Was a “Non-Gun” Used in the WDBJ Shooting Hoax?

by Scott Creighton (H/T M)

UPDATE: Or… maybe not. At the end of the article, there are two screenshots taken from Adam Ward’s footage which appears to show something moving on a trajectory that is what you would expect of a shell casing being ejected from Flanagan’s gun. It is only one and Flanagan fires multiple times during that clip while in focus. But it is there. It could have been added post production since all we have seen of that video was what was released by the station (not a screen-grab from the original “live” shot) or, as a reader pointed out, it may have indeed been two takes. There’s nothing to prove it was a live feed from that location. Either way, it doesn’t detract from the other, important evidence which strongly suggests this was a staged event. Either by a “non-gun” or blanks, evidence shows this was a staged event.


A reader left me an interesting link. It’s a side-by-side comparison video of a real Glock 9 millimeter handgun firing real rounds compared to what we saw on the WDBJ shooting video. I thought you should see it. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Pay attention to the lack of muzzle flash on the real gun (left) and the lack of cartridges being ejected on the fake one (right)

After watching the video, I did a little research on the subject of something called “non-guns” because it occurs to me that people wont understand what it is Flanagan may have been firing that would have produced that exact effect, live on the video, with no editing or CGI. I have worked on several films and TV productions over the course of my life (Major Payne (my only IMDB credit), Cherry Falls (my only onscreen film credit as prop-maker (Raymond S. Creighton)), Forces of Nature and others) and of course, studied theater as an actor and director in college. I am aware of the kinds of props they appeared to be using in the WDBJ shooting event, but understand most people are not. So, after reviewing that video I wanted to make it a little clearer to people what exactly they may have been seeing.

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The Bob and Chez Show: Obama’s Willing Executioners Rant On

by Scott Creighton

This morning, for the sake of all humanity, I suffered through something called the Bob and Chez show .

It was like being nailed to a cross for the sins of all mankind. The self-righteous indignation of these partisan-hacks, these intellectual midgets, permeated the airwaves, oozed through my speakers and stunk up my office like patchouli at a Grateful Dead cover-band show.

It was literally enough to make me ashamed, deeply ashamed to have ever called myself a “democrat” or “progressive”

The mind-numbing banality that passes for intellectualism these days on the left (or the right for that matter) is deeply disturbing especially when it’s peppered with the kind of vicious, angry arrogance displayed by these two brainwashed half-wits.

Ignorance and blind faith are extremely bad bedfellows.

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Andy Parker as Inspector Javert in TheaterWorks Community Player’s 2013 Production of Les Miserables

by Scott Creighton

“Jesus titty fucking Christ. I could have sworn they were telling the truth”

“That’s why they call it “acting””

Yes, Andy Parker is an actor… currently. No, he wasn’t on Broadway in Les Mis but he was doing the show less than two years ago in Martinsville Va. at TheatreWorks Community Players . His wife is an actor as well so when she says things like people “think” they have a 2nd amendment right on CNN, you can take that for what it’s worth.

Here is a photo posted by Alison Parker’s mother on Dec. 9, 2013.

show 1

That was taken the last night of the show. You can go here to the community theater’s website for more photos.

Mr. Parker played Inspector Javert which is obviously a different role than that of Jean Valjean (in the photo above played by John Heiss) which was the character played by recently deceased Kyle Jean-Baptiste on Broadway.

Here is Mr. Parker again as Inspector Javert.

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The WDBJ “Shooting”, the FCC and the Super Huge Mistaken Penis Fine

by Scott Creighton

An anonymous source sent me a bit of a news tip a little while ago and I thought you might like to see it.

Seems like the FCC, for some strange reason, dug up an old 3 second video image aired by WDJB back on July 12th of 2012, in order to file the largest possible fine against the station in late March of this year.  They quietly announced the record-setting fine, $325,000, on their website on March 23rd, 2015… nearly 3 years after the incident.

On July the 1st of this year, WDBJ-TV Roanoke filed a motion to have the fine reduced or dismissed altogether based on the fact that the accident wasn’t intentional. I don’t know if that appeal has been ruled on as of yet.

According to the FCC, they have only filed two such fines against media companies previously. One was settled for $15,000 and the other for $37,000. The $325,000 fine is immense by comparison.

The question is: why?

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Ghoulish Andy Parker Vows to Become the Sleazy John Walsh of Michael Bloomberg’s War Against the 2nd Amendment

by Scott Creighton

Over at CNN, Alison Parker’s father is vowing to become the John Walsh of Michael Bloomberg’s War Against the 2nd Amendment.

The grieving father vowed to be “the John Walsh of gun control” if need be. Washington Times

Parker has also talked with Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) who promised to help in any way possible, as well as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he added. Huffington Post

Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg’s people have reached out.” Andy Parker

Walsh is the sleazy opportunist who turned the death of his son into a golden ticket to stardom and wealth via America’s Most Wanted and various other fame/wealth generating avenues.

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A Couple Lying Crisis Actors Pushing for Mental Hygiene Gun Grabbing on CNN

by Scott Creighton (H/T Slava Matlin)

UPDATE: Watch Richard Martinez’ horrible acting job from earlier. As a former, well trained actor (VCU and JMU) I’ll tell you, it is PAINFUL watching a bad actor flub through his lines like this. Just painful…

UPDATE: here is the other fake crisis actor on CNN not that long after his daughter is supposedly killed saying “if I have to be the john Walsh of gun control…” and “I want to make it harder for THEM to get guns”. Just for the record, John Walsh made a TV career out of his son’s death and this guy is a failed actor…. hmmmm….


Here we have three family members pushing for “common sense gun control” on CNN: two crisis actors and one man who really is the father of an actual victim (Aurora was actually a mass casualty event)

You can tell the two crisis actors on the sides seem a bit out of place. I guess that’s because they both know they are lying and seated next to a man who isn’t. Yes, Lonnie Phillips’ daughter was one of several killed by a merc posing as James Holmes in Aurora. That was back before the “soft power” events of the American Gladio campaign. Lonnie ended up trying to sue the online ammo dealers for selling to James or whomever bought the stuff in his name. He lost that suit of course and now owes the companies around a quarter of a million dollars. So I guess it was natural for him to jump on board with these phonies to push Bloomberg’s agenda.

But you will notice, the things they are pushing for are ‘state by state’ action (i.e. ALEC technique) for keeping guns out of the hands of “the wrong people”

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WDBJ Shooting Hoax: Fixing the Narrative – the “Blinded by the Light” Addendum

by Scott Creighton

As is often the case with these events, the people that craft them pay very close attention to social media and websites like this one in order to discern the glaring problems with their stories.

In this case one of the biggest problems with their narrative is how no one reacted to the large gun-toting stranger approaching the group during the interview and how they had no reaction when he stood right beside them with his gun drawn. He stood right next to them, gun out, and then realized the camera wasn’t focused on the two women, so he stepped back and waited.

Many of us out here pointed out how ridiculous that entire sequence was and it’s truly one of the most telling aspects of the WDBJ shooting hoax.

So now they are trying to “fix” it. They are trying to fix that issue and at least one other.

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