New Zealand Using Same CNN “Unemployed = Junkie” Propaganda to Justify Neoliberal Flexible Workforce Policies

by Scott Creighton

(just a quick note)

A reader, flyinggabriel, left us a link in yesterday’s article that shows how New Zealand is also trying to use the addiction “crisis” in their country to justify Big Business hiring cheap foreign labor via the “refugee crisis”. Yesterday I wrote about how CNN was saying businesses in America are having to hire illegals and refugees because American job seekers are junkies.

The New Zealand government, with the enthusiastic help of the corporate MSM, have just trotted out the exact same accusation to justify it’s open-door immigration policy ie; that domestic workers can’t pass a drug test. (The failure rate is around 1%) Coincidence? I don’t think so.

At a time when people at least started to understand what addiction was as opposed to thinking it was all about a lack of character on behalf of those who suffer from it, this latest developing trend of propaganda promises to set recovery sciences back a decade or so. Obviously this is not the reason business wishes to hire cheap labor, either via illegal immigration or by bringing in refugees by the tens of thousands to further cripple the wage structure.

What’s more, by blaming the “junkies” for this hiring trend, the implication is that when you see an unemployed citizen of the nation, your friend, your neighbor, your family member, it’s “probably because they’re junkies” and that is horrendously dismissive.

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CNN Says It’s OK for Business to Hire Nothing But Refugees Because Americans are Junkies

by Scott Creighton

This morning on CNN they did a 20 minute segment about how businesses in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and elsewhere are hiring more and more refugees because, as they put it, American job-seekers are addicts.

This is remarkably obtuse propaganda. Even by the segment’s own inflated numbers of job-seekers who flunked pre-employment drug screenings (20% according to Sterling Technologies) they report that 80% of job-seekers passed the drug tests yet when they showed the inside of the manufacturing facility the owner proudly stated 100% of the workers on the floor were Syrian.

Truth is, refugees are cheaper than American workers. Businesses don’t have to pay certain benefits for them and I am sure they get some kind of tax-breaks for hiring refugees. Plus, they will work for less and put up with more.

That’s what explains the 100% refugee staff on that shop floor. It has nothing to do with Americans being junkies.

CNN had also just done a segment where GE’s CEO talked about his opposition to Trump growing more and more vocal. He opposed his travel ban and Trump’s position on the “Global Warming” hoax but mostly, he didn’t like the new president’s position on cheap illegal immigrant labor, though he didn’t put it quite that way.

The CNN interviewer didn’t bother asking the CEO if he had a problem with Trump looking to walk back the build-up of the New Cold War since that would cost GE, a major defense contractor, a lot of money.

But of course, his main problem with Trump was his stance on illegal immigration. i.e. “cheap labor”

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