Chattanooga Shooting: Operation Northwoods in Tennessee? ( no real connection to “ISIS”)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: FBI now agrees with me… no link to “ISIS”

At this time, we have no indication that he was inspired by or directed by anyone other than himself,” Ed Reinhold, the FBI agent in charge

UPDATE: see updates at end of article

Now come the calls for arming soldiers on American soil


We could develop a Conmiunisfc Cuban terror campaign in
the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in WashingtonOperation Northwoods

Face of terror?

According to the official story, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez  (a naturalized U.S. citizen from Kuwait) pulled up in front of the Navy recruitment center in Chattanooga, TN. yesterday morning sometime around 10:45am in a silver Mustang convertible and opened fire the storefront of those offices with a number of the types of weapons the Obama administration wishes to have banned. There were between 1 and 3 people wounded at that scene with at least one shot in the foot somehow.

Then, according to the reports, Abdulazeez made his way 7 miles to the Navy Operational Support Center in that same town, busted through a security gate and attacked at least 4 Marines, killing them in the process. It is still unclear as to whether or not he took his own life. According to the official story, he drove straight there.

What do we really know? Well, we know most of crap about this guy comes from Rita Katz and Pamela Geller and we know the supposed link to “ISIS” is total bullshit. What else do we know? Let’s find out.

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The Vegas Shooting – the “New World Order and Shit” and Other Dangerous Ideas

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see several updates at the end of this article


Years ago I wrote that when they decide to make that big leap from the slightly open society we have now to the totalitarian closed one we are destined for, one of the things they need to do is round up the dissidents in a very public manner so that not only are they out of the way, but so they will serve as an example of what happens to you when you think the wrong things.

You can see examples of this taking place right now in Egypt, Thailand and Ukraine. History is rife with examples. Look no farther than Indonesia when we installed Suharto or Chile after we installed Pinochet.

The most recent mass casualty event in the on-going American Gladio op took place in Vegas a few days ago. Two police officers and a woman shopping at WalMart tragically lost their lives. Was this simply a case of two bottom feeders going off? Was it part of a destabilization campaign designed to remake the country into something else? Was Cass Sunstein right about his “dangerous ideas” and the need to wipe them all off the interwebs or is someone helping him make his point as the new CISPA is about to be rolled out?

Let’s see.

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Webster Ambush: Spengler Not Hit By Police – Won’t Release Info on Guns

by Scott Creighton

According to new reports, William Spengler was not hit by the officer returning fire on the sniper position, he died from a “self inflicted” wound. They also apparently know where the weapons came from but are not releasing that information. Also, I still haven’t been able to determine if the “typed” note left behind on Spengler was signed.

State police say an autopsy shows the gunman who lured two New York firefighters to their deaths died of a self-inflicted shot to the head and wasn’t hit by return fire from a police officer

.. Investigators aren’t yet releasing how the ex-convict got the weapons. He was barred from possessing them. AP

The Webster Ambush: No Motive, No Source for the Guns, Perfect Escape Route Via Lake Ontario and Canada

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Here’s another interesting thing: during the police statement, the officer tells residents of the area that 89 homes had their doors kicked in while the police were still doing a sweep for the shooter. Well, these doors were kicked in long after the shooting was over and Spengler’s body had been found. They didn’t kick in the doors to 89 homes before looking over that berm where the shooter had been picking them off from. And that is where they found Spengler.

So who were they looking for? Is that the cops’ way of telling us they were looking for another shooter… the real shooter?

UPDATE: According to a police statement delivered yesterday, shooter was armed with a Bushmaster .223 equipped with a flash suppressor. He was in the location I described in the earlier article, up on that hill “next to a tree”. His sister was found dead in the home and there is a note… type written. Whether is was signed and where it was found is undetermined. The officer says the letter does not clarify motive.

A CNN interview with a neighbor suggests William had a good relationship with his neighbors, going to their homes for picnics, and was attentive and loving to his mother but that he certainly did not like his sister. The neighbor states that his sister wasn’t friendly at all.

Spengler’s former neighbor, Roger Vercruysse, said that Spengler was a nice guy who used to come over to Vercruysse’s sister’s house for holiday parties and would wave to the family from his front porch, where he often sat during the summer.

He’d come to our house, we used to have picnics,” he said.

Spengler was especially attentive to his mother, who passed away in October, Vercruysse said, visiting her every day in the nursing home where she lived until she died.

“He loved his mama,” Vercruysse said. “He always talked about his mother.”

Spengler did not share the same closeness with his sister, with whom he shared his home, Vercruysse said.

“He told me he hated his sister and never could tell me why,” he said. “I’d always wave to the sister, but she was not friendly.”

And now we are too believe that this nice guy who visited his mother in the nursing home everyday and who liked his neighbors and was invited to their homes, suddenly for no reason decided to burn down his neighborhood, the homes of those friends of his, and kill local firefighters?

The note provides no motive. We still have no idea where those guns came from. The assault weapon had a flash suppressor attached to it in order to make it more difficult for the pinned down victims to target the shooter and return fire (as if he knew it was standard practice for the fire department to send a local cop to every call) and as the officer said, the shooter was moving east along the berm, as if he were on his way to the section I described and possibly a waiting craft on Lake Ontario. The guns are still not traced back to him or anyone else that I know of as of yet.


When I first looked at the location of the Webster, New York ambush I thought to myself “Well if you are going to set up an ambush with a built in escape route, you couldn’t do better than this”

Right behind the berm where the shooter of was set-up is Lake Ontario and the beach where William Spengler’s body was found.

From that location someone could cover both access routes onto the island, one street, for quite a ways and then after the cowardly ambush, they could easily get away in a waiting boat on the beach. They wouldn’t have much to worry about behind them because the only property back there is a restaurant which was certainly closed at 5 am in the morning.

I thought about all of this last night but didn’t write about it because details had not emerged about where the shooter had been found other than to say he had been found “on the beach near his home”

Today that changed: he was exactly where I figured he would be and was found with guns that were not traceable to him.

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Destabilizing America; Firefighter shot at scene of blaze in Webster, NY

from the AP

Authorities say a firefighter has been shot while responding to a fire at a suburban Rochester home.

Officials in the town of Webster tell local media outlets that someone shot at firefighters around 6 a.m. Monday when they arrived at the scene of the blaze just east of Rochester.

A fire official with the West Webster Fire District tells the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester that the firefighter is listed in satisfactory condition at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Officials say the house is still burning and the fire has spread to a second home.

A man answering the phone at the fire station says firefighters are unable to battle the blazes because the area still hasn’t been secured by police. The man says no other information is being released.