Press Release from Resist RNC and Interview with Retired Police Captain, Ray Lewis

(Some people present the demonstrators as if they were all Occupy movement members. That is not correct. The following are but a few of the member organizations who support this effort and will be in Tampa for the demonstration. There are many others:

This is not an Occupy action and it is certainly not a Black Bloc project.)

from ResistRNC

To Law Enforcement

Those who come to demonstrate at the RNC do not come to confront you.

They come to confront:

  • those who give you your orders, our Elected Officials.
  • those who give them their orders, the Power Elite.

We, police officers and protesters alike, should be standing together  to remind our government that they work for us, the people.  That it is WE THE PEOPLE who elect them, and we who give them their orders.

You have been told that we are coming to commit acts of violence and destruction.  We are not.

We utilize peaceful means to promote peaceful ends and to stand up for justice…social, economic and environmental justice.

You have been told that we are coming to fight the police.  We are not.

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OPN interview with Retired Police Captain, Ray Lewis


The Great Warner v Creighton Flame War of 2012

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Now Warner claims that I have “slammed Tampa cops and likened them to stormtroopers“, which of course I never did and he has no quote to prove it. Like his statement that I am the head cheerleader for Occupy Black Bloc, the guy is just making up one defaming baseless accusation after another. And in this case, he is trying his best to make local police angry at me.

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So I’m the ” Occupy Back Bloc head cheerleader” Am I?

by Scott Creighton

Today I wrote an article urging RNC protesters not to come down to Tampa for the convention.

Open Letter to RNC Protest Groups: Sometimes, The Only Way to Win is Not to Play

Yesterday I warned potential protesters about what has been readily published in various papers like the Tampa Times and others, namely the precautions being taken to prepare for the convention. I made reference to the Democratic Convention of 1968 as a sort of warning of things that might be. Again, this was intended to warn protesters away from this event.

RNC Convention Tampa Circa 1968

From this, a local blogger says I am the “head cheerleader” for Occupy Black Bloc.

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Open Letter to RNC Protest Groups: Sometimes, The Only Way to Win is Not to Play

To Those Inclined to Protest at the RNC Convention in Tampa:

This is a plea, a call to reason and a proposal to send a strong and clear message to the powers that run this country.

I am no stranger to controversy and so I write this request to you and your organizations fully aware that it will not be received in the light in which it is being made by some who simply misunderstand and by others who fully understand the rightness of my plea, and choose for their own purposes to marginalize it.

There is a better way to send your message to the RNC; don’t go.

Don’t give them the satisfaction of thinking they hold any power over us. They don’t.

Show them how empty their agenda is. Show them we know they have conceded the election and thus they don’t deserve our efforts nor our respect.

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RNC Convention Tampa Circa 1968

by Scott Creighton

The Republican National Convention is coming to my little hometown here in Tampa Fl.

It’s frightening the crap they are saying on the MSM these days. Several “news” stations are reporting the DHS is claiming they have evidence that there will be some form of terrorist action taken. City and County offices have been relocated out of the area for “parking” reasons. The local jailhouse has been cleared of ALL their inmates in order to make room for 1,700 new inhabitants coming straight from the protests.

The Hillsborough County sheriff has posted a cryptic and threatening letter to the protesters coming to Tampa… along with a nice photo of their new “tactical gear”

And toss a little hurricane on top of all of that, and you have an interesting week shaping up in Tampa.

Dennis Kucinich says the situation in Syria is “rife with potential for a “false flag” operation” like I did yesterday? Well, draw your own conclusions about my hometown.

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