CDC Clears the Way for Massive Zika Virus Payday and a Brand New Mandated Vaccine

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T Kevin Scott King) This is just another example of biased industry sponsored research which appears to be a growing trend in America today.


“Given the recognition of this causal relationship, we need to intensify our efforts toward the prevention of adverse outcomes caused by congenital Zika virus infection…

Moving from a hypothesis that Zika virus is linked to certain adverse outcomes to a statement (?)that Zika virus is a cause of certain adverse outcomes allows for ….  the development of a Zika virus vaccineNew England Journal of Medicine

So this isn’t a fact? It isn’t proven? This is merely a “statement”? What conclusion can we draw from that?

While Robert DeNiro goes from daytime talk-show to daytime talk-show saying he regrets pulling Vaxxed from the line-up of his Tribeca Film Festival, the CDC has cobbled together a new study that purports to use a new type of evaluation process to determine a causal relationship between the Zika Virus and microcephaly. The report was written by CDC authors and forms the basis of their new conclusion.

On the CDC webpage, the fraud is evident if you take the time to read it:

“This study marks a turning point in the Zika outbreak.  It is now clear that the virus causes microcephaly.” study

“The report notes that no single piece of evidence provides conclusive proof that Zika virus infection is a cause of microcephaly and other fetal brain defects.” CDC announcement

“This cautious approach toward ascribing Zika virus as a cause of birth defects is not surprising, given that… no flavivirus has ever been shown definitively to cause birth defects in humans,4 and no reports of adverse pregnancy or birth outcomes were noted during previous outbreaks of Zika virus disease in the Pacific Islands.5,6″  study

So there is no concrete proof of causality, no flavivirus has ever caused this type of birth defect and previous Zika outbreaks never resulted in increased cases of microcephaly in effected populations.

So their conclusion stands in direct conflict with all of that, yet they still published their findings and thus, the debate is over.

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Neoliberal News of the Day: Mar. 29th, 2016

by Scott Creighton

(I will be making ready for a move today so I will be away from the computer for a while. I’m taking in a new roomie… my dear old moms. I’ll check in once I relocate my desk and computer. You guys have a good day.)

The Israel Lobby’s Totalitarian Agenda: Smash Free Speech and Criminalize Resistance – “Free speech is being used in our country to denigrate Israel and we need to actively fight against that,” Ros-Lehtinen… (Hillary) “Clinton vowed to punish the campus left for supporting Palestinian human rights. Slamming BDS as a form of anti-Semitic hate speech…”

New Study Shows Mass Government Surveillance Silences Unpopular Opinions – “The “spiral of silence” is a well-researched phenomenon in which people suppress unpopular opinions to fit in and avoid social isolation. It has been looked at in the context of social media and the echo-chamber effect, in which we tailor our opinions to fit the online activity of our Facebook and Twitter friends.”

ABC News Censors Interview with Vaxxed Producer, Secretly Recorded in Full – “You can practically hear the cognitive dissonance slapping the reporter in the face during this interview. This is the full UNCUT interview that ABC World News conducted with Del Bigtree of the “VAXXED” documentary now censored by Robert De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival.”


A Dialogue Concerning the ONE Chief World System: Heresy and Anathema to Follow

by Scott Creighton

Back in 1642, a man died in his home in which he had been under house arrest for the previous 9 years. His crime? He argued and taught a theory that this planet revolved around the sun and therefore wasn’t the center of the known universe. Obviously, that man was Galileo Galilei and he was tried and convicted of heresy by the Roman Catholic Inquisition in 1633.

Galileo was given a choice: recant and renounce your theory in public or be crucified. He chose the former and thus, the first “debunking” of a scientific heresy was born.

Galileo Galilei was brought before the Inquisition for heresy, but abjured his views and was sentenced to house arrest, under which he spent the rest of his life. Galileo was found “vehemently suspect of heresy”, namely of having held the opinions that the Sun lies motionless at the centre of the universe, that the Earth is not at its centre and moves, and that one may hold and defend an opinion as probable after it has been declared contrary to Holy Scripture. He was required to “abjure, curse and detest” those opinions” Wiki

There are a number of issues that are considered heresy today. You simply aren’t allowed to speak of them without being shamed, shunned or even excommunicated from various societal communities.

  • 9/11 Truth
  • JFK assassination
  • Global Warming scam as mechanism to impose global control on industrialization
  • Election fraud via electronic voting machines
  • War crimes committed by Bush and Obama
  • The advancement of the New World Order as “globalization”
  • The history of the corrosive effects of free market enterprise
  • The CIA’s fascist efforts across the world since it’s inception
  • “ISIS” as a proxy army run by CIA against Assad government
  • Vaccines may cause autism in a certain percentage of children
  • The privately owned central bank system at the core of the Global War OF Terror
  • Neo-feudalism
  • The One Party “democracy” here in America
  • Criminal Israeli policy toward Gaza and the West Bank and their crimes against humanity

Some might say that I am drawing a false equivalency by comparing what happened to Galileo to what is going on today, but I think I’m not so far off.

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Big Pharma Vexes De Niro: Forced to Pull “Vaxxed” from Tribeca – Can’t Be Allowed to “Undermine the Public Health”

by Scott Creighton

“We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth.” Vaxxed, the movie

This is a sad story. It’s a morality play which shows what happens when you sell out to Big Business, corporate America.

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Parent of child with autism, Robert De Niro, has been forced to pull an anti-vaccination documentary “Vaxxed” from the schedule of his own Tribeca Film Festival

“A controversial anti-vaccination documentary has been pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival lineup after it was met with fierce criticism… The documentary claims that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concocted a conspiracy to cover up the “true” reason for America’s rising autism diagnosis rates: vaccines.”

All De Niro wanted to do was screen the film in order to encourage further discussion on the subject. Apparently that wasn’t to be allowed even in a “fringe” film festival setting. De Niro said just yesterday: “Grace and I have a child with autism and we believe it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined,”

But when you are talking about vaccines, Big Pharma’s massive money making scheme, especially at a time when they are pushing for making about 17 or 18 vaccines mandatory for the entire population (not just the kids folks), even the Raging Bull doesn’t get to present an alternative view of the dangers of these things on the basis that simply discussing the growing evidence might “undermine the public health”

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Powerful Lobby Group Calling For Mandatory Vaccinations In Canada

by Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease

At its annual meeting in Halifax, August 23-26 the 80,000 member group of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is intending to vote on a “mandatory vaccination” resolution requiring that all children registering for school or daycare show proof they are fully vaccinated.

Under the guidance of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and in addition to calling for proof of vaccination, the CMA board is endorsing a multi-year plan to increase vaccination rates.

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Here comes the 21st Century Cures Act: Say Goodbye to Vaccine Safety Science by Barbara Loe Fisher

The Strange Story of Dr. Bradstreet, SB277, the FDA and the Struggle Against Mandatory Vaccinations

by Scott Creighton

On June 19th, the Rutherford County sheriff’s office received a report from a fisherman who said he spotted a body floating in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, N.C.

The body was later identified as that of Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet of Braselton, Georgia.

The body displayed a single gunshot wound to the chest and divers later recovered a pistol from the river.

Officials immediately declared it “appears to be” a suicide but their investigation continues.

This information, reported by Fox Carolina, is just about the sum total of coverage Dr. Bradstreet’s death has received from the so-called “legitimate press”

Let me see if I got this right: a working doctor taking care of patients with autism, which his son also suffers from, decides to kill himself so he travels a hundred miles to some obscure little river in North Carolina where he somehow manages to shoot himself in the chest in a deep enough part of the river that it requires divers to locate the gun that drops out of his hand when he pulls the trigger. Did he swim out there and shoot himself? Was he in a canoe which disappeared after the fact? Did he wade out in the river and shoot himself and linger long enough to toss the weapon out in the deep water as he slumped to his death?

Does anyone think any of those possibilities wouldn’t be laughed out of court were the local sheriff’s office to present them as the official story of what happened to Dr. Bradstreet?

Or, does it make more sense that someone killed him and transported his body and the murder weapon to some lazy backwoods river a hundred miles away where a search for the missing doctor would never reach and then dumped his body and the murder weapon in such a shoddy way that it resurfaced and was found by some fisherman?

I guess a little more information on Dr. Bradstreet is required at this point. If someone is going to suggest a murder and subsequent cover-up, then one must first examine the potential presence of motive and in this case, the motive might very well be a big one.

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