Car Plows into Demonstrators at Unite the Right Destabilization Rally in Charlottesville Va (videos)

by Scott Creighton

Last night a bunch of destabilization assets met around the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville Va. to hold a “torchlight” rally where they chanted things like “white lives matter’ and made sure folks with cameras filming the “event” saw them giving the Nazi salute to one another. They were almost exclusively white, military age men. As expected, things got out of hand and headlines were made.

They were holding tiki torches and selfie sticks.

No prison tats. No face tats. No AB jackets. All with short groomed hair. Damn, it almost looks like they got new recruits from the area police departments and set em to work as agent provocateurs without their masks.

Later, the police recruits are marching down the street chanting “blood and soil” which is from Nazi ideology. From what I understand, no arrests were made after the rally and march in spite of the fact that you can clearly see cops chase one cop-looking guy through the crowd and put him in hand cuffs before leading him off somewhere.

Several “alt-right” speakers were supposed to speak today but I don’t know if this event changed that or not.

A group of counter-protesters, the Soros-backed side of this destabilization event, were in the street and marching either toward the location of the event or away from it after it happened when this happened.

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