lead over Killary. So you would think it might rate a little news coverage from the press, but you would be wrong.

The reason for that is pretty obvious.

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Dissecting a Few of Hillary Clinton’s Most Recent Lies and Evaluating What They Tell Us About Her

by Scott Creighton

I was watching CNN’s town hall meeting with the candidates from the Democrat side of the Washington Consensus last night when Hillary Clinton was asked about rising insurance premiums by a woman from Ohio (that’s where the town hall meeting took place)

The questioner informed Hillary that she used to pay $400+ a month for insurance for herself and her family through a private company prior to the passage of ObamaCare and now she is forced to pay over $1,100 for the same coverage. She wanted to know specifically what Hillary would do to tackle the rising costs of insurance premiums.

Hillary answered her by telling her ObamaCare has done “great things” for the country, but yes, they have to do something about the costs. She focused on the pharmaceutical industry saying they had to get them to keep the costs down and that would bring down the prices of everything else.

This is a ridiculous assumption. It’s magical thinking.

If the price of pharmaceuticals decreases all that will happen is the insurance companies will generate more profits and find new reasons to justify jacking up the price of premiums for all their mandated customers.

Then Hillary went on to promote the federal ObamaCare exchange website, telling the woman she should do more research and saying she thought she could find less expensive coverage… if she took the time to look.

Talk about blaming the victim.

Hillary Clinton’s support for the fascist, mandated insurance program called “ObamaCare” is well documented. Also well documented now after her answer to that woman, is the utter disregard she has for working class women and mothers who are struggling to cope with the rising costs (and rising profit margins) of the insurance policies themselves.

Hillary pledged to “work” when she gets into office to get the co-pays and deductibles down a bit and reign in the pharmaceutical companies but she never said a word about going after the main perpetrators in this fascist fiasco, the insurance companies themselves.

Hillary thought that was a good answer. The response from the crowd was less than enthusiastic.

You shouldn’t expect Hillary to do or say anything else on this subject. She’s been serving the interests of Big Insurance for decades.

Take for example a recent lie she told about Bernie Sanders regarding her own efforts back in ’93 to pass what she has called “HillaryCare”

This particular lie, along with another she told this past weekend, illuminates the kind of human being she really is and it exposes why it is that better informed voters usually support Bernie over Hillary.

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AE Donation Drive: … Much Better

Hi all. The situation this month has become a little desperate. We’ve received a total of four fourteen donations so far and it’s not looking good looking… much better.

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“Decision” 2016! : Early Campaign News

by Scott Creighton

Are you ready for the most comprehensive campaign round-up in all the interwebs?!

Here it is, American Everyman’s “Decision” 2016! spectacular!

NO, you don’t have a choice and NO, it doesn’t matter what you want.

This is what you get and you’ll like it cus… MERIKA!

UPDATE: (H/T Wes) The BLM folks “disrupted” a Jeb Bush event less than 24 hours after the staged one they did with Killary, backstage. They “disrupted” a meet and greet meeting prior to his real speech in Vegas from what I understand and it was at the END of the meet and greet where they just started chanting “black lives matter”

Immediately, controlled opposition websites like the Daily Kos put just the right spin on it:

“So much for the, “Why are they just protesting allies? Why don’t they protest Republicans?” complaint.” Daily Kos

Did they shout him down, did they stop him from delivering his message? Did they do that to Killary? No, of course not. So Kos’ little bullshit statement there is just that, complete bullshit. Neat how they staged these two non-event “disruptions” just when folks on social media were figuring out BLM was doing nothing more than servicing the billionaire Soros by attacking a socialist and popular candidate. And it’s neat how places like Kos know just the right spin to put on it, isn’t it?

And though they do their best to spin this kind of crap at the Kos, it seems their efforts aren’t going so well…

* [new]  White supremacist liberals (6+ / 0-)

Sorry. There’s just no taking that back.

I do not support BLM. I don’t support their tactics. And I’m not even sure I share their agenda. I mean, what agenda could possibly be served by calling liberals white supremacists?

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